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👩‍🎤 | Wasuta [Report] Sakamoto "After all, these 5 people are the strongest. I thought I loved them again." Photobook "Wasuta Travel Report" ...

Photo "Wasuta Travel Report" magazine cut (Tokuma Shoten / Photo: Takanori Fujishiro)

Wasuta [Report] Sakamoto "After all, these five are the strongest. I thought I loved them again." Photobook "Wasuta Travel Report" ...

If you write the contents roughly
When asked about the photobook again, leader Hirokawa said, "This is the third book, but it is a best-of album-like work filled with the important things of Wasuta.

Wasuta released her third photo book "Wasuta Travels" and held a release commemorative event in Tokyo.Chestnut ... → Continue reading


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Best album

Best album(Japanglish: best album) IsMusic albumOne form of.Best compilation albumTomo.EnglishIn "best album", it means "best album", and the name "greatest hits album" is the most common for the best album explained in this section. It is sometimes called "best-of album", but even in this case, "of" is basically not omitted.The actual album name often takes the form of "Greatest Hits of Artist Name" or "The (Very) Best of Artist Name".


Regular album (Studio album) Is pre-saleSingleIt often contains a few songs, but most of the songs are unreleased songs.On the other hand, in the case of the best album, depending on the artist, some songs from the studio album that are not single-cut may be included.Bonus trackAlthough unreleased songs may be recorded as, most of the recorded songs are occupied by existing single songs (including B-side songs), and basically it is an album that collects representative songs of the past. there were.

However, in recent years, unofficial bests (described later) may be outbursts, so by intentionally recording new songs and unreleased songs, and adding benefits such as the first edition.formulaIt is customary to emphasize that.Also, in recent years, the form of "single collection" that only covers the single A side (that is, sold songs) is increasing.

However, there are some best albums that are occupied only by B-side songs and songs recorded in studio albums (example:Yuzu"Yuzu no Ne 1997-2007],L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel"The Best of L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel c / w』).Depending on the album, some singles may be recorded only as B-side songs (example:Berryz Kobo"Berryz Kobo Special Best Vol.1"Friendship Junjou oh youth ("Happiness-welcome welcome!-"C / w)",PUFFY"Hit & Fun"Friends (friends)New days c / w) ”,Ikimonogakari"Ikimonobakari ~ Members BEST Selection ~"Happy Smile Again ("planetarium c / w) ”).

In the case of multiple discs, each disc has a different subtitle (example:Southern All Stars"Yeah of the sea!!』), Sorted songs according to image, sales form, etc. (Example:Yakushimaru Hiroko"Song story],GReeeEN"What are the A and B sides of the past?』) Also exists.

in Japan,Headphones stereo,Car AudioIn the early 1980s, whencassette tapeReleased onlyCassette best albumExisted (Southern All Stars,Go NagabuchiSuch).Among them, "Southern All Stars"Ballad '77-'82] Has also been made into a CD.

In Japan, the release of the best album was concentrated in December, but since around 12, many Japanese companies have released it.SettlementMarch, which is the periodOriconOn the last Wednesday of March) due to the aggregation ofJ-POPIn many cases, the artist's best album is released.Also, for musicians who have been active for some time and remain popular, special days for their groups and individuals (birthdayThe best album is also released on the day of major debut.In addition, there are many best albums to commemorate the dissolution of the group and the retirement of individuals, and when a singer or a (former) member of the group dies, the best album may be released as a memorial board.

