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👍 | Nanao, who denied dating with Masaki Suda, suddenly approached with a love call from that super popular Johnnys !?


Nanao, who denied dating with Masaki Suda, suddenly approached with a love call from that super popular Johnnys !?

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In it, Yuta Kishi explained, "I'm not fat, but I'm good at flesh."

Nanao answered a question from a fan on her Instagram Stories on the 12th.A for your favorite person ... → Continue reading

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Yuta Kishi

Yuta Kishi(Yuta Kishi,1995 〈Heisei7 years>May 9[1] -) isJapan Ofsinger,An actor,talent.Male idol group-King & PrinceMember and leader of[4].

SaitamaBackground[1].Johnny's OfficeBelongs.


Aunt in the middle of the second year of junior high school[Annotation 1]Sends resume[6],2009 May 7Joined Johnny & Associates[2].. Unit in Johnny's Jr.Sexy Boyz(2013)[7]And Sexy Boys (2014)[8]Also active as a member of.After the first audition, in July 2013,Nippon TVDrama seriesMasked Teacher』Make an actor debut[9]..After that, in January 2015, the NTV drama "Older brother, gacha』First starring in a serial drama.

September 2015, 6, ``TV Asahi-Roppongi Hills A limited-time unit formed as a supporter of "Summer Festival SUMMER STATION" (held from July 7th to August 18rd)Mr. King vs Mr. PrinceSelected as a member of[10].. Announced to continue the unit on August 2015, 8[11], Since then, continue to work as the same member and "Prince"[2].

May 2018, 5, from new label Johnny's UniverseKing & PrinceAsCinderella GirlDebuted on CD[12].

Broadcast on Nippon Television from August 2020nd to 8rd, 22, "24-hour TV 43],Yoshihiko Inohara,Takahisa Masuda,Hiromitsu Kitayama,Shigeoka DaikiServed as the main personality with[13].

In "2021-hour TV 8" broadcast on Nippon Television from August 21st to 22nd, 24, he served as the main personality as King & Prince (Kishi was the second consecutive year following last year), and was performed on the same program. Served as the first runner of the project "Fundraising Relay that Connects Thoughts for Reconstruction"[14].



Only for individual appearances.Appearance in a groupSexy Boyz,King & Prince # AppearanceSee.

TV drama


Entertainment shows

Special program




  • Fresh Johnny's Jr. IN Yokohama Arena (December 2012, 12,Yokohama Arena)[54]
  • Gamshala J's Party !! Vol.3 (February 2014-4, 16,EX Theater Roppongi)[55]
  • Gamshala J's Party !! Vol.6 (April 2014-12, 17, EX Theater Roppongi)[56]
  • Gamshala! Summer Station [Team "Takeshi"] (July 2015th, 7th, 24th, 26st, August 27st, 31, EX Theater Roppongi)[57]


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注 釈

  1. ^ Some media say that it was sent by a cousin[5].


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