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👩‍🎤 | "SQEX Novel" 1st Anniversary Special site opened in collaboration with legendary writers and voice actors!


"SQEX Novel" 1st Anniversary Special site opened in collaboration with legendary writers and voice actors!

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With voice actors Kikuko Inoue and Soichiro Hoshi, "The villain daughter has entered the doting route!

Square Enix Co., Ltd. has published a special site to commemorate the first anniversary of the new literary label "SQEX Novel" ... → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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Voice actor Kikuko Inoue

Soichiro Hoshi

Soichiro Hoshi(Hoshi Soichirou,1972 May 5[3][6][7] -) isJapan OfMaleVoice actor,singer.FukushimaAizuwakamatsuBackground[3].Arts VisionAffiliation[3][4].


When I was in the third year of high schoolStudio GhibliMovieKiki's Delivery Service, And played a dragonfly, one of the characters.Kappei YamaguchiI became interested in voice actors and recognized voice actors for the first time when I learned that Yamaguchi attended a voice actor school.[8].

Tokyo Announcement CollegeBroadcast voice actor departmentJapan Narration Acting Institute(Scholarship student)[9].

2003 ToAnimage25 timesAnime grand prixWon the Grand Prix in the voice actor category,2006 28th and2007 Has won the Grand Prix for the second consecutive year in the voice actor category of the 29th Anime Grand Prix.[2].

"Lost Universe"soMegumi HayashibaraIn the edge of co-starring with the radio "Megumi Hayashibara Heartful StationWas in charge of the assistant for many years[Note 1].

The single released under the name of an individual "Shining TearsHas sold a total of 4 copies[10], Became his biggest hit single.The song itself is listed as "favorite song" by Hoshi himself.In addition, it is also a regular song of the corner "Year-end Star Child Best 1" held once a year at "Megumi Hayashibara's Heartful Station", and has won the 10st place, and has remained immovable for the past few years. ing.

When I was a student, a computer RPG "Emerald dragon』Because I was also a player2015 Is an illustrator who is one of the staff of the same workAkihiro KimuraHas expanded his field of activity to the producing industry, such as participating in the sequel drama CD project "Elemental Dragoon -Two Lights-", which was launched for the first time in 25 years, as a co-producer as well as starring.[11].


Nickname is "Hoshi, In some cases "So brother","Pappi. "

Same year in the same officeAkira SasumaHe has been on good terms with him since the days of Japan Narration, and he calls him "Akira" and "Soichiro".

Former senior in the officeTomoyuki MorikawaI yearn for my favorite senior who I respect.

JuniorYukari TamuraIt is called "Sou-chan" from.

Naozumi TakahashiHe is on good terms with him and calls him "Hoshi-kun" and "Nao-chan".Hoshi's mini album "LITTLE WORLDTakahashi participated in the chorus of "Fighting !!", and Hoshi also participated in the chorus of "Puuwan Puu Waka Puuwan!" Of Takahashi's album "VOICE RENDEZVOUS".Also in neo-romanceYuki MiyataAlso formed in between.

Kurata MasayoIsBit the Cupid』Made a synchronous debut, togetherGoro TaniguchiThere are many opportunities to co-star as a regular director's work.

Hobbies/special skillsMusicAppreciation,drive[4].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation

1990 era
2000 era
2010 era
2020 era


  • Legend of the Galactic Heroes(Iselloan army child soldier)
  • Special attack clothes runaway song (Hayashi)
  • Special attack clothes runaway song 2 (Tomoji)

Web anime

2000 era
2010 era
2020 era
  • Baki(2020,Mahomed Arai Jr.[81]
  • Aihime MEGOHIME (2021, Hideyoshi HIDEYOSHI)[82]


  • Those Who Hunt Elves -Complete Edition- (Waiter, Soldier B, Tom, Mandragora's Death Row)
  • Pocket fighter(Ryu)
  • (Kira Yamato)

