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🥾 | Enchanted by the beautiful scenery unique to winter such as drift ice and snowy mountains ... "Winter scenic spots nationwide" ranking


Enchanted by the beautiful scenery unique to winter such as drift ice and snowy mountains ... "Winter scenic spots nationwide" ranking

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Mt. Ooyama is a mountain with abundant nature that boasts the highest peak in the Chugoku region, which was certified as a Japan Heritage in 2016, and the magnificent snowy mountains seen in winter are a superb view!

November is over, and it's finally winter!Therefore, the travel information magazine "Jalan" selected from the word-of-mouth scores, "Winter extinction nationwide ... → Continue reading

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Japanese heritage

Japanese heritage(Nihoni-san, Japan Heritage)Agency for Cultural AffairsIt is a story that tells the culture and traditions of Japan through the historical charm and characteristics of the area, which was certified by[1]..Tangible and intangible, full of charm in each regionCultural propertyJapan aims to revitalize the region by developing and utilizing the group mainly by the region and disseminating it both domestically and internationally.Cultural heritage protection systemone of.


Initially, Japan Heritageworld HeritageIt was announced that it will be a new system to deal with World Heritage Sites for areas and cultural properties aiming for[2].

afterwards,"Cool Japan"Action plan for promotion" "Preservation, maintenance, utilization and dissemination of cultural properties"[3], "Action program for the realization of a tourism-oriented nation" "to preserve and maintain local cultural properties and actively disseminate them as tourism resources both domestically and internationally"[4],Japan Revitalization Strategy"We will preserve and maintain local cultural properties and actively disseminate and utilize them as tourism resources both domestically and internationally."[5] And the direction is shown, and it is the realization of a community that earns from local resources that attract the world.[5].

Agency for Cultural AffairsIn the 27 budget budget request, "Promotion of international cooperation such as protection of cultural heritage" in "Dissemination of various cultural arts in Japan and promotion of international exchange", "Project for dissemination and recommendation of world heritage" "Promotion" is recorded as a new business (8,700 million yen)[6]..This states that "the cultural heritage sites listed on the World Heritage Tentative List are called Japan Heritage sites, and we will conduct research on the methods used to disseminate them both domestically and internationally."

on the other hand,Ministry of educationNewly set up "Establishment of a strategic plan for comprehensive utilization of cultural properties" and allocated a budget of 15 billion yen as a "Japan Heritage attractiveness transmission promotion project"[7]..The Cultural Properties Comprehensive Utilization Strategic Plan states that "a mechanism will be created to package tangible and intangible cultural properties scattered around the region and certify them as Japan Heritage", and about 2015 cases will be created in 27. Certified as a Japanese heritage, 15Tokyo Olympics-ParalympicIt was planned to increase to about 100 by[8]..The application deadline for the first term is February 2015, 27, and it is a World Heritage Site.Past suggestions for provisional listThere were 83 applications centered on properties[9].

While showing interest in Japan Heritage before the deadline for the first term, there were many areas where the application could not be made in time because the relationship between cultural properties and storylines could not be established.For exampleKyotoThere were 6 cases below[10] However, the application was madeShigaThere were 1 cases including 4 case of joint application.In addition, Tochigi PrefectureMashiko Town Mashiko wareThe[11],NaganoIna Takato MasonThe[12] I was looking for it.

Regarding the recognition of Japan Heritage, the Cabinet decision, etc. had set about 2020 cases by 100, but 104 cultural property groups were certified.[13].


The Agency for Cultural Affairs plans to comprehensively disseminate and utilize cultural properties by region.History and culture basic concept OfHistorical culture preservation utilization areaIn the Cultural Properties Comprehensive Utilization Strategy Plan, "Priority support for local governments, etc., which are engaged in the formulation of the basic concept of history and culture, the dissemination of information to promote the integrated public utilization of local cultural properties, and the development of facilities, etc." To do. "Since 2008, the historical and cultural preservation and utilization area has been developing model projects in 20 locations and 20 municipalities for 25 years, and there is a possibility that Japanese heritage sites will be selected from among them, but in the model project areas world HeritageProvisional listNiigata Prefecture is also a listed projectSado IslandOnly.Kagoshima prefectureAmamiThere is alsoAmami Oshima TheNatural heritageIt is a candidate and was finally listed on the provisional list in 2016 (Heisei 28) after the establishment of Japan Heritage.Then, at the 44th World Heritage Committee, it was officially decided to be a World Heritage Site.

Law on maintenance and improvement of historical scenery in the regionThe historical scenic maintenance and improvement district designated by the (Historical Town Development Law) has a proven track record and can be a candidate for selection.Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIs conducting a survey of projects similar to Japan Heritage under the name of "Regional Heritage"[14],Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryHas started similar measures as a "local story business"[15].

Also registered as a World Heritage SiteTomioka Silk Mill and Silk Industry Heritage GroupSurroundingGunma"Gunma silk heritage" covering the silk industry related heritage group below[16] There is also a business that complements the World Heritage Sites in Japan Heritage Sites, such as the Forest of Hometown Cultural Properties.[17] AsCultural materialsThere are also attempts to develop sources of supply.This is promoted by UNESCOCultural sustainabilityAlso leads to.

Meanwhile, YuanUNESCOAmbassador and Commissioner for Cultural AffairsSeiichi Kondo TheMinistry of Foreign AffairsA lecture hosted by one of the UNESCO projectsCreative city networkProposing regional revitalization through culture and art at (Creative City Network)[18]..Kondo also introduced the creative city to Kamakura, which withdrew the World Heritage recommendation in another lecture.[19].cultural heritageとCreative industriesThe fusion of the UNESCO guidelines "Heritage and creativityIs also recommended.

As an example of Japan Heritage, the Agency for Cultural Affairs stated that "modern Japan has a function as a defensive base and a symbol of governance.Castle"Architectures" and "Large-scale buildings built all over Japan"Daimyo gardenThis is called a "network (serial = crossing multiple local governments) type" (as a support for this, under the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties).Scenic spot"Across 10 locations in 13 prefecturesLandscape of Oku no Hosodo - Cultural heritage online(Agency for Cultural Affairs) ”), On the other hand,“ the townscape of hundreds of years ago that was protected as a place for stall festivals ”and“ living environment such as buildings and culture for festivals to coexist with the harsh natural environment ” "Environment" is mentioned and this is called "regional type", and two types are assumed.[20]..Furthermore, promotion of culture and art by members of parliamentParliamentary LeagueAt the symposium "Ministry of Culture in the Year of the Olympics" held by the Cultural Arts Promotion Forum, which is composed of art-related organizations.Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(At the timeHirofumi Shimomura"There is a good example of this being a Japanese heritage in Hakodate.Russian Orthodox ChristianityThere is a church in France next to itCatholicA church is built.Beyond the lickAnglican ChurchChurch. It's a building that has been around for 150 years, so it's natural in Hakodate, but from the perspective of the world, it's a miracle.It is impossible from the world's point of view that different religions coexist in one place across the road.It's natural for Japanese people, but it's not strange, but there is such a culture.Each church is also attractive, but what if it is face-to-face?Create a story with the concept of Japan Heritage. "[21]Seeking storygenicity[22].


Agency for Cultural AffairsMunicipalitiesAnnounced that it is looking for candidates.is thisCultural property protection lawRather than a national designation system based on, the owner appliesRegistered tangible cultural propertyClose to.SelectionCultural Councilnot,ExpertLeave it to the meeting.For this reason, it is treated as certification, not designation.[9]..Once certified,MultilingualHome Page,PamphletProduction ofvolunteerSubsidies can be obtained for training commentators and PR activities at home and abroad.[8].

The Agency for Cultural Affairs is the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismTourism AuthorityAt first, it has announced that it will cooperate and cooperate with related ministries and agencies and provide cross-ministerial support.[20]..In addition, application and operation are not limited to local governments.private(Company,NPO) It has implications that it is possible to enter[20]. this isLaw on promotion of business activities by SMEs utilizing local industrial resourcesIt becomes possible by applying and.

Due to the temperature difference in regional efforts after certification, the Japan Heritage Follow-up Committee was established in 2017 to evaluate and improve the efforts.[23].

May 2Is considered to be a Japan Heritage Day because it can be read as "Nihon (2) Isan (13)".[24].

Post-certification issues

On October 2017, 10, the "Japan Heritage Follow-up Committee" was established.The Agency for Cultural Affairs explained that the purpose is that there are differences in the status of efforts in each region for certified Japanese heritage, and it is necessary to verify the situation and make improvements. ing[25].

Low awareness

In some areas, the number of tourists has actually increased due to the improvement in name recognition due to the certification of Japan Heritage, but there are also certified areas that have been sluggish and left behind.[26]..In addition, there is a tendency in some of the certified areas to take actions that are different from the essence of heritage certification in order to further promote tourism, so in some cases, including the way of certification, the certification is canceled. There is also an opinion that consideration should be given with a strict response in mind.[27][28].

Similar to the modern industrial heritage certification business

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has certified 2007 "modernized industrial heritage groups" from 2009 to 66 in the "modernized industrial heritage" certification project.It has been pointed out that the similarities of certified businesses are pointed out, such as the fact that the modernization of industry is combined with the heritage group to create a "story", the "story" is examined and certified, and the purpose is to revitalize the region. Are[29].

Business continuity

The business should continue even after 2020, which is the guideline of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.In addition, continuous follow-up will be carried out for projects for which subsidies have been completed.[28].. In December 2020, areas where results (achievement of quantitative and qualitative goals and evaluation by the Japan Heritage Follow-up Committee) were not achieved in 12 years while receiving follow-up of Japan Heritage, areas in the next 2021 years It was informed that the area where the activation plan was not approved will be given a time grace and a system to decertify it will be created.In addition, recruitment of new certification candidate areas will start in March 3, and after certification and follow-up to the candidate areas, it will be replaced with the cancellation area, and the guideline is shown that the number of certified organizations will be maintained at about 100 It was.


References for this section[30][31][32][33][34]

