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📱 | Balmuda, a home appliance, launches smartphones Product strategy full of individuality


Balmuda, a home appliance, launches smartphones Product strategy full of individuality

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Featuring simple and stylish designs such as toasters and coffee makers, Balmuda has clarified its differentiation from other companies in the home appliance market, which has been crowded with major manufacturers.

Balmuda enters the smartphone market.We approached a differentiating strategy from other companies.It's up-and-coming to take pictures ... → Continue reading

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coffee maker

coffee maker(British: coffee maker) Boiling water by an electric heat sourcecoffeeIntegrated device for extracting[1].Coffee machineAlso called.

There are many variables in the extraction of coffee that affect the taste, and it is difficult to brew delicious coffee without getting used to it and quantifying it. Therefore, a coffee maker was made to automatically (that is, quantitatively) brew coffee (manufacture two types: with a mill and with a drip only = no mill).

In Japan as an "electric coffee pot"Household goods quality labeling methodAre subject to the application and are stipulated in the regulations for quality indication of electrical machinery[2].


Drip type

Method to extract coffee while filtering[3].. In the appendix of the Japanese Electrical Machinery and Equipment Quality Marking Regulations, "drip-type" is defined as "the one in which heated water is dripped into the coffee grounds in the basket, allowed to penetrate, and the coffee liquid is extracted by its own weight".[2].. It is said that the coffee brewed by the drip coffee maker is inferior in taste to the siphon coffee brewed, but it is very easy to brew the drip coffee, so of course it is not only for home use.officeDemand is high even for customers. According to the Japanese Electrical Machinery and Equipment Quality Marking Regulations, the drip type with the heater part and the water container integrated is the "water container integrated type", and the one with the water part removable from the heater part is the "water container" "Detachable"[2].

使用 方法

Although there are some differences depending on the product, they are generally as follows.

  1. Dripper (funnelShaped parts. Often integrated with the main body,server(Some may be placed on top of the glass container for receiving and serving the extracted coffee.) Spread a filter and add ground coffee beans in an amount corresponding to the amount of finished coffee.
  2. Pour the amount of water according to the coffee grounds into the water container. Most products have a graduated amount of coffee on the serverMeasuring cupDoubles as
  3. Turn on the switch.
  • Paper drip (using a paper filter, disposable) and flannel drip (use a paper filter)flannelUse cloth.Can be washed and reused until it discolors)[3].
  • The dripper has a fan-shaped "Karita"Formula" and conical "HarioThere is a "formula", and there is no compatibility between the two, so be careful (if the dripper and the filter have different systems, they will not fit and lack stability, and coffee powder may fall down with the filter).
  • Some products incorporate filters such as nylon and gold-plated nets, in which case the filters are not consumed individually.
  • The server has a heat retention function, but if you keep the coffee warm for a long time, the aroma will fly and the taste will also drop. In addition, since it is one of the household appliances that consumes a lot of power, it is not appropriate to keep it warm for a long time.
  • Depending on the product,Black tea,Japanese teaCan also be brewed. If the dripper is mounted on the server, it is often possible even if it is not listed in the product features.
  • Hot spring eggCan be cooked (put raw eggs in the server and start a normal drip with water only).
  • National debuted in 1978 (Panasonic)'S coffee maker "Carioca" enables even drip by blowing hot water onto the dome called "shower dome". It was a hit product because the transparent dome made of glass looks like the boiling water hitting the dome.[4].. Currently, the dome part is black, and although the improvements have been repeated, the basic specifications have not changed.


As mentioned above, the mainstream is to put ground coffee beans in a dripper and supply water to the water supply tank to extract coffee to the server, but there are also the following.

  • Server is not glassstainlessMade ofthermosWhat is.This type is also called a coffee pot.Unlike glass ones, there is no worry of cracking.Most of them have a heat retention of several hours, so you can drink coffee slowly without worrying about clogging.Since no electric power is required to keep warm, there is an advantage that no electricity bill is required.However, since the container is not transparent, there is a drawback that it is not possible to see the exact remaining amount.
  • Coffee millBuilt-in type. After grinding, transfer the ground beans to the dripper by yourself and extract. Also, after grinding自動There are also models that can be moved to the dripper and extracted as is.
  • Direct without serverカ ッ プThe type to extract to. Not only can it be drunk as it is after extraction, but it has the advantage of reducing the amount of wash because the server is omitted. However, many are extracted from one (for one person) to two (for two people) cups, and such a thing is not suitable for drinking in large numbers.SinglePeople恋人Suitable for small groups to drink with each other.
  • Not only does it have a built-in coffee mill,Green beans OfRoastThere is also a type that can be done from.

