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👩‍🎤 | NiziU and Hinatazaka46 fans are in conflict !? The production of "FNS Kayosai" is controversial

Photo Hinatazaka46 (C) Maijitsu 

Fans of NiziU and Hinatazaka46 are in conflict !? The production of "FNS Kayosai" is controversial

If you write the contents roughly
"Fans of" Hinatazaka "and" NiziU "have been conspicuous in recent years.

On December 12st, the special music program "1 FNS Kayosai 2021st Night" (Fuji TV) will be broadcast.Over the production during the broadcast, ... → Continue reading


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Hinatazaka(Hyuuga Zaka) isTokyoMinato-kuMitaRun on the border between XNUMX-chome and XNUMX-chomeSlope.. Alias: "Sodeshinzaka" and "Hinatazaka".


From NinohashiMita StreetAround the west half of the road that connectsMinistry of Foreign AffairsMita Chamber,Australian Embassy in Japan,Tsunamachi Mitsui Club, On the north sideEntokuji Temple, Ryoji Temple, and the simple insurance bureau office center. East side from where you have climbed the slope (ShibaDirection)Rope ropeAnd change the name.

Origin of the name

Edo PeriodIn the first half of the year, the Suo Shimomatsu clan (later) was on the south side of the slope.Tokuyama Domain)Mori Hyuga Mori TakashiThis name was given because there was a mansion of worship.However, the mansion has been changed and the place has become a mansion.

According to Minato Ward, the original reading was "Hyugazaka" and "Hinatazaka" was read by mistake.[1].



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Coordinate: North Latitude 35 Degrees 39 Minutes 7.6 Seconds East longitude 139 degree 44 min 24.0 sec /35.652111 degrees north latitude 139.740000 degrees east longitude / 35.652111; 139.740000


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