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👩‍🎤 | Fans are excited about the “off-color humor” talk by voice actor Kana Hanazawa! "I only like it"

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Fans are excited about the "off-color humor" talk by voice actor Kana Hanazawa! "I only like it"

If you write the contents roughly
First of all, Hanazawa is a little naughty manga for women "After the last train, at the capsule hotel, the night when a slight heat is transmitted to the boss.

Variety show "Manga Unknown" (tele ... → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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capsule hotel

capsule hotelIt is,JapanSeen in, simplebedEquipped withcapsuleProviding a box-shaped bedroomhotel. Inn Business LawThen,HotelNot a businessSimple lodgingIt corresponds to business.


business hotelSimilar to, many are located in the downtown area of ​​the city.In addition to the facilities of the capsule hotel alonesaunaIn many cases, it is attached to a store.

1979 years,New Japan Kanko OsakaOsakaUmedaOpened "Capsule Hotel in Osaka", the first capsule hotel in Osaka[1][2].

The idea for the capsule hotel was in Osaka, where he was involved in the management of saunas and other facilities.[2]And the furniture makerKotobukiWas an employee of (To be exact, in the name of Toshifumi Fukunishi)PatentWhat you applied for).

Also, the design is建築 家 OfKisho KurokawaWas in charge, but this isOsaka ExpoI received an offer because I was exhibiting a "capsule house" at.The actual commercialization was done by Kotobuki.[2].

In generalbusiness hotelAlthough it is cheaper than the above, it is a high-class capsule hotel equipped with facilities so that you can stay and sleep comfortably, and a capsule hotel with multiple types of bedrooms with different grades and prices depending on the size etc. in the same facility. Is increasing.In addition to beds, some capsule hotels have tables.In many cases, these luxury capsule hotels are priced at the same level as cheap business hotels.There is also a women-only capsule hotel[3].

Equipment / Facilities

A capsule-shaped cot that is stacked in two layers is installed in the large room, and the user goes to bed in this capsule.In addition to bedding, there are lights, ventilation fans, etc. in the capsule.Alarm Clock, Radio, small TV (hanging from the ceiling), etc.They are functionally arranged so that they can be operated while lying down.There are two types of entrances, one is the vertical type on the short side (foot side) of the room and the other is the horizontal type on the long side.blind,CurtainIt is designed to be partitioned by.However, there is no sound insulation at all, so footsteps walking down the aisle, alarm clock alarms in other capsules, and userssnoreThere are concerns about such things.In addition, capsules equivalent to guest rooms are legallyFurnitureBecause it is treated, it cannot be locked[Annotation 1]..Separately lockedLockerIs prepared.Basically, the capacity is one person, and a parental consent form may be required for accommodation of minors.

Use common washrooms, toilets, large communal baths, shower booths, etc.Many facilities allow you to take a bath 24 hours a day if it is attached to a sauna shop.In addition, it is provided in the facilityRestaurants,MassageIn some cases, it can be used 24 hours a day.

Customer trends

business hotelSince the usage price is cheaper than that of the above, it is often used by office workers and young students / workers on individual trips for the purpose of saving expenses and travel expenses.Also, you can use it as a walk-in without making a reservation.[Annotation 2],last train,Midnight busOf transportation such asLast flightDepending on the distance to your homeTaxiSince it is cheaper to stay at a capsule hotel than to go home at home, many customers use it.Since the business hotel is fully booked, it may be unavoidable to use it.However, it tends to be full during the travel season such as summer vacation and large-scale events (concerts, sports competitions, etc.) in the vicinity, including popular capsule hotels, and it is easy for you to fill up your own room.Home Page,Travel agencyIn many cases, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

It was born from the land prices and security conditions of big cities in Japan, but since there are many areas outside Japan where hotels of this shape do not exist, there are cases where mainly Western tourists stay overnight.However, even overseasKuala Lumpur International Airport OfLCCThis type of accommodation is increasing as low-priced accommodation such as terminals.The Yo! Company in the United Kingdom, which develops its business inspired by Japanese culture, is also developing a medium- to low-priced hotel called YOUTEL with reference to capsule hotels.[4].

For a long time, the image was strong for men, but as of 2012, facilities that accommodate women's accommodation have begun to be seen.[2]..In addition, some facilities have both capsules and ordinary private rooms, and in addition to the two-tiered capsules, a large ceiling and floor area are provided, and desks and chairs are installed.partitionIncreasingly, capsule hotels are equipped with a one-stage "cabin type" facility (in this case, lockers are also placed in the partition).[Annotation 3]..Due to differences in service and capacity, cabin-type room rates are usually set in the middle price range between two-tiered capsule hotels and business hotels.

Application example

  • 24 hours a dayTV station-Radio stationsHeadquarters news and broadcasting departmentNational newspaperThe nap room installed at the head office may be a capsule hotel-style facility.[5].
  • ChugokuThere is a rental condominium "Capsule Mansion" that was inspired by bringing back a Japanese capsule hotel.[6].
  • 2018 ,Saudi ArabiaCharity imports capsules from Japan and makes a big pilgrimageHajj) Sometimes started to provide it as a nap facility for free[7].
  • The Yo! Company headquartered in the United Kingdom2007 The hotel group called YOTEL, which is developing from Japan, is inspired by Japanese capsule hotels.[4].


Navigating near JapanferryHowever, in the 2010s, the number of ships with sleepers similar to capsule hotels is increasing.In the case of a ferry, in addition to consideration for privacy, in order to safely enter and exit the upper tier in stormy weather, the upper and lower tiers have staggered entrances and exits, and many ships enter and exit the upper tier by stairs.

In service

* As of June 2021.



TokyoChuoIs localShopping districtReflecting the strong voice of avoiding the city's personality and landscape preservation,GinzaIt has announced that it will regulate the opening of new cheap accommodation facilities such as capsule hotels in the district, change the district plan in July 2017, and set a ward-specific standard for the area according to the number of guests.As an exception that applies only to Ginza 7-chome to 1-chome, it has become clear that the district plan will be changed. Related after SeptemberOrdinanceIt is also planned to revise.Apart from this, Chuo Ward will also set restrictions on the lobby of accommodation facilities.1 per personSquare meterMandatory to secure.For a hotel with a total capacity of 100 people, it is necessary to secure a lobby area of ​​40 square meters.In addition to thatlobbyMust face the road on the ground floor."Rental rooms" that do not create many lobbies to provide as many guest rooms as possible,Love hotelThe aim is to substantially regulate the opening of new businesses such as[8].


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注 釈

  1. ^ Overseas, it is often possible to lock due to differences in laws and regulations.
  2. ^ Business hotels, in principle, make reservations and do not actively accept diving.
  3. ^ Many of the accommodation facilities called "capsule hotels" overseas are of this type.Incheon International AirportCapsule Hotel Darakhyu in.


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