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👩‍🎤 | Risa Nakamura & Arisa Komiya introduce a sustainable life that will lead to a beautiful future! "Bis" appeared

Photo Risa Nakamura & Arisa Komiya introduce a sustainable life that leads to a beautiful future! "Bis" appeared

Risa Nakamura & Arisa Komiya introduce a sustainable life that will lead to a beautiful future! "Bis" appeared

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Today, environmental pollution and global warming are becoming global problems.

Risa Nakamura and Arisa Komiya will appear in the January issue of "bis" released on Wednesday, December 12st.Environmental pollution and global warming are the world ... → Continue reading


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汚染What is (pollution)?ContaminantsEnters the natural environment and causes bad changes[1].. ..Pollution isChemical substanceOr noise, heat, light, etc.EnergyCan take the form of.Is a component of pollutionPollutantIs either an external substance or energy, or a naturally occurring contaminant.PollutionPoint source contaminationとNon-point source pollutionIt is often classified as. Pollution killed 2015 million people worldwide in 900[2][3].

"Pollution" is also widely used as a translation of "contamination".

汚染 (Conamination) means that the component to be analyzed is unintentionally mixed into a sample, an extract, an internal standard solution, etc. by some route at some stage during sampling or analysis.[4] Alternatively, more generally, another unwanted substance (eg,) deposited on the surface of a structure or device, or soaked into the interior, or mixed with one substance.Radioactive materialorHazardSubstance).[5]

Contamination by the IAEA (radioactive contamination) Definitions: 1. Radioactive material on the surface or in solids, liquids, gases (including the human body), or in the process of producing it, where the presence of the radioactive material is unintended or undesirable. 2. 0.4 Bq / cm for beta and gamma rays and low toxicity alpha rays20.04 Bq / cm for more than or all other alpha rays2If more than the amount of radioactive material is present on the surface. There is a note in the definitions of 1 and 2-although they are not part of the definition-the XNUMX is rarely officially used as a representation of a quantity on the surface, and The term pollution does not include radioactive material remaining in the place after decommissioning is completed, and for XNUMX., this definition is a definition under the International Transport Regulations and is below that value. Also states that the scientific definition of XNUMX must be considered.In particular, the term pollution may imply unintended, and the term pollution merely indicates the presence of radioactivity and is relevant.HazardIt does not indicate the size of.[6]

The main form of pollution isAir pollution,Light pollution,Littering,noise,Plastic pollution,Soil contamination,radioactive contamination,Heat pollution,Landscape destruction (en,andWater pollutionIs included.

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