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👍 | Elon Musk Starts Twitter Spat With Sen. Bernie…

Photo WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 23: US Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) answers questions during a press conference at the US Capitol May 23, 2017 in Washington, DC. Senate and House Democrats held the news conference to respond to the release of US….

Elon Musk Starts Twitter Spat With Sen. Bernie…

Raising taxes on billionaires was among the many proposals President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats made ahead of the 2020 election, which a majority of voting decided was a winning message. But actually getting it done has faced some serious headwinds. Last week, United States Sen Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) cited Tesla founder Elon Musk's massive wealth gains during the Covid-19 pandemic as an example of why the richest Americans should pay more in taxes. one-bedroom apartment. Half our people continue to live paycheck t… → Continue reading

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