Album type

  • Complete singles
    As the name suggests, the name of the best album centered on single songs.Songs other than new songs and single songs may be recorded in addition to single songs.SinglesThere is also a muddy notation.Since it is not so different from the all-time best described later, it is classified as the best compilation album described later.
  • All time best
    It refers to the best album that has been selected from all the songs of all eras released from the time of debut to the latest, and the career is summarized.The song selection criteria differ for each singer, and include not only singles but also album songs and single B-sides (coupling songs).
  • Best selection
    Not only single A-side songs, but also B-sides (coupling songs)Original albumIt is often used for albums selected by the person or the record company from the recorded songs.Selection albumAlso called.There is no fixed rule, and it is also used for the best album that collects only the normal single A side.To a similar nameBest collectionThere is.Since it is not so different from the above-mentioned all-time best, this best compilation album is also classified as the above-mentioned best.
  • Greatest Hits
    The name used for works equivalent to the single collection and the best selection.It is mainly used for the best Western music albums rather than Japanese works.
  • Retake Best (New Record Best)
    As the name suggests, this is the best compilation album that re-records past songs (including new arrangements, performances, and re-singing).in recent yearsSelf-cover·albumHowever, the original meaning of a self-cover album is an album in which a singer-songwriter sings a song provided to another person.
  • Back vest
    It is mainly used for the best album selected from the single B side (coupling song) and the songs recorded in the original album. The album that contains only the B side isB-side collection,Coupling bestAlso say.
  • Ballad best
    The best compilation album of ballad songs from single title songs, couplings, and songs recorded in the album.
  • Complete song collection
    EnkaA name often found on the singer's best album.However, it does not cover all the songs released by the singer.
  • Other
    In recent years, the best albums have also diversified, and songs have been selected from multiple cover albums released by the singer in the past.Cover bestOr, I collected only the songs that participated in the works of othersCollaboration best(Compilation album), Etc., there are also best albums selected according to a certain theme.Because it's not the usual bestPlanning bestIt is also said.

Benefits of the company

Since the best album contains only songs that are familiar to people on TV and radio, it is tempting to buy other than specific core fans, and in general, the number of sales is higher than that of studio albums.For record companies, the best albums of popular artists are products that do not cost new recordings and are expected to generate reliable sales, so if the company's sales do not grow as expected, the best albums of their contract artists are the best as a settlement measure.・ There are often cases where the album is released in a hurry to cover sales.

However, although the tendency to "sell the best compilation album" is remarkable in the Japanese music market, it is not common in the world.In the United States, the world's largest music market, sales of original albums containing current hits are generally higher than those of best compilation albums, which rarely contain new songs, and this is especially active. The more hit the artist is, the more applicable.

Therefore, the best compilation albums released by Western music artists in the middle of their careers (already retired artists, disbanded bands, and those that are not the best compilation albums led by record companies due to transfer) usually contain new songs and are "currently a hit". It often promotes by appealing that "the new songs of" are also recorded. "

Trouble over the best compilation album

Contrary to the intentions of the artists, or without their knowledgeMusic producerIt may be released at the discretion of the artist, and it may cause a conflict between the artist and the record company, such as not admitting it to the discography (example:Spitz"RECYCLE Greatest Hits of SPITZ],B'z"Flash Back-B'z Early Special Titles-],Creep hype"CreepHyp masterpiece selection],Move"REWIND ~ singles collection + ~]).

In particular, when an artist transfers to a record company in recent years, the record company to which he belonged himselfMaster rightIt has become customary to produce and release the best album without the permission of the artist, using the sound source with.There are many cases in which artists who oppose this are calling on fans to refrain from purchasing the album through their homepages and fan clubs (eg,).YMO Commercial Code,DREAMS COME TRUE"BEST OF DREAMS COME TRUE],Utada"Utada The Best"Such).Others dislike this situation or refuse to release the best album as an individual belief of the artist.Ringo ShiinaHas not been released for a long time due to the desire to release a new song from the best compilation album, and in 2019, the best album supervised by himself ``Newton's Ringo ~ First Best Edition ~』Has been released. Initially, DREAMS COME TRUE had a policy of not releasing the best album, but due to the dilemma that the above-mentioned unofficial best albums will continue to exist in the world, it was decided to release the official best album again in later years. There is.

Similarly,Ayumi HamasakiAlso the best compilation album of 2001 "A BEST』In releaseAvexSarcasticly recalled, "I thought I was an important product of avex," because I was forced to release it, and I was disgusted and thought about retiring.[1]..A jacket that sheds tears was adopted based on Hamasaki's own idea to express that resistance.Also, at the request of the person himself, the cover of every magazine was thoroughly jacked according to the release of this work.[1]. AlsoKumi KoudaReleased the best compilation album in 2005 and 2006 for the second consecutive year. 22nd bestHalf of the songs recorded in the song were performed from December of the previous year.12 consecutive weeks single releaseIs recorded.SubstantiallyOriginal albumDespite the fact that it was handled in, the record company side was forced to reach it.At that time, Kota said, "I had decided to release it without my knowledge. I didn't really want to release such a thing. I'm sorry to all the fans who bought the single." doing[2]..There is also a pattern opposite to the above, and in "PERFECT BEST" announced by X JAPAN at the time of dissolution in 1997, the music of the X era released from Sony Records to which the artist belonged before has the master copy right. Because it wasn't there, it couldn't be used and it was recorded in a live version, which was an unpleasant form for the artist.YOSHIKI denounced this as "an act similar to the abduction of his own child," and took this opportunity to work hard to acquire the master disc rights.As a result, the best album "FAN's selection", which was later voted by fans, could be released including the original sound source of the songs from the X era.

recorded music

As mentioned above, it is composed mainly of existing single songs and songs recorded in studio albums that have not been single-cut, but how they are composed differs depending on the album.

