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👩‍🎤 | AKBXNUMX Yuki Kashiwagi "I want to continue to be an idol for a long time" "Adult solo performance" fascinates me

Yuki Kashiwagi who held a photo solo concert

AKBXNUMX Yuki Kashiwagi "I want to continue to be an idol for a long time" fascinated by "adult solo performance"

If you write the contents roughly
The concept of Pacifico Yokohama the other day was "Looking back at me, the idol of AKB48," but today I want to continue to be an idol for a long time, so I sang unplugged to "search for new possibilities for idols." It was a concert to listen to.

AKBXNUMX's Yuki Kashiwagi (XNUMX) will perform a solo concert at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall on the XNUMXth, "Yuki Kashiwagi, whether you sleep or wake up ... → Continue reading

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Yokohama International Peace Center

Yokohama Minatomirai 21 > Yokohama International Peace Center (Pacifico Yokohama)

Yokohama International Peace Center(Yokohama is very popular,English: Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama) IsKanagawa横 浜 市Nishi-wardMinatomiraiInternational Conference Hall and Exhibition Hall in XNUMX-chome,HotelConsists ofConvention centerAnd the name of its operating company.

Of the facilityPopular name ThePacifico Yokohama (PACIFICO YOKOHAMA)."Pacifico" means "Pacific + ConventionBased onCoined wordIs[6].. in recent yearsMICEThe function as a facility is being strengthened.

In this section, "Yokohama Minatomirai International Convention Center(Commonly known as: Pacifico Yokohama North) Is also treated (Latter sectionreference).


Civil Act (privatebusiness personThe first facility in Japan under the Act on Extraordinary Measures concerning the promotion of the development of specific facilities by utilizing the capacity of[7]AsMinatomirai district(Kokusai BoulevardAlong18・22 Block) Was built in1991 May 7To the conference center andYokohama Grand Intercontinental HotelWas completed first. continueMay 10The exhibition hall was also completed. further1994 May 4National Hall[Note 1](National Yokohama International Conference Center) was formed,Flutter TheTHE ALFEEWent.

2002 FIFA World CupTo set up the main press center of2001 An exhibition hall was added to.2010 eraAs the occupancy rate of the exhibition hall is approaching its limit, further expansion is planned.[8], A new exhibition hall has been set up in the adjacent land (20 blocks) (see detailsLatter section).

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC)2010 Held in.Besides this, international conferences andconcert, Many exhibitions are held,Information Technology Engineer Exam-SME DiagnosticianIt has been used as a test venue (Latter sectionSee also). Also,Special effectsincludingTV drama OfLocationSometimes used for.

From the circular plaza at the center of the facility to each facility is called "international exchange zone"Stone pavementConnected by a walkway[9].. Next to each otherSea side OfRinko Park(19 blocks) and deck (currently temporary structure,2021 Than degreeMaintenance implementation plan for the main deckIn addition to connecting with), it is on the opposite side of Kokusai BoulevardQueen's Square YokohamaWith (24 blocks)Pedestrian deckIt is connected by the "Queen Mall Bridge" (connecting bridge).

Yokohama International Peace Center Co., Ltd., which operates this facility, also manages Rinko Park. The company is discontinued from this facilityPlasticSuch asIndustrial wasteOr foodwasteThefermentationLetmethaneFuelWaste power generation(Thermal power generation) In cooperation with other companies, and the electric power obtained is also supplied to Rinko Park.[10].

