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🚁 | Renault announces AIR4.The former famous car flies in the sky

Photo AIR4 “Still Life” by © Lionel Koretzky

Renault announces AIR4.The former famous car flies in the sky

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Renault has announced that AIR 4 is a symbol of independence and freedom, a vehicle that will soon be realized from the reality that there are no obstacles to the sky even if traffic increases, making the sky a new future. I see it as a road.

Renault, a French car maker, commemorates the 4th anniversary of the birth of the famous car "Renault 60 (Quatre)" ... → Continue reading


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Traffic volume

Traffic volume(Koutsuryo,British: traffic volume) Means passing through a certain point per unit time(I.e.Is the amount of[1].. Other than cars, such as pedestriansTransportationMay also be used for. In a similar concept, the unit time in traffic volume was fixed at 1 hour.Traffic flow rate(Koutsu Ryuritsu,rate of flow)[1].

Traffic volume fluctuates depending on the season, month, week, time zone, etc.[1].. For example, the traffic volume of roads around tourist spots increases sharply in a certain season / month, and the traffic volume tends to be heavier on Saturdays and Sundays than on weekdays.[2].

Relationship with average speed and traffic density

Average speed (km / h) is what multiple cars pass through a certain point on the road within a unit timeKilometersIt is a unit that expresses whether you have advanced or not, and is expressed as the distance per hour (km).[3].. Traffic density(Vehicle / km) is a unit that expresses the degree of traffic congestion, and is expressed by the number of cars per kilometer.[3].. In addition, at a certain point, the time (seconds) taken from the passing of the tip of the preceding vehicle to the passing of the tip of the following vehicle is called the head time.[3].

Traffic volumeThen, the number of cars that passed a certain point in one hourRepresented by (table / h)[3].. The average speed of cars passing through this point If it is (km / h), the first car that passed firstIf you go ahead for a kilometer, the number of cars that follow during this time will beThere will be a stand[3].. Traffic volumeIs the traffic densityAnd average speedIt is represented by the product of. Also trafficThe reciprocal of is the average vehicle head time, that is, the reciprocal of the average vehicle head time is the traffic volume.[3].

If you express the traffic volume per hour in each formula

  • Traffic volume(Table / h)Traffic density(Unit / km) x average speed (km / h)
  • ÷ Traffic volume(Table / h)Average vehicle head time (h)
    • Therefore, traffic volume(Table / h)÷ Average vehicle head time (seconds)

Have a relationship[3].

Traffic flow rate

The traffic volume is determined by the number of vehicles that have passed the observation point within a certain unit time, and there is no particular rule regarding the type of passing vehicle or the length of the unit time. Various types of vehicles are mixed on the road, and especially large vehicles have a long length, which will affect traffic conditions.[4].. From this, the traffic volume expressed by converting the number of large vehicles into the number of passenger cars is calculated.pcu(English:passenger car unit)[4].

Traffic flow rate(Pcu / h) is the traffic volume (vehicles) measured in a time shorter than 5 hour, such as 1 minutes, expressed as the pcu traffic volume converted per hour.[4].. Many vehicle detectors are installed on highways and other highways, and data such as average speed, traffic density, and traffic flow rate are used using observation data such as the number of passing vehicles obtained from the detectors. And analyze the traffic situation such as traffic jam at that point[5].

Things that affect traffic volume

  • Most of the roadsPublic worksBecause it is made by, there is a problem that construction is concentrated at the end of the year and the end of the year.
  • Traffic accidentWhen the injured personFirst aidTransportation, removal of accident vehicles and debris, live inspection, etc. will affect traffic.
  • Shopping centerDue to the new construction of large-scale facilities such as, traffic volume will be concentrated in the relevant area, especially when the destination of the car changes.


Various traffic rules are in place to maintain safe and smooth trafficlaw(Road law-Road Traffic Law-Road transport lawEtc.).

Traffic survey

traffic lightsInstallation and lighting time adjustment, roadMulti-level crossingIn order to adjust the traffic volume and smooth the trafficTraffic survey(Koutsu Ryochosa) is held.

The first traffic survey in Japan was recorded between the main gate and the back gate of the University of Tokyo on April 4, 1.Toyojiro TamakiIt is said that these were carried out, and then some were carried out in Tokyo city.[6].


The following organizations are related to traffic volume in Japan.


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