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⛺ | 82 campsites where you can see the stars in the sky ... 1st place is Nagano Prefecture Momiji Campsite Car Trip Navi

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82 selections of campsites where you can see the stars in the sky ... 1st place is Nagano Prefecture, Momiji Campsite, Car Travel Navi

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The first place was the "Galaxy Momiji Campsite" in Achi Village, Nagano Prefecture, which is famous as the place where the stars can be seen most shining.

Camper Co., Ltd., which operates the media "Kuruma no Tabi Navi" that proposes destinations, is outdoors in the cold season ... → Continue reading


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Achi(Achimura) isNaganoShimoina DistrictLocated in the western part ofvillage.


Starry sky village

2006 years,NanaiA starry sky photograph taken in the district Momijidaira Astronomical Village reports the appearance of the stars.Ministry of the EnvironmentSponsored byNationwide starry sky continuous observationIn the summer of 2006, "A place where the brightness of the night sky was suitable for star observation in the results of photography by general participating groups", a magnitude of 23.7 for the brightness of the night sky was recorded (the higher the number, the darker the night sky). It is said to be suitable for star observation), and it was the highest point among the 416 participating groups that observed it.[1](20.98th place at 4 in the winter of the same year[2], 2010th place at 23.3 in the summer of 7[3]).Participation is voluntary and it is not a comprehensive survey of the starry sky nationwide, but in Achi Village, "the place where the stars look most shining"[4][5] Implementation of "Japan's No. XNUMX Starry Sky Night Tour"[6] And issuance of local currency "Starcoin"[7], Establishment of "Achi Village Star Meister Certification Exam" that asks knowledge of celestial bodies, etc.[8], Useful for tourism. In 2015, registered the trademark "Japan's No. XNUMX Starry Sky"[4].

The "Japan's No. 2012 Starry Night Tour" that started in 3 had three general participants on the first day, but after that it spread by word of mouth and 6500 people visited in the first year. In 2015, 6 people visited and played a part in regional revitalization.[9].


1973 OldNational railwayNakatsugawa LineDuring the boring survey, hot water suddenly sprang up and was discovered.Hirugami Hot SpringThere is. Also,GifuLocated on the prefectural border of Nagano prefectureMisaka PassIt corresponds to the entrance on the Nagano prefecture side ofSonoharaJapan in the districtTendai sectSaicho, the ancestor of the missionary masterClearestBut,HigashisendoI was surprised at the steepness of the Misaka PassHirokiinI made a help hut.At this edge2005 The "Tsukimi-do", which is said to be the site of the Hiroki-in Temple, was maintained as the "Shinano Hiei Nemoto Nakado", and the "Immortal Hoho" was separated from the Motoyama Nemoto Nakado.By the way, near this Hirokiin, "The Tale of Genji", Which is also the title of the second volume ofHahakigiThere is a real thing.

Northern and Northern DynastiesIsEmperor GodaigoIs said to be the grandson ofYoon RyoIs said to have been killed in action in the Namiai area.

Southern part of the village,HirataniOn the border with the villageJibusaka PassThe area around (Jibuzakatoge) has been a tourist destination for a long time.Tokai regionThere are many tourists from Japan.



Main mountain
Main pass


Main river


2016 May 1The lowest temperature since the start of statistics in 940 at Namiai AMeDAS (elevation 1978m)Meteorological office-Amedus), The lowest temperature in the whole country on the day (Meteorological office-Amedus) -17.4° C(The past lowest temperature record was the day beforeMay 1-16.9° C[11]..In the Köppen climate classificationWest coast marine climateBelong to.


Population distribution of Achi, Nagano, Japan.svg
Achi Village and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Achi Village (2005)
Purple-Achi Village
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Achi Village (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Adjacent municipalities

Nagano Prefecture FlagNagano
Gifu Prefecture FlagGifu





Village head
  • Village Mayor: (Second term inaugurated in February 2014)


Village council
  • Village Council: Fixed number 12 (as of November 2012)