Certification dateNameMunicipalitiesPrefecture codeConstituent cultural property
12015/4/24Educational heritage group in early modern Japan
-The source of learning and etiquette-
全国Ibaraki prefecture flag Ibaraki : Mito
Tochigi prefecture flag Tochigi : Ashikaga
Okayama prefecture flag Okayama : Bizen
Oita Prefecture Flag Oita : Hita City
Former Kodokan,Joban Park (Kairakuen),Former Mito Shokokan Ruins,Japanese history,Ashikaga School Ruins(MausoleumAnd attached buildings), National Treasure Chinese Register "Courtesy justice''Note justice''Sentence selection''I Ching divination],Seokjeon,Former Shitani School,,,Kumazawa Banzan House Ruins,Ida trace,Kangien Ruins,Mamedamachi, Hita City Important Traditional Buildings Preservation District,Hirose Tanso old house and grave,,,Kangien-related historical materials
-Gunma Ofsilkstory-
10Gunma prefecture flag Gunma : Kiryu,Kanara Town,Nakanojo Town,Katashina VillageTomizawake Jutaku,Nakanojo Town Rokugo Akaiwa Traditional Buildings Preservation District,Nagai Method Sericulture Training Center Training Building,, in Kanra Townsericulture-Silk production-fabricDocument,,Shirataki Shrine, Old model factory ...Kiryu Shinmachi Traditional Buildings Preservation District, Kiryu City,,,Kiryu Textile Center Old Building,
32015/4/24Kaga Maeda familyTakaoka, a town where the culture of the townspeople is in full bloom
-People, skills, mind-
16Toyama Prefecture Flag Toyama : TakaokaZuiryuji Temple,Maeda Toshinaga Cemetery,,,Takaoka Castle Ruins,Maeda Toshinaga's letter(Collection),Takaoka Mikuruma, Takaoka Mikuruma Festival's Mikuruma event,MeiwaEight-year Takaoka Town Map (Collection),Yamamachisuji Traditional Buildings Preservation District,,,,Kanayamachi Traditional Buildings Preservation District,, Maeda Toshinaga Letter (Takaoka City MuseumCollection) ,,,Takaoka Casting Tools and Products(Takaoka City Casting MuseumCollection),Seal festival,Former Southern Foundry Cupola and Chimney,Toide Gotabiya Gate,Shokoji Temple,Fushiki Port, () ,,,,,Takaoka City Fushiki Meteorological Museum,,,,Etchu Fukuoka's Sugagasa manufacturing technology,Townscape of Sugagasa wholesaler
42015/4/24Lighting peninsula Noto
~ EnthusiasticKiriko Festival~
17Ishikawa Prefecture Flag Ishikawa : Nanao City,Wajima City,Suzu City,Shiga Town,Anamizu Town,Noto TownNotojimaMukita Fire Festival,Rokuho no Ryosai (Rokuho no Suzumi Festival),,,Shingu Noriyo Festival (Natauchi Suzumi Festival),Nanao Gion Festival,Ishizaki lantern festival,,,,,,,Sosoki Beach,Teraya Kiriko Festival,Suzu Shrine Shaso,Treasure Tanabata Kiriko Festival,Takojima Kiriko Festival,,,,,,Abare Festival (Kiriko Festival in Ushitsu),,,,Kiriko Festival in Noto
52015/4/24With the sea都ConnectWakasaCultural heritage group
~Food countryWith WakasaMackerel Road~
18Fukui prefecture flag Fukui : Obama City,Wakasa Town(,,),Okazu Salt Remains,Saba Kaido (Wakasa Kaido),Kumagawa Juku Important Traditional Buildings Preservation District,Miyake Fire Lookout Tower,Uraiwari Falls,Obama Nishigumi Important Traditional Buildings Preservation Area,Nochiseyama Castle Ruins / Kan Ruins,, (Prefectural Wakasa History MuseumCollection), Obama Gion Festival Group (,,,) ,,Wakasa Nuri,Hagaji Temple,, Saba Kaido () ,,Townscape of Onyu,Water feeding, Ancient medieval shrines and temples of Onyu no Sato, Buddhist statues (Wakasahiko Shrine,Wakasahime Shrine,Unose,Wakasa Jinguji Temple,Tadadera,Wakasa Kokubunji,Myotoji Temple), Wakasa group (Shinto performing arts at Uwase Shrine,,,,,,,,,,,), WakasaRokusai NenbutsuGroup (upper middle, upper middle ,,),Jizobon,Pine raising,Five Lakes of Mikata,Hessian-NaresashiProduction technique
62015/4/24"NobunagaSengoku where "hospitality" is alivecastle town·Gifu21Gifu Prefecture Flag Gifu : (I.e.Gifu Castle Ruins, Gifu CastleReconstruction castle tower, Historic site Gifu Castle ruins excavatedGold leafRoof Tile,Nagara River cormorant fishing technology, Nagara River cormorant fishing equipment, Nagara River cormorant fishing boat building technology, Nagara River cormorant fishing boat maneuvering technology, Ayu-zushi manufacturing technology handed down to the Utsukushi family, ..., Feast culture on board,Nagara RiverGifu's cultural landscape in the middle reaches ...Kawaramachiya, Utsukushiya,Townscape of Kawaramachi,Townscape of Gifu Highway,Myoshoji main hall / kuri,Rakuichi RakuzaTicketsAttachedOda NobunagaCommon peopleReturn ticket,Zenkoji Temple,Hokkeji Temple,Inami Shrine,Gifu Festival,Shohoji Temple(Gifu Great Buddha),Gifu Lantern,Gifu fans,Gifu Japanese umbrella
72015/4/24Princess prayingSaiouMiyako Saimiya24Mie prefecture flag Mie : Meiwa TownSaikyu Ruins, Excavated from the site of Saikyu (Saiku History MuseumWarehouse),,,Furukawa,Tomb of Queen Takako,Oyodo,,,place of origin
82015/4/24Biwa lakeAnd its waterside landscape
-Water heritage of prayer and living
25* Mark is additional certification on May 2018, 5
Shiga prefecture flag Shiga : Otsu City,Hikone,Omihachiman,Takashima,Higashiomi City,Maibara,Nagahama,Kusatsu City*,Moriyama*,Yasu■
Hieizan Enryakuji Temple,Onjoji Temple (Mitsui Temple),Hiyoshi Taisha,Saikyoji Temple,Ishiyama Temple,Ukimido (Mangetsuji Temple),Kenbe Taisha,Genkyuen Garden,Hikone Castle,Omi Hachiman no Mizugo,Okishima,Isakiji Temple,Chomei-ji Temple,Shirahige Shrine,Kaizu・ ・ Waterside landscape,Harie-FrostWaterside landscape,Waterside landscape of Omizo,faith(Azumi River system),Waterside landscape of Ibacho,Gokashokondo Important Preservation District for Traditional Buildings,Eigenji TempleとMountain village scenery of Okueigenji,Samegai inn,Mt. Ibukiyama West foot area,Higashikusano mountain village landscape, And Mt. Ibukiyama foothills and dedication shrine, traditional fishing method of Lake Biwa (Yana··)WhenFood culture:,Takeo Island,Sugawara Lakeside Village,Ashiura Kannonji Temple, (... Yoshida ...) ,,,,,fire Fly,Hyozu Taishaと
92015/4/24Japanese tea800-year history walk26Kyoto Prefecture Flag Kyoto : Uji city,Joyo,Yawata,Kyotanabe City,Kizugawa,Kumiyama Town,Ide Town,Ujitawara Town,Kasagi,Wazuka Town,Seika Town,Minamiyamashiro VillageObakusan Mampukuji Temple"" In front of the gate ,,Kosho-ji Temple,Asahi ware,,,Uji River,Uji Bridge,Obakusan Mampukuji Temple,Nagatani Soen Birthplace,bathtub·ofTea plantation,Kaisumisan-ji Temple,Washimineyama Kontaiji,Flow bridgeAnd ... the tea plantation ...Kami-Koma Tea Wholesaler Street, ... tea plantation,Uji Shrine,Ujigami Shrine,Uji teaHand fir tea making technology,,,,Hashiji Hoshoin,Forest tea garden,Kizu High School Attached Tea Garden / Tea Factory,Tea plantations in Kokura district
102015/4/24Tamba Mt. Sasayama Decancho section
- Folk songMemories of the hometown that sings on
28Hyogo prefecture flag Hyogo : Mt. Sasayama CityDecancho section,Mt. Sasayama Castle Ruins,Mt. Sasayama Castle Town District,Otori Sake Brewery,(),(,,,other),,Yagami Castle Ruins,Nishio family residence,Tamba Tachikui Kiln (Kiln Technique), Tamba Tachikui Kiln,,,
112015/4/24When Japan was created
-AsukaWomen who flew
29Nara prefecture flag Nara : Asuka Village,Kashihara,Takatori TownFujiwara Palace Ruins,Ruins of Yakushi-ji Temple,Maruyama Kofun,Ueyama Tomb,Iwafune,Yokooji,Lower road,,,,Yamato Miyama(Mt.,Mt. Onari,Mt. Amanoka),Uneotsutamoto Shrine,Asuka River,,,,Takatori Castle Ruins Monkey Stone,Toyoura Palace Ruins,Site of Asuka Itabashimiya,Asuka Inabuchi Palace Ruins,Asuka Mizuochi Ruins,Ishigami Ruins,Sakafuneishi Ruins (turtle-shaped stone tank),Asuka Kyo Site Garden Pond,Asukaji ruins,Kawahara Temple Ruins,Emperor Kinmei Mausoleum (Hikumazaka Goryo),Kengoshizuka Kofun-Koshitsuka Gomon Kofun,Princess Kibihime Tomb,Tenbu / Jito Emperor Mausoleum (Hikuma Ouchi Mausoleum),Imogatouge,,,,Takamatsuzuka Tomb Mural Painting
122015/4/24Rokune cleanAnd the land of healing six senses
~Japan's most dangerous national treasureAppreciation and one of the best in the worldRadon fountain~
31Tottori prefecture flag Tottori : Misasa TownMt. Mitoku, Mt. Mitoku,Sanbutsu-ji main hall, Sanbutsu-ji Monjudo, Sanbutsu-ji bell tower,Sanbutsu-ji Temple (Indo),Sanbutsuji TempleFirewalking Shinto ritual,Vegetarian foodとSantoku tofu,Misasa Onsen(,,,,,,,, Mt. MitokuSignpost-Stone Buddhaas well as the torii)
132015/4/24Tsuwano Then and Now
~ Walking a hundred views ~
32Shimane prefecture flag Shimane : Tsuwano TownTsuwano Castle Ruins,Great Zelkova, Great Zelkova,Yasaka Shrine's Sagimai Shinto ritual,Yabusame in Washibara Hachimangu,Taikodani Inari Shrine,Clan school Yorokan,Youmeiji Temple,Washibara Hachimangu Yabusame, Washibara Hachimangu, Osugi of Washibara Hachimangu,,,,,,,San-in Expressway (crossing Nosaka Pass),Mount Shenshan,,,,Tsuwano Castle Sotobori,,,,,Aonoyama,Takatsugawa Of鮎,,,
142015/4/24A medieval miniature city spun by Onomichi Suido34Hiroshima prefecture flag Hiroshima : OnomichiLandscape of slopes and alleys,Jodoji main hall, precincts, Tahoto, etc.,Saigoji Main Hall / Sanmon,Saikokuji Kondo / Three-storied Pagoda, Saikokuji Niomon,Joshoji main hall, Kannon hall, Daimon, bell tower,Stupa of Tenningji Temple,Amitabha triad statue(Cliff buddha),Former Fukui House (Literature Memorial Room),Miharashi-tei,Nishiyama Main Building,Takemura family, OldOnomichi BankHead office (Onomichi History Museum) ,,,,,Betcher Festival,
152015/4/24"Shikoku Pilgrimage'
~ Migratory pilgrimage route and unique pilgrimage culture ~
38Tokushima prefecture flag Tokushima : Tokushima,Naruto,Komatsushima,Anan City,Yoshinogawa,Awa City,Miyoshi,Katsuura Town,Kamiyama Town,Mugi Town,Minami,Kaiyo Town,Itano Town,Ueitamachi
Kochi prefecture flag Kochi : Kochi,Muroto City,Aki City,Nankoku City,Tosa,Susaki,Sukumo,Tosashimizu City,Shimanto City,Konan City,Kami City,Toyo Town,Nahari Town,Tano Town,Yasuda Town,Geisei Village,Nakatosa Town,Shimanto Town,Otsuki Town,Mihara,Kuroshio
Ehime prefecture flag Ehime : Matsuyama City,Imabari,Uwajima City,Niihama,Saijo City,Ozu City,Shikokuchuo City,Seiyo City,Kumakogen Town,Tobe Town,Uchiko Town,Ainan Town
Kagawa prefecture flag Kagawa : Takamatsu,Marugame,Sakaide,Zentsuji,Kanonji,Sanuki City,Higashikagawa,Mitoyo,Utazu Town,Tadotsu Town
Lingshan Temple,Gokurakuji Temple,Kinsenji Temple,Dainichi Temple,Jizoji Temple,Anrakuji Temple,Jurakuji Temple,Kumagaya Temple,Falunji Temple,Kirihata Temple,Fujiidera,Yakeyama Temple,Dainichi Temple,Jorakuji Temple,Kokubunji,Temple,Idoji Temple,Onzanji Temple,Rikkoji Temple,Tsururinji Temple,Tairyuji Temple,Byodo-ji Temple,Yakuoji Temple,Saimisaki Temple,Tsushoji Temple,Kongoji Temple,Shinmineji Temple,Dainichi Temple,Kokubunji,Zenrakuji,Bamboo forest,Zenshimineji Temple,Snow temple,Tanemaji Temple,Kiyotaki Temple,Seiryuji Temple,Iwamotoji,Kongofukuji Temple,Enkoji Temple,Kanjuji Temple,Ryokoji Temple,Butsumokuji Temple,Akashiji Temple,Daihoji Temple,Iwayaji Temple,Joruri-ji Temple,Yasakaji Temple,Sairinji Temple,Jodo Temple,Shigenji Temple,Ishiteji,Taizanji Temple,Enmyoji,Enmei-ji Temple,Nankoubou,Taishan Temple,Eifukuji Temple,Senyuji Temple,Kokubunji,Yokomine Temple,Koenji Temple,Hojuji Temple,Kichijoji,Maejinji Temple,Sankakuji Temple,Unbeji Temple,Daikoji Temple,Kannon Temple,Temple,Motoyama Temple,Yadani Temple,Mandala Temple,Shusshakaji Temple,Koyamaji Temple,Zentsuji Temple,Kanakura Temple,Doryuji Temple,Gosho-ji Temple,Emperor Temple,Kokubunji,Shiromine Temple,Nekoji Temple,Ichinomiya Temple,Yashima Temple,Yakuri Temple,Shidoji,Chooji Temple,Okuboji Temple,Awa Henro-michi, Tosa Henro-michi, Iyo Henro-michi, Sanuki Henro-michi
162015/4/24"Western capital" of ancient Japan
~East AsiaExchange base with
40* Mark is additional certification on May 2020, 6
Fukuoka prefecture flag Fukuoka : Dazaifu City,Chikushino*,Kasuga City*,Onojo City*,Nakagawa City*,Umi Town■
Saga Prefecture Flag Saga : Kiyama■
Dazaifu Ruins (Government Office, Guest House),Ono Castle Ruins,Ruins of Mizuki,Kanzeonji Temple-Kaidan-in Temple,Chikuzen Kokubunji Ruins,Dazaifu School Ruins,Kokubu tile kiln ruins,Homanzan,Bell bell,Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine Shinko Event, Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine Traditional Event,Manyoshu Chikushi Kadan,Dazaifu Jobou Ruins,Public road,Corps stamped land(,),Prajna Temple Ruins,South Building Ruins (Enokisha),Dazaifu plum,Kii Castle Ruins,,,,Tempaizan,Ushikubi Sue pottery kiln trace, Ushikubi Sue ware kiln ruins excavated spatula writingSue ware,,,Rift groove
172015/4/24Border island Iki-Tsushima-Goto
~ A bridge from ancient times ~
42Nagasaki Prefecture Flag Nagasaki : Tsushima city,Iki City,Goto city,Shinkamigoto TownKaneda Castle Ruins,Tsushima's turtle customs,Tsushima feudal lord sect family graveyard, Banshoin Mitsu-gusoku,Ruins of Shimizusan Castle,Kaneishi Castle Ruins, Former Kaneishi Castle Garden,,,, (Korean communication ambassadorPort of call,Chionanthus retususOwn fabric),Harunotsuji Ruins, Excavated from Harunotsuji Ruins, Nagasaki Prefecture,Iki Burial Mounds,Items excavated from Sasazuka Kofun, Nagasaki Prefecture,Excavated from Soroku Kofun, Nagasaki Prefecture,Katsumoto Castle Ruins,,,Karakami Ruins,Miiraku no Shima,Meiseiin Main Hall,Hinoshima Stone Towers,Historic site of envoy to Tang(Hime Shrine Ruins, Hime Shrine,,,Mikanoura,),ClearestRelatedSanno Faith(,Aokata Shrine)
182015/4/24Sagara700 years of conservative and enterprising culture
~ The richest in JapanHidden village-Hitoyoshi Kuma ~
43Kumamoto prefecture flag Kumamoto : Hitoyoshi,Nishiki Town,Asagiri Town,Taraki Town,Yuzen Town,Minakami Village,Sagara village,Itsuki Village,Yamae Village,Kuma Village,,,,Hitoyoshi Onsen,Aoi Aso Shrine,Unsun Karuta,Hitoyoshi Castle Ruins,,WhenSagara Cemetery,,,,,,,,,,,, TaragiSagaraRelated heritage groups ... Amidado ...Seizenin Kannon-do, main hall and Kuri,Haruma shochu,Hyakutaro MizoとKono Mizo, Hitoyoshi Kuma folk song ,,Kuma Ken,Koshin faithとKoshinto,Sagara XNUMX Kannon Tour,,,Kuma River,,,Hitoyoshi ClanDrum and flute,,,,, UemuraSagaraRelated heritage groups ...Okadome Kumanoza Shrine,,,, Sagara-related old road, Hitoyoshi Kuma pottery (,),