Drama CD


  • Scandal series(Haruka Fukamori)
    • Scandal with him
    • Scandal after school
    • School festival is a scandal
    • Holy night scandal
    • Eyes in love are scandal
    • School trip is also a scandal
  • Devil's Logic Series (Yoshiko Kuga)
    • Don't hate me
    • Devil's Logic 1
    • Devil's Logic 2
  • Ichijo Pillow Soshi (Soten)
  • King slave (Takafumi Esaki)
  • My thing! (Aoi Katsuragi)
  • Crystal Crown ~ Blue Trail 3 ~ (Aisha)
  • GENE [Gane] Angel is torn (Iri in Chanshan <maiden name: Rachoo>)
  • Jewelry designer in love (Akiya Shinohara)
  • Jaja horse break-in (Baba)
  • I love what I like, so I can't help it!! Series (Nao Fujimori)
  • Takumi-kun series(Shinji Inoue / Takashi Kashiwagi, Seisei Hayama)
  • Fujimi XNUMX-chome Symphony OrchestraSeries (Yuki Morimura)
    • Kiss has all imitations
    • long ago…
  • HANON (Kei Ohara)
  • Maho Demy Weekly Diary Series (Monroe)
    • Maho Demy Weekly Diary Vol.1 "Magic Academy Low Grade Fever Club"
    • Maho Demy Weekly Diary Vol.2 "Magic Academy Secret Garden"
    • Maho Demy Weekly Diary Vol.3 "Magic Academy Dream Palace"
    • Maho Demy Weekly Diary Vol.4 "Magic Academy Temptation Lesson"
    • Maho Demy Weekly Diary Vol.5 "Magic Academy Athletic Meet -Eve Festival-"
    • Maho Demy Weekly Diary Vol.6 "Magic Academy Ryuusei Waltz"
  • Once again ONLY YOU (Mizushiro civilization)
  • Gentle relationship (Naoya Murase)
  • Don't do it! (Yuya Fujimoto)




TV program


puppet show

Special effects

TV program


* IsInternet distribution.

Mobile content

Radio cd

Recitation CD / Others

  • Recitation angelica-Nakahara Chuya-
  • Quail Recitation CD "Little Prince"(Junichi Suwabe(Reading aloud)
  • Sensual old story 3 ~ ghost story ~
  • Cooking recipe CD "Love ★ Sweets" (Ichigo Daifuku)
  • Monthly Hero Picture Book White Board (Minamoto no Yoshitsune)
  • Monthly Hero Encyclopedia Black Edition * Appeared only in Cast Credit Talk
  • Monthly Men's Picture Book Glasses Edition Black Board (No Good Glasses)
  • Monthly Men's Picture Book Sports Edition Black Edition (Figure Skating)
  • A heartwarming story Vol.6 (~ Friendship Edition ~ "Silence")
  • A heartwarming story gaiden part 3 ("Mole")
  • A heartwarming story Gaiden SP limited bonus disc ~ Twenty-four dialogue collection ~ ("Friendship of Sato")
  • Sound Horizon 5th Story CD "Roman(Laurencin)
  • Sweets boys vol.1 Fluffy almond tofu and hot chocolate cake
  • Story of 365 days ~ chapter.DIA (King of Diamonds)
  • TV anime Sengoku BASARA XNUMX Sengoku Travel Navi-Ueda Edition-
  • Sengoku Warlords Story-Daimyo Hen Part XNUMX- (Episode XNUMX "Motonari Moristory")
  • Sengoku Busho Monogatari Gaiden ~ 14 Daimyo Monogatari ~ (Mori Motonari Monogatari Gaiden "Teaching of Three Arrows")
  • Dirs Nihon no Mukashibanashi ~ Blue Color ~ (Reading-Episode XNUMX "Tanohisa")
  • Diaz Nihon no Mukashibanashi ~ Dream Color ~ (Reading-Episode XNUMX "Small Wishes")
  • DEARS Flower Language Story-Blue Season- (Spring Fairy "Lilac")
  • DEARS Flower Language Story-Lucky Flower Fortune-telling- (Spring Fairy "Lilac")
  • Bakumatsu Shishi Monogatari ~Tosa Edition~ ("Shojiro Gotostory")
  • Bakumatsu Shishi Monogatari Gaiden ~ 14 Tosa & Sakuma / Kaikoku Hen ~ ("Goto Shojiro Monogatari Gaiden")
  • Hanano Bakumatsu Koisuru Butterfly First Night (Hijikata Toshizo[188]
  • Recitation Hirosuke HamadaMasterpiece selection "Mukutori no Yume"
  • HONEY BEE Husband Catalog Vol.4 This Month's Special Feature: Narcissist Husband or Cool Husband (Narcissist Husband, Takatori Mitsuru)
  • HONEY BEE Good night with sheep series"In our voice ..."
  • HONEY BEE Bee voice medicine"Punkel D" (Endo)
  • A spa CD that moisturizes your ears [Shea Voice] (Yuma)
  • Delusion Esthetic III (Kasumi Touma)


