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🥾 | Assuming an eruption of Mt. Fuji The first practical training after the revision of the Mt. Fuji hazard map Yamanashi


Assuming an eruption of Mt. Fuji The first practical training after the revision of the Mt. Fuji hazard map Yamanashi

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After that, when an eruption occurred and it was raised to alert level 5, some evacuees boarded SDF vehicles and buses and moved the evacuation site to the outside of the city, saying that it is expected to exceed the expected capacity of the evacuation center. bottom.

After the revision of the hazard map of Mt. Fuji, the first practical training assuming the eruption of Mt. Fuji was held on the XNUMXth.Training is ... → Continue reading

 UTY TV Yamanashi

There are lots of news to watch in Yamanashi, such as Japan's No. XNUMX Mt. Fuji and the world's fastest linear motor car. We will closely adhere to Yamanashi and deliver news from the perspective unique to the local media of XNUMX years.

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Evacuation site

Evacuation siteWhat is (Hinambasho)?MunicipalitiesA facility / location that can avoid disasters specified bydisasterSometimes used.


An administrative evacuation site refers to a "evacuation site when a fire caused by an earthquake or the like spreads and the entire area becomes dangerous."Temporary meeting placeWhen it becomes dangerous, we will collectively evacuate to this evacuation site. Its size is said to require approximately 10 hectares or more to protect the body from the radiant heat of a fire. For this purpose, a large square (Open space) Is designated as a large-scale park, housing complex or university. The evacuation site and evacuation site can be used together. (Disaster Countermeasures Basic LawArticle XNUMX-XNUMX)[1].

Differences between shelters and shelters

Great East Japan EarthquakeClearlyShelterとEvacuation siteBecause there was no distinction, there was confusion, soDisaster Countermeasures Basic LawIt was clearly divided by.

An evacuation facility is a facility for temporarily receiving and protecting victims.

An evacuation site is a facility/place to protect the lives of evacuees from fire spread and other dangers.

Since it can be used as both an evacuation center and an evacuation site,ConfusionIs likely to occur[2].

Evacuation site for each type of disaster

Depending on the nature of the disaster (fire, storm and flood damage, tsunami, storm surge, etc.) that is likely to occur in the area, both temporary evacuation areas and wide area evacuation areas may change their evacuation areas. This evacuation site designated by the local government isRegional disaster prevention planBased onEvacuationA relatively safe place suitable for is selected. However, since large-scale plazas are not installed based on the disaster prevention basic plan, they may be dangerous depending on the type and situation of the disaster. In addition, since a large number of people gather, various problems may easily occur.

Tent village

A tent village may be formed at a temporary evacuation site due to a large number of disaster victims.

Tent village at the time of the Kumamoto earthquake

Kumamoto Earthquake (2016)In April, the quake occurred in April and it was a season when outdoor life was possible, so a tent village was formed in a temporary shelter for one month.

Many victims including voluntary evacuation at the beginning of the earthquakeHousing evacuation siteBecame overcrowded,Overnight in the carThere were many people who did However, the health hazard that keeps the same attitude by staying in the car,Economy class syndromeAs a result, more people are sick. Therefore, an outdoor goods store and a local government cooperated to form a tent village. Housing evacuation siteThe tent village was welcomed by the disaster victims due to overcrowding, children making noise, comfort more than group life, anxiety about entering the building in the aftershock, taking pets, and other reasons.[3] After that, it was generally well received, but as the temperature rose toward summerheatstrokeConcerns about the end of the aftershockTemporary housingThe tent village was removed after its significance was completed. [4]

Temporary meeting place

A temporary gathering place is a place where nearby evacuees temporarily gather before evacuating to an evacuation site.[5].. This includes school grounds and local parks. (Temporary meeting place(See)


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