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👩‍🎤 | Last Idol, 11th SG "Break a leg!" Bonus video details lifted!

Photo Last Idol, 11th SG "Break a leg!" Bonus video Details lifted!

Last Idol, 11th SG "Break a leg!" Bonus video details lifted!

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The teachers are Honoka Nishimura, Momona Matsumoto, and Nana Minoru Abe, who are the centers of each tribe.

Last Idol will be on each first limited edition of the 12th single "Break a leg!" Released on December 8th (Wednesday) ... → Continue reading


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Nana Abe

Nana Abe(Abe Nanami,2002 May 5 -) is a Japanese womanIdolAndLast idol, Girls unit PaxpueraIs a member of.


YamagataI'm from. In 2005Step oneJoined and started idol activities at the age of three. Joined "Strawberry Rex" in 3, "rex" in 2006, "mImi" from 2008 ("Mimi" from 2011PaxpueraRenamed to ")[1], From 2017Last idolIt is also active as a center.


  • In October, won the second prize in the model category of the "Kirat Entertainment Challenge Contest"[1].


  • Performed in the musical "King and I" in July (Hokkaido / Tohoku block)[1].





  • October 10, TV Asahi "Last idol(1st season) Appeared as a challenger in the 10th broadcast.Temporary member standing position No. 1Kajima MajimaVictory and change position. The standing position of all members of Last Idol (12st season) will be confirmed on the broadcast on December 17th.[6].
  • On June 12,Band wagonAs the last idol (standing position No. 1 center)Universal Music JapanMore major debut[7].


  • In the broadcast of "Last Idol" (4nd season) on April 1, the unit name changed from "Last Idol" to "LaLuce"change to[8]Will be announced.



  • Appeared on the cover and interview of public relations Yamagata on January 1st.
  • On March 3, appeared in the video content of SoftBank's new service "5G LAB".
  • Last Idol 4th single released on April 15 "I know the loveWas selected as the first place in the selection audition, and served as the center for three consecutive works.[13]..In addition, he was also selected for Yanmaga selection and sang the YM board coupling song "How much do you like?"[14].
  • Last Idol 11th single released on April 4 "How many peopleActs as a center.In this work, sword fighting is incorporated into the performance, and the role name in it is "Nana".He has also been selected as a singing member of the coupling song "Ginga Kousoku Jikenchu" on the B board of the same song.


  • On June 3,NanamiUnder the name, he wrote the lyrics, composed the music, and wrote the video.VOCALOIDAnnounced that the song was posted on Nico Nico Douga[15].
  • March 3, women's fashion magazine "untilWill be a regular model[16].SHOWROOMHe was selected as one of the top 7 players in the bis regular model competition battle in Japan, and won the Grand Prix as a result of the final examination by the editorial department.
  • Appointed as a CM for the voter turnout improvement campaign in Yamagata Prefecture for the 49th House of Representatives general election (voting on October 10)[17].
  • Last Idol 12th single released on April 8 "Break a leg!Serves as a center.Won first place in the performance battle "Las Eye Survival" that decides the selected members of the group.He is also the leader of Cattleya, who sings the coupling song "Tonight is Up to you!" On the C board of the same song.


  • My hobbies are alone (karaoke, movies, eating out), nail art, detailed work, collecting cosmetics, watching videos.[18].
  • Special skills are drawing, remembering, and soft thumb joints.[18]..In particular, colored pencil drawings are being used more and more as official goods for Last Idol, and are being introduced on TV programs where they appear.We are also focusing on illustration activities such as original goods design and calendar production.[19].
  • Favorite foods and drinks are fruits, beef jerky, cola, etc.[18].
  • My favorite color is light blue.The member color is light blue even in Pax Puella, which also serves concurrently.[20].
  • With an outstanding style of 170 cm tall and 9 heads, he was introduced as a "nonstandard 9 head idol" when he challenged the last idol.
  • He professes to be a shy person[21], The members of the same group also say that they have a gentle personality.[22].
  • Former to a respected idol℃ -ute OfAiri SuzukiI'm giving[23], Co-starring with Suzuki's surprise appearance at "Bibara Pop" on May 2018, 5[24]
  • My dream for the future is to become a top idol and continue to be an idol for the rest of my life, the heroine of the squadron series.[25],Fashion Model[26].


