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👩‍🎤 | Sayuri Matsumura, <“Little Twin Stars × Shinjuku Southern Terrace Twinkle Color…

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Sayuri Matsumura, <"Little Twin Stars x Shinjuku Southern Terrace Twinkle Color ...

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Sayuri Matsumura appeared with Kiki & Lara, and the venue was lively.

Sayuri Matsumura held <"Little Twin Stars x ..." at Shinjuku Southern Terrace on Monday, November 11th. → Continue reading


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Matsumura Sayuri

Matsumura Sayuri(Sayuri Matsumura,1992 〈Heisei4 years>May 8 -) isJapan Oftalent,Fashion Model,actressAnd a female idol groupNogizaka46Former member of[1],CanCam] Original exclusive model[2],DANCE] Is a regular model[3].OsakaBackground[4].Nogizaka 46 GKAffiliation[5][6].. Height 164 cm[7].. Blood typeType B[1].. Nickname isSayuri[8],Sayu apple[9].


August 2011 (Heisei 23),Osaka Toin High SchoolGraduate from[10].. Then recommended by parentsnurseTo become[4], Go to prep school[11]I was wandering to become a university in Osaka[12], Because the result of the mock test was not good[8], I decided to try something different and applied for the Nogizaka46 1st generation audition[13].

On August 2011, 23, he passed the audition for Nogizaka8's 21st gen member.At the auditionYUIof"feel my soul”[14].. Selected as a temporary selection member, standing position is in the middle row[15].. I didn't think I would pass because I wasn't good at dancing or singing at that time[12].. November 11th, Nogizaka13 official blog started[16].

February 2012, 24, Nogizaka2's 22st single "Round and round curtainDebuted on CD[17].. May 5nd, Nogizaka2's 46nd single "Come shampoo]'S coupling song "By coincidenceThe first unit in[18].. December 12th, "Breaking News! Ariyoshi's Tomorrow's Things to Do Ranking" (Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)soHiroyuki Ariyoshi-YOUFirst solo appearance as a studio MC with 3 people[19].

February 2013, 25 (Heisei 1),Nogi ShrineGreeted the adult ceremony in[20].. December 4,"BAD BOYS J』(Nippon TV) First appearance in a TV drama[21].. December 4,"I like raw idolsTo (Nico Nico Live Broadcasting)Kana Nakata・Matsumura and two people start a regular program as MC[22].

Appointed as a model for "VANQUISH VENUS Vol.2014" in May 26[23].. On October 10th, about the case reported in the October 8th issue of "Weekly Bunshun" about kissing on the street after drinking with a married man who is a book editor, although there are some misunderstandings, it is careless. And said, "Recommendation!Apologized through the radio broadcast[24].

March 2015, 27, fashion magazine "CanCam] (Shogakukan) Appointed as a dedicated model[2].

In February 2016, the Sayuri Apple Army was formed.[25].. June 6th, Nogizaka6's 46th single "Barefoot SummerIt was announced that he would return to Fukujin for the first time in a year and a half.[26].

On December 2017, 29 (Heisei 12), the first photo book "I was surprised, I thought it was cute" was released.[27].

2019 (Heisei 31 /) ReiwaJune 6, the first member of the Nogizaka29 groupInstagramOpen an official account of[28].. Aug. 8,bilibiliOpen an official account of[29].. On October 10, the movie "Tokyo Wine Party People" starring will be released[30].. It will be the first starring in the movie[30].

On April 2021, 3 (Reiwa 4rd year), he served as MC "I like raw idols』(Nico Nico Live Broadcast), Announced that he will graduate from Nogizaka6 with the activity of the 9th single released on June 27th.[31].. From June 6nd to 22rd, "Sayu-Ready? -Sayuri Ringo Corps Live / Sayuri Matsumura Graduation Concert-" will be held.Yokohama ArenaHeld at[32][33].. July 7th, Graduation Commemorative Photobook "When can I meet next?" (Magazine house) Is released[34]..On the same day, graduated from Nogizaka46[35], Sayuri Matsumura official website opened[34].. On August 8, the official blog on the Nogizaka19 official website was closed.[36]..Graduated from the exclusive model with the October issue of "CanCam" released on the 20th of the same month[37].. July 9, ``JA groupAppointed as "Ambassador for Expanding Rice Consumption"[38]. Released on September 10thDANCE』(Shueisha) appointed as a regular model[3].. The movie released on August 11Are you going to be single all the time?』Appeared in[39].