192016/4/25Masamune"Date" culture nurtured by04Miyagi prefecture flag Miyagi : Sendai city,Shiogama,Tagajo City,Matsushima Town,Sendai DomainFor successive feudal lordsJin Haori,Date Masamune chair statue,Sendai Castle Ruins, Sendai Castle Main Buildings Picture,, Sendai Castle ・Wakabayashi CastleInvolved inBarrier painting,Godaido of Zuiwaji Temple,Osaki Hachiman Shrine,Mutsu-Kokubunji Yakushido,Zuiganji Temple (main hall, back of the warehouse, corridor, barrier painting),Materials related to the Keicho Mission to Europe,Complete map of Kunyu Wangu,Toshogu,Zuihoden, Kansenden, Zenoden,Mausoleum,Shiogama Shrine, For the successive lords of the Sendai domainarmor,Tea ladle(Main work of the Sendai domain),Dedicated sword of successive feudal lords,Kanrantei,Tsujigaokaas well as the Tenjin's company,as well asYakushido,Tagajo Ruins Attached Temple Ruins,Taga Castle Monument,Pot monument (stone bumi of acupuncture points),Matsuyama at the end,,,,Matsushima,Noh Kagura at Osaki Hachimangu Shrine,Akiu's rice planting,,,,Osaki Hachimangu Shrine Festival,Sendai Tanabata,Shiogama Shrine Sail Festival / Flower Festival,Sendai Aoba Festival,Tsutsumi ware,Best Sendaihei,Sendai Hariko,Sendai chest,Katsugaro
202016/4/25"A journey of rebirth" where nature and faith are alive
~ Surrounded by cedar trees over 300 years old2446 stone stepsstart fromDewa Miyama~
06Yamagata prefecture flag Yamagata : Tsuruoka,Nishikawa Town,Shonai TownMt. Hagurosan,,,,Mt. Hagurosan's old Sugi,Mt. Hagurosan Five-storied Pagoda,,,,Mt. Gassan,Mt. Gassan Shrine,Yudonosan,Rokujurietsu Highway,Former Endo Residence,,, (Ryuya Shimeguchi, Oamiguchi, Hondojiguchi, Oizawaguchi, Iwanesawaguchi, Arasawaguchi, Hijioriguchi, Kawashiroguchi),Mt. Gassan Shrine-Dewa Shrine-Yudonoyama ShrineSenshaMt. Gassan Dewa Yudonoyama San Shrine,,,,Churenji Temple Shichigosankake Sakura,Hand-held shukubo town,,,,Dewa Miyama OfVegetarian food
212016/4/25XNUMX Kannon in AizuTour
~ Culture of Aizu in the past seen through pilgrimage ~
07Fukushima flag Fukushima : Aizuwakamatsu,Kitakata,Minamiaizu,Shimogo Town,Hinoemata Village,Tadami,Kitashiobara Village,Nishiaizu Town,Bandai Town,Inawashiro,Aizu Sakashita Town,Yukawa,Yanaizu Town,Aizu Misato Town,Mishima Town,Kaneyama,Showa villageRemains of Enichiji Temple, CupronickelMitsuko,Kinumoto's picture of Enichiji Temple,,,,Enichiji Yakushido,Shojoji Yakushido,Kamiunai Yakushi Wooden Yakushi Nyorai sitting statue,Enmei-ji Jizo-do,Shojoji wooden pharmacist Nyorai sitting statue,Gansei-ji wooden Amida Nyorai and both side samurai sitting statues,Hachiyoji Temple Amidado,Shingu Kumano Shrine's Buddhist temple, wooden Buddhist Bodhisattva statue,,,,Aizu XNUMX Kannon,Katsufukuji Kannon-do,Kannonji wooden statue of Nyoirinji Kannon,Shojoji wooden eleven-faced Kannon statue, wooden sacred Kannon statue,Left down Kannon-do,Fukuseiji Kannon-do,Hoyoji Kannon-do, wooden eleven-faced Kannon statue, wooden eleven-faced Kannon statue,Koanji Temple Former Kannon-do Kitchen, Bronze Eleven-faced Kannon and Wakisamura Fudo Myo / Jizo Bodhisattva Statue,Eryuji Kannon-do, wooden Senju Kannon statue,Enzoji Temple Kikukodo, Okunoin Benten-do,Niomon, Kannon-do, Bronze statue, Seikannon sitting statue, Wooden Holy Kannon statue, Wooden Kongorikishi statue,,,,,,,,,,,,Shimotsuke Highway,Shimogo Town Ouchi-juku,Former Sazaedo Temple Sankodo
222016/4/25"Opening up the future"One waterway'
-Toshimichi Okubo"The Last Dream" and the Trajectory of the Pioneer Koriyama / Inawashiro-
07Fukushima flag Fukushima : Koriyama,InawashiroLake Inawashiro,Tomioka Kara Umbrella Lantern Fireworks,, (),Kaiseikan,Kintou Memorial Hall,Lake Isuzu,,,,,,,,,Mihashira Shrine,,,Kaiseizan Ojingu Shrine, Tachi Katsumitsu, Spear Meikokutsuna,Jurokkyo Sluice Gate,transit,Level,Sangaku(Tamura Shrine), Sangaku () ,,Hayama Park, Asaka Canal Hayama,,,Marumori Power Station,Former Fukushima Prefectural Ordinary Junior High School Main Building,Inaedai Daiichi Power Station,Kaiseizan Sakura, Kaiseizan Park
232016/4/25"HokusoFour citiesEdoTraveling, the streets of Hokuso where you can feel Edo "
-Sakura, Narita, Sawara, Choshi: Four representative townscapes near Edo that supported the million cities of Edo
12Chiba prefecture flag Chiba : 佐 倉 市,Narita City,Katori,ChoshiSakura Castle Ruins,,,Sakura Road (Narita Highway) signpost,Birthplace of Sato Takanaka,Former Hotta family residence-Former Hotta Masatomo Garden,Masatoshi Hotta-Masayoshi-MasanoriTomb ...Festival of castle town Sakura,Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, (Narita's commercial equipment, stores, etc.),Sogo Reido,Narita Gion Festival,Sawara Important Traditional Buildings Preservation District,Sawara float event,Tadataka Ino Memorial Hall(Ino Tadataka related materials),Tadataka Ino old house,Katori Jingu Shrine,Townscape of Choshi Tokawa,,,,Choshi soy sauce brewing, (,Iinuma Kannon,Inubōsaki Cretaceous Shallow Sea Sediment,,,Byobugaura) ,,Martial arts Tatsumi-ryu,,,Doi Toshikatsu Parents Memorial Tower,Kanpukuji Temple (Bronze eleven-faced Kannon sitting statue, Jizo Bosatsu sitting statue, Yakushi Nyorai sitting statue, Shaka Nyorai sitting statue-Ino Tadataka Tomb),Katori Shindo style(Tenshin Shoden Katori Shindo styleAncestorIizasa Ienao Tomb-Martial Arts Tenshin Shoden Katori Shindo School / Tenshin Shoden Katori Shindo School),Tomb of the first Koshiro Matsumoto,,,,Man celebration big fishing flag,,,as well asDried sardineManufacturing-related materials / fishing tools
242016/4/25A place of worship and excursion for the common people of Edo
~ Carrying a huge wooden swordMt. OoyamaA pilgrimage "~
14Kanagawa prefecture flag Kanagawa : IseharaMt. Ooyama,Takarajobo (Hinata Yakushi),Mt. Ooyama Temple,Mt. Ooyama Ayori Shrine (Headquarters / Lower company),Hitata Shrine,Takabeya Shrine,Mt. Ooyama Road signpost,Tachi,,,,, Mt. Ooyama and Mt. Ooyama pilgrimageUkiyo-e(Collection),Shukubo,Tofu dishes,Mt. Ooyama Top,Kamiki nobori,Mai Mai, Mai Mai, Mt. Ooyama Noh Kyogen
~ To the town of mosaic paintings drawn by history and culture ~
14Kanagawa prefecture flag Kanagawa : Kamakura cityTsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine,Wakamiya Oji,Egaraten Shrine,Kamakura shrine,Sacred shrine,Koyurugi Shrine,Senrai Benzaiten Ugafuku Shrine,Great Buddha of Kamakura,Kenchoji Temple,Round Temple,Jufukuji Temple,Jochiji Temple,Jomyoji,Sugimotodera,Houkaiji Temple,Kakuonji Temple,Jokomyoji,Meioin,Jojuin,Eishoji Temple,Komyoji Temple,Meigetsu-in Temple,Hokokuji Temple,Tokeiji,Zuisenji Temple,Honkakuji Temple,Myohonji Temple,Ankokuronji Temple,Gokurakuji Temple,Haseji,Omachi Shakadoguchi,Hokkado Ruins(Grave of Minamoto-Hojo Yoshitoki Tomb),Eifukuji Remains,Asuna Nakidori,Daibutsu Pass,Nagoe Pass,Kamakura Museum of Literature (former Maeda family villa),Former Residence of Marquis,,,,Yoshiya Nobuko Memorial Hall, (Former Ton Satomi House) ,,,,,,horseback archery,Bonbori (Snow Cave) Festival,Kamakura Carving,Former Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Modern Art Kamakura Main Building,Shinreikyo Kamakura Renseijo(Former Yamamoto Jotaro House)
262016/4/25"What is this!"
Shinano RiverBasinFlame type earthenwareとSnow countryCulture of
15Niigata Prefecture Flag Niigata : Sanjo City,Niigata,Nagaoka,Tokamachi,Tsunan TownShinano River,,,,,,,,,Excavated items from Sasayama Site,Items excavated from the Umataka site,,,,,,,Excavated items from Okinohara Site,,,,Horse height・ ,,Sasayama Ruins,Okinohara Site,,,,,,,,,,,River terraces,Kiyotsukyo,Ryugakubo,Yagigahana,Sagata,Toriya Nogata,Fukushimagata,Mt.-Mt. Kakudayama,Beautiful forest,Akiyamago, a mountain village production tool in and around Akiyamago,Matoba Ruins / Excavated Items,,,Niitsu Petroleum Heritage (Nietsubo, etc.),Fujihashi Site / Excavated Items,,,,,,,Uono River,Mt. Asakusadake,Mt. Sumondake,
272016/4/25"The story of walking with the gem" Komatsu
~ Stone culture refined in the passage of time ~
17Ishikawa Prefecture Flag Ishikawa : 小松 市, (Storage) ,, (Komatsu City MuseumStorage) ,,,Hotoke Gozen Tomb,,,,Komatsu Castle Honmaru turret stone wall, Komatsu Castle Honmaru west side stone wall,,,,, masonry tools (storage) ,,Higashi Sake Brewery, () ,,Kutani ware lumberyard(Other),Continuous chamber type climbing kiln, Nishikigama (),Ogoya Mine (Ogoya Mine Museum), And Kinpira Kanayama Documents and Picture Scrolls (Komatsu City MuseumStorage) ,,Natadera Buildings, Natadera Kuri Garden,,,,,,,,,
282016/4/25KisojiAre all in the mountains
~ Protect the mountains and live in the mountains ~
20* Mark is additional certification on May 2020, 6
Nagano Prefecture Flag Nagano : Nagiso Town,Okuwa,Agematsu,Kiso,Kiso Village,Otaki Village,Shiojiri
Gifu Prefecture Flag Gifu : Nakatsugawa■
Narai-juku, Shiojiri,Kisohirasawa, Shiojiri City, ShiojiriNarakawa district OfSong,"Birthplace of soba cutting" monument,Kiso Village Historic Site, Torii Pass,Torii Pass Tochinoki Group,Six comb technique,Kiso horse,Yamamura Daikan Mansion,Fukushima Sekisho Ruins,,,,WhenKisobushi,Ontake Shrine Satomiya,,,,Otaki Forest Railway,Awakening floor,Kiso's crosspiece,Akazawa Natural Recreation Forest,Joshoji main hall, Kuri, Sanmon,Atera Valley,Tsumagojuku Preservation Area,Historic site Nakasendo,Tsumago Castle Ruins,,,,Hand-made soba,Sunki pickles, Kiso wood crafts ,,Former Imperial Forestry Bureau Kiso Branch Office Building,Shimazaki Toson's house(Magome-juku Honjin) Traces
292016/4/25HidaTakumi's skill and heart
-1300 years to take over with trees
21Gifu Prefecture Flag Gifu : TakayamaIshibashi Abandoned Temple Tower Heart Foundation-Kojuan trace,Hida Kokubunji Tower Ruins-Large ginkgo of Hida Kokubunji,Araki Shrine main shrine・ ・Atayuta Shrine main shrine-Ankokuji Kyozo,Terenji main hall,Kokubunji main hall・ ・,Takayama Castle Ruins,Takayama Jinya Ruins (Mikura)-Hokkeji Main Hall-Sogenji main hall・ ・Unryu-ji Bell Tower Gate, (Kokubunji three-storied pagoda-Hokkeji Banjindo-Daioji Sanmon-Higashiyama Hakusan Shrine worship hall-Toshogu main shrine) ,, (・), (Kokubunji front gate-Daioji Bell Hall-Fuji shrine) ,, Hida Nai Takumi style carpenter secret reception, Hida Mamoru Nai Takumi style secret secretary excerpt ・BanshoRegulations,Shunkei Hida,Bare woodMass grave,First place,Takayama Festival stall,
302016/4/25"Record of Ancient Matters"" At the beginning ofNational lifeIsland of·Awaji'
~ Supported the ancient nationSeamanActivities ~
28Hyogo prefecture flag Hyogo : Awaji City,Sumoto,Minamiawaji CityNakagawaraBronze,Nikko TempleDotaku, Dotaku land ...MatsuhoDotaku, Keino Dotaku,Bronze sword,Gossakaito Nagagakiuchi Ruins and Excavated Items,Funagi Ruins,,,Okinoshima burial mounds and bar-shaped stone products,,,,,,, excavatedTriangular Edge God Beast Mirror,Izanagi Shrine,Yamato Daikokutama Shrine,Sakiyama Senkoji Temple,Akashi StraitとMatsuhonoura,Kitan StraitとYura-Narigashima,Naruto StraitとUzushio,Awaji Puppet Joruri,Jikoshima ShrineとCountry-born mythology folklore(Onokorojima Shrine,,),Numajima
312016/4/25Life and heart of people who grew up in the forest
~ The birthplace of afforestation in the Mibayashi Ren "Yoshino"~
29Nara prefecture flag Nara : Yoshino Town,Shimoichi Town,Kurotaki Village,Tenkawa Village,Shimokitayama Village,Kamikitayama Village,Kawakami-mura,Higashiyoshino VillageKinpusenji main hall,Honzenji Temple,Gyogyo-ji Temple,Stone buddha,Mitarai Valley,Togawa springs,ofHorse chestnut giant tree group,When·,,Forest of the headwater source of the Yoshino River,Togasawara Primitive Forest,"Shozaburo Dokura Forestation Memorial" Quay Inscription,Excavation trace of Yoshino River,Kunisu,Ryumonji ruinsWhen,Yoshino Moisture Shrine,Niukawakami Shrine,Kawawake Shrine,Hokakuji Temple,Tenkawa Benzaitensha,Omine mountain temple,Ryusenji Temple,,,,Niu Kawakami Shrine,Niukawakami Shrine Chusha,,,Mt. Takamiyama,Faith of the mountain god,Cityscape of Mt. Yoshino,Togawa Onsen Town,Yoshino Ken,Shimoichi's three treasure production technology,,,Split chopsticks manufacturing technology,Narasuke,Kurotaki white cucumber,Park leaf sushi,Spring mana OfMehari Sushi,Tochi mochi,ZongWhen,Yoshino Kuzu,Persimmon leaf sushi
322016/4/25whaleLive with30Wakayama prefecture flag Wakayama : Shingu City,Nachi Katsuura Town,Taiji Town,Kushimoto,Kowloon Island,Cape Shioof,KashinozakiKushimoto Town History Compilation Material ,,whalingThe ancestor of ...Old-fashioned whaling preparation room ruins, old-fashioned whaling wolf smoke field ruins,Ruins of the old-fashioned whaling Takatsuka Liaison Office,,,,Kajitorizaki Wolf Smoke Signal Site,,,,,,Aogishi Watari Temple fish spirit memorial monument,Hamamiya Bow Festival,
332016/4/25JizoJapan's largest faith nurturedMt. OoyamaUshima City31Tottori prefecture flag Tottori : Mt. Ooyama Town,Hoki Town,Kofu,YonagoMt. Ooyama,Iron kitchen,Ogamiyama Shrine Okumiya,Mt. Ooyama Temple Main Hall,,,Ogamiyama Shrine Okumiya cobblestone road,Mt. Ooyama Road (Odaka Road), Mt. Ooyama Road (Boryo Road), Mt. Ooyama Road (Mizonokuchi Road), Mt. Ooyama Road (Maruyama Road), Mt. Ooyama Road (Kawadoko Road),When,,Mt. Ooyama Road (Yokote Road),,,, "" and "" ,, (Suzurigaike),
342016/4/25Izumo ProvinceTataraFudoki
~ A story born of a thousand years of iron making ~
32Shimane prefecture flag Shimane : Yunnan,Yasugi City,Okuizumo,,When,141 iron tools made by Sugaya(Collection),10 large blacksmith tools(Historical Museum of Iron), ...Ryuto ga Taki / Yaedaki,, Kanayago Shrine,Tamahagane manufacturing (tatara blowing) tradition,Takezaki's wig,,,,Demon tongue swing,,,,,,,250 tatara iron making tools(Wako MuseumCollection),Japanese sword(・), TataraPicture scroll"Tamahagane Engi" (Wako Museum collection), and (Folk song Yasugi Bushi),IinagawaWithNitta development,,,Tomita Castle Ruins
352016/4/25Guardian office Yokosuka, Kure, Sasebo, Maizuru
~ A town where you can experience the dynamics of modernizing Japan ~
全国Hiroshima prefecture flag Hiroshima : Kure
Kanagawa prefecture flag Kanagawa : Yokosuka
Nagasaki Prefecture Flag Nagasaki : Sasebo
Kyoto Prefecture Flag Kyoto : Maizuru
