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👍 | Daiso completes the ultimate mystery for 110 yen


Daiso completes the ultimate mystery for 110 yen.

If you write the contents roughly
I used Daiso's plastic van, scissors, design knife, oil-based pen (black, red) and "Pentel White Extra Fine".

[Puraban purchased at Daiso has made a surprising evolution ...Impressed and Tsukkomi's voice is sent to the finished product ... → Continue reading


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Magic ink

Magic inkRepresents JapanOil-based markerIt is one of the brands of.This product was introduced as an oil-based marker in Japan shortly after World War II.Uchida YokoWith the idea and planning of Norimin Uchida, the first president ofTeranishi Chemical IndustryWas born from the research and development of[1][2].. Released in 1953[1][3]..Immediately after its release, sales were sluggish, but it soon became a national blockbuster product. The name "Magic" is in JapanFelt penIt is a general term for, and is still a popular product today.


This writing instrumentfeltInk is constantly on the tip of the productCapillary actionBecause it is supplied by, it is not easily affected by the writing angle.Metal, oil resistancePlasticorGlassInk soaked in cotton is contained in the shaft, and ink is supplied to the tip from here.

Of particular note is the ink, and the dye / resin dissolved in the organic solvent dries and solidifies within a few seconds to a few minutes after application.The property of ink penetration is extremely high.

  • paperKindwood-clothIt has excellent weather resistance when used in products, and does not easily disappear even when exposed to direct sunlight or wind and rain for a long period of time.Repeated in the case of fabric productsWashingCan withstand.However"Red"Depending on the product, the pigment of a specific color is not so strong and may fade.
  • rubberWhen used on products and plastic products, the dye is fixed while the solvent dissolves them, so it is also excellent in weather resistance, but care must be taken because it may impair the strength of those products.On the other hand, it is used for magic inkXyleneDue to the nature of the solvent such asStyrofoam,PVCSome parts such as productsSynthetic resinNot suitable for products.
  • GlassProducts and金属In the case of a product, it easily peels off due to friction.

In addition, the organic solvent used is highly volatile and harmful, so if you leave the lid off, it will dry out quickly and become unusable, and it is recommended to use it in large quantities in a closed room. Absent.Ventilation is required.In recent years, products that use highly safe solvents or water-based pigments that are inferior in quick-drying have appeared in place of these dangerous organic solvents.

In addition, Teranishi Chemical Industry's Magic Ink has consistently sold "Magic Ink Replenisher" since its launch, from small items in 60 ml synthetic resin bottles to 18 liters in paper boxes. There are even things in Ito cans.The replenisher may not be handled together at general magic ink stores, but it is handled at some stationery stores.The company also sells replacement nibs, along with this refill ink.使 い 捨 てis notReuseIt is positioned as a product design that helps reduce waste and waste problems.


The idea of ​​magic ink was originallyRice-It is derived from "a new writing instrument that uses the tip of a felt-tip pen" released by Speed ​​Dry.The company's products areAfter the warIn a period of turmoil1951/It caught the eye of President Hiroyuki Uchida (at that time) who participated in the American industry inspection team that took off from Japan, and was brought back to Japan.The inspection team held an exhibition of various industrial products brought back from the United States in Japan to promote Japanese industry, and the first president of Teranishi Chemical Industry was interested in the writing tools.However, the cap and container of the product brought back were broken during transportation, the ink had already dried, the structure and ink composition were unknown, and it was Uchida's that Teranishi was able to obtain in the end. It was just a story of "a new quick-drying writing instrument that is popular in the United States" and a speculation that it seems to be using capillarity.

At that time, the postwar turmoil had not subsided in Japan, including oil-based ink.Synthetic resinThe companies that manufacture the products are hardly functioning, and it is difficult to procure materials. In addition, they were generally distributed in Japan at that time.PigmentSince most of the materials were water-soluble, it was said that trial and error was repeated with the obtained materials.However, Teranishi was convinced that "this will surely grow into the next generation of main writing instruments," and proceeded with research to secure manufacturing facilities.At that time, a special oil-based ink that was reacted with resinYieldWas below 50%[2]..To improve this, squeeze the dyesunContinue to ingenuity such as manually drying the pen tipfeltProcured from a hat shop that makes felt hats.At that time, containers that could withstand organic solvents were limited, soGlassThe idea of ​​using is also dated back to that time.

In this way1953/It was released in April, but when it was released with the intention of revolutionizing the writing equipment industry, this time it was too innovative to be understood by consumers, and the trouble of leaving the cap open and drying the inkclaimOr,Department storeEven if they were demonstrated and sold at such places, only 1-2 bottles could be sold a day, and even the advertising salesperson said, "I don't want to sell magic ink anymore."[3]..But four years after its release1957/, 1 yen per bottle at the time of release[4]Since then, the property of "writing immediately and drying immediately" has already begun to be understood by the general public with two price cuts, and the number of users has increased.manga artist OfBatten NagasakiImprovised and wrote a big manga in one breath, and the performance showing magic ink to the stunned audience as "This is the magic seed!" Was featured in the media such as newspapers.Also at the same timeKiyoshi YamashitaAnnounced a work using a colorful marker pen.

AlsoHigh economic growth periodAs the masses have become richer, changes have also appeared in logistics, and various products that were previously exchanged in wooden boxes have become available.Cardboard boxDue to the property that "it can be written quickly, it dries quickly, and it does not bleed even when it gets wet in the rain", the demand for these addresses is increasing.1960 eraHas come to be regarded as an indispensable writing instrument and painting material.

Received the 2008 Long Life Design Award[5].


  • Of magic inkTrademarkIs owned by Uchida Yoko[3](Registered trademark Japan No. 505150, etc.).The company name is not stated on the product itself and the package (paper box), probably because the manufacturer / distributor and the registered trademark holder are different (only the telephone number of Teranishi Chemical Industry is displayed).
  • Not only used as stationery,Nuclear power plantPlumbing markings,Sapporo Snow FestivalMagic ink is used to draw lines on the ice in making snow sculptures (the situation was broadcast on the TV program "Magic Ink Mystery Story"[Needs verification])[6]That.
  • A metal tube has been used for the body of "Magic Ink Marker" since its release.
  • OsakaIs a container that imitates "magic ink fine writing" as a collaboration product with Teranishi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Hiroyuki Uchida.SprinkleDeveloped "Magic Furikake"[7], Released from September 2018, 9[8]..Sales exceeded expectations of Heso Production, Teranishi Chemical Industry, and Uchida Yoko.[9], Cumulative sales exceed 2019 million as of December 12[10]..Furthermore, in December 2018, we launched "Magic in Kitchen," which is a container that imitates "Magic Ink Large" and is filled with seasonings.[11]..Since then, related products such as sunglasses and magnets have also been released.[12].

Used for marking F1 tires

F1Then,2007/ThanBridgestoneTires will be supplied by one-make (exclusive supply) ofSoft tires and hard tiresIt was decided to use these two types of tires in one race.Bridgestone has decided to draw a white line in the groove of the soft tire from the second round of this year to make it easier to identify.[13]However, at the beginning, I used a white commercially available oil-based pen to manually draw a line for each race.Knowing this, Teranishi Chemical Industry developed a thick magic tire to fit the groove of the tire (at that time it was a tire with a groove for the purpose of speed control) and provided it to Bridgestone.[14][15].. From 1, when the F2009 body rules were significantly revised, the tires were changed to slicks (no grooves).After the rule revision, Bridgestone decided to color the side parts of the tires that do not touch the ground directly, but magic ink is also used here.


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