Facility expansion plan in 20 blocks

The facility is located across the 18th and 22nd blocks of the Minatomirai district, but is adjacent to the north side.20 block(Site area approximately 2m2) At a new complex exhibition facilityPFIThe policy was decided to carry out the method (using private funds, including the design and construction of the facility, and the maintenance for 20 years after its operation).[11][12][13][14][15].. PFI procedures2014 Has begun from2015 In 8 monthTakenaka CorporationGroupdesign・Selected as a maintenance company[16]Will be represented in December of the same yearSpecial purpose companyCompleted contract with Yokohama Global MICE[17],2020 Maintenance was promoted with the aim of opening in April[Note 2][14][18](constructionperiod: 2017 April-March 4[19][20]).Total project cost is expected to be 200 billion yen[13]..In addition, after setting the management right for the management method after the facility is completedCompanySell ​​toConcession method(Only the operating right is sold while the city owns the facility)2016 In December, the operator was decided to be the Yokohama International Peace Conference Hall, which also owns and operates the existing facility (contract period: late March 12-2040 The end of March)[19][20][21], Integrated operation of both facilitiesSynergyAnd as MICE host cityCompetitiveness-brandWe aim to improve our strength[14][18].

2018 In February, the name of the new exhibition hall (new MICE facility) was "Yokohama Minatomirai International Convention Center"(English: Yokohama Minato Mirai International Convention Center / Common name: Pacifico Yokohama North<PACIFICO YOKOHAMA NORTH>)[22][23].

After that, the exhibition hall will be in 2020 as originally planned.May 4It was opened in Japan.On the first floor as a main facilityMultipurpose hall(Approximately 6,300m2, Maximum capacity of about 6,000 people, up to 8 divisions possible), on the 2nd to 4th floorsconference room(42 large, medium and small rooms, total 6,185m2) Is set up, and the total number of people in the conference hall is 3,000.ConferenceCan be held[24][25](#NorthSee also).

Maintenance of hotels and decks in 20 blocks

PedestrianFlow line OfKing axis(Maintenance at the same time as the new facility) on the north side,Resort trustMembership system developed byResort hotel"Yokohama Baycourt Club Hotel & Spa Resort" and general luxury hotel "The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama" (米 国HawaiiOahuHotel brand "The Kahala Hotel & ResortThe first global expansion of[26]Enter togetherBuilding with a distinctive appearanceWas built and opened in September 2020, respectively.[27].

Also, a deck that connects to existing facilities[23]In addition to, Rinko Park and two buildings as part of the aforementioned King Axishousing complexIs erected50 block(Across Kokusai BoulevardShin-Takashima StationA new pedestrian deck has also been developed between the area and[23], Both opened in April 2020[28]..The pedestrian deck that crosses the international boulevard between the 50 blocks is open to the public and is called "King Mall Bridge." (Today)Was named[29][30].


Exhibition hall

An all-weather free space where exhibitions, events and concerts are held.Total area 20,000m2With a maximum ceiling height of 19m, it is the largest in Pacifico Yokohama. Convenience stores and restaurants are located on the 2nd floor[31].

National Great Hall

One of the largest in Japan that can accommodate about 5,000 peopleInternational conference hallIt is the only "national" conference hall in eastern Japan.The main facility of Pacifico Yokohama.The inside of the hall has the image of a "conch", with a maximum of 5,002 seats.[32].

Conference center

Meeting room connected to Yokohama Grand InterContinental Hotel.There are about 50 meeting rooms, and the largest is the main hall on the first floor, which is a theater-style hall that can accommodate about 1 people.[33]..The appearance is an image of "light".

Annex Hall

A multi-purpose hall built next to the exhibition hall in 2001.It is connected to the concourse on the 2nd floor of the exhibition hall.Area is 1350m2Can be used in 6 divisions[34].


A MICE facility consisting of a large multipurpose hall and 42 meeting rooms.Approximately 6,300m, the largest in Japan2In the multipurpose hall of, it is possible to hold a party with 5,000 standing meals and 2,340 seated people.[35].

Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel

Outdoor area

"Rinko Park"International Exchange Zone" "Pukarisan BridgeThere are four outdoor areas, "Pacifico Yokohama North Outdoor Area (Ocean Patio)".


Main events held so far

Entrance ceremony-Graduation ceremonySchool used as venue

Directions and Parking




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注 釈

  1. ^ There are 1 seats on the first floor, 3,260 seats on the second floor, and 2 seats on the third floor.
  2. ^ Increased demand for international conferences expectedTokyo OlympicsWas originally planned to hold it in the summer of 2020, so it was planned to open before the opening accordingly.


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