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👩‍🎤 | Miku Kanemura (Hinatazaka46), Emiri Otani (= LOVE) and others talk about turning points! "Bis" appeared

Photo Miku Kanemura (Hinatazaka46), Emiri Otani (= LOVE) and others talk about turning points! "Bis" appeared

Miku Kanemura (Hinatazaka46), Emiri Otani (= LOVE) and others talk about turning points! "Bis" appeared

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Miku Kanemura (Hinatazaka46), Emiri Otani (= LOVE), Noah Sato, Yume Shinjo, and Michi will appear in the January issue of "bis" released on Wednesday, December 12st.

Miku Kanemura (Hinatazaka46), Emiri Otani (= LOVE), Noah Sato, Yume Shinjo, Michi will be released on Wednesday, December 12st ... → Continue reading


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Otani Emisato

Emiri Otani(Emiri Otani,1998 May 3 -) isJapan OfIdolAnd a female voice actor idol group= LOVEMembers, female idol group ・Axib projectIs a former member of.TokyoI'm fromYoyogi Animation AcademyBelongs. Nickname isMiri Nya.


  • 0May 4 Rino SashiharaAs a producer, passed the second screening of "Yoyogi Animation Gakuin Presents Rino Sashihara Produced Voice Actor Idol Audition" and advanced to SHOWROOM Audition (entry number: 92).[4].
  • 0April 4 The final screening of "Yoyogi Animation Gakuin Presents Rino Sashihara Produced Voice Actor Idol Audition" was held, and 29 people passed (13 person later declined).At the same time, the group name is "= LOVE(Equal love) ”was announced[5].
  • 0June 6 It will be revealed that he has become an official member with the holding of "= LOVE" SHOWROOM personal distribution.[6].
  • 0October05 days "TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL2017 ”was performed for the first time[7].
  • 0October06 days SACRED MUSICMore major debut single "= LOVERelease[7].
  • October 10 = First time as a LOVE memberInstagramOpen an account[8].. = According to Sashihara, the producer of LOVE, Otani, who seems to be able to master Instagram, was selected as the first member.[9].
  • 0September 9 Fashion magazine "untilDecided to be a regular model[11].
  • 0January 1th Photobook OfficialTwitterAnnounced that the 1st photo book "Favorite People" will be released on March 23, 2021, which is the 3rd birthday of the account.[12].


  • My favorite food is Jiro ramen[13][14].
  • I have a ferret[15].
  • Official Instagram charge for Ikolove.
  • The general term for fans is "spoiled corps".

= Participating songs in LOVE





Internet radio program

Internet distribution program

  • Polish DHC beauty!Extreme Beauty (October 2018, 10-March 1, 2019,DHC TV)-Sub MC
    • DHC Shibuya Studio Production Committee (May 2019, 5-, DHC TV)
    • #Shibuya Organzaka Student Organization (July 2019, 7-, DHC TV)


Magazine serialization

Magazine publication

Photo album

  • With you and two. (Extra No. 734)
  • Favorite person (March 2021, 3,Shueisha)[19]


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