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👩‍🎤 | Challenge to make-up that is kind to the earth, Moe Kamikokuryo (Angerme), Sakina Tonchi, Michi! "Bis" appeared

Photo Moe Kamikokuryo (Angerme), Sakina Tonchi, Michi, and the earth-friendly make-up! "Bis" appeared

Challenge Kamikokuryo Moe (Angerme), Sakina Tonchi, Michi, and earth-friendly makeup! "Bis" appeared

If you write the contents roughly
The cover is Mio Imada.

Moe Kamikokuryo (Angerme), Sakina Tonchi, and Michi will appear in the January issue of "bis" released on Wednesday, December 12st. … → Continue reading


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Imada Mio

Imada Mio(Still Mio,1997/〈Heisei9 years>May 3[2][3][4] -) isJapan Ofactress,talent.FukuokaFukuoka CityBackground[5][6][7][8].

Belongs to Content 3 Co., Ltd. (formerly BIGFACE).


Before 2016

  • Fukuoka Prefectural Fukuoka Korinkan High School 2nd grade at 16 years oldFukuoka CityTenjin OfShintenmachiでscoutDone[9][10][11]Of FukuokaModel office Belongs to CGE (Cover Girl Entertainment)[12].
  • In 2015, from the age of 3 in the third year of high school, the Fukuoka local late-night TV program "GeeBee』(TV West Japan) For the first time as a regular appearance.Was the youngest cast member[13]..The nickname at that time was Miomio.Appeared until the end of the program on March 2016, 3.
  • Fukuoka Prefecture released on YouTube in February 2016YanagawaIn the tourism PR video 2016, the Hina doll "Three official womenAppeared as one of the three-member unit "SAGEMON GIRLS" (Sagemon Girls), which is an anthropomorphic character.[14].. He was the center and leader of "SAGE MON GIRLS".
  • Fukuoka prefectureKokura StationImada's poster on the screen caught the eye of the president of BIG FACE (currently the president of Content 3 Co., Ltd.).[15][16]Scouted at the age of 19[4].. I strongly wanted to work in a movie and become an actress, so I moved to Tokyo in August 2016.[9][10]..After that, he belonged to BIGFACE (currently Content 3 Co., Ltd.).
  • Starred in the self-produced short film "Kalanchoe no Hana" directed by Shun Nakagawa in the same year.The film was highly acclaimed at many film festivals from 2017 to 2018[Annotation 1].



  • January 2 broadcastKBC Radio"Hakata Death. ~ Hakata Bijin Zukan ~ ”, the first appearance on a radio program[44].
  • The drama that started in April 2018, which was shot at the auditionHananochi Hare-Hanao Next Season-』(TBS)[45], Played by Airi Maya's "High Reproducibility of the Original"[46].
  • June, Mio ImadaInstagramNumber of followers exceeded 100 million[47][48][49].
  • The movie "Kalanchoe no Hana" will be released on July 7th at K's cinema in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and will be screened every day from 14:15 for a week only.[50][51], All seats will be overcrowded for 7 days (all seats sold out)[52].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Saitama Super ArenaAppeared in "Mynavi presents 27th Tokyo Girls Collection 2018 AUTUMN / WINTER" held at[53][54].
  • On October 10st, he was appointed as an image model for the Sun City Colorcon brand "Diya 1day".[55][56].. On October 10st, the 31st photobook "Mio Imada First Photobook Life Force" was released.[57][58][59][60][61]..This work won the first appearance in the "Photobook" by genre of the Oricon Weekly BOOK Ranking on November 11th.[60][61].
  • On June 11,LINEAppeared as the main character "Miki" in the full-scale mystery game "koToro_"[62]..In addition, the game's Web CM featuring Mio Imada will be available from November 11th to 9th.Shibuya scramble intersection5 sided synchro vision was jacked and aired for 3 days[63].
  • September 12, "Yahoo! Search Award2018 ”winner of the actress category[64][65][66][Annotation 3].. On December 12, the photo sharing application Instagram announced the most brilliant celebrity on Instagram "#MVI (Most Valuable Instagrammer in Japan) 12" and was selected in the "Trend" category.[67][68].
  • In December, the digital photo book "Stamina" will be released at Shueisha Weekly Pre-Grajapa!Winner of the 12 MVP Digital Photobook Award[69].



