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👍 | Mikuru Asakura "Assault on my mother" is angry ... "It's strange to make the general public bumpy"

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Mikuru Asakura is also angry at "Assault coverage of her mother" ... "It's strange to make it bumpy for ordinary people."

If you write the contents roughly
He also brought up the name of Yuka Ogura, a talent who was rumored to be dating, and asked about marriage.

Mikuru Asakura, a popular YouTuber fighter, updated her Twitter account on December 12st.Some weekly magazines interviewed their mother assault ... → Continue reading


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Yuka Ogura

Yuka Ogura(Yuka Ogura,1998 <10>May 9 -)[1]It is,Japan Oftalent, OriginalGravure idol, Originalactress.. The real name and old stage name areYuka Ogura(Read the same)[5].


2013 years,fashion magazine"Seventeen』Select an exclusive modelauditionFinalist at "Miss Seventeen 2013"[Note 1][6]Elected to several companiesscoutからKiko Mizuhara Asia CrossTriggered to belong to[7],Asia promotion Ofmanagement[7][8]Started performing arts activities atTokyo Girls CollectionModel[4]Appear as.

2015 In 1 monthNTV OfSerial drama"School kaidan, And will appear in each of the stage "Mouthless-Stupid 4" in April.High schoolCentral High SchoolAnd when I was in the first grade, TV TOKYO's "Konno, let's dance now』Appeared in[9].

2017 Graduated from high school[4]Then, in November, "Weekly Young Magazine』In about two years newcomer[10]As No. 21 cover and beginning[6], No. 29 cover[11],In August"FLASH special"[12],In August"Weekly playboy』Cover of No. 29[13]In eachgravureWas shown. On July 7thSeibuen YuenchiSelected as "Pool Girl 2017", posters and posterswebcommercialEtcCampaign GirlAct as[14].. On June 7OriconListed as the top of the new gravure queen in "Summary of the first half gravure scene"[15].

2018 March 4Social MediaでdietDeclare[16]And weightbody fat percentagePublished[17].. The first photo book "Guradeshon" will be released on May 5nd.[18]Then,AmazonFirst appearance in the talent photobook ranking of[19].. 7月からFrom AprilTV drama"Cheer ☆ Dan], The center role of the main character's rival team "JETS"[20]The competition cheer dance team in Chiba prefecture, to which Ogura belonged from elementary school to junior high school, won the "USA Tournament Song Reading Category" in 2010, so I was very pleased to appear.[20].. From July "Ramen Kagetsu ArashiBecome a promotional model for[21].

2019 "With』Inaugurated as a regular model of the magazine from the July issue[22].. On July 7th, on his Twitter account, he declared that swimsuit gravure in weekly and manga magazines would end, except for the announcement.[23][24]..However, I explained on the radio that I did not dislike exposing my body by taking on swimsuit work if necessary.[25]..I answered that I will also receive nudity depending on the work[26].

2020 On July 7th, he will be a regular member of "I'll do it!Wednesday"(MBS Radio) Directly appealed for program dismissal during live broadcasting[27]..The broadcast on August 8th the following week did not participate in the recording as "to put a cooling period"[28].. August 8 (live broadcast)[29]19th[30]Was absent, but on August 8thKeiichi Mimura・ The board was officially announced during a regular press conference written by the president of MBS.[31]..No successor to himself[32]It was also announced, but the subsequent trends are undecided.

2021 On March 3, it was reported that he had already left Asia Promotion of his agency.[33]..After leavingSocial MediaWas not updated, but updated Twitter on April 4 and revealed that he had left the office and changed his stage name to "Yuka Ogura" (name is written in hiragana).[5][34] .. "It was one of the things I had hoped for for many years to name the activity in hiragana," he said.[5][34].. On the 15th, it was broadcast live on Instagram, apologizing for the remarks on the radio program and expressing remorse.[35]..He also denied the possibility of appearing in an AV that many questions were asked.[35]..He also revealed that the swimsuit in the gravure was permanently sealed.[36].

Also, of martial artsAsakura futureIt was reported in some sports newspapers in March 2020 that it had been catastrophic at the end of 2021.[37]However, his own dated June 6, the same yearInstagramIn the live stream on, after revealing that both sides admit dating to questions about dating, "I know because there are people who say that they are smelling on SNS. I want to say "right?"[38].


Media appearance

TV drama



Delivery drama



Music video



  • Mouthless-Stupid 2 (April 2015)
  • Gal graduate !! (August 2017-8, 3,Ebisu Echo Theater) --Starring, Fengmai[64]
  • TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION Super Live -MATSURI- (September 2018th and 9th, 15,Osaka Shinkabukiza) --Yuka / Beautiful doll (flower doll)[65]
  • Curse 49th ~ Front and Back ~ (December 2018th, 12st, 19rd, 21, Terpushikor) --Starring Madoka Takahashi[66]
  • Cursed Kaleidoscope ~ Reversal of the Figure ~ (December 2018nd and 12th, 22, Theater HOPE) --Starring Madoka Takahashi[66]


Cover model


  • Saitama Prefectural Police Tokorozawa Police Station "New Year Traffic Safety Forum 2018 IN Tokorozawa" (January 2018, 1, Tokorozawa Central Public Hall)[70]


Photo album



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注 釈

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  2. ^ "Hey! Are you fine?”.


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