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👩‍🎤 | Voice actor Inori Minase will pre-deliver the latest song "REAL-EYES" on 1/9!Live BD release decision


Voice actor Inori Minase will pre-deliver the latest song "REAL-EYES" on 1/9!Live BD release decision

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The jacket photo released at the same time has an impressive finish with the transparent light of rhinestones shining around the eyes and Minase's gaze looking straight ahead with a cool expression.

Inori Minase's latest song "REAL-EYES", which is active as a voice actor and artist, will be released on January 2022, 1 ... → Continue reading

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Disc jacket

Disc jacket (disc jacket) isrecord,CD,DVD,BDSuch asDisk mediaTo accommodatepaper OfExteriorThat.

単 にJacketsOr, depending on the media, it is often called a record jacket, CD jacket, etc. When it is in the shape of a bag or cylinderSleeve Also called (sleeve). The front side is sometimes called the front jacket and the back side is sometimes called the back jacket.

The word jacket basically refers to packaging, and the contents of the graphics drawn on it are called cover art. Printed on the jacket写真ThatJacket photo(For shortJacket copy) May be called. In addition, "Jackets"" Is a word that originally means a jacket.

Jacket of each media


  • The LP record (analog record) jacket isCardboardIt is a sleeve made of such materials, and has a bag shape with 4 of the 3 sides closed.Label sideA hole with a round center so that you can seeTransparentThere is also a double-paged jacket (gate fold).
  • Similar sleeve jacketsLDIt was also used in.
  • The single record jacket has the title and jacket photo printed on the front side and the back side.lyrics,Musical scoreIs often printed.

Type A / Type E

  • There are types of album record jackets called A-type and E-type.
Type AIs a thick jacket made by pasting paper printed from the front and back sides on a cardboard core material.America(America)It came to be called like this in many vinyl records.
E formulaIs a jacket made by folding the printed paper itself.United KingdomIt came to be called like this in many vinyl records.[1](Europe(Europe)Because it is often seen in[2][3]Tomo).
Both A-type and E-type are adopted in Japanese records, and even the same artist may be A-type, E-type, or inconsistent depending on the album.


  • Many on music discs such as CDsMade of plastic OfJewel caseThe jacket is plugged into the back of the transparent lid of the case,paper OfLeaflet(1 sheet of paper) orbooklet(Small book). The front sideCoverIs especially called a jacket, on the back and insidelyrics,creditEtc. are written. The back jacket is sandwiched inside the case and cannot be removed without disassembling the case.Single CDManySlim caseThen, there is no back cover and the label side of the CD can be seen from the outside. CD case (for detailsOptical disc case(See) differs depending on the 1-disc or 2-disc set, and there are various variations, and the jacket size may differ depending on the shape of the case.

Paper jacket / digipak

  • Paper jacket is a method of storing discs in the same paper sleeve as records without using a jewel case for CDs.The disc is in a plastic bag.Unlike the jewel case, the standards are not unified, so there are various variations, from slightly different sizes, from simple packages to elaborate ones.In recent years, when reprinting an album released in the record era on a CD, a CD-sized jacket that imitates the record jacket (A type / E type) has been released.
  • DigipackIs a cardboard package with a plastic tray glued together. There are various variations, mainly folding in half and folding in three.


  • Many on video discs such as DVDs and BDsTall caseThe jacket is transparent with the case bodyPlasticthe filmIt is a sheet of paper that is sandwiched between. It is easy to take out, but it is not taken out in normal use. The front, back, and back are a single piece of paper. In addition, there is no uniformity in the case, and it may be sold in the same jewel case as the CD.

Jacket as a graphic design

  • The jacket constitutes the appearance of the disc package, so it is visualDesignMost important onBook designAtCoverIt becomes an element that corresponds to. The jacket surface is designed to represent the disc,magazine,Web pageIn the disc introduction such as, the jacket side is printed or displayed.

Products using jackets

  • 1982 year 4 month,WacoalSold a record jacket with record board-shaped cardboard and underwear (shape pants), and 6000 sheets were sold out early in response to a young woman.[4].

Jacket size

  • Mainly portableplayer-Recording and playback equipmentAttempts have been made to bring the projected area closer to the disc jacket of each media, and in such equipment, "Jacket sizeWas sung.