Yokosuka BaseC1 building,B39 building,Former Yokosuka Naval District Commander's Official Residence,Tokyo Bay Fortress Ruins(Sarushima,),Kannonzaki-HashirimizuDistrictBatterygroup,Tokyo Bay Third Naval Fort Structure,Yokosuka Ironworks Engraved Brick,Steam hammer,Dry dock 1 ~ 6,Modern shipyard architectural drawing material,,,,Picture around Yokosuka Port(Yokosuka City Museum of Natural and Humanities),Memorial ship Mikasa(JMSDFYokosuka District General Manager),Former Kure Guardian Commander's Office,Away from the former Togo family residence,Maritime Self-Defense Force Wu District General Manager First Government Building(Former Kure Naval District Government Building)・Brick buildings and Kure Naval District underground facilities in the area,Kure City Waterworks Bureau Futagawa Water Source Intake,Honjo Water Source Dam Water Facility,Kure City Waterworks Bureau Miyahara Water Purification Plant Low Ward Reservoir,Areikarasukojima,Former Kure Naval Arsenal Tower Clock,Former Takakara Gunpowder Storage,Ozorayama Battery Remains,Complete map of Kure military port(Irifuneyama Memorial Museum),Former Kure Naval Arsenal Shipbuilding Department Shipbuilding Dock Large Roof,Materials in the Kure Maritime History Science Museum,Former Kure Naval Arsenal Navy Technician Training Center Ruins and Surrounding Navy Remains,Nagasako Park (former Navy Cemetery),Hill Overlooking Historic Areas,Japan Coast Guard Academy Brick Hall(Former Kure Naval Arsenal Gun Fire Factory Machinery Room),Kamegakubi launch site trace,Former Sasebo Radio Telegraph Station Facility,Sasebo Citizens' Culture Hall(Former Sasebo Naval District Triumphal Memorial Hall), (Former XNUMXth torpedo warehouse) ,, (former repair ship mooring place),Sasebo Heavy Industries 250 Ton Crane, 5th and 6th Dock,,,Sasebo Fortress and related facilities(,,,,,,,,) ,,,,,Sasebo Naval District Water Supply Facilities(,,,,,,,),Sasebo City Waterworks Bureau Waterworks Facilities(,) ,,Kyushu Railway Company,Matsuura Railway Facilities, Navy Guard / Defense Battery Battery Group (Yumiharidake,,,,,,,,,,Takashima Bandake,Kuroshima Bandake, Each anti-aircraft turret trace,Kuroshima East, Kuroshima South, Kuroshima Tashiro Battery Remains, Kuroshima Tashiro Battery Power Plant Remains,),Sasebo Heavy Industries Sasebo Shipyard(Former Navy Arsenal Facilities),Sasebo Naval Office-MarinesRelated facilities (Maritime Self-Defense Force Hirase Government Building・ Old powder storage,General supervision department facility group, Former Second Marine Corps end boat fishing),Sasebo Naval District-related monuments,Higashiyama Park (former Navy Cemetery),Yoshimura Chosaku related materials(Municipal library,City Waterworks Bureau),Switchback at Haiki Station,Maizuru Red Brick Park, etc.(Red Brick Museum,Maizuru City Government Memorial Hall,Maizuru Chiezo,,,Maizuru Former Chinjufu Military Demand Department Volatile Oil Storage),Former Maizuru Naval District Military Demand Department Warehouse,Maritime Self-Defense Force Maizuru Supply Station Warehouse,Maritime Self-Defense Force Maizuru District General Manager Meeting Hall(Former Maizuru Naval District Commander's Official Residence),Japan Marine United Maizuru Office Facility, (Former Maizuru Naval District West Gate),Maritime Self-Defense Force Maizuru District General Manager Facility(Former Navy Institutional School Facility) ,,, Maizuru City Water Services (,), City Named Ship Name, Cityscape Named Ship Name, Stone Wall Revetment Around Chinjufu,JR Maizuru Line Bridge / Tunnel Facility(,,XNUMXth-XNUMXrd Isatsugawa Bridge,),JR Obama Line facility(Matsunodera Station,),Kyoto Tango Railway Miyamai Line Facility(Yuragawa Bridge,,,) ,,Former Maizuru Fortress and related facilities(,,,,TakebeyamaBastion battery traces,Nissei High School Main Gate,,,Bakuchi Cape Searchlight),as well as,,,"Navy Kappou Reference Book"And" ", Navy Defense Force / Guard Battery Group (Kuradai,Mt. Atagoyama,Five oldRemains of each air defense battery),Kyouraku Park (Navy Cemetery),Maizuru Naval District-related monuments, Maizuru Naval District Temples and Shrines (Unmonji Temple,,,),rapYou are,
362016/4/25"Japan's largestPirate"Home:Geiyo Islands
-RevivedMurakami PiratesMemory of "Murakami KAIZOKU"-
38Ehime prefecture flag Ehime : Imabari
Hiroshima prefecture flag Hiroshima : Onomichi
Omishima,Mt. Ooyama Cultural property of Gion Shrine・,Amazaki Castle Ruins, And,Nojima Castle Ruins,Michika Island,Nojima Murakami family tradition material, And the surrounding Murakami pirate-related archaeological sites, and the surrounding medieval cultural properties ,,Den Murakami Yoshihiro TombAnd,Raijima Castle Ruins,Hashihama,Ohama Hachiman Shrine,Betsumiya Mt. Ooyama Gion Shrine Worship Hall,Korinji document,,,Imabari Castle Ruins,Noman's stone towers,Keshima Castle Ruins,Innoshima Murakami family materials,Innoshima Murakami Clan Cemetery,Aoki Castle Ruins,,,,,,,Hiura no Horaku Odori,Kojoji three-storied pagoda,Gourd Island,Namiwake Kannon at Komyoji Temple,Jointoji Hokyointo,Momojima Chausan Castle Ruins,Naval pot
372016/4/25Japan磁器Hometown Hizen
~ A walk of the pottery of the Hyakuhana Ryoran ~
41Saga Prefecture Flag Saga : Karatsu City,Imari City,Takeo City,Ureshino City,Arita Town
Nagasaki Prefecture Flag Nagasaki : Sasebo,Hirado City,Hasami Town
Kakiemon Kiln Site,, ・Tozan Shrine Torii-Yi Sam-pyeong monument,Arita porcelain() ,,,, Kakiemon (Kakiemon),Color Nabeshima,Okawachi Nabeshima kiln site,Okawachiyama,Imari Tsu,Former Towashima Shrine Lantern / Chozubachi (currently Imari Shrine), (,,), () ,,Mikawachi porcelain kiln ruins, Mikawachi Mikawachi(,, Sarayama) ,,,Mikawachi porcelain manufacturing technology,Hizen Hasami Ceramic Kiln Site,,,,,Hasami's fabric molding technology,Cold soup, (,,,,,,,,,) ,,,, (,,,,,) ,,,Ceramic industryOf toolsMemorial service(BrushMemorial service, memorial service), pottery market (Spring kiln city, Nabeshima clan kiln autumn festival,Hizen Yoshida Ceramics Festival, Yoshida Ceramics Festival Kiln Motoichi,Karatsu Yakimon Festival, Karatsu Ware Autumn Pottery Tourism, Takeo's autumn leaves and kiln ruins tour,Arita Pottery Market,Autumn Arita Ceramics Festival, Arita Chawan Festival,Hasami Pottery Festival, Sakura Pottery Festival,Hamazen Festival, Mikawachi Pottery Market)
382017/4/28May in Esashi is not even in Edo
-HerringTown where the prosperity of
01Hokkaido flag Hokkaido : Esashi Town,,,Former Hiyama Esashi Town Museum,Kamomejima,,,Ubagamidaijingu,Kitamaebune bollard and trace,Ruins of stairs on Kamome Island,Ancient documents of herring fishing and herring trade,,,Esashi Oiwake, Esashi Oiwake Dance,Ubagamidaijingu Festival, Esashi Ubagamidaijingu Festival Float Matsuhomaru and its accessories, Esashi Ubagamidaijingu Festival Float Shinkoyama Doll and accessories,Sanpei juice,Pickled herring
392017/4/28A different space spun by the dreams of men over the rough seas
~KitamaebunePort of callShipownerVillage ~
全国* Marks are May 2018, 5, △ marks are additional certifications on May 24, 2019, ○ marks are additional certifications on June 5, 20.
Hokkaido flag Hokkaido : Hakodate,Matsumae,Otaru*,Ishikari city■
Aomori prefecture flag Aomori : Ajigasawa Town,Fukaura Town,Noheji Town■
Akita prefecture flag Akita : Akita City,Nikaho City*,Oga City*,Noshiro City*,Yurihonjo City■
Yamagata prefecture flag Yamagata : Sakata City,Tsuruoka△
Niigata Prefecture Flag Niigata : Niigata,Nagaoka,Sado City*,Joetsu City*,Izumozaki Town△
Toyama Prefecture Flag Toyama : Toyama*,Takaoka■
Ishikawa Prefecture Flag Ishikawa : Kaga City,Wajima City*,小松 市*,Kanazawa△,Baishan City○,Shiga Town○
Fukui prefecture flag Fukui : Tsuruga,Minami Echizen,Sakai City*,Obama City■
Kyoto Prefecture Flag Kyoto : Miyazu City■
Osaka Prefecture Flag Osaka : Osaka*,Izumisano○
Hyogo prefecture flag Hyogo : Kobe City*,Takasago*,Shin Onsen Town*,Ako City*,Sumoto*,Himeji△,Tatsuno City△
Kagawa prefecture flag Kagawa : Tadotsu Town△
Tottori prefecture flag Tottori : Tottori City■
Shimane prefecture flag Shimane : Hamada■
Okayama prefecture flag Okayama : Kurashiki■
Hiroshima prefecture flag Hiroshima : Onomichi*,Kure*,Takehara△
Mount Hakodate,Hakodate Magistrate's Office Ruins,Takadaya mansion trace, Takadaya main store trace,,,,Matsumae folding screen,, Fukuyama Castle Town Ruins ,,Matsumae feudal lord Matsumae family graveyard,,,,,,Ozaki Sake Brewery,,,,Everlight monument,,,,Engakuji dedication maritime worship material, Engakuji Hokyointo,,,,,,Toriizaki,Gorinto in Koshimizu Park,,,,Hikiyama event of Tsuchizaki Shinmeisha Festival,Handmade kelp processing technology (Akita),Hiyoriyama Park,,,Sanno Club,Honma Bettei Garden (Tsurumaien), (Otsuwasato Grand Festival) ・ Sakai Hou Goyasu Feast ,,,Yamai Warehouse,Former Saito Family Bettei (Former Saito Bettei Garden),Yankikan (former Saito family residence) main building,Former Ozawa Family Residence,Japanese dance city mountain style(Furumachi Geiko) ,,Niigata Festival (Minato Festival / Sumiyoshi Festival),Niigata BugyoMaterials related to Nagataka Kawamura(Niigata City History Museum),Ofuna Ema (Hakusan Shrine),Village of Teradomari Port,,,,Kaga City Kaga Hashidate Traditional Buildings Preservation District,, () ,, A set of Buddhist altar fittings ,,Izumi Shrine,,, herring storehouse,Susaki's high lantern,Former Owada Bank first head office,Handmade kelp processing technology (Tsuruga), Ship picture horse group (Kitamaebune picture horse, etc.),Dedication to Jogu Shrine,Kihi Jingu Shrine Otorii Biane,Kihi Jingu Festival floats,Ukon Family Residence, Former Ukon Family Residence Western Pavilion,,,, (,,,,) ,,Sumiyoshi Shrine dedication (first torii, chozubachi), Boat picture horses (,Ryutokuji Kompiraden) ,,,,Kappo Kindaitei,Kotan Shrine Mikamishi,Atsuta Shrine Ship Ema,Ishikari Hachiman Shrine Torii,Ishikari Bentensha guardian dog, () ,,,,Former Nomura family residence away (whereabouts) with warehouse, Noheji Kitamaebune related materials ,, Stone structures carried by Kitamaebune (Goshin lantern, hand wash stone, stone steps) ,, Kitamaebune related materials ,,A group of boat pictures around Shiogoshi Minato,,,Hira Izumi Honpo,, in Nikaho city ,,Shinzan Shrine Five Shrine Graffiti, Marine Accident Memorial ,,Funakawa-bushi (Akita Funakata-bushi), Autograph book "" (FunakoshiSuzuki family collection),Kanfuzan Of碇,,, (Grinding mortarTomb) ,,, () ,, () ,,,,,,, Materials ,,Seikuro family,Sukunegi,,,as well as,Ogi Minato old picture,Mt. Yoneyama,Naoetsu townscape,Former Naoetsu Bank, Naoetsu Maritime Faith Material (Hinomiya Shrine,Senzoin,,,MyojoinVotive picture of a ship), Joetsu City Kitamaebune related materials ,,,Naoetsu / Takada Gion Festival Otabisho event and stall tour,,,,,,,Former Fushiki Weather Station Government Building / Wind Tower (Takaoka City Fushiki Meteorological Museum),Fushiki Shrine,Fushiki Shrine Spring Festival Festival,Shokoji Karamon, (Noh Matsu family, Arito family, Marutani family, etc.) ,,Takaoka Casting Tools and Products,Wajima City Kuroshima District Traditional Buildings Preservation District,,, Wajima's Kitamaebune votive tablet group,Inau votive amount,,,,Ataka Sumiyoshi Shrine,,,, (), river channel traces,Ataka Sumiyoshi Shrine Ship Ema,,,,Sake,Mikawa Welcome Festival,Fugu ovary pickled in rice bran, Kitamaebune related materials ,, Collection materials,Old Fukuura Lighthouse,, (), Kitamaebune related materials ,,,,, (),Takigaya Temple,Mikuni Shrine Zuijin Gate,,,Mikuni Port (former Sakai Port) Jetty,, Mikuni's Kitamaebune Ancient Documents, Mikuni's Kitamaebune Ema Group ,,,Sayaishi-related ancient documents,Mikuni Shrine annual festival (Mikuni festival) and floats,,,,,,,,,,,Old Obama Port Townscape,, Dedication ship and Shintai ship, Kitamaebune ancient documents of Obama,Former Mikami Family Residence,Tamagaki of Wakinomiya Shrine,, (Flower Street) ,,,,,Sumiyoshi Taisha, stone lanterns of Sumiyoshi Taisha,Ruins of Meshino House,,,,,, Material group, Shipowner material group,Futon Taiko, (), DedicationBenzaisen,Maritime Museum of Kobe UniversityKitamaebune collection materials,Minume Shrine "Benzaisen Ema",Kobe Maritime MuseumKitamaebune collection materials,Takadaya Kahei lantern,Tomb of Matsuemon,Former site of Takadaya Kahei Main Store,Maiko Enmei Jizo (Tataki Jizo),Koraku Matsuemon old house,Takasago district historical landscape formation district,Nightlight (Takasago Shrine),,,,,,,,, Kitamaebune Ship NameSakoshi townscape,Former Sakoshiura Kaisho,Ohsake Shrine dedication,Ikushima,Sakoshi Ship Festival,Takadaya Kahei Mansion Ruins,Cityscape of Toshi,Takadaya related materials,,, InabaTakagusa-gunKaji MinatoPicture ...Town division of Karo Port,Kita-gunRyoura Minato Ezu ,,,,,,,Shimotsui Townscape Preservation Area, () ,,Dedication of Gion Shrine,,,Former Nozakihama Lighthouse,Tamashima Townscape Preservation Area,Dedication of Haguro Shrine,Townscape of Onomichi, a port town,Jodo Temple,,,,Townscape of Setoda, a port city,Mitarai Traditional Buildings Preservation District, Yutakamachi, Kure City,,,,Townscape around Kamo Port,,,Zenpoji Temple XNUMX Arhats,Chichido MuseumKitamaebune related materials in the collection ,,, group (,,), flag, Kitamaebune collection materials ,,,Zeniya GoheiHouse yearly reservation book ...Kaneishi Komachinami Preservation Area,Materials related to Onominato Shrine (large votive tablet),,,,Ohno Komachinami Preservation Area,,,,Tamagaki of Kusho Goryoten Shrine, Kitamaebune Ancient Documents,Murotsu townscape,Murotsuumi Station Building,Stone buddha,,,,, () ,,,,,,,, Kitamaebune related materials,Takehara District, Takehara City Traditional Buildings Preservation District,, nightlights,Takehara Shoin LibraryDocuments,
402017/4/28SamuraiRelated silk
To Tsuruoka, a town where you can meet the original scenery of modernization in Japan
06Yamagata prefecture flag Yamagata : TsuruokaMatsugaoka clearing ground, Matsugaoka Honjin, Matsugaoka silkworm room group,Matsugaoka Reclaimer House,Former Endo Residence,,,,Former Nishitagawa County Office,Shonai Clan School Chidokan,