Motion comics

Other contents



Release datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank
1st1999/5/28ONEWAY RADIOKICA-462Out of range
2nd2004/11/26Shining Tears / Silhouette of LightKICM-308432 bit
3rd2007/1/24 Starting againKICM-119536 bit

Live venue limited single

Release datetitleStandard product number
1st2015/2/21Departing Party!FFCV-0043
2nd2016/5/7StarRing PARTY ☆FFCV-0055


Release datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank
1st2012/4/11ONE SONGSKICS-176010 bit
2nd2014/5/30LITTLE WORLDKICS-306331 bit
3rd2018/5/30Voice and HarmonyKICS-370822 bit

Tie-up song

Shining Tearsgame"Shining Tears"Opening theme
Light silhouetteGame "Shining Tears" ending theme
Starting againTelevision Animation"Lost Universe"Image Song
Hikarigame"Shining Blade』Insert song
LUNATIC CLAVEgame"Shining Resonance』Insert song
Brave Heart ~ Beyond Shine ~game"Blade Arcus from Shining] Theme song
DESIRETheme song for the drama CD "Shirogin no Desire"
Soul of RebellionGame "BLADE ARCUS Rebellion from Shining" theme song

Participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
May 9Lost Universe Tracks Content 2Kain Blueriver"Again"
May 11Lost Universe Tracks Content 3Kain Blueriver"Shining On"
May 6Lost Universe the BEST of LOST UNIVERSEKain Blueriver"TEARS IN HEAVEN"
"Again (One More Mix)"
"Shining On (Heavy Fighting Mix)"
May 5Infinite Ryvius Character Song Collection "Tomorrow"Yuki Aiba"Sacred Sacrifice"
May 5"D ・ N ・ ANGEL" trilogyDaisuke Niwa"Hearts"
May 11Millennium Prime Minister 2Aya Kurahashi"Curly"
May 12Infinite Ryvius Light ED theme "Smile again"2226 (Noriko Kuwashima,Akira Shiratori,Kyoko Hikami,Nobuyuki Hiyama,Soichiro Hoshi,Tomokazu Seki,Riko Aikawa,Satoshi Shimada"Smile again"
May 12Hot blood!Voice actor story I'll scream!Kue Minami Natsuya (Tetsuya Iwanaga), Tenryu Koizumi (Akio Otsuka), Terushi Mizusawa (Ryutaro Okiayu), Nobuno Hisae (Junichi Kanamaru),Katori Ryosuke"Love at the end!"
May 2In a faraway space and time, Misato YabaEisen"Color Drops <Short Version>"
May 3DJCD Saiyuki Saiyuki III Laughing SO-ICHIROYou & me"One person's memoir-Soichiro sushi theme-"
May 4Anime store manager Saihaku-Treblanc-Whitest (Tomokazu Seki,Seki Toshihiko,Takeyasu Koyasu,Shinichiro Miki,Hiroaki Hirata,Soichiro Hoshi,Ishida Akira,Hiro Yuki"DOUBLE DEAR"
May 7In a faraway space and time, Misato Yaba-Kimi Koi Furuuta-Eisen"Drops of color"
Yaba (Shinichiro Miki, Tomokazu Seki,Naozumi Takahashi,Yuki Miyata,Shigeru Nakahara,Kazuhiko Inoue,Soichiro Hoshi, Akira Ishida)"Beyond the far space and time"
May 7Tales of Eternia THE ANIMATION Drama & BGM Album "Last Summer"Kiel Zeibel"Departure"
May 8Mobile Angel Angelic Layer Character Song Album ~ Angelic Music ~Ohjiro Mihara"Wizard only for you"
May 9In a faraway space and time ~ Kacho Fugetsu ~Eisen"White cluster amaryllis"