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Rhinestone(rhinestone) Is,Faceted cutWas donecrystal,ガ ラ スoracrylic resinMade ofDiamond simulantRefers to.Imitation jewelIt is a kind of, and today it is on the back side金属TheVacuum depositionIs common.As a jewel imitation techniqueFoilbackThat.


The back side is sharp,jewelryThere is a type with the faceted shape as it is, and a type with a flat back surface that imitates only the crown part of the stone.

The type with a sharp back is mainly used by adhering it to a special frame.

The type with a flat back surface remains as it isclothesPaste on etc.DecorationTo use.On the flat bottom of the stoneadhesiveThere are types called hotfits and hotfixes, which are coated with hotfixes and melt when heated and adhere to the surface of clothing.For these bondsIronMay be used,shirt,pantsIt is recommended to use a presser for.This is because the presser can generate a higher temperature than an iron and can apply heavy pressure, so higher adhesive quality is expected.


Originally,diamondUsed as a substitute forRhine RiverI was pointing at the crystal I picked up in. In the 18th centuryAlsaceJeweler Georg Friedrich Strass came up with the idea of ​​applying metal powder to the bottom of the glass to make it look like a diamond, and the demand for diamond simulants of this type surged.Rhinestone still takes his name in many European languages ​​todayStrassIt is called.Today, some rhinestone makers have the technology to reproduce the sparkle of real diamonds in the sun, such as scintillation, brilliance, and dispersion.

1955 IsvacuumHeat to a high temperature insideionA thin film is formed on the surface of the heated crystal by applying the converted metal vapor to the heated crystal.Iridescent effectThe technology that producesSwarovskiDeveloped by the company, its products are auroral, i.e.AuroraIn connection with a natural phenomenon known asAura crystalWas named.Aura crystals are often named after their color, for example water.tagDerived fromAqua AuraOr derived from the blue of the skyCosmo auraThere is.


RhinestoneClothing,Clothes,Jewelry businessThey are typically used inAustriaWith SwarovskiCzech Republic OfPreciosaCompany, andBohemiaIt is produced at several glass factories in the north.Therefore, in the United States, these are sometimes called Austrian crystals.On the other hand, in the Spanish-speaking world, it is called Crystal de Bohemia (Bohemia Crystal).

In Japan in recent years, the type with a flat back is a mobile phone charmer.nail artIt is often used in the model and it is easier to obtain, soLightDiverted to parts etc.ModelerThere is also.


In rhinestones, there is a standard that indicates the size by writing a number after the word SS (Stone Size).For example, SS4 has a diameter of about 1.5-1.7 mm and SS22 has a diameter of about 4.9-5.1 mm.Generally, SS is used for rhinestones for apparel, and PP (Pearl Plate) is used for jewelry.

However, PP is the opposite of SS, and PP is written after the number, and the number is also different from SS.

具体的には、PPは1PP(直径約0.8-0.9mm)からはじまって約0.1mm単位で数値が1ずつ増え、最大33PP(約4.1-4.2mm)に至るが、SSはSS000(同じく直径約0.8-0.9mm)から始まりSS00, SS0, SS1と続く。SSの数値の増え方は石の径に依存し、SS4-SS22間はおおむね0.2mm単位で1ずつ増えるが、それ以上以下ではまた異なるミリ数で数値が増減する。

Relationship with American entertainment history

The Nudie suit, studded with rhinestones, is a 1940s Nudie corn.Nudie Cohn), But in reality闘 牛 士Formal wear, Trahe de LucesSuit of lights (English edition) Is Americanized.The rhinestones of nudie suits are oftenSequinsIs substituted by.

Costumes with excessive rhinestonesCountry musicNot just a singerElvis PresleyAnd pianistLiberaceI also loved it.Michael jacksonLoves rhinestone gloves and was later counted as one of the symbols for him.

1974 David Alan Kou David Allan Coe (English edition) Is the album "Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy"The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy (English edition) Released,1977 The song "Long-hairedRed neckAgain referred to himself as the Rhinestone Cowboy.1975 ToGlen CampbellIs the song "Rhinestone Cowboy"Rhinestone Cowboy (English edition) He made a top hit with and became known as the "Rhinestone Cowboy" himself.This song is1984 OfSylvester StalloneとDolly PartonThe movie "Rhinestone / Tonight is the best!It became the original story of.

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