  • "Ranking of TV commercials for the year-end and New Year holidays from 1 to 7 (female)" announced by M-Data on January 2019[Annotation 5]Won first place in[85].
  • On January 1st, the 21nd photo book "Last Shot" (Kodansha), which recorded the last swimsuit, was released.Show sales of 2 copies of emergency reprints on the day of release[86], 3 copies were reprinted on the 23rd, the third day after the release[87][Annotation 6]..A total of 1 copies have been achieved one and a half years after its release. The fourth reprint was done[88][Annotation 7], 2022th time in January 1[89], The sixth reprint is decided in April.Two years after its release, the cumulative circulation has reached 4.[90].
  • In February, the sixth reprint of the 2st photo book "Life Force", which has sold over 3 copies, was decided.[91].
  • January,AOKIBecame a character for the Ladies Freshers Campaign[92].
  • In December, Nihon Monitor ranked first in the female talent category in the ranking of the number of companies using 12 talent commercials (Hirose Tin14 companies alongside)[93].


  • April 4th-July 15st,UNIQLO"UNIQLO" products selected by Misakura as buyers and "Miokuro", a collection of styling examples, are being developed by the project from the dressing discovery app "StyleHint".[94][95]..Select "I want to wear" and "I really want to recommend" items from UNIQLO's spring / summer products[95]..Style hints in the UNIQLO Harajuku store We will send out styling picked up in all UNIQLO stores, online stores, and StyleHint apps, including the "Miokuro" real shop that opened in Harajuku for a limited time.[95].



catch copyIs "the cutest girl in Fukuoka"[43]..This was attached by the president of Imada's office, Content 3 Co., Ltd., and was introduced in the media such as sports newspapers and weekly magazines with Imada's expansion into Tokyo.


My favorite food in Fukuoka isMisoOf tastemotsunabe[97].

There is a desire to put a large amount of pickled ginger in tonkotsu ramen[98].


My hobby is studying languages[12], Obtained the Chinese test level 2017 in 2[99]..My boom is cooking[99].


Special skill isHakata dialectTongue twister[12]..In high schoolKanji testPassed the second grade[100].


very closeentertainerAs an actressMei Nagano[101],Sugisakika[101], Of the modelSae Okazaki[102]And so on.Nagano for the second consecutive yearChristmasSpent[101].

In junior high school, he belonged to the track and field club.He specialized in the long jump.When she jumped and touched her hand, she got a cat's droppings and couldn't get rid of the smell for a while.

Fukuoka Prefectural Fukuoka Korinkan High SchoolModel for seniors in the first gradeEri MatsumotoWore[103].

The actress you admireMitsushima Hikari[104].



TV drama

Web drama

Television Animation

Theater animation





  • Let's be a family Dogs and cats and our future Part 1 (February 2019, 2,NHK BS Premium)[156]
  • Please show me your smartphone! (May 2019, 5 (midnight on 26th),NHK General) --MC[157]
  • Mirai of Mio Imada F (January 2020, 1-March 18, 3,KBC Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting)-Navigator[158]
    • Mirai 2021 of Mio Imada F (March 2021, 3, KBC Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting) --Navigator[159]
    • Mirai 2022 of Mio Imada F (March 2022, 3, KBC Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting) --Navigator[160]


  • Administrative public relations
    • Fukuoka Prefectural Government "Fukuoka Constriction Trip" (October 2020-)
    • FukuokaYanagawaSightseeing idol "Sagemon Girls"