May 12Anime store manager SONG ALBUM ecstatic !!Bee Mash (Soichiro Hoshi, Akira Ishida, Hiro Yuki)"Dancin'For Your Number"
May 12CHRNO CRUSADE museumChrono (Chiba progress),Joshua Christopher"Castle In The Air"
May 1DJCD Gensoumaden Saiyuki animate EXPO SPECIAL5 players (you & me & you & me & me)"One person's memoir 1"
May 2Movie version Gensoumaden Saiyuki Requiem Character Song Mini Album ~ Four Songs ~悟空"Proud of my loneliness"
May 3In a faraway space and time, the four gods mini album GenbuEisen"Hanarain"
Eisen, Yasuaki Abe (Akira Ishida)"Ao no Uterus"
May 5Gensoumaden Saiyuki Vocal Album vol.1Son Goku"Infinity"
Genjo Sanzo (Toshihiko Seki),Son Goku, Sha Wujing (Hiroaki Hirata)"Junk Boys"
"Blow winds"
May 7Neo Romance Festa ~ Our Anniversary ~Kazuhiko Inoue,Mitsuo Iwata, Naozumi Takahashi,Nobuo Tobita, Shigeru Nakahara,Soichiro Hoshi,Horiuchi Keno, Shinichiro Miki,Tomoyuki Morikawa"~ Our Anniversary ~"
May 7Tokyo Underground OSTAsagi Rumina (Tomokazu Seki),Isuzu Ginnosuke"Blow up"
May 7I can't help it because I like what I like !! -HEAVENLY BREATH-Nao Fujimori"Always ..."
Hashiba sky (Hikari Midorikawa),Nao Fujimori"Believe me again"
May 9Anime store manager Saihaku III -Treblanc Troyes- Silence spot saleWhitest (Tomokazu Seki, Toshihiko Seki, Takehito Koyasu, Shinichiro Miki, Hiroaki Hirata,Soichiro Hoshi, Akira Ishida, Hiro Yuki)"Blue loneliness"
May 12SAMURAI DEEPER KYO Character Vocal Album "Kyokuka"Akira"Ashi Fang"
May 1Gensoumaden Saiyuki Vocal Album vol.2Genjo Sanzo (Toshihiko Seki),Son Goku, Sha Wujing (Hiroaki Hirata)"Go to the west"
Genjo Sanzo (Toshihiko Seki),Son Goku"TREASURE"
May 3Mobile Suit Gundam SEED SUIT CD Vol.1 Strike x Kira YamatoKira Yamato"Now, this moment is everything"
May 3GetBackers-GetBackers-"TARGET B"Bird of Paradise Kazuki"Flower bell"
May 5THE BEST OF RIVAL PLAYERS XI Gakuto MukahiTaketo Mukai"DA / DA / DA"
"DA / DA / DA (Remix Version)"
May 7Selfish ☆ Fairy Milmo de Pon!Duet series vol.4 "Murumo & Shochiku"Kaoru Matsutake"Cinderella Summer"
Kaoru Matsutake, Murumo (Rie Kugimiya"Special-le smile!"
May 8In a faraway space and time 2 ~ Stop the flowers ~Source water"Swaying cage of Ayame"
May 8Selfish ☆ Fairy Milmo de Pon!Let's play with Milmo!Best 1Fairies & humans (Etsuko Kozakura,Mayuko Asamura, Rie Kugimiya,Yukiji,Mai Nakahara,Tokumoto Yasutoshi,Soichiro Hoshi,Hitomi"Magical ☆ Pon!"
May 8Gensoumaden Saiyuki Vocal Album vol.3Son Goku"I can fly."
Genjo Sanzo (Toshihiko Seki),Son Goku, Sha Wujing (Hiroaki Hirata)"The way to paradise"
May 10The Prince of Tennis ~ Kiss of Prince ~ IceTaketo Mukai"Start Flowering ☆"
May 12In a faraway space and time 2 Yuzuki HanaIsato (Naozumi Takahashi), Akira Crest (Yukiki Miyata),Source water"With wings that can fly"
"Fuka sublimation"
May 1Ai Yori Aoshi ~ Rim ~ Drama board XNUMX "Ume"Aoi Sakuraba (Aoi SakurabaKawasumi Ayako),Kaoru Hanabishi"As it is"
