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🥾 | Shinto ritual of "Winter mountain opening" at the ski resort of Kaminabe Kogen Last year, the number of visitors decreased at Corona.


Shinto ritual of "winter mountain opening" at the ski resort of Kaminabe Kogen Last year, we prayed that the number of visitors would decrease in Corona and the bustle would return.

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The Kaminabe Kogen ski resort is scheduled to open on December 12th.

At the ski resort in Kaminabe Kogen, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, a Shinto ritual for opening the winter mountains was held on the 7th before the winter performance.Using artificial snow ... → Continue reading

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From July 12st until July 24th

Kannabe Plateau

Kannabe Plateau(Kannabe Kogen) isHyogoToyookaHidaka TownIt is inplateau.San'in Kaigan GeoparkandHinoyama Gozan Mt.Nagisan Quasi-National ParkIt is designated as an area of.

About 2 years agoVolcanoMade of activitiesScoria hillIsKaminabeyama(Altitude 469m)basaltQualityLava flowConsists of.At the summit of Mt. Kaminabe, the circumference is about 750m and the depth is about 40m.craterRemains, and is generated by volcanic activity in the surrounding areaWind holeThere are many.Otsukueyama next to the northwest, Oodayama in the southeast, Buriyama, Kiyotakiyama, etc.Monogenetic volcanoと と も にKaminabe volcanoesMake up.

I went down the Inaba River from Kaminabeyama again.Lava flowFormed byValleyIs called "Kaminabe lava flow"Hattan WaterfallIt is a varied valley with more than 3 waterfalls and pools for about 30km from to Todo Waterfall.

History of plateau resort

Kannabe Kogen Ski ResortHas a long historyTaisho eraWas opened to. As of 2011UP Kannabe Ski Resort,Okukan Nabe Ski Resort,Manba Ski ResortThere are three ski resorts.KansaiIt ’s a prestigious ski resort,1957 (Showa32 years),1965 (Showa 40) in winterNational bodyIt became the ski competition venue.However, although lift tickets common to all mountains are available, Okukan Nabe Ski Resort and Manba Ski Resort are adjacent, but UP Kannabe Ski Resort is far away.Shiga KogenThe entire plateau is not an integrated ski area.

From around 1980SkiBesidesParagliding,Golf,TennisSuch asOutdoorSportsIt has been transformed into an all-season recreation area where you can enjoy.Summer VacationToExtracurricular activities,CircleIn activityTraining campIt is often used as a destination. In 1998, an all-weather sports facilityTajima DomeWas completed.

Famous places and facilities of Kaminabe Kogen

Main hiking trails

  • Road Station Kannabe KogenFrom to the wind cave to the Kaminabeyama crater (round trip about 100 minutes)
  • From Tawarataki of Kaminabe lava flow to Todo waterfall (about 5 km)
  • Blue Ridge Forest Bath Course "Blue Ridge Plateau Promenade"[1](Round trip about 40 minutes)


Kurisuno, Hidaka-cho, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture


  • JRSan'in Main Line Ebara StationからZentan BusTake the Kaminabe Onsen Yutorogi-mae or Higashikawachi / Manba for about 30 minutes, get off at Kaminabe Onsen Yutorogi-mae, and walk to the Kaminabeyama mountain trail entrance for 3 minutes.

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  • "Mysterious clear stream Kaminabe lava flow walking map" published by Toyooka City (viewed on September 2013, 9)

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