Nickname is Sayurin[8], Sayu apple[9], Matsun[Note 1].. Have an older sister[41]..The shoe size is 24.5 cm[42].Tagline"Sayuri, Sayuri, Sayuri, Sayuri, Sayuri, Sayuri. Sweet honey-rich Sayuri. How about your taste?"[43].. Self-proclaimed brain[44], Self-proclaimed 13-year-old apple princess[45], Its Special Move is "Sayu Apple Punch"[Note 2].. Hairstyles with antennae started from high school[47], The ideal length was 1 cm below the jaw,[48], Announced on August 2013, 8 that she will graduate from a hairstyle with antennae, and Nogizaka23's 46th single "If you notice, unrequited loveI changed my hairstyle[49].. Charm points are L-shaped ears[13].. The shoes I usually wear are blackpumps1 pair[50]..It is a big eater that both self and others admit, and usually eats 9 cups of rice and a kettle cooked in 1 go with one meal.[45].Chiba Lotte Marines-catcher OfNaoya EmuraAnd free castersMaki OkazoeIs a high school classmate[51][52].


My favorite food is fried chicken[Note 3],Spicy things[54],tart[55], French toast, basil dressing, mayonnaise, yakiniku[54], Mango, white rice (rice).Favorite colors are black, white and pink[54].. What's your favorite movie"Benjamin Button A strange life"[56]The most shocking movie was "AnotherIs[12].. The target person isThere is moon watching[57].. The ideal idol is "lovelive!"ofHonoka Kosaka[58].. The admiration of popular characters is manga "Toys for childrenKurana Sana of[59].. Favorite artistsPorn graffiti[Note 4],Funky kato[60].


HobbyAnime,Manga[61], Watching sumo, tropical fish[Note 5].

Anime isComic marketThe more I visit, the more I like anime and judge the works[63], School things[64]I like works with cute characters[63].. The first anime I was absorbed in was "Mahoraba ~ Heartful days』But[12], The evaluation differs depending on the anime, manga, and game.Code Geass''Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu''Gintama''BLEACH''Cuticle Detective Inaba][48].. In addition,Neon Genesis EVANGELION''Super Dimension Fortress MacrossI have also seen[65].. My favorite anime song is "Sailor MoonThe theme song ofMoonlight LegendIs[13].. Anime"We still do not know the name of the flower we saw that day.』I also liked collecting goods and wearing T-shirts[66].. I also subscribe to voice actor magazines[67], Future dreams are animeVoice actor[68].. Favorite voice actorYui Horie[Note 6],Hiro Shimono,Souma Saito[67].

When I was in elementary schoolChao"(Shogakukan)"Ribon(Shueisha)Toys for children''Magic circleRead[70].. When I was in junior high schoolWeekly Shonen Jump(Shueisha)BLEACH''Gintama''Rurouni KenshinRead[70].. 2015,Nishikoof"Sister's marriage''Katsu Curry DayRead[70].

Good anglerIf your favorite wrestler is physiqueShota, If the skin qualityWhite peng shoIf cuteKazuki Chiyomaru, If the faceTsurugi Rikisaburo,Flame Peng Akira[44].. In high schoolHanshin Koshien StadiumI was also watching baseball[71].. We also watch volleyball and soccer.[72].. In the Olympic eventgymnasticslike[72].


Special skill isæ°´ æ³³[8]..Swimming won first place in the junior high school swimming competition[8].. I have experience in English conversation, calligraphy, swimming, and piano as lessons, and I learned to swim from kindergarten to the sixth grade of elementary school.[55].. Besides, I belonged to the volleyball club for 6 years from middle school to high school.[73],Center[74], Has experience as a captain[75].. Holding qualificationPersonal computer certification[76],Vocabulary/reading ability test3 class[77].


Nogizaka slope 46Mika[Note 7], Test Hachifukujin[77], Nogimate store manager[83], Self-proclaimed sexy[84], Monster Hunter Selection[Note 8], An ・ an beautiful leg selection[86],Karaage sisters[87],Sayu Apple CorpsLeader[25], Rice charge[88].