  • Financial capability index 0.246 Nagano Prefecture Municipalities Average 0.40
  • 78.9%
  • Standard financial scale 31 yen
  • Total revenue 56 yen
    • Main breakdown Local allocation tax 25 million yen (0280%) Local tax 43.9 yen (7%) Local bonds 5427 million yen (13.2%)
  • Real debt service ratio 16.0%
  • Current amount of local bonds per capita is 94 yen (only for ordinary accounts)
  • Personnel expenses per capita Property expenses, etc. Settlement amount 19 yen Nagano Prefecture Municipalities Average 4523 yen
  • Number of employees per 1000 population 12.61 Nagano Prefecture Municipalities Average 8.17
    • Breakdown 82 general employees (including 11 skilled labor workers)
  • Average monthly salary per employee 31 yen (numbers not including all employee allowances)
    • Employee salary per employee (annual amount) 583 yen (excluding all employee allowances such as term-end and diligence allowances, which are private bonuses)
  • Laspeyres index 93.6 National average of towns and villages 93.9

Balance of local bonds

  • 1 Ordinary accounting debt 61 million yen
  • 2 Debt for special accounts 47 million yen
    • Main breakdown Sewerage business: 26 million yen Water supply business: 9180 million yen Agricultural settlement drainage business: 13 million yen
  • 3 Partial-affairs association related 6 million yen (total of debt x burden ratio, mainly for the western sanitary facility association in Shimoina-gun)

Total of local bonds, etc. 115 million yen

  • Balance of local bonds per Achi villager 178 yen (consolidated accounting)



Police box
  • Achi village police box
  • Achi Village Namiai Representative Office



post office

  • Main post office
  • Zip CodeFormer Seinaiji Village395-0401 , Former Namiai Village395-0501 Other than395-030 *Is used[13].

Phone Number

Cultural facility

Sister cities/partner cities


Partner city
2012 (24)October Friendship exchange city tie-up.



Main factory
  • Tokai Kako Iida Factory
  • Meiwa Industry Nagano Factory
  • Minami Shinshu Confectionery Studio
  • Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Main commercial facilities
  • A CorpRack over there
  • Shopping Town Pier

Mass media

TV station

Cable TV


From 2011 due to the problem of depopulationHirataniWe are accepting junior high school students at Achi Junior High School.School union (Some office associations) Was not set up, and Hiraya Village moved the junior high school office work to our village.ConsignmentTake the form of

high school


Junior high school

  • Achi Village Achi Junior High School
    • Achi Village Seinaiji Junior High School (Integrated into Achi Junior High School from 2010 and closed)
    • Achi Village Namiai Junior High School (Integrated into Achi Junior High School from 2011 and closed)

primary school

  • Achi Village Achi Daiichi Elementary School
  • Achi Village Achi Daini Elementary School
  • Achi Village Achi Daisan Elementary School
  • Achi Village Namiai Elementary School
  • Achi Village Seinaiji Elementary School



There is no railway line that runs through the village.The nearest station when using the train isJR TokaiIida LineIida Station.


Transit Bus
In front of Achi High School --Komaba-- Nanai - Jib Saka Kogen - Pinggu - ShingenMound - Neba
  • Express Bus
    • Nagoya(Meitetsu Bus Center)-(PartiallyProsperity(Oasis 21)) ―― Hirugami Onsen ―― Achi ―― Iida
    • Nagoya (Meitetsu Bus Center)-(Partial Sakae (Oasis 21))- Komaba BS --Iida / Ina / Minowa
    • Nagoya (Nagoya Station Taiko Dori Exit) --Chuo Expressway Hirugami Onsen - Kofu - Dragon King(The same flight cannot be used between Noonjin and Nagoya)
    • Nagoya (Nagoya Station Taiko Dori Exit) --Chuo Expressway Hirugami Onsen - Busta Shinjuku - Tokyo Station(The same flight cannot be used between Noonjin and Nagoya)

The high-speed bus "Achi" stop is at the same point as the route bus "Komaba" stop.The highway buses "Chuodo Hirugami Onsen" and "Komaba BS" are also at the same location. "Komanba" and "Komaba BS" are about a 10-minute walk away.

On the other hand, from Chuodo Hirugami OnsenHirugami Hot SpringIs about 4km away.



Chuo Expwy Route Sign.svgChuo Expressway

National road
Prefectural road


Famous places/historic sites

Main castle
  • -(Shingen signal stand)
Main temple
Main shrine
Post town
Main historical sites

Nearby Tourist Spots

Major snow resorts


Special product

Native celebrity

Related person


注 釈


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