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👍 | Chiaki, lunch box for her daughter "Maybe it's over this week" Chiaki, a talent who responds to the ale to mothers all over the country, gives her daughter ...

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Chiaki, lunch box for her daughter "Maybe it's over this week" Chiaki, a talent who responds to the ale to mothers all over the country, gives her daughter ...

If you write the contents roughly
This post has received a lot of feedback from fellow mothers such as Hinano Yoshikawa and Maki Nishiyama, and the comment section is showing great excitement.

[Because the lunch box making for my beloved daughter, which has been going on for 14 years, may end this week, I feel lonely ... → Continue reading


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Maki Nishiyama

Maki Nishiyama(Maki Nishiyama,1985/May 11 -) is a Japanese womanFashion Model,talent.. Nickname isMaki-chan,McKee,Makietc.

NiigataNagaokaI'm fromGrickAffiliation[1].


Nagaoka City Toyoda Elementary School[2],Nagaoka City Asahioka Junior High School,Niigata Prefectural Nagaoka Ote High SchoolDivision of Home Economics[3][4]graduate.

school days

  • From 5rd gradevolleyballStart[5]At that time, he was an obese child, but thanks to the valley, he lost weight.In junior high school, he participated in national competitions for the second consecutive year and has a track record of being selected by Niigata Prefecture.[6].
  • I have been working part-time at 10-Eleven since I was a teenager when I was a high school student.[7].

Debut as a model

  • Tokyo-GinzaHe was scouted for the place he was wondering about and made his debut.
  • May 10,Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake(Half a month before moving to Tokyo to start performing arts activities).I couldn't go home on the day because I had a part-time job at the time of the earthquake.[8]..I spent about a week in the car with my family at the time of the earthquake.[9].
Daikin IndustriesRoomAir conditionSpecial product of "Uru to Sarara"æµ´è¡£ OfImage girlAfter that, it became the company's air conditioner image character for a while.
  • May Served as an image character for Gaitameonline and appeared in TV commercials for "For You?" Cafe and Office.[19].
  • July Released "HAPPY SMILE HAPPY LIFE", which is a book version of the blog "MAKI LIFE".A handshake event was held accordingly.
    • Decorate the cover of the first issue of AmebaGG Candy[20].
  • April 4th, Nishiyama妊娠And the other party isAn actor OfTaichi SaotomeIt was reported by each sports newspaper.
  • On April 4, he announced through his office that he would marry Saotome in June of the same year, and officially revealed that he was three months pregnant.[24].
  • Submit a marriage registration on June 6[25].
  • At 10:30 am on October 0, she gave birth to her first child, a girl.[26].
  • Announcement of second child pregnancy (1 months) on January 1st[28].
  • Birth of second child on April 4 (gender not disclosed)[29].
  • On May 5, he returned to work one month after giving birth and announced that his second child was a girl.[30].
  • On June 6th, it was reported that there was a problem with the office "Office M & B".[31].
  • September 9th, newGrickI reported that I belonged to a corporation[1].
  • On June 6th, he appeared in the first event after the transfer and revealed that the turmoil with the former office had ended.[32].
  • June 6, divorced from Taichi Saotome[33].



  • I have a father, a mother, an older brother, and a younger brother.Nishiyama and his mother are two generations of parents and childrenConvenience store"Seven-ElevenI have a part-time job experience, and my motherBreadWas the one who made[7].
  • Former husbandAn actor OfTaichi Saotome(Real name: Taichi Nishimura).

Hobbies & Skills

  • My hobbies are writing sentences, cooking, designing, etc.
  • liqueurlike[34].


  • Has a reputation for having a bright and dry personality[35]Also, he is masculine and has a positive side to try anything.


  • It has a relatively slender figure compared to models in the same industry, and has "small breasts for 28 years" (2014/4(At the time of)[36].

Favorite person

Favorite food 


tv set



  • Not just earthquakes! The horror of natural disasters (September 2010, 9,Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.)
  • Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Sound Factory Maki Nishiyama TOKYO SKY POP (2012 night off period, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting)





  • girlswalker
  • fashionwalker



Photo album


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