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🥾 | [Workman] Preliminary review of unreleased gear! Should I buy a "5000 yen tent"? "movie"


[Workman] Advance review of unreleased gear! Should I buy a "5000 yen tent"? "movie"

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Achieves less than 5000 yen (3: 03 ~) A self-supporting type that can be used in a wide range of environments, with a double structure of inner and fly.

Workman's BASIC dome tent is recommended!This time, we will introduce the products of Workman who were involved in the planning together ... → Continue reading


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Double structure

Double structureWhat is (Nijukouzo)?Sociologythe termone of. this is社会In twoConstructionIs eachproportionAt the same time with a largeexistSay what you are doing.In one societyModernElements and pre-modern elements exist at the same time in the form of a large specific gravity of each.Great for a society with such a dual structureDisparityExists and is placed in a pre-modern element of societyA humanBecause, when compared to human beings, who are placed in the modern element, it isFacility,incomeIs in an inferior state.In one societylarge companyThe fact that small companies are placed is also a form in which society has a dual structure.The big company in this case is the latest生産FacilityIs high after being introducedProductivityIs raised, but if it is a small company, the production method isTraditionalProductivity is low because it is an old format such as.For this reason, I work for both large and small companies.EmployeeIf you compare the wages of large companies, it means that large companies are much higher, and the dual structure that large companies and small companies exist at the same time in society,WorkerIt also means that there is a wage gap between the two.

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