May 7Saiyuki RELOAD VOCAL ALBUM Vol.1Genjo Sanzo (Toshihiko Seki),Son Goku, Sha Wujing (Hiroaki Hirata)"Waymarks"
Son Goku"Wing area"
Son Goku, Sha Wujing (Hiroaki Hirata)"There is"
May 9In a faraway space and time Song Soshi A cool breeze feastYaba (Shinichiro Miki, Tomokazu Seki, Naozumi Takahashi, Kouki Miyata, Shigeru Nakahara, Kazuhiko Inoue,Soichiro Hoshi, Akira Ishida)"Go on a journey of Liaoyuan"
May 11Saiyuki RELOAD VOCAL ALBUM Vol.2Son Goku"Cherish"
Genjo Sanzo (Toshihiko Seki),Son Goku, Sha Wujing (Hiroaki Hirata)"Destination"
May 12In a faraway space and time 2 specials behind the scenesSource water"Eternal water corridor"
Behind the scenes (Isato (Naozumi Takahashi), Akiramon (Koki Miyata),Source water"Miracle gift"
"The bond between flash and sprinting"
"Fuka Sublimation ~ Rin ~"
May 12Selfish ☆ Fairy Milmo de Pon!Character song series 3Kaede Minami (Mai Nakahara), Dylan Yuki (Yukitoshi Tokumoto), Yasumi Hidaka (Hitomi),Kaoru Matsutake"Ring Ring Christmas"
May 12I can't help it because I like what I like !! Vocal Series Vol.2 Nao FujimoriNao Fujimori"Place ..."
May 1Tenjo Tenka Character Collection EXTRA BOUT.1 Nagi Soichiro & Bob MakiharaSouichiro Nagi"Breathing of instinct"
May 1tactics sound file Vol.1Mr. Sugino"You are important"
May 2In a faraway space and time 2 ~ Flower mirror ~Gen Yoritada (Shinichiro Miki),Source water"Ice-winged hawk foam leaf"
May 2Ginyu Apocalypse Meine Liebe 1st Movement Bonus Mini Drama CD "Introduction-Secret Garden-"Camus"Insert song (title unknown)"
May 2The Prince of Tennis "Crystal"Shinobi Yuushi (Hidenobu Kiuchi),Taketo Mukai"spiral"
May 3In a faraway space and time 3 Light moonlit night XNUMX ~ Twilight chapter ~Aramori Taira"In the cocoon of fog rain"
May 4In a faraway space and time ~ Yabasho ~ Character Collection IV -Genbu Hen-Eisen"Between fragility and strength ..."
May 5The Prince of Tennis Eiji Kikumaru "Hello!"Eiji Kikumaru (Hiroki Takahashi),Taketo Mukai"DA / DA / DA (DA / DA / DA MIX)"
May 8In a faraway space and time ~ Yabasho ~ Vocal CollectionYaba (Shinichiro Miki, Tomokazu Seki, Naozumi Takahashi, Kouki Miyata, Shigeru Nakahara, Kazuhiko Inoue,Soichiro Hoshi, Akira Ishida)"Eternal cherry blossom snowstorm for you ..."
May 11In a faraway space and time 2 Autumn leaves dance ~ Yume no Tsuhiji ~Source water"The faint secret of the evening rainbow"
May 11The Law of Ueki Character Song The Place of the SunSeiichiro Sano"Place of the sun"
May 2In a faraway space and time 2 ~ Afterglow Shiori ~Source water, Akira Crest (Koki Miyata)"The lost child in the mysterious field"
May 3Hanayoi Romanesque Character CD Tomoe Kinosaki "Chocoholic I * N * G"Kinosaki Tomoe"Chocoholic I * N * G"
May 3Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY SUIT CD Vol.10 Kira Yamato x Strike FreedomKira Yamato"TOMORROW"
