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👩‍🎤 | First Miss SPA! Grand Prix unveiled Three people wrestling, heavy drinkers, soft legs and fierce appeal


First Miss SPA! Grand Prix unveiled Three people wrestling, heavy drinkers, soft legs and fierce appeal

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Shiori Yamamoto called the shooting episode of the Grand Prix commemorative gravure in the latest issue of "Weekly SPA!" I was able to decide and have fun shooting!

The first Miss SPA!Shiori Yamamoto (23), Aiho Yamada (24), Tsuji Lewis (age not announced) who won the Grand Prix on the XNUMXrd ... → Continue reading


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"SPA!』(Spa!)Fuji Sankei GroupUnder the umbrellaInfomation,FusoshaIssued byJapanComprehensiveweekly magazine..Known as "Weekly SPA!』.The circulation of 11Weekly AsahiNext to the 10th in the industry[1].


1952 ,Weekly Sankei"ButSokoku ShimbunIt was first published by.afterwards,1988 October,Sankei ShimbunWith the change of title ("Sankei" → "Sankei Shimbun"), "Weekly Sankei" will be renewed for young people with the magazine name and article content, and as a new magazine "Weekly SPA!Was launched.At that time, the magazine size was changed from B5 to B5 variant, and the number of issues (back number) from the first issue was inherited from "Weekly Sankei".

The catch of the June 1988, 6 issue, which was called the "new issue," was "spa!And figure star discovery-exciting WEEKLY to play with information".The cover isKyusaku Shimada..The beginning is "Taro Kimura vs Kume HiroshiDialogue article[2].

The magazine name is "Spat the world!And slash"SPA!" Was adopted. (There is also a theory that it is from "without soup").The catch phrase at the time of the first issue was "Weekly magazine mutation". The current title logo is1989 OctoberI am using from.

Fuji Television Network, IncSource ofproducerToshio Uruta became the first editor-in-chief.

SeijinshaScouted fromNaoki WatanabeBecame the second editor-in-chief1990 eraIn the first half,Yoshinori Kobayashiof"Gomanism Declaration, And was said to be the most vigorous weekly magazine at the time.[3].GeekFor saleTakuhachiroSerialized articles andOld girlWas the subjectChusonji YutukoA series of hit projects such as manga.

Popular corner "Jun Miura× Lily Franky's gravure soul ”, the color page is until October 2018Gravure printinguse.Dai Nippon PrintingIt was the last remaining gravure magazine in[4].. LaterOffset printingHas become[Note 1].

Past Editor

  • Toshio Uruta
  • Naoki Watanabe
  • Kazuhiko Yasushi
  • Akira Ishimitsu
  • Atsushi Sugita
  • Toshihiko Sato
  • Hiroshi Akio (2003-)
  • Yasunari Mitsuaki (2006-)
  • Watanabe super
  • Shunsuke Kanaizumi (2013-)
  • Takashi Inukai (2018-Present)

TV commercial

Fuji TVKenji Kawabataannouncer(At that time) appearedTV commercial 1992 It was broadcast around.Office workerKawabata Anna of the role "London bridge fellThe melody was "A lot of weekly magazines, a lot, a lot" and "SPA!" Was selected at the shop on the platform of the station.Also,鎧pocketThe woman who woreJapanese swordThere was also a time when I used a catch phrase called "Weekly Magazine White Tiger" to swing around and shout "SPA!".

Serialization plan




  • I want to trample with XNUMXcm heels (Suzuki Ryomi)
  • Don Quixote earrings (Naofumi Kogami)
  • A bouquet for worker ants (Kirio Tsume)
  • Cat group leaderAnd Rieko Saibara's "Nekonomics Declaration"
  • Tokyo Sniper (Radish)
  • I'll forget everything (burnt husk)
  • Heavy Youth 108 (MB)
  • If I were a parent, I would do this (Hiroyuki)
  • The truth about golf that no one knew (Yoshikazu Mitsuhashi)
  • Intelligence Life Counseling (Masaru Sato)


  • This week's face (gravure + interview)
  • Speech strong style (Mitsuru Kurayama)
  • Corona, the Olympics and real estate
  • Weekly / Anonymous Press Roundtable
  • Dai J Hayashi (Chihara Junia)
  • Stupid crying with a siren (reader posting project)
    • Stupid Red and White Song Battle (announced at the end of each year since 1995)[Note 3]
  • S-class gourmet
  • My night
  • Edge people
  • Manet profit

(As of January 2021)