CM being aired

  • First life
    • Just "Just Fit DAIGO" (March 2018-)- DAIGO,Knob(Chidori) With[161].
    • Medical Examination Discount "Mio Imada's 6 Seconds Challenge" / "Mio Imada's Mottainai!" (October 2018)[162]
    • Incapacity insurance "Mio Imada and Cafe Date" (September 2019)
    • Comprehensive medical lump sum insurance (June 2021)DAIGOAnd appeared
  • Recruitment
    • Hot pepperBeauty Student Discount (2019)
      • "Student Discount Musical" (July 2019, 7-)[163]
      • "Great Value, Overflowing" (February 2020, 2-)[164]
    • Sumo
      • "Imada-san's search for a place is from a place" (January 2022, 1-)[165]
      • "Image Waku in Imada's Dressing Room" (March 2022, 3-)[166]
  • Daiichi Sankyo Health Care
    • Mouth ulcer drug "Traffle"
      • `` Traful Direct Yakiniku Date'' (2019)[167]
      • "Traffle Direct Yakiniku Date Hakata Dialect" (2019, Fukuoka area only)[167]
    • Loxonin S
      • "Headache time / at work" (May 2020, 5-)[168]
    • Makiron Acnege (March 2021-)
  • P & G "Pantene(2019)-Brand Ambassador[169].
  • Jumbo lottery(April 2020-)-Second daughter, Mio
    • "Tell me Jumbo brother" (2020)
    • Summer jumbo lottery "Jumbo brother serial number and various roses" edition (2020)
    • Halloween jumbo lottery (2020)
  • AOKIFreshers "Each, Each Spring, Each Shine." (January 2020-)
  • CJ FOODS JAPAN Micho (April 2021-)[171]
  • Kose Cosmetics brand Facio "Familiar, uniqueness, continued." (May 2021-)[172]
  • vector
    • Hiromeru (May 2021 --) --WEBCM[173]
    • JOB TV for new graduates (November 2021-) --WEBCM[174]
  • Shueisha Weekly Playboy! "+ Special Mio Imada" Hitonatsu "" (June 2021, 6-)[175]
  • Rakuten Mobile
  • Audiostock Audiostock "Audiostock for video music and sound effects-Three Mio Imada-" (November 3, 2021-) --WEBCM[177]
  • Grop "Ciao Start with Grop" (December 2021, 12-)[178]
  • KIRIN beer"Kirin Whiskey Land" (April 2022-)[179]
  • SCSK(March 2022 -)[180]

CM that has finished airing

  • Marinoa City Fukuoka(October 2013-March 12)
  • Hiraki (October 2014-December 10)
  • Too Gakuen High School(- March 2017)
  • Coming-of-age ceremony Furisode rental exhibition (January 2016-1)
  • Aoyama of clothes"Freshers" (-January 2017)
  • Shionogi Healthcare New Sedes lock(- March 2017)
  • McDonald's(March 2017 -)
  • Asahi ワ ン ダ"Boyfriend" (2017)- One theater companyThe daughter of
  • Kyushu Electrical Safety Inspection Association(2017)[181]
  • Softbank CYBER SUNDAY "Mio-chan and Sunday-kun" (September 2018)- Atsushi Shison,Jiro Shirato(voice:Kinoji Kitaoji) With[182].
  • Nakamura Co., Ltd. Natural Sap Sheet Tree Megumi Series Foot Lira Sheet "Paste mio" (October 2018)
  • Talknote Engagement cloud "Talknote" (November 2018) WebCM[183][184]
  • IPPON Grand Prix Bansen Spot CM Theme "I can't trust this lawyer. Why?" (December 2018)SUITS/suitAs a performer
  • Housing Information Center Family Story / Thank You / Family Story / My Room (December 2018, 12-)[185]
  • Rabbit "Mio Surprise" and "Mio More than Expected" (January 2019, 1-)[186]
  • Good Luck Co., Ltd. WiFi at any time (2019) --The role of an investigator who can't let go of the WiFi router
    • "Donna Toki Mo Investigator 24:2019" "Overseas" (April 4)
    • "Donna Toki Mo Investigator 24:2019" "Stakeout" (April 4)
    • "Donna Toki Mo Investigator 24 o'clock" "Siege Man with Out of Traffic" (December 2019)
    • "Anytime Investigator 24:2019" "A Secret That Can Be Used Anytime" (December 12)
    • "Donna Toki Mo Investigator 24:2019" "Communication Out of Communication Room" (December 12)
  • Mixi Monster strike "Monster Strike Morning Assembly" (2019) --Prisoner Midori-chan
    • Monster Strike Jailbreak (2019) --Prisoner Midori-chan
  • U-NEXT"U-NEXT for such YOU, Mio Imada" (2019)[187]
  • Tama Home(2019-2020)[83][84]
    • Happy Song Mio Imada Debut 1 (2019)
    • Happy Song Mio Imada Debut 2 (2019)
    • Happy Song Mio Imada Award Winner (2020)
  • Trust 360 "Privacy Police" (360)
  • UNIQLO 2020 Fall / Winter "Washable at home. Pleated collection" (2020)
    • Uniqlo "Twisted Pleated Long Skirt"
    • Uniqlo "Chiffon Pleated Skirt Pants"
    • Uniqlo "Chiffon Pleated Long Skirt"
  • NEC VersaPro / VersaPro J type VM "Just right for the way you work in the future!" NEC 14-inch "notebook PC" edition (March 2020-)
  • Efun Japan "Illusion Connect" (November 2020-December 11, 28)
  • JT Sushal distance
    • Sushal song "I don't need it anymore ♪ Henhihehinai" (December 2020, 12-) --WEBCM[188]
    • Sushal song "I don't need it anymore ♪ I don't know who gets it" (December 2020, 12-) --WEBCM
    • Sushal song "I don't need it anymore ♪ I don't need a flattery" version (December 2020, 12-) --WEBCM
    • "Susual Musical ♪" (March 2021, 3 --) --Co-starring with Daigo (Chidori) ・ WEB CM[189]

