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👍 | Tatsuomi Hamada, surprised voice at coming out on the program "Those who think'after all'..."


Tatsuomi Hamada, surprised voice at coming out on the program "Those who think" after all "..."

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After that, when he turned 20, he opened an official account as "Tatsuomi Hamada (the person)".

[Hamada who appeared in "The Story of Hitoshi Matsumoto's Sake Knob".The contents of the back account that I had for a while ... 26 ... → Continue reading


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Tatsuomi Hamada

Tatsuomi Hamada(Hamada Tatsuomi,2000 May 8 -) isJapan OfAn actor.

ChibaI'm fromTake off / Four SpringsBelongs.


  • A childI'm fromTaiga drama"Ryoma-denSakamoto Ryoma's childhood role and live-action version "MonsterWas noted for playing the role of Hiroshi Ichikawa.
  • Received the Gold Egg Award at the "Gold Dream Award 2010" in October 10[2].
  • In 2017, the special effects drama "Ultraman GeedPlayed the main character, Riku Asakura[3].



TV drama


Web drama


Television Animation




  • Starring Rody Musical (August 2010-8, 2)Rody Role
  • Earth (Social Distancing Version) (July 2020, 7-August 1, PARCO Theater / August 8-8, Sankei Hall Breeze)-Miminko[24][25]
  • Oreste and Purades (November 2020, 11-December 28, 12,KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater)-Starring as Purades *Suzuki HitoshiAnd W starring
  • KUNIO10 "Sarachi" (October 2021-10, 9, Kyoto Art Theater, Shunshuza / October 10, Ryutopia Niigata City Performing Arts Center Theater / November 10-30, Setagaya Public Theater)[26]

Music video

  • GReeeEN"Our story"(Year 2013)
  • Softly"The characters you trace with your fingertips to think of you" (2016)[27]
  • Twin-Kuruzu !! "The Best ⭐︎ Idroid" (2020) --Makoto Aiuchi[28]


Photo album

  • Tatsuomi Hamada Personal Book "Tatsuomi. (Released on January 2011, 1,Gakken Publishing)



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