May 3In a faraway space and time, 3 Kagetsu eveningAramori Taira"Small love of Hanaga"
May 5And your poem VOCAL & SOUND TRACK ~ STARRY WORLD ~ that glitters in this universePelmo"profile"
May 7Meine Liebe wieder character CD CamusCamus"Wish Upon a Star"
"Rosy wind"
May 7Saiyuki RELOAD GUNLOCK Vocal Album vol.1Son Goku, Red Boy (Kusao Yi"Shout"
Son Goku, Sha Wujing (Hiroaki Hirata)"Roost"
Genjo Sanzo (Toshihiko Seki),Son Goku, Sha Wujing (Hiroaki Hirata)"Some day"
May 8The Prince of Tennis Keigo Atobe "Charm point is crying bokuro"Keigo Atobe (Junichi Suwabe), Yuji Shinobi (Hidenobu Kiuchi),Taketo Mukai, Ryo Shishido (Toshiyuki Kusunoda), Chotaro Otori (Namikawa Daisuke), Jiro Akutagawa (Yuji Ueda), Takahiro Kabaji (Satoshi Tsuruoka), Hiyoshi Waka (Seiwa Iwasaki"Charm point is crying bokuro"
May 8In a faraway space and time Mai Ichiya ~ Introduction ~Tomomasa Tachibana (Kazuhiko Inoue),Eisen, Multi-season history (Takahiro Sakurai"Tama Hibiki no Shizuku -Full Vocal Ver.-"
May 8In a faraway space and time 2 & 3 Character Collection 2 Heavenly GenbuAramori Taira"To the lake of warm recollection"
May 9Growlanser V Original Character Song AlbumRufus"Moriarty the Patriot"
May 10Kirarin Revolution Song SelectionSHIPS (Hiroto Kazama)Suo Akiyama),Seiji Hiwatari"Love x Mega"
May 10Infinite Ryvius Song CollectionYuki Aiba"Sacred Sacrifice"
2226 (Houko Kuwashima, Tetsu Shiratori, Kyoko Hikami, Nobuyuki Hiyama,Soichiro Hoshi, Tomokazu Seki, Rikako Aikawa, Satoshi Shimada)"Smile again"
May 11In a faraway space and time Mai Ichiya ~ Evergreen ~Eisen"A kaleidoscope of dreams and sadness"
May 2Hanayoi Romanesque Character CD "Grace Again"Kinosaki Tomoe& Hosho Kaoru (Kenichi Suzumura"Grace Again"
May 2Theatrical version Mai Ichiya Vocal Collection in a faraway space and timeTomomasa Tachibana (Kazuhiko Inoue),Eisen, History of many seasons (Takahiro Sakurai)"Drop of Tamaki"
May 2OVA Prince of Tennis 2nd ED Theme "Absurdity"Hyotei Eternity(Keigo Atobe (Junichi Suwabe),Taketo Mukai, Chotaro Otori (Daisuke Namikawa), Waka Hiyoshi (Masami Iwasaki))"Absurdity"
May 3Reincarnation Academy Gekkoroku Original Characters Vol.3Akio Kenmochi"Less Than Zero"
May 3Higurashi When They Cry Character CD Vol.1 Rena Ryugu x Keiichi Maebara and Kuraudo OoishiKeiichi Maebara& Kuraudo Ooishi (Tea wind forest"Keiichi Oishi's Rumored Casebook ABC"
May 4Digimon Savers Best Hits + Character New SongsMarcus Damon"Beater!"
Marcus Damon, Agumon (Tatsuki Matsuno), Tohma H. ​​Norstein (Hiroshi Nojima), Gaomon (Kazuya Nakai"TEAM?"
May 5OVA Saiyuki RELOAD -burial- ED theme "Shiny moon"Genjo Sanzo (Toshihiko Seki),Son Goku, Sha Wujing (Hiroaki Hirata)"Shiny moon"
"Shiny moon (a cappella version)"
May 6Saiyuki RELOAD GUNLOCK VOCAL ALBUM Vol.2Son Goku"Orange"
Genjo Sanzo (Toshihiko Seki),Son Goku, Sha Wujing (Hiroaki Hirata)"Moon"