412017/4/28KimonoContinue to support the foot of cultureTabiguraTown Gyoda11Saitama prefecture flag Saitama : Gyoda CitySaitama Burial Mounds,Oshi Castle Ruins,Ishida bank,KyohoAnnual Gyoda Town picture ,,TempoAnnual town map ...Hatsuuma Festival,Imazu Printing Co., Ltd.,Moriya storehouse・,Gyoda's tabi manufacturing tools and products,Takahashi family Basho monument,XNUMX stone Fukusaya Gyoda main store,Makino main store storehouse, main store, storehouse-Footbag and Living Museum,Tokita family housing-Tokitazo,Hosenzo,Footbag warehouse town planning museum(Kurishirozo), ...Kusaozo,Isami Corporation School Factory / Office / Storehouse / Mortar Warehouse / Wooden Warehouse,Tashirozo,Osawa Residence Former Bunko / Housing / Storehouse,Former Ogawa Chujiro store and main store,Okunukizo(And),Gyoda kiln,Kurei Family Warehouse,Isami Corporation Tabi Factory,Tokita Tabigura,Musashino Bank Gyoda Branch Store,,,fly,Jelly fly,Gyoda's Narazuke,Takakozo,Kurihara family mortar warehouse,Onuma warehouse,Gyoda Tabi,Okunuki family storehouse,,,Dressing room tabigura
422017/4/28Shinobi no Sato Iga / Koka
-RealNinjaIn search of-
25Shiga prefecture flag Shiga : Koka City
Mie prefecture flag Mie : Iga City
(,,,,,,,,,),God-kun Igagoe-related archaeological sites(,),Mizuguchi Okayama Castle Ruins,Aburahi Shrine Cultural Properties (Aburahi Shrine Building),Oil day,Aburahi Shrine Suspension Buddha Group), Koga-ryu unity guardian company (Otori Shrine,Yagawa Shrine Romon,Kashiwagi Shrine,Hinoo Shrine main shrine),Fukinoji Temple,Yamabushi training ground(Iido Shrine,,,Kotokuji Temple), Ninja (Bansenshukai,Watanabe Family Ninja Historical Materials),Kokaninjutsu Museum Buildings(,,),Koka medicine related materials,Koga front saw,WhenCastle ruins of the fierce battle of Tensho Iga(Fukuchi Castle Ruins,,,,Hyakuchi Fort Ruins),Ueno Castle Ruins (Heirakuji Ruins),Sacred mountain summit ruins,,,Shugendo Temple, Matsumotoin,Medieval castles in the Mibuno areaAnd, old documents,Lion Kagura,,),Aekuni Shrine,Iga-ryu Ninja Museum (Iga-ryu Ninja Mansion), (),Fujibayashi Nagato Cemetery,Koga Ninjutsu Mansion,Maruyama Castle Ruins,,,Chigachi Castle Ruins,,,,,,,Fujiwara Chikata Legendary Land,
432017/4/28Spin 300 yearssilkWeaveTango Chirimen Corridor26Kyoto Prefecture Flag Kyoto : Miyazu City,Kyotango City,Yosano Town,Ine TownGou monument,Tango textile tools and products,Tango Chirimen,Zen Ding Temple,Kotohira Shrine,,,Amino-YasakaThe streets of the machine shop ...Former Mikami Family Residence,Seikiro,,,,Amanohashidate,Chionji Temple,Nariaiji Temple,Kago Shrine,Kago Shrine Okumiya Manai Shrine,Kasamatsu Park,,,Chirimen highway,Former Bito House,Textile sample book "Hashidate",,,,Former Kaetsu Railway Kaetsu Station Building,Former Kaetsu Railway No. 2 locomotive (No. 123 locomotive),,,,,Yabun Shrine,Kaetsuya Festival OfKaetsu・ Stall patrol ...Tango Great Buddha,, (),Amino Shrine・ ,,Tango barazushi
442017/4/28The "oldest" that tells the eternal history of 1400 yearsNational road'
~Takeuchi Highway-Yokooji(Omichi) ~
27Osaka Prefecture Flag Osaka : Osaka,Sakai City,Matsubara,Habikino,Prince Town
Nara prefecture flag Nara : Katsuragi,Yamatotakada,Kashihara,Sakurai,Asuka Village
Namba Palace Ruins,Shitennoji,Namba Avenue,Takeuchi Highway,Yokooji,Lower road,Upper road,Aguchi Shrine,Kanaoka Shrine,Mozu Bird Burial Mounds(Nintoku Emperor Mausoleum Tomb),Sakai Kanmochi City Ruins,Yamaguchi family residence,Sakai knife,,,,,Shibagaki Shrine,Nonakaji,Sairinji Temple,Konda Hachimangu,Old city tombs(Shiratori Tomb,Ojin Emperor Mausoleum), ・Asuka River Song Monument,Ono Sister's Tomb,Iso Hase Kofungun(Prince Shotoku Mausoleum,Emperor Yomei Mausoleum,Emperor Bidatsu Mausoleum,Mausoleum of the Emperor,Futakozuka Kofun,Emperor Kotoku Mausoleum),Eifukuji Temple,Iwaya,Ruins of Kadani Temple,Takeuchi Pass,Nagao Shrine,Sasoji Temple,Sekkoji Temple,Senji-ji Temple-Terauchi Town,Yagi Fudanotsuji,Ojin Shrine,Dragon Royal Palace,Hasehonji,Imai Town,Abe Wenshu Monastery,,,Mukaihara Temple,Yamada Temple Ruins,Amakashi Hill,Ofusa Kannon,Ruins of Yakushi-ji Temple,Fujiwara Palace Ruins,Tachibana Temple,Mt. Amanoka,Asuka Temple
452017/4/28broadcastbutPenetrateSilver carriage road Ore road
-A 73km rut that traces the memory of Japan, a resource-rich country-
28Hyogo prefecture flag Hyogo : Asago City,Himeji,Fukusaki Town,Ichikawa,Kamikawa Town,Yabu CityIkuno Mine Dormitory Bashamichi (Silver Bashamichi),Bashamichi repair monument,Miki House,Awagamachi,Ikuno Mine-related remains, Ikuno Mine Town,Kamikohata Cast Iron Bridge・,Remains of Kamikohata concentrator,Former Kamikohata Mine Office (former residence of Muse),Meishin Mine Meishin Railway,Meinobu Mine-related remains, Meinobu Mine Town,Nakase Mine-related remains, Nakase Mine Town
462017/4/28A treasure trove of superb views Waka no Ura30Wakayama prefecture flag Wakayama : Wakayama City,HainanWaka no Ura tidal flat (Luzhou Narutsuru), Waka no Ura Katao wave (Matsuo snow), (10 points, etc.),Wakaura Ten Scenic Materials(), (4 points related to Waka no Ura),Surugaya confectionery wooden pattern "Waka no Ura" "Kihachikei",Kii Meisho ZueItaki,Tamatsushima Shrine (Meng Haoran), Tamatsushima Shrine Thirty-Six Poems, Tamatsushima Shrine Dedication Waka,Shiogama Shrine (Litter Cave Naniwa),Kishu Toshogu Shrine,Waka festival, Waka festival festival equipment, Waka festival mask group, mask parade supplies,Sister back mountain, Tahoto, Kankaikaku (Meng Haoran), Sanbashi,Furobashi,Yosuien,Onzanso (Kotoura Gikou),Wakayama Castle,Chohoji Temple,Wakayama feudal lord Tokugawa family graveyard,Kumano Kodo,Fujishiro Shrine, (Fujishiro deciduous),Kuroe townscape,Kimiidera (late tide of famous grass),Hawk's nest, Saikazaki townscape (Saika fishing fire),Mizuken Embankment (Fukiage Awatsuki),Wakaura Temmangu Shrine (Matsuma fishing boat),
472017/4/28"First drop"Soy sauceBirthplace of brewing Kishu Yuasa30Wakayama prefecture flag Wakayama : Yuasa TownYuasa Town Yuasa Traditional Buildings Preservation District, (Square length),Soy sauce brewing tools, soy sauce manufacturing technology, (),Jiuqu manufacturing related tools,, () ,, "Ofuna Ichigodai Soden" letter (Yuasa Town collection), (・), (),Kanayamaji Miso manufacturing technology,Nare Zushi,Kumano Kaido signpost,Jinsenji,Yuasa Station Station Building,Shirasu bowl,Tea bowl
482017/4/28Sanctuary where the sun setsIzumo
~ Around the sunset of the land created by God ~
32Shimane prefecture flag Shimane : IzumoInasa beach,Hinomisaki,Nagahama Shrine,Kobe River Estuary,Izumo Taisha main shrine and others,Uemiya,,,,Izumo Hinomisaki Lighthouse,Hinomisaki Shrine,Izumo Kuni Fudoki (Cape Hino),,,Kyojima OfBlack-tailed gullBreeding ground,Shinto ritual,, () ,,Inome Cave Relics Inclusion Layer
492017/4/28One wheelCottonstart fromKurashikistory
-A town of fibers woven by Japanese and Western-
33Okayama prefecture flag Okayama : KurashikiKurashiki Riverside Traditional Buildings Preservation District,Former Ohara Residence,Ohashi House,,,Ohara Museum of Art,Former Chugoku Bank Kurashiki Honmachi Branch Office,,,,Kurashiki Ivy Square,Kurabo Industries Memorial Hall,Bare house,Barzushi,Kurashiki Folk Art Museum,Folk craft,Takahashi River East-West Aqueduct and Distribution Facility,Isozaki Sleeping Turtle Memorial Hall,,,Rendaiji Temple,Yuka Shrine,,Fiber products(KojimajeansStreet),Shimotsui Townscape Preservation Area,,,Tamashima Townscape Preservation Area,
502017/4/28I'm sure I will fall in loveSix ancient kilns
-A production center for pottery born and raised in Japan-
全国Okayama prefecture flag Okayama : Bizen
Fukui prefecture flag Fukui : Echizen Town
Aichi prefecture flag Aichi : Seto City,Tokoname
Shiga prefecture flag Shiga : Koka City
Hyogo prefecture flag Hyogo : Mt. Sasayama City
Echizen ware,The main shrine of Ryo Shrine,,,,劒 Shrine document,Echizen kiln ruins,,,,Clay / silica sand quarry,Hirokute No. 30 kiln site,Seto ware ruins(), Seto ware (),Ceramic guardian dog,Kiln fence,Small diameter of kiln,Akatsu roof tile,Cultural landscape of the pottery walkway,Tokoname pottery production tools and products,Kiln,Intangible cultural property Tokoname ware production technology,,,Tomb of the Koie Hoju family,Square with a kiln / museum,Shigaraki ware kiln ruins(,,,,, ・),Shigaraki ware, old Shigaraki ware, Shigaraki ware from the Edo period, modern Shigaraki ware products,Works by Taro Okamoto,Lake Biwa Formation,Shigaraki Tanuki,, (,),Pottery market(Shigaraki Machinaka Arts Festival,Shigaraki Pottery Festival),Tamba ware, Tamba ware old kiln ruins,Tamba Tachikui Kiln,Tamba ware (kiln technique),Cultural landscape of pottery village,Bizen ware firing technology, intangible cultural property Bizen ware production technology,Bizen pottery kiln trace(,Ibe Hokkaido University kiln ruins,Inbe Minamidai kiln ruins), ・,Bizen ware guardian dog(,),Former Shitani School,
512017/4/28Forest railwayTo the best Yuzu Road in Japan
-YuzuA tropical country with a fragrant scentTosa-Middle art areaLandscape and food culture-
39Kochi prefecture flag Kochi : Yasuda Town,Nahari Town,Tano Town,Kitagawa,Baji villageYuzu field scenery, Yuzu cuisine,,,,Nakaoka Shintaro's house trace,Shintaro Nakaoka Hair Burial Cemetery,Senbonyama,Afforestation during the feudal era,, (Ema), Timber sink (votive tablet)Sankoin,Wood production equipment(),Kinrinji Yakushido,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Branch line remains,,,,Shikoku Forest Management BureauOf preservationTaisho~ShowaEarly forestry-related photographs ,,,,,,Moriya Residence,
522017/4/28Kanmon "Nostalgic" Strait
~ Time stop, memory of modernization ~
40Fukuoka prefecture flag Fukuoka : Kitakyushu
Yamaguchi prefecture flag Yamaguchi : Shimonoseki
Mutsurejima Lighthouse,Hesaki Lighthouse,Kyushu Railway Memorial(Former Kyushu Railway Headquarters),Shimonoseki Nabecho Post Office Building (former Akamaseki Post and Telegraph Office),Former British Consulate of Shimonoseki,Former Moji Customs,Former Sapporo Beer Kyushu Factory Office Building / Brewing Building / Union Building / Warehouse, (Former Mitsubishi Joint Stock Company Wakamatsu Branch) Main building, warehouse building, old analysis room, etc.Mojiko Station (formerly Moji Station) Bookstore, (),Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Shimonoseki Shipyard 3rd and 4th docks,Former Osaka merchant ship in Kitakyushu,,,,Yamaguchi Bank Former Head Office,Former Moji Mitsui Club Main Building / Annex,, (Shimonoseki Municipal Modern Predecessor Award Hall-Tanaka Kinyo Bunkakan),Nikka Whiskey Moji Factory Factory(),Nikka Whiskey Moji Factory Warehouse(), (Former Oriental Whaling Shimonoseki Branch), (Nippon Yusen Moji Branch),Former Dalian Sea Route,Moji Ward Office(Former Moji City Hall), (Former Kanmon Kisen) ,,China Labor Bank Shimonoseki Branch(Former Fudo Savings Bank Shimonoseki Branch),Kitakyushu Bank Moji Branch(Former Yokohama Specie Bank Moji Branch),Fujiwara Yoshie Memorial Hall(),Former JR Kyushu Headquarters Building,Nisshin Kowa Memorial Hall,Kanmon Tunnel Down Line / Up Line,World Peace Pagoda,Ringing bell at Shimonoseki Station,Banana sales,Fugu dishes,Remains of Maeda Daiba, Shimonoseki, Choshu Domain
532017/4/28Rice making, Memory of the earth for XNUMX years
~Kikuchi RiverBasin "Now and old"Paddy rice』Story" ~
43Kumamoto prefecture flag Kumamoto : Yamaga City,Tamana City,Kikuchi,Wasui TownKikuchi River,, ・Eta Funayama Kofun,Decorated tombs in the Kikuchi River basin,Kikuchi Valley,Ruins of Jori in the Kikuchi River basin,Kikuchi Castle Ruins,, (,,,,,,,,) ,,,,,,Kikuchi Matsubayashi,Shokanji Temple-Kikuchi Gozan,A dock and a port town in the lower reaches of the Kikuchi River,,,,Sake brewing in the Kikuchi River basin,Yachiyoza,,,,,,,Bairintenmangu Yabusame,Rain-making customs in the Kikuchi River basin, ・ ・ (Nakakata, Koguchi, Maekawa) ,,,Red sake
-Going along the path of the Sansui picture scroll drawn on the ground
44Oita Prefecture Flag Oita : Nakatsu,Kusu TownScenic beauty Yabakei,Hachimenyama / Hachimenyama expedition road,Rakanji Temple, Rakanji Temple Exploration Road, XNUMX Rakan Stone Buddha・ ,,Blue cave-Zenkaido / Stone Buddha Bodhisattva sitting statue,Fukuzawa family land register,,,,,,Felled mountain-Oiwa Ogiyama-Former Kurushima Garden (Clan Lord's Garden, Shimizu-tei Ochaya Garden, Suhoro Garden)-Tsunomure Mountain and Tsunomure Castle Ruins・, (Vinegar shop,Kasuya,) ,,Kappa Festival(,,,,,,Hiyama Joraku,,) ,, ~ Promenade,Hirata Yoshitane related heritage(Hirata's house,Hirata Yoshitane Monument, "", ""), (,Hirata Castle Ruins,,,,,),Former Yabakei Railway track trace・ ,,,Former Bungo Mori Station Engine Warehouse-Bungomori Station, (Yabakei Bridge,Rakanji Bridge,Maki Bridge), (Collection), Nakatsu and Kusu food ()Nakatsu's conger dish,Yamakei soft-shelled turtle dish,Maki persimmon,Mori Town Kuri Manju)
552018/5/24KamuiKamikawa living withAinu
~Mt. TaisetsuzanThe world of gods handed down in the foothills
01Hokkaido flag Hokkaido : Kamikawa Town,Asahikawa,Furano,Aibetsu Town,Kamishihoro Town,Kamifurano Town,Shikaoi Town,Shihoro Town,Shintoku,Toma Town,Higashikawa Town,Bifu TownAinu traditional dance,Kamuikotan~ Fierce battle between genie and hero god ~ (,,),Kaminomi,Ishikari River,Arashiyama ~ Chinomishiri ~,,,Chise-プ-Nusasan-Asinru-Menocol,Mt. Taisetsuzan ~ Kamui Mintara ~(Asahidake,Hagoromo Falls,Tenninkyo,Sounkyo,Ginga Waterfall,Mt. Kurotake,Obako,Mt. Tokachidake,Lake Shikaribetsu,Mikuni Pass Daijukai,,),Alpine plant,Alpine butterfly(Eversmann's butterfly,Freija fritillus,Daisetsu Takanehikage,Karafuto Holly Blue) ,,Owl Shinto ritual,,,Wood carving technology(Wood carving bear), A set of materials (Kawamura Kako Toaine Memorial HallCollection), a set of materials related to the Kamikawa Ainu (collection)Asahikawa City MuseumCollection),Totsushozan(Totsushozan Chashi,), (, Ainu battlefield) ,,,
562018/5/24Mountain templeSupportedsafflowerculture06* Mark is additional certification on May 2019, 5
Yamagata prefecture flag Yamagata : Yamagata,Sagae City,Tendo city,Obanazawa,Yamabe Town,Nakayama Town,Kawakita,Oishida Town*,Shirataka Town■