Espresso type

A method of extracting coffee while applying pressure to coffee that has been roasted deeply and ground finely[3].. The espresso type is defined in the attached table of the Japanese Electrical Machinery and Equipment Quality Marking Regulations as "the one in which the coffee powder heated in the basket is permeated with water heated by pressure such as steam to forcefully extract the coffee liquid".[2].

Siphon type

It is composed of a funnel, a filter, a flask, etc., and the hot water boiled in the flask comes into contact with the coffee powder in the funnel at the top to extract it.[3].. In the attached table of the Japanese Electrical Machinery and Equipment Quality Marking Regulations, "the one that pushes up the water heated by steam pressure to the coffee powder of the funnel and permeates it and then extracts the coffee liquid by reducing the steam pressure or its own weight" is the siphon type. Defining[2].. Also called "vacuum coffee maker"[3].

Percolator type

A method in which hot water is poured into the pot of the main unit to heat it, and the coffee that has been placed in the basket at the top of the pot comes into contact with the hot water through a pipe to extract it.[3].. It is defined in the attached table of the Japanese Electrical Machinery and Equipment Quality Labeling Regulations that "the coffee powder is extracted from the coffee powder in the basket by using the boiling phenomenon to circulate heated water."[2].

Coffee maker manufacturer

Currently in production

・ There are two types, one with a mill (fully automatic. Automatic cleaning and malfunction of the mill part, with motor overheating and dry heating prevention function) and the separate type (which can be washed with water by removing the water container), but the lineup is small and only for drip. Many types (without a mill) are also on sale.In addition, it is instructed to always wash parts (water container, glass container, mill container, lid, filter) by "hand washing".Dishwasher / dryerCannot be washed (because it may be deformed or cracked by heat or impact).
・ The motor of the mill part of the model with a separate type mill operates only while the mill drive button is pressed by hand, and the mill part and the drip & heat insulation part cannot be driven at the same time (the changeover switch is "drip off = mill on / power off"). At the position, the heater of the heat insulation plate is not energized, and at the opposite "drip on = power on" position, the mill motor does not rotate even if the mill drive button is pressed. Furthermore, the changeover switch is set to "mill on = power off" during drip. Even if you put them together, the hot water will not stop immediately, so if you pull out the glass container during the drip, the hot water may splash and you may get burned).There is a safety device that prevents the motor and cutter from rotating when the mill lid is open (if you push the mill switch with a thin stick with the lid open, the cutter will rotate and you may be injured).
・ If the mill is continuously driven for about 20 seconds or longer, the motor may overheat and cause a malfunction or fire. In addition, the beans may become too fine and the coffee may become thick or the hot water may overflow during drip and cause burns.In addition, if you run the mill idle without adding beans, grind things other than coffee beans or damp coffee beans with the mill, grind more coffee beans than the amount specified for each model, etc., the cutter will be damaged or the motor will break down. There is a risk.There is also a model with a "mill sign" that can be used as a guide for how much coffee beans are ground, and as the number of blinks increases, the coffee becomes stronger (up to 13 times. If it exceeds 14 times, coffee powder overflows from the basket or filter. Drip coffee may be mixed with powder).
-In recent years, a metal tea server has been attached, and models that can brew not only coffee but also Chinese tea and black tea have appeared (in this case, when brewing coffee, be sure to remove the tea server or the coffee powder will be clogged. Or, the hot water may overflow and cause burns).Paper filters for coffee powder can be ordered and purchased from each manufacturer as service parts, and commercial products can also be used.
-The coffee maker is equipped with a water heater function.For this reason, if you put hot water (boiling water or lukewarm water) in a water container, a large amount of steam will be emitted vigorously, which may cause burns or the water container or glass container may be deformed and cracked by heat (water in the water container =). If liquids other than tap water or mineral water are added, the internal piping may be clogged and malfunction / hot water may be defective, and if the product is run idle without water, there is a risk of fire / failure)."Citric acid for cleaning the jar pot" can be used for cleaning the internal pipes (in this case, if the inside is not rinsed with sufficient hot water after cleaning, the odor may remain or the coffee may contain citric acid components).
-Some models are equipped with an "activated carbon filter" that removes "karuki" contained in tap water, and it is recommended to replace it once every two to three years (each manufacturer uses an activated carbon filter that matches each model as a service part. More can be ordered and purchased).
-In order to prevent waste of electricity when keeping warm, some models have a "no operation automatic power off" function that turns off the power after a certain period of time.

Withdraw from production

・A major domestic manufacturer of coffee makers still in 2020Electronics companyOnly for Panasonic and Toshiba.


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