May 8Digimon 10th ANNIVERSARY -Bridge to Dreams-Marcus Damon"Dream Fragment"
May 9Kirarin Revolution Song Selection VOL.2SHIPS (Hiroto Kazama (Akio Suyama),Seiji Hiwatari"into the light.."
May 12OVA Saiyuki RELOAD -burial- Volume XNUMX Special Edition Bonus CDSon Goku"Color"
May 1In a faraway space and time 3 Crimson Moon Original SoundtrackHinoe (Naozumi Takahashi), Benkei Musashibo (Koki Miyata),Aramori Taira"The month of fate is crimson"
May 2Higurashi When They Cry ~ character case book ~ Vol.3 Satoshi Hojo Link Keiichi MaebaraKeiichi Maebara"Be cool! ~ Keep On Our Love ~"
May 4Hanayoi Romanesque Character CD Kaoru Hosho and Tomoe Kinosaki "Night Party-Beautiful Trap Sweet Rejection"Kinosaki Tomoe& Kaoru Hosho (Kenichi Suzumura)"Evening party-Beautiful trap sweet rejection"
May 5Petit Four Character Song CD vol.3 Isamu Matsuo & Eri TakenashiIsamu Matsuo (Nobuyuki Hiyama),Takenashi Shizuka"Wine, knife, pride and my way"
Takenashi Shizuka"Specialty double return"
May 6In a faraway space and time 3 Crimson Moon Vocal CollectionAramori Taira"Half-summer of light and darkness"
Aramori Taira& Taira no Tsunemasa (Eiji Hanawa"On the moonlit night, the timbre of the soul"
May 8Higurashi When They Cry ~ Sinfulness ~ ED Theme "Thank you for that day, that place, everything"Keiichi Maebara"Thank you for everything that day, that place,"
May 9In a faraway space and time 4 ~ Poetry of the Stars ~Nunotohiko"Oath to reach the sky"
May 11Higurashi When They Cry Fan Disc FILE.03 First Press Limited Edition Bonus CDKeiichi Maebara, Ryugu Rena (Mai Nakahara), Mion Sonozaki / Shion (May Yukino), Satoko Hojo (Kana Mika), Rika Furude (Yukari Tamura), Hanyuu (Yui Horie), Satoshi Hojo (Yuu Kobayashi"With" you "-Kizuna-"
May 12Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Sound Episode 6Li Xingke (Hikaru Midorikawa),Gino Weinberg"Reason"
May 2In a faraway space and time Yume no Ukihashi Special ~ Rainbow of Tenka ~Source water, Yuzuru Arikawa (Shigeru Nakahara)"Phantom happiness infinitely"
May 2In a faraway space and time 4 ~ Morning dew book ~Nunotohiko"Forbidden love is in the morning dew"
May 4Macross F Drama CD Daughter Dora ◎ Dora 1Saotome Alto (Yuichi Nakamura),Brera Sterne"Small white dragon"
May 5Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side from 1st Love & 2nd Season Drama & Image Song AlbumTendo 壬"My heroine"
May 7OVA Prince of Tennis "Fuun Shonen Atobe" ED Theme "To the End of the Slope"Hyotei Eternity (Keigo Atobe (Junichi Suwabe),Taketo Mukai, Chotaro Otori (Daisuke Namikawa), Waka Hiyoshi (Masami Iwasaki))"To the end of the slope"
May 8In a faraway space and time 3with XNUMX nights favorite book ~ Shinonometsuki ~Aramori Taira"The scatter of the chain is in tears"
May 8Takeshi Konomi "Tenipuritte Iina / Smile"Takeshi Konomi, Seigaku / Hyotei / Rikkai / Higa / Shiten members"Tenipuri is good"