Landscape of red flower field,Yamadera, Tateishiji Nakado,Jakushoji Kannon-do,Mogami River,,,Hanagasa Festival(Yamagata Hanagasa Festival,,), (,,), (Kameayaori silk fabric Tsurugameni Shochikuume Fukuju pattern indigo ink to safflower dyeing maiden maiden congratulations) Single large furisode), safflower dyed costume (Genroku safflower dyed kosode), safflower dyed costume (crepeSafflower dyed furisode A), safflower dyed costume (crepe red flower dyed furisode B),Basho's monument, (),Basho Seifu History Museum (former Maruya Suzuki family residence),Benibana Museum (formerly Horimai Family),,,,Kyoho Uchiura Hina,Gosho doll,Karakuri doll,Hina City (Hina Matsuri),Hayashiya Dance,,,Yachi Hachimangu,Old precincts of Jionji Temple, wooden Maitreya Bodhisattva and various statues of Maitreya Bodhisattva statue,Boiled(Mamigasaki Riverbed,Nabekakematsu),Omi (pickled in Omi),,,,
572018/5/24A journey to explore the secrets of the underground labyrinth
~Otani stoneUtsunomiya, a city where culture is alive
09Tochigi prefecture flag Tochigi : Utsunomiya CityTakiyama(Taki Castle Ruins),Otani's strange rocks(), Oya Rare-shaped rocks () ,,Otani Temple Cave Ruins,Otani cliff Buddha,Nagaoka Hyakuana Tomb, (), (),Kanei Riyama Quarry (Oya Museum),Oya stone excavation tool set,Orbital trace,Tobu Railway Minami Utsunomiya Station,,,,,,,Ishigaki of Futarasan Shrine,Catholic Matsugamine Church,Utsunomiya University Garden,Tochigi Prefecture Central Parkof,,Former Shinohara House,,,,Nishine Village,,,Utsunomiya-Public rope OfMemorial tower,,,,
582018/5/24Meiji aristocratThe future drawn by
~Nasuno gaharaPioneer Romantan ~
09Tochigi prefecture flag Tochigi : Nasushiobara,Yaita,Otawara City,Nasu TownFormer Aoki Family Nasu Bettei,Mt. Ooyama villa,Matsukata Bettei,Yamagata Aritomo Memorial Hall,Former Shiobara Imperial Residence New Imperial Palace,Nogi Nogi Nasuno old house,Takeshi Yaita old house,Yamada Farm Office Ruins(),Mishima Farm Office Ruins(Nasunogahara Museum), Nasunogahara Museum Collection Materials,Yamagata Farm,Saigo Shrine,Mt. Ooyama approach,Hirata Tosuke's grave,Nasunogahara Park,Serpent river,Nasu Suimizu Former Intake Facility,Former Kurodahara station building tile,,,,,,,Senbonmatsu Farm,Minamigaoka Ranch,Nasu wine,Sheet pile apple
592018/5/24Miya carpenterBorn from one of the chiselWood Sculpture Museum-Inami16Toyama Prefecture Flag Toyama : Nanto CityInami sculpture,Inamibetsuin Zuisenji Temple, Zuisenji Sanmon Gate, Zuisenji Temple Gate, Zuisenji Taishido, Unsui Ichibiryu, Lion Child Drop, Large Tower Wall,Yokamachi Street,Machiya carving column, Machiya wood carving signboard and nameplate,, (Former Inami station building) ,,,,Inami Sculpture General Hall Wood Sculpture Works,Buddhist altar fittings of three tables,Ecchu Ichinomiya Takase Shrine,Yaotomeyama chicken mound and wind hole,Echichu Gokayama Ainokura Village,Gokayama temples and shrines (Iritani Nembutsu Dojo, Takasorei Kumano Shrine, Higashi Nakae Shinmei Shrine, Shimonashi Landlord Shrine, Nakahata Honkyoji Temple, Minato Sumiyoshi Shrine, Inotani Takasorei Nembutsu Dojo, Inotani Nembutsu Dojo, Obara's Nembutsu Dojo, Shimojima's Nembutsu Dojo, Hachiman Shrine in Nishiakaomachi, Gyotokuji in Nishiakaomachi, Seikou-ji Temple in Nyo),Hikiyama event of the Jobata Shinmeigu Festival,, (Fukuno Night High Festival),Usa Hachimangu Spring Festival,Inami Hachimangu Shrine Spring Festival(Goodness Festival) ,,,Boiled cousin,Loach Kabayaki,Kabura sushi
602018/5/24grapeScenery woven by fields
-Yamanashi PrefectureGoto area-
19Yamanashi prefecture flag Yamanashi : Yamanashi,Fuefuki city,KoshuGrape field,Wooden Yakushi Nyorai statue, Daizenji,Katsunuma Tomimachi grapes,Katsunuma grape cultivation toolsas well as the Wine brewing equipment,Hikawa dam group,Hikawa Water Management Facility,Kiyohakuji Temple,,,,,,,Sericulture farmerJapanese-style architecture with the characteristics ofWinery(,Katsunuma Winery,Marufuji Winery),Historical winery,Lumiere Old Underground Fermenter,wine,Ichinomiya Asama Shrine
612018/5/24The Jomon world of the starry Central Highlands
-Go back thousands of yearsobsidianWith the mineJomon peopleJourney to meet-
20Nagano Prefecture Flag Nagano : Hadano,Fujimi,Haramura,Suwa,Okaya,Shimosuwa Town,NAGAWA,Kawakami-mura
Yamanashi prefecture flag Yamanashi : Kofu City,Hokuto,Nirasaki,Minami Alps,Fuefuki city,Koshu
,Excavated items from Ichinosawa Site,Excavated items from the liquor store ruins,Items excavated from the Andoji site,,,Excavated items from Tenjin Ruins,Excavated items from the Shakado Museum,Foundry excavated from the remains of a foundry shop,,,,Umenoki Ruins,Kinsei Ruins,,,,Items excavated from Kinsei Ruins,,,,Excavated items from the Megiri site,,,Nashikubo Ruins and Excavated Items,,,,Yashimagaharashitsugen-Kurumayama Marsh・, ・,Suwa area archaeological material(Eiichi Fujimori Collection) ,,,,Clay figurine"Jomon Venus, Dogu "",Sekiseki Ruins,,,Komagata Ruins,Yatsugatake OfobsidianPlace of origin (,Barley grass bowl),Mt. Tateshinayama-Yatsugatake,Omiyama Ruins, Excavated Items from Omiyama Ruins,Crystal from Kawakami Village,Ishishinashi (Yamanashi),,,,,,,Wada Pass and the Road of History,,,Idojiri archeological site,,,,,,Aku Ruins,
622018/5/24Eternal cobblestone road that leaves the footprints of travelers
-Hakone YasatoHaruka to follow inEdoJourney
22Shizuoka prefecture flag Shizuoka : Mishima City,Kannan Town
Kanagawa prefecture flag Kanagawa : Odawara city,Hakone town
Odawara Castle Ruins,Uiro,Hakone Kyukaido Ishidatami(Hakone Old Road Cobblestone)(...),Hatajuku village,Parquet,Hakone Old Highway Ichiritsuka(Hatajuku Ichiritsuka· · ·Kinda Ichirizuka),Amazake Chaya(Sweet Sake Teahouse),Lake AshinokoとHakone Jinja(Hakone Shrine),Hakone Seki trace,Yamanaka Castle RuinsThe view from the upland field ...Eel dish,Mishima Taisha
632018/5/24"Relief of the Hyakusei"
~(I.e.Hirokawa's disaster prevention heritage where memories of reconstruction live
30Wakayama prefecture flag Wakayama : Hirokawa TownAnd landscape,Hiromura embankment, Hiromura embankment pine,Inamura,Hirohachiman Shrine,,,KaeiSeven years (AnseiXNUMXst year) Takanami no Zu ,,,,,,,,,,,Tsunami Festival,Hamaguchi Goryo Monument,Hamaguchi Goryo Tomb, Hamaguchi Goryo Bronze Statue
642018/5/24"Momotaro DensetsuWas born in Okayama
~ AncientKibiThe story of demon extermination invited by the heritage of
33Okayama prefecture flag Okayama : Okayama City,Kurashiki,General corporation,AkabanOnijoyama (Kinojo),Shield construction site,,When,,,,Kibitsumiya Kanjinchō, Btsutyuu Daikichi Bizumiya Abbreviation,Kibitsu Shrine, Kibitsu Shrine Gokamaden,Narukama Shinto ritual,Kibitsu Shrine precincts old map, Kibitsu Shrine's demon face,Kibitsuhiko Shrine,Special instrument stand,Tsukuriyama Ancient Tomb No. XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX Kofun,Sakuyama Kofun Daiichi Kofun,Ryomiyayama Tumulus,Komorizuka Tumulus,Musa Otsuka Tumulus,Yata Otsuka Burial Mound,Joto RuinsExcavatedPeach seeds,Okayama peach,Kibidango,
652018/5/24SetoThe best modern period in Japan, wrapped in the evening calmPort town
~SepiaEveryday life blends into the colored port townTomonoura~
34Hiroshima prefecture flag Hiroshima : Fukuyama CityNightlight,Kariki,Wave stop,Ship number office trace,Tomocho, Fukuyama City Important Traditional Buildings Preservation District,Ota Family Residence,Ota Family Residence Tomomune,Irohamaru Exhibition Hall,Tomo no Tsu merchant house,Nunakuma Shrine Noh Stage, Nunakuma Shrine Stone Works,,,,Scenic Tomo Park,Joseon Tongsinsa Ruins Tomo Fukuzenji Temple Precincts,Bandai-ji Kannon-do (Afushi Rabbit Kannon),Tomonoura Sea Bream Fishing Net Fishing Method,,,Hand fire Shinto ritual,,,Tomo no Tsu Power Stone,Life-saving sake,Crab,Fried chicken from Nebut,Small fish paste(Such)
662018/5/24DemonBecame a BuddhaKunisaki'44Oita Prefecture Flag Oita : Bungotakada,Kunisaki CityKumano Cliff Buddha,,,Tasomeso,Wooden Fudo Myo Royal Statue,Rural landscape of Tashibunosho Kozaki,Motomiya Magaibutsu,Nabeyama Makai Buddha,,,Fukiji Temple, wooden mask,Kasuga Shrine,Wooden Taro Tenritsu statue, Choanji,Tenneji Temple, Tenneji Temple Correction Onikai, Kawanaka Fudou,Tenneji Temple Yabakei / Mumyo Bridge,Mudou-ji,Mudoji Yaba,Fukuma Magaibutsu,Orekiji Temple,Rokugoyama Ezo Iwaya temple and shrine precincts,Nakayama Senkyo,,,,Onizuka Tumulus,Sentoji Temple,Former Sentoji Temple, Former Sentoji Temple / Gorintō Group,Kebesu Festival,Iwatoji, Iwatoji correction demon society,of,Monjusenji Temple, wooden demon Daishi statue,Jobutsuji, Jobutsuji Correction Demon Society,,,,Kayashima Sake Brewery,,,Ryoji Temple,,,Modified Onikai, (),Demon meeting,Nanami,Rokugo Manzan no Mine Road
672018/5/24Ancient monuments
-Miyazaki, a tropical country that draws pictures on the plateauOld tombLandscape-
45Miyazaki Prefecture Flag Miyazaki : West city,Miyazaki City,Shintomi-choSaitobaru Burial Mounds,Mesahozuka Kofun,Osahozuka Kofun,Saitobaru Burial Mound No. 206 (Ogre Cave Ancient Mound),Small diameter to the tumulus(Kiki no Michi),Relics excavated from the Saitobaru Burial Mounds,Haniwa excavated from the Saitobaru Burial Mounds(Children's house / ship),Gold and copper harness excavated from Saitobaru Burial Mounds, Koyu-gun, Hyuga(Miyazaki Prefectural Saitohara Archaeological MuseumCollection),Saito Ancient Tomb Festival,Nittahara Ancient Tombs(Gionhara branch group,,), Excavated Haniwa (Collection),Relics excavated from the Ikume Kofungun and Ikume Kofungun,Hasugaike side hole group, (Collection)
682019/5/20Japannational policySee in Hokkaido!
~ NorthIndustrial revolution"carbon鉄Harbor]~
01Hokkaido flag Hokkaido : Akabira,Otaru,Muroran,Yubari,Iwamizawa,Bibai City,Ashibetsu,Mikasa City,Kuriyama Town,Tsukigata,Numata Town,Abira TownSorachi River Outcrop Fault,Hokutan Horonai Coal Mine Otowa Pit,Kabato District Superintendent Government Building(Tsukigata Kabato Museum) ...Yubari's large coal dew "Yubari 24 shaku layer",Kobayashi Sake Brewery Buildings,Former Hokutan Yubari Coal Mine Tianlongkeng,Yubari Shikanotani (formerly Hokutan Shikanotani Club),,,Mitsubishi Bibai Coal Mine Shaft Tower,Former Hokutan Takinojo Hydroelectric Power Station,Former Hokutan Yubari Coal Mine Simulated Tunnel (Yubari City Coal Museum),,,,People's trial picture, (Arte Piazza Bibai, Arte Piazza Museum of Sculpture),Seisa University (formerly Yorijo Elementary School) school building and gymnasium,Sumitomo Tobetsu Coal Mine shaft turret and surrounding facilities,Former Thermal Power Station of Japan Steel Works, Ebisu / Daikokuten Statue, Mizusenkaku,Japan Steel Works Muroran Works製造Biplaneengine"Room 0, Factory landscape andCastle townTown,Otaru Kohoku breakwater,, (Former Mitsuias well as),,,Temiya Line trace and affiliated facilities,,,Former Hokkaido Colliery and Railway Iwamizawa Factory(Iwamizawa Rail Center),Old Muroran station building,Asahi station building,Karamatsu station building,Steam locomotive D51 No. 320,Former Mitsui Ashibetsu Railway Tanzan River Bridge,Bibai Railway Tomei Station Building-4110 type ten-wheel connected tank locomotive No. 2
692019/5/20Michinoku GOLD Roman
-Golden country Zipangu, ProductionFriFollow the land of the beginning-
04Miyagi prefecture flag Miyagi : Kesennuma City,Minamisanriku Town,Wakuya Town
Iwate prefecture flag Iwate : Hiraizumi Town,Rikuzentakata City
Iwaizaki(Sanriku Reconstruction National Park) ,,,Chusonji Golden Hall,,,,Kanonji gold and bronze sword,Golden roof tiles from Koganeyama,Koganeyama Shrine, Manyo Song Monument,Mt.,Kanayama book,Tamayama Kanayama Ruins,,,,,,,,,,Ohya mine site,Konpoji Temple,,,Yuunkan Garden,Hidehira Nuri,,,Scenery of Kesennuma Port and waiting for the wind,, (,)
-"Prayer", "Fruit", "Defense"SwampNumabe culture in Tatebayashi refined by
10Gunma prefecture flag Gunma : TatebayashiMorinji Marsh and Lowland Moor,Maolin Temple(Bofuku tea pot),,ofSagicho,Tataranuma, (Kanaxo) ,,Otani resting grave,,, of the swampFishing gearWhen,River fish dishes(catfish-carp-crucian carp-eelcuisine),Castle swamp,Tatebayashi Castle Ruins (Sannomaru Dobashi Gate, Jonuma Konden Monument),Obiki Inari Shrine,Tatebayashi Castle Ema,Azalea OfHesitation(Azalea gaoka park),Zendoji Temple(Tomb of Yasumasa Sakakibara), (, Matsujo's grave) ,,,,,Jonuma ferry,Komuro SuiunPicture "" ,,Shoda Shoyu old store / main store(),Tobu Railway Tatebayashi Station, Founding periodNisshin Flour MillTatebayashi Factory Office () ,, (),Former Tatebayashi Shinkin Bank(Citizen Center Branch) ,,,Tayama flower bagRelated Documents(Tayama Hanafuku Memorial Literature Museum) ,,
712019/5/20A journey to open the door to 400 years of history
~ Medieval and early modern town development that can be read from stones Echizen·Fukui~
18Fukui prefecture flag Fukui : Fukui City,Katsuyama CityIchijodani Asakura remains,Hakusan Heisenji Old Precincts,Hakusan Heisenji precincts map,,,,Kuzuryu River-Asuwa River・,Ichijodani Asakura Ruins Excavated Items,Excavated items from Hakusan Heisenji Temple,Saya stone,Kitanosho Castle Ruins,Tsukumo Bridge,Fukui Castle Ruins,Shibahara Channel,Daianzenji Temple,Scenery around Mt. Asuwa,Cityscape of the former Katsuyama castle,Ichijodani Asakura Garden,Yokan Garden,Stonework at Ichijodani Asakura Ruins,Stonework of Hakusan Heisenji Temple
722019/5/20Edo PeriodTouch the emotions ofApertureOrigin
~AizenTown swaying in the wind Arimatsu~
23Aichi prefecture flag Aichi : Nagoya city,,,,,,Arimatsu / Narumi Shibori Kaikan and Shibori materials,Buddha foot stone-Empress Komyō Buddhist monument-XNUMX Kannon・,Arimatsu Tenmasha,,,, () ,,,Cityscape preservation tree Ilex rotunda, () ,, () ,,, (), () ,,,Arimatsu Elementary School Ornamental Gate,Katsu Kaishu hanging scroll,Certificate of commendation for various expositions,Rai Sanyo's autographed Chinese poetry fan,,,Arimatsu Tenmansha Bunrei Lecture,,,,Tokaido・,Arimatsu Ichirizuka,Tokaido,Arimatsu Tenmansha Kiritsuri and Nightlight,Aizomegawa(Tegoshi River),Arimatsu / Narumi Shibori manufacturing technology and products
732019/5/20AmaToba / Shima, a town where you can meet
~DivingWomen living in fishing
