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📷 | Mr. Shimamine Satoyama Photobook Publishing Hachioji City

Photo Mr. Shimamine holding a trip to Hachioji Satoyama

Mr. Shimamine Satoyama Photobook Publishing Hachioji City

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I asked Toru Suzuki, who lives in Horinouchi, for the accompanying text.

A photographer, Yuzuru Shimamine (73), who lives in Naganumamachi, has recently published a book, "Hachioji Satoyama Noriyuki," which photographs the landscape of Satoyama in Hachioji City. → Continue reading

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Toru Suzuki

Suzuki Toru(Toru Suzuki,1966 May 5 -) is JapaneseProfessional golfer.MizunoBelongs.Entertainment production TheSomedayBelongs.


Junior age

GolfInfluenced by his father, Motoyuki Suzuki, who runs the driving range, he started playing golf when he was in elementary school. He helped the golf practice field of the family business, and when the business was over, the daily routine was to clean up the practice balls used by the customers. Later, the person said, "I might have strengthened my legs due to this cleanup." When he was a junior high school student, he aimed to become a professional golfer and received Spartan education from his father. A reflection session was held on the way home from the car that was doing a practice round with the father, and the father asked questions about the round content and course content. He was severely scolded for not being able to answer immediately, and sometimes received Tekken sanctions. This means that "those who cannot value each stroke or those who cannot grasp the course once went are not eligible to become a professional". UniversityHas a golf clubNagoya city OfAiden Meiden High SchoolProceeded to. When I was a student, I was a chorus club.

Nihon University Golf Club era

To become a professional golferNihon UniversitySelect, join the golf club. The condition to become a professional from his father is that he will be a holder of an amateur title named "Japan" while he is in school, and he will respond to Suzuki severely. afterwards,1986 Won the best amateur in the Gifu Open Golf Tournament,1987 ToJapan Amateur Golf ChampionshipAnd fulfilled his promise with his father.

Yoshikane KawagishiIs the same age, rival from the junior age, in the golf club Suzuki was captain, Kawagishi was the deputy captain.

After entering the professional

1989 OctoberTurned professional,1990 May 6Made his professional debut at the Mizuno Open.1992 OfYonexEntered the tour's first best 10 at the Hiroshima Open. Won the first professional title in the Zenrin Fukuoka Open (sponsored competition) in October of the same year and acquired the seed right of 10 in the following year.[1].. After that, he maintained the prize seed right for 1994 consecutive years from 2011 to 18 and had the longest record among the active players.[2].. In 1994World CupElected to represent Japan, paired with Masayuki Kawamura in the group,Fred Couples&Davis Love III(United States flag The United States of America),Tony Johnston&Mark McNulty(Zimbabwe flag Zimbabwe),Joe Kim Hegman&Jesper Parnevik( Sweden),Frank Nobilo&Gregg Turner(New Zealand flag New Zealand) Next,Bernhard Langer&Sven louver(German flag Germany),Mike Clayton&Steve Elkington(Australian flag Australia),Costantino Rocca&Silvio Grapasoni(Italian flag Italy), Peria Sammy Gunasegaran & Marimutu Ramaya (Malaysia flag Malaysia)Angel Franco&Pedro Martinez(Paraguay flag パラグアイ),Andrew Coltart&Gordon Brand Jr.(Scottish flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu) And 5th place Thailand. In 2012, he participated in the tour with the qualification given to "players within the 25th place in the lifetime prize money" only once in his life, but he could not win the prize seed.[3].

After participating in the senior tour

From 2016PGA Senior TourParticipated in. First senior tour winner at the 2018 Fukuoka Senior Open[4]Then 1 wins in 3 month. Even in the prize rankingPlayad MarksenSecond place after[5].

Major wins

Japan Golf Tour
Challenge tournament
  • 2013 -Dragon Cup
  • 2014 -Fuji Country Kani Club Challenge Cup, Sunflower Dragon CUP
PGA Senior Tour
  • 2018 -Fukuoka Senior Open, Elite Grip Senior Open, Iwasaki Hakuro Senior Tournament
  • 2020 -100th anniversary of the pro golfer's birth ISPS HANDA Corona cheers! Senior tournament
  • 2021 --Iwasaki White Dew Senior Tournament
  • 1992 -Zenrin Fukuoka Open (sponsored competition)
  • 1994 -Sanko Grand Summer (sponsored competition)
Highest prize winning rank
  • 9th (2000)


  • Personality isSerious enough to get "super"With a gentle personality.
  • My wife is a former professional golfer, and my eldest daughter is a singer/model.℃ -ute OfAiri Suzuki.. Besides, there is the eldest son of ordinary people.
  • When I decided to become a professional golfer, my father gave me Gifu Motosu CC membership.
  • Often four days out of four days in tournament competitions, I often get an explosive score and win the championship,"Bomber Suzuki"Was called.
Teacher relationship

Nakajima TsuneyukiThe relationship between Suzuki and Suzuki is "Gypsy Goto"Osamu GotoAre brothers and disciples through, and do not fall into the general-master relationship. Tsuneyuki Nakajima is one of the most respected professional golfers for Suzuki, and he has participated in the training course held by Nakajima and is still active in tours and volunteer activities.

Osamu Goto has praised him as "one of the golfers with the best swing."


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