May 12Neo Romance Christmas-Love Song on Holy Night-Yui (Daisuke Namikawa>,Nunotohiko, Ryotaro Tsuchiura (Kentaro Ito), Rene (Kappei Yamaguchi"At the Christmas street corner"
May 12In a faraway space and time 4 ~ Tohiko Nuno with Michiomi Otomo ~Nunotohiko"Signpost of sunlight (event special version)"
May 12Sora no Otoshimono Ending Theme CollectionTomoki Sakurai"Warrior's rest"
Icarus (Saori Hayami), Mitsuki Sohara (Mina), Mayuka Tane Mikako (Takagaki Ayahi),Tomoki Sakurai, Eishiro Sugata (Suzuki Tatsuhisa"Season given by the sun"
Icarus (Saori Hayami), Nymph (Iori Nomizu), Sohara Mitsuki (Mina), Mikako Satsukitan (Ayahi Takagaki),Tomoki Sakurai, Eishiro Sugata (Tatsuhisa Suzuki)"Don't look back, you're beautiful"
Tomoki Sakurai, Eishiro Sugata (Tatsuhisa Suzuki)"Wild Seven"
Tomoki Sakurai, Tomoko (Saki Fujita"champion"
May 3Sora no Otoshimono Character Song Album ~ Sora no Ongakusai ~Tomoki Sakurai"Tingling B. Chick (CD Full Version)"
May 3In a faraway space and time 3 ~ Endless fate ~ Vocal collection Eternal SakuratsukiAramori Taira"Sorrow on the sand"
May 4VELVET UNDERWORLD Fragment Person + animation 12 VOLTbolt"Eight Line Poem"
May 9In a faraway space and time, 10th Anniversary VOL.3 ~ Heavenly Hachiyo ~Nunotohiko"Sunlight Guide Album Ver."
May 11Megumi Hayashibara's Heartful Station 1000th Premium CDMegumi Hayashibara,Soichiro Hoshi"Heartful Station"
"Tuning love"
"Heartful Station ~ Hoshi Only Version ~"
"Tuning love ~ Hoshi Only Version ~"
May 12Sora no Otoshimono f (Forte) "This Year Again" Ending Theme CollectionTomoki Sakurai, Eishiro Sugata (Tatsuhisa Suzuki)"Soldier in the Space"
Tomoki Sakurai, Ikaros (Saori Hayami), Sohara Mizuki (Mina), Eishiro Sugata (Tatsuhisa Suzuki), Mikako Satsukitane (Ayahi Takagaki), Nymph (Iori Nomizu), Astrea (Kaori Fukuhara"For the day when I never return"
Tomoki Sakurai, Tomoko (Saki Fujita)"Travel in Nozomi"
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May 11Clean boys!Aoyama-kun Kyanime Limited Edition BD / DVD Volume 3 Purchase Bonus ED Theme Song Solo Version CDKazuma Sakai (Soichiro Hoshi
May 12ACTORS-Songs Collection2-Yota Koji (Soichiro Hoshi"hide and seek""ACTORS" related song 
May 1IdolishXNUMX Re: vale "NO DOUBT"Re: vale[Member 1]"NO DOUBT"
"Taiyo no Esperanza"
Game "Idolish Seven" related songs
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Game "Idolish Seven" related songs
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Game "Idolish Seven" related songs
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"Eternity theory"
"T (w) o ..."
Game "Idolish Seven" related songs
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May 3ONE and ONLYHyotei Eternity[Member 10]Rikkai Young Han[Member 11]"ONE and ONLY"Anime "New Prince of Tennis Hyotei vs Rikkai Game of Future" Part XNUMX Ending Theme
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