24Mie prefecture flag Mie : Toba,Shima cityToba / ShimaAma fishing technology,Kunisaki OfMaking abalone,Ise bay-Shima Peninsula-Kumano Sea OfFishing equipment,Shirongo Festival,Aominesan Shoufukuji Temple,Ama Senjo Shrine,,,Kamishima Yatsushiro Shrine,,,The narrow back alley of Toshijima,Shima PeninsulaProduction tools and related materials,Ise ShrineToAbalone dedication, (), () ,,,Izawanomiya,Stone Buddha (Shiobutsu),Anjou's doll play,Isobe's Mikamida,Nagiri's Waraji Towing,Rias coastとPearl farming OfRaftLandscape ...Daiosaki Lighthouse,Anorisaki Lighthouse,Former Koshika Village Gozo Document,Dorman Seyman
742019/5/20Japan continues for 1300LifeJourney
~33 countries in the westKannon Pilgrimage ~
25Shiga prefecture flag Shiga : Otsu City,Nagahama,Omihachiman
Gifu Prefecture Flag Gifu : Ibikawa Town
Kyoto Prefecture Flag Kyoto : Uji city,Kyoto City,Kameoka,Miyazu City,Maizuru
Osaka Prefecture Flag Osaka : Izumi City,Fujiidera City,Ibaraki City,Minoh City
Hyogo prefecture flag Hyogo : Takarazuka,Kato City,Kasai City,Himeji
Nara prefecture flag Nara : Takatori Town,Asuka Village,Sakurai,Nara
Wakayama prefecture flag Wakayama : Nachi Katsuura Town,Wakayama City,Kinokawa City
Aogishi Watari Temple Main Hall, Aogishi Watari Temple Nyoirin Kanzeon Bosatsu (Gozen),Kongo Treasure Temple (Kimiidera) Main Hall, Kongo Treasure Temple (Kimiidera) Eleven-faced Kanzeon Bosatsu (Gozen),Kokawaji Main Hall, Kokawaji Senju Senju Kanzeon Bosatsu (Sentedo Honzon),Sefukuji main hall, Sefukuji eleven-faced thousand-handed thousand-eyed Kanzeon Bosatsu,Kuzui-ji main hall, Kuzui-ji eleven-faced thousand-handed thousand-eyed Kanzeon Bosatsu,Nanhokaji Temple (Tsubosaka-dera) Hachikakuendo, Nanhokaji Temple (Tsubosaka-dera) Eleven-faced Senju Senju Kanzeon Bosatsu,Okadera (Ryukaji) main hall, Okadera (Ryukaji) plastic Nyoirin Kanzeon Bosatsu,Hase-dera main hall, Hase-dera wooden eleven-faced Kanzeon Bosatsu,Kofukuji Nanen-do, Kofuku-ji Nanen-do Wooden Fukū-in Temple Kanzeon Bosatsu,Mimuroto Temple Main Hall, Mimuroto Temple Senju Kanzeon Bosatsu (Gozen),Kamidaigo Cundi Hall (Daigoji Temple), Cundi Kanzeon Bosatsu (Kaichō Buddha),Shohoji (Iwama-dera) main hall, Shohoji (Iwama-dera) Senju Kanzeon Bosatsu (Gozen),Ishiyama-dera Main Hall, Ishiyama-dera Wooden Nyoirin Kanzeon Bosatsu,Sonjoji (Mitsui-ji) Kannon-do, Sonojo-ji (Mitsui-ji) Wooden Nyoirin Kannon Bosatsu (Gozen),Imakumano Kannonji Main Hall, Imakumano Kannonji Eleven-faced Kannon Bosatsu (Gozen),Kiyomizu-dera main hall, Kiyomizu-dera eleven-faced thousand-handed thousand-eyed Kanzeon Bosatsu (Gozen),Rokuharamitsuji Main Hall, Rokuharamitsuji Eleven-faced Kanzeon Bosatsu,Rokkakudo Chohoji Main Hall, Rokkakudo Chohoji Nyoirin Kanzeon Bosatsu (Gozen),Leather Hall Gyoganji Main Hall, Leather Hall Gyoganji Senju Kanzeon Bosatsu (Gozen),Yoshimine-dera main hall, Yoshimine-dera Senju Kanzeon Bosatsu,Anao-ji Main Hall, Anao-ji Seikanzeon Bosatsu,Sojiji Main Hall, Sojiji Senju Kanzeon Bosatsu (Gozen),Katsuo-ji main hall, Katsuo-ji eleven-faced thousand-armed Kanzeon Bosatsu,Nakayamadera Main Hall, Nakayamadera Wooden Eleven-faced Kanzeon Bosatsu,Banshu Kiyomizudera Auditorium, Banshu Kiyomizudera Eleven-faced Senju Kanzeon Bosatsu,Ichijoji Main Hall, Ichijoji Bronze Holy Kanzeon Bosatsu,Engyo-ji Temple, Engyo-ji Temple Rokutan Nyoirin Kanzeon Bosatsu,Nariaiji Main Hall, Nariaiji Holy Kanzeon Bosatsu (Gozen),Matsuodera Main Hall, Matsuodera Hayagriva Kanzeon Bosatsu (Gozen),Hogonji Kannon-do, Hogonji Senju Senju Kanzeon Bosatsu (Gozen),Chomeiji Main Hall, Chomeiji Senju Kanzeon Bosatsu (Gozen), Chomeiji Eleven-faced Kanzeon Bosatsu, Chomeiji Seikanzeon Bosatsu,Kannonshoji Main Hall, Kannonshoji Senju Senju Kanzeon Bosatsu,Kegonji Main Hall, Kegonji Eleven-faced Kanzeon Bosatsu,Seal of marriage,
752019/5/20A town where travel attraction and two pictures convey
27Osaka Prefecture Flag Osaka : IzumisanoHineso Ruins,Rural landscape of Hineso Oki,Inunariyama, Setsumatsusha main shrine,1 Buddhist altar attached to Jigenin Tahoto, 2 tags attached to Jigenin Kondo,Hine ShrineShrineHibashi ShrineMain shrine,Jiyoin Dainichi Nyorai sitting statue,Shipporyuji Copper Bowl, Shipporyuji Kinumoto, Color Fudo Myo Nidoji Forty-eight Emissary Figure, Shipporyuji Kinumoto, Color Sonkatsu Mandala, Shipporyuji Kinumoto, Color Fudo Myo Eight Great Doji, Inunaruyama Shipporyuji and Okimura,Jiyokuin wooden building tag, ExcavatedCrow hat,Jiyokuin Kokerakyo,Hine Shrine Pillow Festival,Inunaruyama Shipporyuji Temple,,,
762019/5/20A town where you can meet the Middle Ages
~ A treasure trove of medieval cultural heritage that has been protected for a thousand years ~
27Osaka Prefecture Flag Osaka : Kawachinagano CityHistorical site Kanshinji precincts, Kanshinji buildings, Kanshinji Koin Chuin, Kanshinji former Koin Makimotoin, Kanshinji former Koin Sochiin ruins, Kanshinji sculptures,Landscape of private houses and terraced rice fields in the upstream area, etc.,Kawakami Shrine,,,,Yamamoto family residence,Historic site Kongo-ji precincts, Kongo-ji buildings, Kongo-ji sculptures, Kongo-ji temple Kichijoin, Kongo-ji temple Main-in, Kongo-ji temple Kanzoin, Kongo-ji temple Naka-in, Kongo-ji temple Mugenjuin,Amano RiverRemains of Koin on the east bank,Guardian,,,,Aokahara Shrine,Hoe Mikage,Nagano Shrine Main Hall,Eboshigatahachiman Shrine main shrine,Crow hat-shaped castle ruins,Zofukuji Temple,Koya Kaido,Yakujuyama Enmei-ji Temple,Hachiman Shrine
772019/5/20"Japan first"saltTown that gave birth to BanshuAko28Hyogo prefecture flag Hyogo : Ako City,Ako Castle Ruins, Tools,Clan,,,,,,,,,,,,Akaho Railway Track Trace,,,,,,,Tabuchi Garden,,,,Ako City Marine Science Museum, Salt Country and Mizuo,Iwa Miyako Shrine,Landscape of Ako Misaki,Misaki's townscape,Ako Ako,,,Salted buns,Ohsake Shrine,Sakoshi Ship Festival,Townscape of Sakoshi
782019/5/20Sea of ​​JapanSuperb view and unexplored region created by the wind
-Call for happinessBeast-UnicornThe earth whereInaba-Tajima'
31Tottori prefecture flag Tottori : Tottori City,Iwami Town,Wakasa Town,Chizu Town,Yazu Town
Hyogo prefecture flag Hyogo : Kami Town,Shin Onsen Town
Tottori sakyu,Hakuto Shrine Tree Tree,Aoya Kamiterachi Ruins,Uradome Beach,Tajima Mioura,Kasumi Beach,Amarube Railway Bridge,Hinoyama Gozan Mt.Nagisan Quasi-National Park,Chizu Town Itaihara Traditional Buildings Preservation Area,Ishitani Family Residence,,,Miyota House,Wakasa Railway Wakasa Station Bookstore, Platform, Turntable, etc.,,,,Fudoin Iwayado,Tottori Castle RuinsAttachedTaikogahira,Jinpukaku,Hibiki Shrine Main Hall, Karamon, Haiden and Heiden,Ube Shrine,Hijiri Shrine Main Hall / Haiden and Heiden, InabaKirin Lion Dance(Lion dance,Ube ShrineLion dance, Kirin lion dance, Kirin lion dance, Kirin lion dance, Kirin lion dance, Kirin lion dance), TajimaKirin Lion Dance(Utsuno ShrineKirin Lion Dance ,,,,,,,,)
792019/5/20A mythical world where gods and demons move
~Iwami areaHanded down inShinto music~
32Shimane prefecture flag Shimane : Hamada,Masuda City,Ota City,Jiangjin City,Kawamoto,Misato Town,Onan Town,Tsuwano Town,Yoshiga Town,Iwami Kagura,, (,) ,,Sekishu paper,Sekishu Japanese paper,,,, Paper book ink book, Iwami Kagura, Iwami Kagura costume (embroidery costume) ,,,,,,,,,,,Yunotsu Town Important Traditional Buildings Preservation District,,,,Nephew,Maruyama Castle Ruins,,,,Painting,蟠 dragon gorge,,,,,,,,,Taikodani Inari Shrine,,,,,,Kado Sushi(Box sushi,Pressed sushi)
802019/5/20Do you know !? A stone island where eternal time passes
~ Crossing the sea and laying the foundation of Japan SetouchiBisan Islands ~
33Okayama prefecture flag Okayama : Kasaoka
Kagawa prefecture flag Kagawa : Marugame,Tonosho Town,Shodoshima Town
(...) ,,,,,,Osaka Castle Ishigaki Ishigiri Tobikoshi Choba Ruins and Koumi Remains Stones (Osaka Castle Remains Stone Memorial Park),,,,Shiwaku main island,Kogarasu Shrine Torii,Kitagi stone choba,Kitagi Island Quarry Lake, Kitagi Island Masonry Tools,Cityscape of soy sauce brewery and stone tools (Soy sauce village),,,as well as,Shiosai office,Kasashima Village,,,,,,Mt. Kamikake (Kankakei),Ikeda no Sajiki,Shodoshima Mountain Sacred Ground,ShodoshimaRural kabukias well as the Stage / stone pier seat,,,,Shishigaki,,,Takashima,Shiroishi Island,,,Obishima Site,,,
812019/5/20blueHometown Awa
~ Visit the supreme blue that dyed all over Japan ~
36Tokushima prefecture flag Tokushima : Tokushima,Yoshinogawa,Awa City,Mima,Ishii Town,Kitajima Town,Aizumi Town,Itano Town,UeitamachiTanaka House,Takechi family residenceA group of indigo-related cultural properties centered on ,,,,,, silk book coloring agricultural map "" ,,Kensho temple document,Shozui Castle Ruinsas well as,Tokushima Castle RuinsAnd, and statue ,,, "" ,,,, Kitajima-cho collection indigo related documents ,,Awa Ai Manufacturing, Awa Ai Cultivation Processing Tools Set,Awa dance,Awa Ningyo Joruri,Sanbaso Mawashi"Mainakajima district,Landscape connecting indigo production area and distribution area,Mima City Wakimachi Minamimachi Traditional Buildings Preservation District,Yoshida Folk House,Lye fermentation indigo dyeing,Awa Ai OfInjection dyeing
822019/5/20Satsuma OfsamuraiThe town where I lived
~Samurai residencegroup"At the footWalk ~
46Kagoshima prefecture flag Kagoshima : Kagoshima,Izumi City,Tarumi,Satsumasendai,Ichikikushikino City,Minami Satsuma,Shibushi City,Minamikyushu,AiraKagoshima Castle Ruins(Shiroyama),Kagoshima Castle Oteguchi Ruins, Kagoshima Castle Shinshoin Exit Ruins, Kagoshima Castle Iwasakiguchi Ruins, Kagoshima Castle Honmaru Ruins, Kagoshima Castle Ninomaru Ruins,Terukuni Shrine,Private school ruins stone wall,,,,Southern Shrine,Foot of water,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Clear color castle ruins,,,,Iriki Onsen,,,,,,,,,,,,Kushikino Kinzan,,,,,,Takeda Shrine,,,,Shibushi Castle Ruins,, (), Shibushi Foothills Garden (), Shibushi Foothills Garden () ,,,Homanji ruins,Daci Temple,Chiran foot,Chiran Castle Ruins,,When,,Chiran foot garden,Chiran Samurai Residenceof,Key-shaped street on the main street at the foot of ChiranとShigandang,,,Toyodahime ShrineWhen,Toyoda Hime Mausoleum,,,,,,,Gamo Hachiman Shrine,Gamo's Kusu,,,,Shochu,Satsuma-age
832019/5/20Ryukyu KingdomOkinawa's traditional "Continuous cotton from the times"Ryukyu cuisine"When"Awamori"And"Entertainment'47Okinawa prefecture flag Okinawa : Naha,Urasoe City,High grave of Iso,Urasoe Castle Ruins,MakiminatoTerabu's cattail,Urasoe you,Monument in front of Urasoe Castle, (King NangRoad),,Former Shurijo Castle Main Hall Bell (Bridge of Nations Bell),Kume VillageSurrounding historic sites and historic sites,Qingming Festival, (Offering),Naha PortHistoric sites around ...Shuri Castle Ruins,,,Ryukyu dance,Group dance,Tamaki Asuka's Tomb(Tomb),Shikinaen,Ochaya Goten Ruins, Zhu lacquer Sansui person foil paintingEast DobonWait(Ryukyu lacquerware),Ryukyu Awamori,Shuri Castle Senzo Ruins,Tofu,Kippan,Shurijo Castle Shoin / Sasunoma Garden
842020/6/19"salmonThe story of "Sacred Land"
~Nemuro StraitXNUMX years of journey ~
01Hokkaido flag Hokkaido : Shibetsu,Nemuro,Betsukai Town,Rausu TownNotsuke Peninsula,Nemuro Peninsula OfOkhotsk cultureExcavated items ...Scenery of drying salmon toba,,,Markzu archaeological siteIchani Karikarius Ruins, Salmon on the coast of the Nemuro StraittroutRun-up river,Nemuro Peninsula Chashi Ruins,Nishitsukigaoka Ruins,,,,Kotohira Shrine, "" "" ,,,,Sake brewery of Usui Katsusaburo Shoten,,,Notsuke Bay OfUtase fishing,,,Former Depth Usu Station,Former Bekkai Village Orbital Furen LineDepth mortar stop,Shibetsu Line related assets(Former Nemuro-Shibetsu Station Turntable,Okuyukiusu Station) ,,Nesushi Plateau OfdairyBuildings,Grid-shaped windbreak on the Nesushi Plateau
~Appi RiverTraditional techniques inherited in the basin ~
03Iwate prefecture flag Iwate : Ninohe City,Hachimantai City
862020/6/19Japanese wine140 years history
~ DomesticGrapeCrystal of Japanese culture brewed in
08Ibaraki prefecture flag Ibaraki : Ushiku
Yamanashi prefecture flag Yamanashi : Koshu
,,,,,,Japanese wine produced in the 12th year of the Meiji era,Ryuken Cellar,When,,Ushiku Chateau collection materials, Kamiya vineyard actual measurement map,Chateau Kamiya Former Brewery Facility 3 Buildings (Old Office, Former Fermentation Room, Former Storage),Chateau Kamiya old brewery facility brewing equipment, Kamiya vineyard dolly track trace,Former Miyazaki wine brewery facility (Miyakoen), Miyakoen materials, Miyakoen 35mm film,, traditionalWinery(,Marufuji Winery Former Brewery, Marufuji Winery Bottle Storage,Katsunuma brewing owner and office, Katsunuma brewing barrel storage,),Katsunuma grape cultivation tools and wine brewing tools,Kashiwaoyama Daizenji, Daizenji wine culture,Former Ohikage Railway Tunnel-Former Fukasawa Railway TunnelAnd the surrounding tunnel remains,Horse drinking fountain,Former Tanaka Bank Building / Former Tanaka Bank Storehouse,Kamiya Denbe Cemetery Site and Kamiya Osamu Memorial,
-"Yaki Monogatari" spun by brothers' production areas-
09Tochigi prefecture flag Tochigi : Mashiko Town
Ibaraki prefecture flag Ibaraki : Kasama City
(,,),Jizoin Main Hall,Utsunomiya family graveyard,Saimei-ji Temple (three-storied pagoda, tower gate, main hall kitchen),Entsuji front gate,Ryogonji Temple (Sanmon, wooden Senju Kannon statue),Kasama Eon Cemetery,,,,Karamoto all sutra,Inada Shrine,Kiln related to the origin of Kasama ware,Hodaiin Sanmon, (Kasama ware early work), (Kasama ware early work), () ,,, (Mashiko ware early work), (Mashiko ware early work),Kasama Castle Ruins (Kasama Castle Tower / Gate),Works by Shoji Hamada,Works by Tatsuzo Shimaoka,Mashiko Reference Museum Kamidai (former Hamada Shoji Residence away), Mashiko Reference Museum Small Factory, Mashiko Reference Museum Climbing Kiln,, ((combined with dyeing workshop) ・Indigo dyeing jar-Vegetal dyeing), (),Works by Kosei Matsui,Shunpu Banriso,Kasama Inari Shrine main shrine
882020/6/19Reiki Manzan Mt. Takaosan
~ People's prayers spinKuwatoStory ~