  • The name "Nana Minoru"Morning Musume.The parents who were fans ofNatsumi AbeNamed after[27].
  • Ahead of taking the high school exam, he challenged the last idol after being opposed by others to continue his idol activities.Although he belongs to pax puella, the last idol says that the fact that he was allowed to serve concurrently was the deciding factor for the application.[28].
  • In the times when I challenged the last idol standing position No. 1, I was nominated as a judgeOmori YasukoIs the victory after Abe's decision. (The results of the four judges are Seiko Oomori,Kenji Otsuki,Takenaka Natsumi3 people are judged to be Abe.Tsunehiro UnoWas the number one provisional member standing position at that timeKajima MajimaJudgment)[29].
  • movies"School Gurashi!Was selected as the lead role while trying for the first time in acting.The reason is that of the directorKazushige ShibataSaid "the beauty of the flower and standing figure of the center of La Luce", and after shooting, praised "the movement is sharp and it is cool to shake the shovel. She was really good with walnuts."[30].
  • I've been an idol since I was 3 years old, so "Idol is everything in my life."[31]"Only idols come, I like idol activities more than anything else, and I only have idols."[32][33]"I want to give back to my family, relatives, and fans who have become famous as idols and have supported me for a long time."[34]He often talks about the strength of his feelings.
  • Regarding the last idol he is the center of, he said, "I want to make something unique to Last Idol instead of imitating someone," and he is eager to aim for a new idol image.[35].
  • During the 2020 new corona self-restraint period, "I can't use a computer, I can't play any musical instruments, I don't have any knowledge."[36]Started self-taught music production from the state, and released the original Vocaloid music the following year.While being an active idol and an active high school studentVocalo PYou made your debut.
  • YouTuberKajisakHe is a big fan of, and says, "I like it the most among all creators."[37]



  • Like that dream (March 2021, 3)
  • Youth Album (March 2021, 3)
  • Forever. (April 2021, 4)
  • Fragment (August 2021, 8)
  • Remembering you that summer, I wanted to run. (August 2021, 8)


tv set

  • Last idol(TV Asahi)
    • (December 2017, 10)- Last idol Appeared as a challenger.Temporary member standing position No. 1 Kajima Majima And win the match and change positions
    • (October 2017, 10 --December 22) --Last Idol Appeared as provisional member standing position No. 12
    • (January 2018, 1 --April 14) --Appeared as Last Idol Center
    • (October 2018, 10 --) --Last Idol, nice to meet you!
  • Music Station
    • (May 2019, 5) --Showing "Adult Survivor" as the last idol
    • (August 2019, 8) --Showing "Seishun Train" as the last idol
    • (July 2020, 7) --Showing "Knowing Love" as a member of the Last Idol selection
    • (November 2020, 11) -Showing "many people" as the last idol selection member
    • (April 2021, 4) -As the last idol, "What carat are you?"
  • Cream Quiz Miracle 9(May 2020, 5) --Appeared as Arita Nine Answerer

Web tv


Fashion event

  • Girls Award
    • GirlsAward 2019 SPRING / SUMMER (May 2019, 5) --Runway debut[39], Show off performance as last idol
    • GirlsAward 2019 AUTUMN / WINTER (September 2019, 9) --Model appearance[40], Show off performance as last idol
  • Tokyo Girls Collection
    • Tokyo Girls Collection 2019 AUTUMN / WINTER (September 2019, 9) --Model appearance[41], Show off performance as last idol


  • KDDI Cable Plus (CATV) (April 2019)
  • Netz Toyota Yamagata (January 2020-)
  • Dragon Egg (April 2020)
  • Sanko Milk (April 2020-)
  • 49th House of Representatives general election (Yamagata Prefecture) (October 2021)


  • MAGIC (April 2020, 4-,FM Yamagata) -In charge of "Nana Abe Nana Mina Radio" on the 4th Wednesday of every month[42].. Broadcast time changed on the 2021rd Friday of every month from April 4, 18[43].


Magazine serialization

  • until(June 2021-)-From the July 6 issue, appeared in the magazine as a regular model[16]


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