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🥾 | Aso Nakadake lowered to eruption alert level XNUMX Tourists immediately went to Yamagami Square

Photo Aso Nakadake whose eruption alert level has been lowered from XNUMX to XNUMX.In the foreground is Kusasenri = Aso City at around XNUMX:XNUMX am on the XNUMXth.

Aso Nakadake lowered to eruption alert level XNUMX Tourists immediately went to Yamagami Square

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The prefectural road Aso Yoshida Line has lifted traffic restrictions at two locations and is now able to reach Yamagami Square.

On the XNUMXth, the Fukuoka District Meteorological Observatory said that the volcanic activity at Aso Nakadake No. XNUMX crater in Kumamoto Prefecture had declined, and entered the mountain with an eruption alert level of XNUMX. → Continue reading

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The Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun is a local newspaper in Kumamoto. Full of information about Kumamoto such as news and sports.

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Prefectural road Aso Yoshida line

Traffic regulation

Traffic regulation(Koutsukisei) is道路For a certain section ofdisaster,Traffic accidentIf there is a danger such as the occurrence ofspeed, TrafficweightRestrictions such as traffic height.Traffic regulationAlso say.

This is road lawRoad managerIt is almost the same as the definition of road traffic regulation by.

on the other hand,Public Safety Commission(Prefectural police) AndChief of Police, By the police officers on siteTraffic regulation"Road Traffic LawAs defined above, "when it is necessary to prevent dangers on the road, to ensure the safety and smoothness of other traffic, or to prevent obstacles caused by traffic pollution or other road traffic,traffic lightsOrroad signEtc. are installed and managed,Traffic control,PedestrianOrvehicleEtc.Prohibition of trafficRestrictions on traffic on other roads" (Article 4 of the same law, gist).

Type of regulation

The purpose of traffic regulation is mainly divided into three types: prevention and safety of danger from disasters and accidents, smooth traffic with little traffic congestion, and prevention of traffic pollution such as air pollution, noise, and vibration. In particular, when there is a risk of a disaster due to abnormal weather, regulation standards such as rainfall, wind speed, and wave height are set. Called.

Traffic regulation during abnormal weather

  • Precipitation regulation: There are two types: continuous rainfall regulation and hourly rainfall regulation.The former is the continuous precipitation from the beginning of rainfall, and the latter is the regulation when the precipitation for a certain period of time reaches the standard value.
    • Case study:National Route 33 KochiOjimi, Moriyama, Niyodogawa-cho, Agawa-gun EhimeKamikogen-cho, Kamiukiana-gun Yanai River Extension 12.9km Closed due to continuous rainfall of 250mm[1].
  • Snow / freezing regulations: Speed ​​restrictions, chain regulations, tire regulations, road closures, one-sided traffic, etc. will be enforced based on the amount of snow, temperature, and road freezing conditions.Since there are differences in anti-freezing measures depending on the region, there are also large differences in the standard values.
  • Superwave regulation: Traffic regulation is enforced due to the height of waves and the influence on roads, and most of them are due to waves in winter, and most of them are along roads along the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan.
    • Case study:National Route 336 Shoya, Erimo-cho, Horoizumi-gun Kamimeguro, Erimo-cho, Horoizumi-gun Length 8.2km[2].
  • Wind speed regulation: Traffic regulation is enforced according to the strength of the wind, and it is common during typhoons.
  • Visibility regulation: Traffic regulation is enforced according to the visible distance, and it is often found in foggy areas.

Vehicle traffic regulation

  • Height regulation: tunnel,bridgeThe height of passing vehicles and cargo is regulated in order to ensure safety.
  • Width regulation: Narrow roadThe width of passing vehicles and cargo is regulated to ensure safety.
  • Weight regulation: It regulates the weight of passing vehicles and cargo to ensure the safety of bridges.
    • As of April 2008, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism found that 4 bridges were closed due to the danger of collapse due to deterioration. Although it was not closed, there were 121 bridges that restricted the weight of passing vehicles.[3]
  • Publication regulation: Kanetsu tunnelLong tunnels such as, and tunnels that pass through the water floor even if the distance is short,Hazardous MaterialThe passage of listed vehicles is restricted.

Construction regulations

  • Regulations related to road construction and work, and construction around the road.

Traffic regulation

  • It regulates the traffic zones that can be passed depending on the time of day and vehicle type.
    • Case study:National Route 43Large-sized freight vehicles will pass inside the three lanes from April 10 as a night lane regulation and noise countermeasures.

Regulation method

Advance traffic regulation section


  • Depending on the occurrence situation of past disasters etc., we will decide the weather conditions etc. in a certain section and enforce traffic restrictions,Hida River bus fall accidentThe road administrator has set sections and regulation standards.

Regulation method

  • Permanent type: There is a gate to regulate, and at the time of regulation, the person in charge closes the gate locally and stays at the site to implement the regulation.

Regulatory standards

  • In case of snowstorm
    • Example: When it is expected that the visibility will be obstructed by a snowstorm at a wind speed of 12 m/sec during snowfall and road traffic will be disabled.
    • section:National Route 49Kamiyama-shi Atami-cho large Nakayama Nishihiginoshita-Inawashiro-machi Yamama-gun Yamagata character Uedomae
  • In case of rainfall
    • Example: When continuous rainfall exceeds 150 mm
    • section:National Route 162 Fukami, Miyama-cho, Nantan-shi-Kyoto boundary (Fukami pass) 1.5 km
    • Example: When the hourly rainfall exceeds 25 mm
    • Section: Nagano Prefecture Migahara Park Offshore Line From Takeishi Takeishi Pass, Ueda City to Uemoto Sugari
  • For wind speed
    • Example: When the average wind speed for 10 minutes is expected to be 25 m or more
    • section:Seto Ohashi Bridge

Period traffic regulation section


  • It is intended to regulate the passage of vehicles by deciding a certain period and section. Mainly the winter closed section is known.
  • Winter road closure example
    • Section: Migahara Park Higashimochiya Line (Venus Line)
    • Period: From Friday, November 19, 11 30:11 to Friday, April 20, 4 18:15

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  • National Police Agency Traffic Control Division

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