13Tokyo flag Tokyo : Hachioji CityHachioji Castle Ruins, Hachioji Castle Ruins Excavated from the main shrine,Hachioji Shrine,Takiyama Castle Ruins,Hojo Ujiteru and his vassal grave,Kobotokeseki Ruins,Mt. Takaosan, (Document issued by Mr. Hojo),Cultural property of Takaoyama Yakuouin,Mt. Takaosan Sugi,Gozenritsu Gohonzon Iizuna Daigon Development,Takaoyama Yakuouin Jyoshinmon,,,Firewalking Festival,Water Dojo,Mt. Takaosan flying squirrel,Kuwato Diary Manuscript(),Tamaori,Silk Road (Hama Kaido), (Silk Road Museum) ,,,Woodworking,Hachioji car dollandSutra Joruri,Festival above-Festival below(Hachioji Festival),Mikoshi and floats for the upper and lower festivals,, of KuwatoRice wine(Mt. Takaosan, Kuwanoto, Hachioji Castle, Ujiteru, Takao Tengu)
892020/6/19Ultimate Snow Country and Okamachi
-The truth!Heavy snowfallStory-
15Niigata Prefecture Flag Niigata : Tokamachi
902020/6/19Crossed the seaTrain
~ The miracle of the railway leading to the world ~
18Fukui prefecture flag Fukui : Minami Echizen,Tsuruga
Shiga prefecture flag Shiga : Nagahama
Yanagase Tunnel,Kotone Tunnel,,,,,,,,,,,,Yamanaka tunnel,Yamanaka signal station trace,Ogiri station ruins,,WhenGrilled mackerel somen,Hama Chirimen,Nakanogo station ruins,Former Nagahama station building,Flat "Mansei Eiyari",Flat "Kowa Dried Time", Flat "Tokudare Offspring",Former Nagahama Station No. 29 turnout point,Keiunkan,Black Wall Glass Museum,,,,Imajō Station water tower / coal supply stand,Imajo-juku,Former New York Standard Oil Company Warehouse,Former Owada Bank Head Office Main Building,European-Asia contact ticket via Siberia,Former Tsuruga Minato Station Railroad Track, Former Tsuruga Minato Station Lamp Hut,Landscape of Tsuruga Port
912020/6/19KoshuThe origin of the craftsmanshipMitake Shosenkyo
~crystalFaith and skill led by the heartbeat of the world, and advanced technology ~
19Yamanashi prefecture flag Yamanashi : Kofu City,Kai cityMitake Shosenkyo,Swallow rock vein,Mt. Kinpusan Gojoiwa,Noh mask, Sumiyoshi lacquer work box, family crest lacquer work box, lacquer lacquer work drum, armor lacquer work drum, Kinsakura Shrine large kagura mask and costume,Kanazakura Shrine Setsusha / Hakusansha,Kanazakura Shrine's sacred treasure,Shiozawaji Jizo-do,, (former filtration pond adjustment well, old office, second tunnel upper exit) ,,,Former Kanazakura Shrine Ishitorii, () Stone structures ,,Remains of the former Rakanji Temple, wooden XNUMX Rakan statue, wooden Amida Nyorai sitting statue,White litter
922020/6/19Chikuma, the capital of the moon
-TanadaThe mysterious moonscape created byMonth of rice field-
20Nagano Prefecture Flag Nagano : ChikumaChorakuji precincts and monuments,Hiroshige UtagawaWorkUkiyo-e"",Toyohara ChikanoWorkNishiki-e"",Shinichi FujiwaraWork "",Tanada,, ...Waterway,Takemizuwake Shrine / Kora Shrine Main Hall, Takemizuwake Shrine / Shinto Matsuda Family House Ruins, Takemizuwake Shrine / Jingu-ji Temple Ruins, Takemizuwake Shrine's Nakaaki Festival, Takemizuwake Shrine Head Event() ,,Town of Mt. InariWhen,Tsukimachi event, XNUMX night tower,Crowned mountain(Mt.) ,,A branch of Tosan-do, (Estimated land in Sarashina District),North country roadSideways traffic-Zenkoji-michi, (Chorakuji TempleNo ..., Sarashina River, Mt. Kamuriki, Mt. Kyodai ...Chikuma River),Obasute Station Station Building,Hime firefly habitat of Mt. Kamuriki,Tokura Kamiyamada Onsen-Sasaya Hotel Villa (Toyoen Mushi),,,Chikuma River OfHaya's fishing spot,Japanese buckwheat noodles-Oshibori Udon-Oyaki
932020/6/19Ley line"Sacred place of the sun and the earth" that connects
~ Shinshu Ueda, a town that lives with dragonsShiota flat~
20Nagano Prefecture Flag Nagano : UedaAnrakuji octagonal triple tower,,,Jorakuji Main Hall, Jorakuji Stone Tahoto,Kitamuki Kannon Temple,Zenkoji earthquakeEma,Aizen Katsura() ,,Maesanji Triple Pagoda,,,Chuzenji Yakushido, Chuzenji wooden Yakushi Nyorai statue, Chuzenji wooden Kongorikishi statue,,,Bessho Hot Spring OfMt.,,When,·,,,Shinano Kokubunji Ruins,Shinano Kokubunji Main Hall, Shinano Kokubunji Triple Pagoda, Shinano Kokubunji Stone Treasure Pagoda,Ueda City Yokaido OfSomin Shorai distribution customs,Yokaido fair map,Ikushimatarushima Shrine Main Hall, Ikushimatarushima Shrine Setsusha Suwasha Main Hall, Ikushimatarushima Shrine Documents,Railway facilities on the Bessho Line
942020/6/19Caused Japan's first "travel boom"Yaji-san Kita-san,SurugaJourney
~comic bookとUkiyo-eDrawsTokaidoof journeyGuidebook(Journey) ~
22Shizuoka prefecture flag Shizuoka : Fujieda,Shizuoka CityKanbara-juku, (Resting place) ,,Yui-shuku,Shizuoka City Tokaido Hiroshige Museum of ArtOf the collectionUkiyo-e,, (),薩 埵 峠,Kiyomi Temple,Miho Matsubara,Ejiri-jukuSpecialty ・Oiwake Yokan,Fuchu-shuku(Sunpu Castle XNUMXga Town),Fuchu-shukuSpecialty ・Abegawa Mochi,Maruko InnSpecialty ・Yam soup,Chojiya,,,Ten dumplings,Tokaido Utsunoya Pass, Meiji Utsunoya Tunnel,Ivy Path,,,,Okabe-jukuGreat Hatago Kashiwaya,Okabe-juku Honjin Ruins,Tokaido pine trees(),Tanaka Castle / Tanaka Castle Honmaru Tower(),Daikeiji・,Dedication dance of Akunami Shrine Festival,Seto dyed rice,Tokaido pine trees()
952020/6/19A waterway of hope that connects Kyoto and Otsu Lake Biwa Canal
~ Get on the boat and walk to touchMeijiMoment
26Kyoto Prefecture Flag Kyoto : Kyoto City
Shiga prefecture flag Shiga : Otsu City
,Lake Biwa Canal,,,2nd Sewage Intake and Cave, 1st shaft, 2nd shaft, 1st tunnel exit ,,Yamashina Canal,, harbor,Anshoji TempleHarbor,brickFactory ruins, 2nd tunnel entrance, 2nd tunnel exit, 3rd tunnel entrance, 3rd tunnel exit, old pump room, harbor,Kicking Incline,Keage Power Station,Keage Water Purification PlantFirst high school distribution reservoir ,,Nanzenji TempleHarbor,Kitagaki National HighwayStatue andSakuro TanabeStatue, Suimizu Construction Martyr's Condolence Monument and Martyr's Monument ,,Suirokaku,Kyoto City Zoo,Materials in the Lake Biwa Canal Museum,Kicking InclineDrum factory,Kyoto Municipal Train OfvehicleとPaving stones,Gardens in the Okazaki area(Murin-an-Heian Jingu Shrine) ,,Kamo River Canal,Flat
962020/6/19Live with women nowNyonin kouya
~ A healing sanctuary that continues to watch over time and time ~
27Osaka Prefecture Flag Osaka : Kawachinagano City
Nara prefecture flag Nara : Uda City
Wakayama prefecture flag Wakayama : Kudoyama Town,Koya Town
The precincts of Murouji Temple, the buildings of Murouji Temple, the sculptures of Murouji Temple,The precincts of Kongoji, the buildings of Kongoji, the sculptures of Kongoji,Koya Kaido,Jisonin precincts, Jisonin buildings, Jisonin sculptures,Makiomichi,Town stone road,,,Woman's path,Butsuryu-ji Temple,Onoji,The guardian of Kongoji Temple, the children's temples of Kongoji Temple,Hoe Mikage,Niu Government Ministry Shrine,, ()
972020/6/19"ItamiMoroshiro"When"NadaRaw one "
A famous brewery produced by down sake,ItamiとNadagogo
28Hyogo prefecture flag Hyogo : Itami City,Amagasaki,Nishinomiya,Ashiya,Kobe CitySettsu famous map,,,Former Okada Family Residence Tag / Kamaya and Washing Area / Squeezing Area,Former Ishibashi family residence・,Konishi Brewing "Chojuzo"(),Sake barrel-桶A set of making tools (including making tools) ,,,Itami / Sake Brewing Tools and Related Materials,Arioka Castle Ruins・, Hyogo Prefecture's sake brewing customs,Miyamizu birthplace monument, Miyamizui, Miyamizu area,Cultural landscape of Ashiya River,Nadagogo-Sake brewing song,Nishinomiya Township-Shiraka Tatsuuma Honke Sake Brewery Honzo / Kamaba Remains,Nada's brewing tools set A set of brewing tubs and barrel making tools,Nishinomiya Shrine Kaei Bridge, Nishinomiya Shrine Mizuho Bridge,Uozaki Township-Sakuramasamune Yamamura Family Sake Brewing Tools / Sake Brewing Related Materials,Uozaki Township-Hamafukutsuru brewing equipment,Nada's brewing tools,Mikage Township-Kiku-Masamune Kano Family Sake Related Materialsas well as,Mikage Township-Hakutsuru Former Main Store Ichigozo, Excavated Relics, Relics, Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Tools,Mikage Township-Kobe Shushinkan Sake Brewing Tools,Sawanotsuru Co., Ltd. Oishikura Nada's brewing equipment set, tanka remains, Nada's sake barrel manufacturing technology,Hyogotsu・,Hyogotsu・,Materials related to barrel shipping,Nada brewing related historical materials, (Nishinomiya Port),Minume Shrine votive tablet Ema,Imazu Lighthouse Attached Tag,,,,Settsu Itami Sake barrel inscription,Settsu Sake barrel recommended inscription,Maritime Museum of Kobe UniversityTaru kaisen materials,Basho strips and other haiku materials,Naginata(Shubukan),Wise and foolish sutra volume(Daishobu) Komaki XNUMX lines, Otsumaki XNUMX lines and many others,Hakutsuru Museum Main Building, Hakutsuru Museum Office Building, Hakutsuru Museum Storehouse, Hakutsuru Museum Tea Room (Kuan),By Kinumoto Abe no Nakamaro, Meishu Mochizuki, Entsu Daishi, Kuremon Retirement Map and many others,Kijuro Tatsuma Residence,Former Yamamura Residence(Yodogawa Steel Guest House),Private Nada Junior and Senior High School Main Building,Konan Pickled Museum(),Mikage Public Hall
982020/6/19I won't let you slip anymore! !!
~Tatsuta KodoHeart of "KamenozeGo beyond
29Nara prefecture flag Nara : Misato Town
Osaka Prefecture Flag Osaka : Kashiwara City
Former Osaka Railway Kamese Kudo,No. XNUMX Yamatogawa Bridge,Kame no Seji Slip Historical Document,Matsudakeyama Ancient Tomb,Aoya Ruins(Takehara Itongu Ruins),Heiryu-ji Temple Ruins,Kawachi Kokubunji Ruins,Chishiki-ji site,,,Tatsuta Taisha Shrine, annual festival and wind town festival,Mimuroyama,Iwase no Mori,,,Tatsuta Kagura, Kumo Xi Drum
992020/6/19"Katsuragi training'
-The place where Shugendo begins to protect and convey with the villagers
30Wakayama prefecture flag Wakayama : Wakayama City,Hashimoto,Kinokawa City,Iwade City,Katsuragi Town
Osaka Prefecture Flag Osaka : Kishiwada,Izumisano,Kawachinagano City,Izumi City,Kashiwara City,Hannan City,Misaki Town,Henan Town,Chihaya Akasaka Village
Nara prefecture flag Nara : Gojo City,Gosho City,Kashiba,Katsuragi,Oji Town
(Tomegashima),Upaya(), (,), (Wen'an5 year memorial stone monument, Sakura Jizo dedication), (), (), (), (InunariyamaShipporyuji Temple), (), (Daiitokuji Temple), (), (), (), (,,Kotakiji Temple), (Mt. Iwasaki), (), (), (), (Jinpukuyama), (), (Mt. Kongouzan), (), (), (), (Kokiji Temple), (Nijo Kamiyama), (), (,Myojinzan),Kada Kasuga Shrine,Negoroji Temple,Kokawaji Temple,HinesoRural landscape of big trees ...Matsuo-ji Temple,MakiosanSefukuji Temple,Niutsuhime Shrine precincts,Amida-do,Iwayu-ji Temple,Mt. Kongouzan,Sasoji Temple, Taima-dera ,,,, Kada Kasuga Shrine,KishuKataura"" ,,Kada Awashima Shrine,,, (), () ,,Ruins of Prince Nakayama,,,Negoroji Temple Sangharama Ancient Picture,,,Inunariyama(Shipporyuji Temple), ・, 7 waterfalls including ,,Igabi Shrine・ ,,Horikoshishakukannon,Katsuragi Zao Gongensha,,, megalith,Eight Great Dragon Kings・, And New Year's Eve ,,Kotakiji Temple, Kotakiji Charcoal-grilled Fudoson,Daitakuji Temple,Jifukuji,Tenporinji Temple,Kisshosoji Temple,Katsuragi Katoushi Shrine,Tomaji Takenobo,Donzuru Mine,Anamushi Pass OfMao Kannon,,,
1002020/6/19Taste Masuda, a masterpiece of medieval Japan
-Shine again in the local era-
32Shimane prefecture flag Shimane : Masuda CityKushishirogahime Shrine (Main shrine of Kushishirogahime Shrine),Nakasu Higashihara Ruins,,, ・Sesshu Tomb),Paper book Color Masuda Kanetsu statue· · ·Masuda Fujikane letter(March XNUMXth, addressed to Mr. Kitsuki Kitsuki) ...Sesshu Zen Master Statue, (),Nanao Castle Ruins・, (Nanao Castle Myogiji Temple Precincts,, (Denmasu Tafuji and Tomb), Myogiji Sakuraya Gorinto () ,,) ,,,Miyake Midoi trace,Manpukuji Temple (7 Manpukuji main hall building tags, Manpukuji garden, Kinumoto's color Nikawa Shiramichi map, Shoin fusuma painting, wooden Amida Nyorai statue, three Buddha statues, wooden Amida Nyorai sitting statue,,,South China Sansai Vase, ()) ,,),Ikoji Temple (Ikoji Garden, Ikoji Main Gate, Ikoji Middle Gate, Wooden Shaka Nyorai Sitting Statue, Wooden Yakushi Nyorai Sitting Statue 2 Sons, Wooden Kobo Daishi Sitting Statue, Wooden Denryumon Shigen Sitting Statue,Munekane Masuda statue,Shanshui,Remains of Chongkanji Temple),Image of Motoyoshi Masuda by Kinumoto,,, () ,,TakatsugawaとHikimi River,Masuda River,Ayu and Uruka
1012020/6/19Iwami OfVolcanoThe eternal history that
~ "Jomon no Mori" "Silver mineTo a trip where you can meet
32Shimane prefecture flag Shimane : Ota CitySanbe Shodohara buried forest,Mt. Sanbe, Makino landscape of Mt. Sanbe,Sanpei Onsen,Monobe Shrine,Sahimeyama Shrine and Tane Kagura,,,,Iwami Ginzan Ruins(of),Omori Ginzan district,Kotogahama,ofAragoniteOrigin ...Tategami Rock,Petrified wood in the west of Hane,Shizuno Cave, ()
1022020/6/19Birthplace of "Japan Red"
-RougeとcopperTownBichu Fukiya-
33Okayama prefecture flag Okayama : TakahashiTakahashi City Fukiya Traditional Buildings Preservation District,Old Katayama House,,,Nishie family house owner and others,Bengara-kan,Yoshioka mine site,Sasaune mine tunnel,,,Enmei-ji Temple,,,Former Fukiya Elementary School Building,,,,Bitchu Kagura,Ishishu roof tile making tools,
1032020/6/19sugarSpread the cultureNagasaki Highway
~ Sugar Road ~
42Nagasaki Prefecture Flag Nagasaki : Nagasaki,Isahaya,Omura
Fukuoka prefecture flag Fukuoka : Iizuka,Kitakyushu
Saga Prefecture Flag Saga : Ureshino City,小 城市,Saga City
Nagasaki Highway,Dejima Waran Trading House Ruins,Nagasaki Kunchi's dedication dance,Castella,Yuhei Sugar,Isahaya Okoshi, Isahaya Okoshi Tool,Okoshi manufacturing tools,Omura Sushi,Ureshino City Shiodazu,Incense,Kinkato,Muraoka Sohonpo Yokan Museum,Fucha cuisine,Ogi Yokan,Round bowl,, (),Famous confectionery Hiyoko,Chidori Manju,Fukuju-ji Temple,Tokiwa Bridge,Kogiku Manju,Konpeito,
1042020/6/19Created YatsushiroMasonTrajectory
~ A stone legacy that lives in the masonry town ~
43Kumamoto prefecture flag Kumamoto : YatsushiroMizushima(ShiranuiAnd Mizushima) ,,Mugishima Castle Ruins-Yatsushiro Castle Ruins() ,,,,Tomb of Sangoro Iwanaga,, attached ・Sea Dike,,,,,,,,,,Rush and rush products,,,Woman sumo,, (Wakamiya Shrine,)



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