Matsumura is the karaage sisterErika IkutaIt was realized by submitting a plan that wanted to form a unit with[58].. Karaage sisters song "ExpressionlessWas also invented[89]..However, because I wanted to do something like "sister of the song" at the stage of submitting the proposal, Ikuta said, "The song is like a march so that little children can dance together." Matsumura said, " ""With momIt wasn't weird to appear in "" but was rejected[90].

Sayu Apple Corps (common name: SRG Corps)[72], Nogizaka46Keyakizaka46It was regrettable that the members of Matsumura did not name Matsumura as "a yearning senior", and Matsumura himself founded it.[25].. To be respected, the leader is Matsumura and the deputy leader isSasaki Kotoko, The presidentRanyo Terada[Note 9], The presidentKarin Ito[Note 10].. Kotoko Sasaki and Ranyo Terada fished with anime[25].. Karin Ito was invited in the dressing room but refused, so he made a strong friend[25].. I have no friends other than Nogizaka46[93].. "Sayu Apple Majority" will be delivered on April 2016, 4[94].. In 2019, for the corps live, ``# Sayu apple planning'' (SHOWROOM) Held a meeting[95].. It was also announced that Sayuri Apple Corps will hold its first solo live on June 2021, 6.[96][32].

If you compare the members of Nogizaka46 to anime characters,Midsummer AkimotoIslovelive!"ofNico Yazawa, Erika IkutaDevil and love song』\A cute Maria,Rina IkomaIsNaruto"ofUzumaki Naruto,Rena IchikiIsSKET DANCE] Chiaki Takahashi,Nene ItoIsGintama』Elizabeth,Kawago HarunaIsHell girl"ofEnma Ai[Note 11], Mai ShiraishiRozen Maiden"ofcrimson,Kazumi TakayamaIsPokemon"ofSonance, Nanami Hashimoto of "Pokemon"Blacky,Mai FukagawaIsMinamike"ofHaruka Minami,Maya WadaIsCats eye』Ai's love, MatsumuraKirby of the Stars"ofKirby[Note 12],Yumi WakatsukiIsNaruto"ofRock Lee[97].. According to Matsumura,NEW GAME!』Is Nogizaka46 in the anime world[99].

My favorite music video at Nogizaka46 is "Run! Bicycle'[Note 13],As born","White rice", no expression"[100].. The members who want to recommendMarika Ito[101].




Karaage Sisters (Erika Ikuta, Sayuri Matsumura from Nogizaka46)

Mayuzaka 46

Nogizaka AKB



Video work


TV drama

Delivery drama

Television Animation


Other TV programs




  • Dragon Kingdom ~Magic Forest and Crystal Secrets~ (April 2017, 4, Chance Inn)-Starring Nicky[139].


Online delivery

  • I like raw idols(October 2013, 4-March 18, 2021,Nico Nico Live Broadcast)-MC[22].
  • Nogizaka46 "Sayuringo Gundan" all members live appearance! ~ Unity ceremony & corps planning meeting ~ (May 2016, 5, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting)[92]
  • Preparing for Matsumura (September 2017, 9-March 28, 2020,CanCam) --Updated every Sunday and Thursday[147].
  • Sayuri Matsumura's Mogumogu Delivery (July 2018, 7)[Note 15] -,SHOWROOM)[150][151]
  • Sayuri Matsumura and Rin Akatsuki's BiLiBiRiNGO (September 2018, 9-September 11, 2019, SHOWROOMbilibili)-MC[152].
  • Sayuri Matsumura Kitchen (October 2019, 10-March 23, 2020, bilibili)[153]
  • Bishoujo-like clothing (November 2020, 11-February 20, 2021)Youku)[154]



Photo album

Magazine serialization


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注 釈

  1. ^ Sometimes it is written as "Matsun"[9], Sometimes referred to as "Macchun"[40].
  2. ^ Its special move is "Sayu Apple Punch"[46]Was born under the influence of anime[4].
  3. ^ The recommended fried chicken is "Osaka Ganso Takoyaki-fufu"[53].
  4. ^ Porn graffiti isFull Metal AlchemistThe opening song for the animeMelissaI loved it and joined the fan club[60].
  5. ^ Named "Bayan"SolidHad a male tropical fish[62].
  6. ^ Yui Horie is the person who triggered Sayuri Matsumura to like anime[69].
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