Past serialization project

  • This is an incident (in charge)Yuji KamashiIn September 2011Subarachnoid hemorrhageIt has been suspended since it collapsed.Resumption time is undecided)
  • News women (Mt. Sasayama KishinIntro gravure by shooting)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department International Case Division Princess Detective (Shotaro IshinomoriManga serialized from June to August 1988)
  • Oni's eyeball (Yaku Mitsuru Of4 comic strip cartoon)
  • No good ☆ Wow ~(Mayumi KurataCartoon)
  • Squid! Otaku Heaven (TakuhachiroColumn by.CriticCut workThe home phone number of the company was published in the magazine, and the serialization was discontinued.)
  • Sweet spot (created a "old man" boomChusonji YutukoComedyDramas)
  • Secret Society Eagle Talon Independent Fools Public Relations Department Flash Animation Division (Frog man companyFlash anime and manga that uncovered social issues.This is a problematic work that was discontinued due to many complaints from various companies. )
  • Mr. Pascal's report (comedy manga by Frogman Shokai dealing with trials, etc.)
  • TV open weightYuji Kamashi Fuji Television Network, IncDry criticism of broadcast programs in the system)
  • Gulliver in a country without God
  • Nakamori Bunka Shimbun (in the 1990s)Akio NakamoriThe corner that was presided over)
  • Fancy scientific "life improvement committee" (Yanagida ScienceColumn)
  • Karaman (Karasawa NakiThe Toki section chief series, which is set up as a section chief with a bad personality, is popular in the manga and natural monument Toki)
  • Early dawn in Japan ~ Yukoku delusion manga (Sakamoto DawnCartoon)
  • Geki Ura Clinic
  • Big DaddyRandori
  • Man observation picture diary of "losing beauty" Pain man (itamen)! (Kamiko Inuyama)
  • Tokyo Peroguri Diary Returns (Yasuo Tanaka)
  • Digipedia
  • OmasatoProduced "President's belly"
  • Somniloquy-sized death demon (Matsuo Suzuki)
  • Uh Psychology Agony (Yoko SugaharaCartoon)
  • Chinese People's Poison Report
  • Dorubako (Beauty talent excavation & support project)
  • TightsAdult fun correspondence course
  • Tatsuya EgawaAiko ≒ Real in the current affairs manga
  • (Toru Seino)
  • Romance storm zone(Akane Torikai, October 2016, 10 issue ~)
  • Others are happy (Inuyama paper child)
  • Yuyu White Paper (Manshu Kitsuko)
  • Bocchi Village (Shunsuke Ichihashi)
  • Alasar(Mine Nayuka)
  • Net flaming observation (Hiroyuki)
  • News stupid generation (Masahiko Katsuya)
  • News convenience

Criticized article

The December 2018, 12 issue of the special article "Yareru Female College Student Ranking" became a problem as it was a disdain for women online.There was a turmoil such as protest signing activities centered on a group of female college students from International Christian University (ICU).[6].

The article was criticized for disdain for female students, such as listing XNUMX universities under their real names as "Yareru Female University Student Ranking".[7]..The university whose real name was given posted a protest statement on the university homepage and protested against the publisher Fusosha Publishing.[8].

A related article was published in the issue released on January 2019, 1, "I would like to apologize to all the universities, students, and related parties who have given their real names." "Consideration for the dignity of women." I apologize to the women who were hurt by the missing article and to the readers who felt uncomfortable. " Above, announced recurrence prevention measures[7].


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注 釈

  1. ^ A name change proposal was proposed at the same corner in January 2019, but it was withdrawn due to poor language.
  2. ^ A cartoon that reveals social issues. In 1995Aum Shinrikyo IncidentThe editor-in-chief at that timeTakuhachiroThe serialization ended in the August 1995, 8 issue due to a conflict over the editorial policy, and Kobayashi saidSAPIO』(Shogakukan) Was transferred.After that, the serialization was resumed from the merged issue on April 2018th and 4th, 10. As of April 17, Daitoa theory is "SAPIO" and Yoshirin Tsuji theory is "FLASH], Gomanism Declaration "SPA! ] Is being serialized.
  3. ^ The plan is that the staff of this corner will arbitrarily select the singers who will participate in the Kouhaku Uta Gassen.Every time after the first time, W Shimazaki (Toshio Shimazaki,Wakako Shimazaki) Is the moderatorHidero"Burning Barcelona" is supposed to be a big bird[5]..However, it is not performed at all as a real program / event, and it is a fictitious content.According to HideroIshino table tennisWas a fan of this project, and that led to the announcement of "Burning! Barcelona".[5].


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