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🥾 | [Kansai] 5 popular glamping facilities for beginners!Easy outdoor experience


[Kansai] 5 popular glamping facilities for beginners!Easy outdoor experience

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You can enjoy a time full of outdoor elements such as a bonfire, a wood stove, and a hearth BBQ regardless of the weather or season.

1. [Shiga Prefecture] GLAMP ELEMENT Mt. Reminiscent of an overseas resort on the banks of a pond with a view of Mt. Ibukiyama ... → Continue reading


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Wood-burning stove

Wood-burning stove(Maki stove,British: wood-burning stove) IsfirewoodThefuelToHeating appliances..There are mainly two heating methods, radiant type and convection type, and most products have both functions.Material Thecast ironMade andSteel plateMany are made.Firewood as fueloil,coalWill be exhausted likeUnderground resourcesNot that it is released during combustioncarbon dioxideHas the advantage of being carbon-neutral heating because it is recovered by the growth of the tree.[1].


Cold protection,調理For the purpose ofTueSince ancient timesPeople OfLifeIt was an indispensable existence for.fireHas developed so that it can be burned indoorshearthIt was, but later because there was no smoke outletFoodA hearth with a chimney was devised.Based on that, the hearthwallThe fireplace was invented by embedding it inside.AmericaThen.Immigration EuropeI brought in a (especially British style) fireplace and used it at home, but the conventional fireplace had low heating efficiency and consumed a large amount of fuel.[1][2].

1742 ,政治家,InventorKnown asBenjamin FranklinInvented the Franklin stove (Pennsylvania fireplace), which has five sides other than the front side surrounded by iron plates to improve the heating efficiency of the fireplace.This stove equipped with the is highly efficient in heating and has been well received, and similar fireplaces have been sold by many manufacturers and have become mainstream.The Franklin stove was later improved to have a door like the current wood stove.That is the beginning of the current wood stove.In the United States, the popularity of wood-burning stoves declined once due to the development of coal and oil, but it was revived in the wake of the oil crisis, and then due to the enactment of environmental laws, the double combustion system andcatalystA model with improved combustion efficiency was developed.[1][2]..In addition, it is known that a bronze stove with a chimney already existed in China in BC.

How it works

Of iron with a doorEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThe structure with a chimney attached to is the basic form of a wood stove.The difference from a fireplace or a bonfire is that the former空 気The wood-burning stove is airtight, as opposed to the open access.Whereas fireplaces and bonfires inhale and exhaust dozens of times more air than is required for combustion, wood-burning stoves adjust the entrance of small air to take in the air required for combustion and regulate the discharge from the chimney. To.Therefore, the amount of air taken in is limited to two to three times the amount required for combustion.The former is almost the fire itselfRadiant heatOn the other hand, in the wood stove, the heat generated by the combustion inside the main body is transferred from the main body surface.Radiant heatThe room can also be warmed by the warm air that convects around the main body.Wood-burning stoves are provided with functions such as air valves and chimney dampers for combustion adjustment. In recent years, glass doors, secondary combustion, and catalysts have been added to improve combustion efficiency and taste, and to pass environmental regulations for combustion gas. , Baffle board and other functions are now added[1].


Air pollution

Used as fuel for wood stovesfirewoodIs an unrefined fuelIncomplete combustionAnd,煤,PM2.5Such asParticulate matter,StenchTo generate.According to a guidebook by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, their emissions from common wood stoves are more than 100 times higher than those of petroleum heating equipment that uses refined petroleum fuel.[3]ForResidential areasIn such cases, they fill the surrounding area, which may cause health problems.However, unlike oil heating equipment, all the soot from the wood stove is discharged outdoors.

Complaints from neighbors

Due to the above-mentioned air pollution, troubles with neighboring residents have occurred frequently, and many local governments have issued warnings, but the use has not been banned.[4].

Major manufacturers


  • Vermont Casting (America)
  • Quadrafire (USA)
  • Hearthstone (USA)
  • Esse (United Kingdom)
  • Pacific Energy (Canada) --Hybrid of steel and casting
  • Contura (ConturaSweden)-Has the nickname "King of Wood Stoves".
  • Morceau (Denmark) --Delivery of wood stove to the Danish royal family.
  • Yotool (Norway) --The world's top sales volume.It features a unique lattice pattern of glass windows.Uses a clean burn method.
  • Dobre (Belgium)
  • Nester Martin (Belgium)
  • Brunner (Germany)


  • Okazaki Construction(Hiroshima) --Maki type wood stove ("clean burn (CB method)" compatible.laserFeatures such as customization to the original design using processing technology. )
  • Honma Seisakusho (Niigata)
  • Moki Seisakusho (Nagano) --The world's first tertiary combustion system.
  • Agni (Gifu)


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