Tourism promotion video

  • Yanagawa City Tourism PR Video 2016 "SAGEMON GIRLS" (photographed in December 2015, February 12)YouTubePublished inYanagawa)[190]
  • Fukuoka Constriction Trip-Still, let's go to Fukuoka!-(Photographed in August 2020, released on YouTube on October 8, 2020,Fukuoka)[191]
    • "Revenge Women's Journey"
    • "Fukuoka Honeymoon"
    • "Family trip"
    • "Adult Intellectual Study Trip"



  • StyleHint (Official release on October 2019, 10,UNIQLO-GuJoint planning / development) --Advertising cast[194]



  • 2016 Yanagawa Yokamon Festival (Yanagawa City, Yanagawa Yokamon Festival Venue) --Haunted as "SAGEMON GIRLS".In addition to the venue, I haunted various tourist attractions in Yanagawa.



  • Weekly playboy 2018 19/20 Special Appendix Mio Imada DVD Buds open (April 2018, 4 minutes recorded,GuamLocation,Shueisha) Not for sale[34]
  • Weekly Playboy 2018 No. 46 First Photobook Release Commemorative Special Appendix Mio Imada DVD Re: Life force (October 2018, 10 minutes recorded, Shueisha) Not for sale[197]
    • Making video of the first photo book "Life Force".Misakura was also in charge of the recording narration, and it became the first narration in the history of Weekly Playboy.[197]

Photo album

  1. Vitality (October 2018, 10,Shueisha, Photo by Tomoki Kuwashima)ISBN +978-4-08-780858-2[Annotation 10]
  2. Last shot (January 2020, 1,Kodansha, Photo: Mikifumi Sannomiya)ISBN +978-4-06-518616-9[198][199][200][Annotation 7][89][90]

Digital photo book

  • Stamina (October 2018, 10, Shueisha) A digital-only photo book composed of completely separate cuts of "Life Force". Released at the same time as "Life Force".[60]
  • Life force (March 2019, Shueisha, photographed by Tomoki Kuwajima) Released on October 3, 2018 Digitization of "life force"

Novel cover photo

Style book

Image characters, etc.

  • Color contact brand "Diya1day" image model (October 2018-, Suncity Co., Ltd.)
  • In-house communication tool Engagement cloud "Talknote" image character (November 2018-, Talknote Inc.)
  • Car purchase / assessment service "Rabbit" image character (January 2019-)
  • LINE"LINE PayAmbassador (2019)
  • Good Rack WiFi Router Co., Ltd. "Wifi at any time" Ambassador (2019)- Jiro SatoAnd two people.
  • Trust Growth 2019 Ambassador (2019)
  • P & G"PanteneBrand Ambassador (2019)- Tetsuko Kuroyanagi,Arimura Kajun,RyuchelAnd two people.[169]
  • Kose Cosmetic brand "Facio" TV commercial image character (2021)


  • Apparel brand "and R"
    • Released on November 2018, 11 Mio Imada Collaboration Collection All 30 items[201][202]


  • Color contact lens "Diya 1day Mavie" (released December 2018, 12, Suncity Co., Ltd.)[203]
    • All 3 species




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