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🥾 | Approaching the passion of climbers who have pioneered more than 35 rocks in more than 40 countries in 200 years


35 years on that road, approaching the passion of climbers who have pioneered more than 40 rocks in more than 200 countries

If you write the contents roughly
Also, during the development, the work is done at a height of several tens of meters from the ground, so it is said that it is always next to death.

When you hear bouldering or climbing, many people imagine indoor sports climbing walls with colorful protrusions ... → Continue reading

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"People become news. News makes people happy."
There are many "people" who live with the skills, feelings, and aspirations that are unique to that person.
In "Hotosena NEWS", we will focus on such "people" and deliver "good news" freshly picked up with local writers.

Enjoy the news of such a living experience that you will be relieved, you will want to say hi, you will smile, you will be convinced, you will be relieved.

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