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🐈 | When I followed a cat that suddenly appeared ... The back alley I arrived at was like an "entrance to another world"

From the tweet of the photo "toshibo" (@JIYUKENKYU_jp)

When I followed the cat that suddenly appeared ... The back alley I arrived at was like an "entrance to another world"

If you write the contents roughly
What happened in this back alley?

A mysterious beauty expressed in the ruins.Toshibo, a photographer who publishes photos of a unique world view on SNS ... → Continue reading

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Life road

Life road(Seikatsudoro) means that people living in the area住宅From major道路The road to use before going out to.

Urban areaThen.alley(Roji), in rural areasFarm roadAlso called (noudo)[Source required],AlsoDrivewayPrivate roads like (Shido) are also part of this.


Residents of the area from their homes on the living roadMain streetEtc. major道路It is a road to use before going out, but many of them are narrow,AutomobileIs the face-to-face traffic at last?one-wayIt is not premised that cars pass frequently.

Because it is adjacent to a private house,Hedge,塀It is not uncommon for places with poor visibility, such astraffic lights,crosswalkThere is almost no such thingTraffic safetySome equipment forroad signMixed withpauseBesidescurve-mirror,Crime prevention lightDimRoad lightingIs only to some extent.

Due to the nature of these, they are used when going in and out of the house.CommutingTraffic is extremely light except during the hours ofPedestrian walkAlso used toroadwayとSidewalkThere is no clear distinction between.Also, many of themSchool zoneIs also specified.

In addition,Land readjustmentWas doneNew residential areaThen.BoardThose that are maintained like the line (rice field shape),Sprawl officialSuburb OfResidential areasThen.UrbanizationOld winding oldFarm road・ There are many cases where living roads are incorporated into the urban structure as they are.

Living roads and car traffic

In many of thesePedestrian,BicycleEtc.non-motorized vehicleDesigned as a way forAutomobileThe convenience of transportation is not considered so much, but on the other hand, it connects the main roads.loopholeAsTraffic jam,traffic lights-交 差点Some people try to go through this road to get around.School zoneIn many cases, it is designated as, and many casualties occur annually due to the passage of automobiles.

However, these roads are pedestrians during the day and at nightBicycleOften pops out, such as contact and collision related to thisTraffic accidentHas been reported not a little.

Especially when it comes to loophole issuesLand use planningIn a poor areaNew road,Bypass roadIn addition toOld roadIn an area where traffic congestion has become normal due to saturation社会 問題However, due to the motive of simply being a shortcut, large vehicles and heavy vehicles pass through, and there are places where the passage of wide double-track roads in the vicinity is decreasing, so it is said that the traffic is regulated by the government regarding safety, noise, vibration, etc. , Appropriate traffic for each type of road according to the original administrative purpose has become an issue.

In addition, on a narrow road called a living road, an accident has occurred even though it is obligatory to drive at a speed that can cope with jumping out.In other words, of the carViolation of safe driving obligationDriving is rampant and is regarded as a problem, and at the request of citizens,HumpMeasures such as installation may be taken.

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