The songs to be recorded are decided by the selection of artists and record companies, or by fan voting.In the former case, even a single A-side song may not be recorded due to capacity restrictions or sluggish sales.The song order is often the order of release (in the case of fan voting, it may be the order of popularity), but the song order may be decided by the intention of the artist or fan.Also, in the case of a multi-disc set, the recorded songs may be sorted according to a certain rule.

Even if the song has already been released, it may be recorded in a different version from the single or studio album.

Best album boom

Since the spread of CDs, in Japan1992/から1993/,1997/から1999/In the meantime, the release of the best album by a well-known artist overlapped one after another in two major periods.

First of all, the former1992/Released on October 3CHAGE and ASKAof"SUPER BEST II], 1992OriconThe aftermath of the annual album ranking of No. 1 and cumulative sales of about 270 million copies spread.

The latter is1997/Released on October 10GLAYBest album "REVIEW-BEST OF GLAYIt is said that it happened in the wake of the big hit of[3].. In the 1998 Oricon annual album ranking, the best album among the top 10 accounted for 6 works (B'z(2 works),Yumi Matsutoya,Southern All Stars,Mariah Carey,Namie Amuro[3]..From the consumer's point of viewrecessionIt is analyzed that the best album is required as a "bargain product" due to the diversification of entertainment and entertainment.[3]..In addition, Southern's "" released at this timeYeah of the sea!!"And Matsutoya's"contemporary musicIsAll-time best albumIs said to be the forerunner of[4].

After 2000

2000/から2001/IsSMAP,Mr. Children,Ayumi Hamasaki,DREAMS COME TRUE,L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel,JUDY AND MARY,GLAY,Morning Musume.Many famous artists such as, released the best album in a row.Although sales of the entire album were on a downward trend, sales of the best albums had not declined yet.

2005/から2007/The best albums have been released in succession again.However, sales did not grow as much as in the 1990s, and double millions remained at the limit.This is the era of listening to music on CDsMusic to be deliveredIt means that we have moved to the era of "buying", and even if you don't bother to buy expensive albums, if you get your favorite songs for about 1 to 150 yen per song by distribution, the restrentalIt can be said that it is the result of technological progress that allows you to create the best album as you like.

2008/IsEXILETitled "PEFECT YEAR" and made an attempt to release the best compilation album of three works at a high pace this year.Later, three works were in the TOP 3 at the same time on Oricon.In the same year, Ayumi Hamasaki, B'z, Namie Amuro, Mariya Takeuchi also released the best compilation album in quick succession.[5]..Among them, Namie Amuro's best compilation album has achieved millions since the above-mentioned best compilation album in this year.Record millions in three generations, teens, 10s, and 20sI showed a feat of doing.In addition, Amuro's best compilation album is ranked second in the year.

2012/AlsoMr. Children,Keisuke Kuwata,Tatsuro Yamashita,Yumi MatsutoyaVeterans who boast a career of more than 20 years,Yuzu,Kobukuro, EXILE,Kanjani Eight,JUJUThe artists of mid-level careers from 7 to 8 to 15 years released the best albums one after another, which greatly contributed to the increase in CD sales in the same year compared to the previous year.In particular, the veteran class tended to be a masterpiece of three or more discs under the name of "all-time version".

OnceEiichi OtakiIs originally a pair from the idea that it is not possible to release two best albums in half a year.B-EACH TIME L-ONG"When"SNOW TIME], The latter has been canceled.In some cases, consideration was given to releasing the album as a two-disc set based on the same idea.However, in recent years, due to changes in values, musicians who release two best albums at the same time,Kumi Kouda,EXILEThe number of musicians who release their best albums at a pace of about once every six months is increasing.On the other hand, Eiichi OtakiI'm sorryAs the musician himself, who was strict about the rights to music during his lifetime, was absent due to factors such as sudden death and retirement, the bereaved family and staff members had the rights to music and the master who was preserved but was not used. As it became easier to get involved in the use of materials such as tapes, the best album covering all careers may finally be released after the singer's death and after retirement.

