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📱 | Which stores can use "JCB Touch Payment"? Odakyu OX is also available

Photo Odakyu OX supports JCB contactless. Settle by saying "JCB touch payment / JCB"

Which stores can use "JCB touch payment"? Odakyu OX is also available

If you write the contents roughly
Even if it is not on the official website's list of compatible stores, it can be used if there is a contactless payment mark on the store front that looks like a Wi-Fi mark.

The supermarket "Odakyu OX" operated by Odakyu Shoji will start "JCB touch payment (JCB Con ...) from November 11th. → Continue reading

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The website "BCN + R" is a specialized online media for people who sell or make things, who understand "now" and "tomorrow" of digital products and home appliances in Japan.

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