The decrease in sales of the best albums due to download sales is remarkable, but it was released in 2002 instead.Tatsuro Yamashitaof"RARITIESStarting with the hit of "", this time "Back best boom], And although there are almost no millions, the number of works aimed at "complementing songs not included in the album" by musicians whose best album has already been completed has increased. As a hit since the 2000sB'zof"B'z The "Mixture"] OrMr. Childrenof"B-SIDE],YUIof"MY SHORT STORIES] And so on.

The works recorded in these are recorded only in 8 cm singles and single records in the past, and it became difficult to obtain because they were not recorded in the album, while the transition of works is rapidly accelerating on the single chart in recent years, and the songs are obtained. Often done favorably for fans who couldn't or had to buy a single for a few songs.It can be said that the fact that these songs not included in the album are difficult to download and distribute is also one of the reasons for the increase in demand for the best behind the scenes.

2006/ToKobukuroof"ALL SINGLES BESTIs a hit and has recorded the first triple million as a male artist since the beginning of the 21st century, but due to the influence of the subsequent CD recession, the best album of double million or more since Kobukuro's work isビ ー ト ル ズof"The Beatles 1],Namie Amuroof"Finally"[6],stormof"5 × 20 All the BEST !! 1999-2019"[7].

Representative best album (top 5 works sold)

The best-selling best-of album in the worldEagles"Greatest Hits 1971-1975", about 4,100 million copies (the original album with the highest sales everMichael jacksonof"Thriller』About 1 million sheets) (as of 400).

The best-selling album in Japan is B'z's "B'z The Best "Pleasure"』, And about 514 million copies (the original album with the highest sales everHikaru Utadaof"First Love』About 765 million sheets) (as of 2018).

("Title" / Artist / Sales / Number of sets)


One piece

  1. B'z "B'z The Best "Pleasure"』――Approximately 514 million sheets
  2. GLAY "REVIEW-BEST OF GLAY』――Approximately 488 million sheets
  3. B'z "B'z The Best "Treasure"』――Approximately 444 million sheets
  4. Ayumi Hamasaki "A BEST』-Approximately 429 million sheets
  5. Takeuchi Mariya "Impressions』-Approximately 307 million sheets

2 or more

  1. Southern All Stars "Yeah of the sea!!』――Approximately 360 million sheets
  2. Yumi Matsutoya "contemporary music』――Approximately 325 million sheets
  3. Kobukuro "ALL SINGLES BEST』――Approximately 303 million sheets
  4. Southern All Stars "Ballad 3 -the album of LOVE-』――Approximately 291 million sheets
  5. globe "CRUISE RECORD 1995-2000』――Approximately 276 million sheets

Western music

  1. Mariah Carey "The Ones』――Approximately 281 million sheets
  2. Carpenters "Shine of Youth-Best of Carpenters』*-Approximately 234 million sheets
  3. ビ ー ト ル ズ "The Beatles 1』――Approximately 218 million sheets
  4. Queen "Jewels』――Approximately 142 million sheets
  5. Celine Dion "The Berry Best』――Approximately 125 million sheets

(* Is a 2-disc set)

All sales and number of setsOriconResearch


  1. Eagles "Greatest Hits 1971-1975』――Approximately 4,100 million sheets
  2. ビ ー ト ル ズ "The Beatles 1』――Approximately 3,000 million sheets
  3. Queen "Greatest Hits』――Approximately 2,500 million sheets
  4. ABBA "ABBA Gold』――Approximately 2,300 million sheets
  5. マ ド ン ナ "The Immaculate Collection-Greatest Hits』――Approximately 2,000 million sheets
  6. Queen "Greatest Hits』――Approximately 1,900 million sheets


  • Concept album,Progressive rockThe composition and continuity of the entire album, represented byInterludeFrom the standpoint of respecting artistry, including the time, there is a tendency to look down on the style that seems to be "just arranging what was made" like the best album, and from the subject of criticism as a musical art. Is often removed.
  • For the core layerCD shopIsDisk unionAs a specialty store specializing in best albums on July 2021, 7TokyoShinjuku"Disk Union Best Album Store" was opened in. The product lineup is centered around 18 new and used best album CDs of all genres in a sales floor area of ​​1 tsubo.[8].


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