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📱 | Cashless payment that evolves easily with a ring First in the Chugoku region Exhibited and sold until March next year


Easy-evolving cashless payment with a ring Exhibits and sales for the first time in the Chugoku region until March next year

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Ebring is the first special space in the Chugoku region set up at Tsutaya Bookstore, and will be exhibited and sold until the end of March next year.

With the evolution of cashless payments such as IC cards and smartphones, what is new is the "ring". … → Continue reading

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Culture Convenience Club

Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.(Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.)TSUTAYAas well as the 茑屋书店A Japanese company that oversees the platform business, database marketing business, and CCC group.

Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.1985 Established as a franchise headquarters of TSUTAYA on September 9th,2006 May 3The TSUTAYA business will be transferred to the newly established subsidiary "TSUTAYA Co., Ltd." and become a pure holding company.2009 May 10ToCCC Co., Ltd.(Formerly TSUTAYA Co., Ltd.)Absorption mergerAnd become a business company again.2011 In October, the Internet business was spun off to TSUTAYA.com Co., Ltd.2014 Among the in-house companies that were reorganized in December, the TSUTAYA company that handles the TSUTAYA business, the CCC entertainment company that handles the publishing and content business, and the CCC marketing company that handles the database marketing business are "TSUTAYA Co., Ltd." Separated into "Culture Entertainment Inc." and "CCC Marketing Inc."[2].2018 May 5, Reorganized and become a pure holding company again.2021 On April 4, four intermediate holding companies and their affiliated companies were absorbed and merged to become a business company again.

TSUTAYA and Tsutaya bookstore business

Established on March 1983, 3 in Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture. First name isTsutaya[Note 1]The first store is called "Tatsuya Shoten Hirakata Ekimae". By the way, the name of TSUTAYA came from the grandfather of TSUTAYA's founder, Muneaki Masuda (currently President and CEO of Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.).Okaya)'S name was "Tsutaya"[3].. "Edo periodChimoto wholesalerThe owner of "Tutaya", and is said to have sent Sharaku to the world.Shibuzabu TsutayaThere is also a theory that "I named it Ayakari", but the book that was used for in-house education by 1999 only says that it originated from Muneaki Masuda's grandfather Okaya's shop name. The theory derived from Jutsuburo Tsutaya is a retrofit with advice from Muneaki Masuda's acquaintance that it should be used because it has a better image than that derived from Okiya.

Focusing on the rental businessTSUTAYAIn addition to "(Tutaya)"Video 100", lifestyle bookstore"茑屋书店(TSUTAYA BOOK), a bookstore offering a new reading styleTSUTAYA BOOKSTORE, BOOK (new and used books) & CAFE (Starbucks) integrated with shopping centersGrass BOOKS'[4], A complex facility centered on used books that imaged the West Coast of the United StatesTSUTAYA BOOK GARAGE'[5], "NADiff", an art bookstore, "SHARE LOUNGE" (in Shibuya Scramble Square), which combines the convenience of a "shared office (coworking space)" with the coziness of a "lounge", etc. There is a store brand of.

Bookstore business

From the time of its founding, as per the founding name "Tutaya Bookstore"bookstoreExpand business (first store isOsakayaOpened as a franchise affiliated store of affiliated books[6]). In June 1986Japanese publishing salesAnd business alliance. Book sales business since 1994TSUTAYA BOOKS NETWORK"(TSUTAYA BOOKS)FranchiseStart deployment. Sales in 2012 reached a record high of 1097 billion yen, the largest in the industryKinokuniya BookstorePassed and became the leader[7].. 2016 book and magazine sales amounted to 1308 billion yen (812 stores nationwide), setting a record high for 1994 consecutive years since 22.[8].. Book and magazine sales in 2018 recorded 1330 billion yen[9].. Domestic book and magazine sales in 2020 reached 1427 billion[10], Has set a new record high. As of December 2021, the number of stores handling books for sale is 12.[11]There are TSUTAYA BOOKS member stores and TSUTAYA rental member stores that have their own bookstore business.In addition, there are stores such as Tsutaya Bookstore Wakayama Civic Library that are not displayed in the TSUTAYA store search. Of the 47 prefectures, only Shimane prefecture does not have TSUTAYA BOOKS member stores[Note 2].

Video, music software, comic rental

TSUTAYAMusic-Video software OfRental storeAs Japan's largestChain store(Department sales,2012 (March term)[12],. In addition to promoting store development in various forms,1999 Was)AcomTransferred the store network from2004 Was)Sun leisureTheFranchiseeThe scale has been expanded by incorporating other chains. Event rates such as rental fees, abundance of goods, and sales vary greatly depending on the region and store.

For example, it is said that the product lineup is the most fulfilling in Japan.Shibuya StationIn front of the Hachiko exit intersectionSHIBUYA TSUTAYAThen, the display shelf of video softwaredirected byAnotherAn actorAnotherProduction companyAnotherOriginal authorIt is classified into different categories. "War movie"Ancient" "Before World War II" "Second World War""Pacific War""After the war-Anti-warIt is subdivided into "after World War II" and "fictitious/future war".

Except some storesmember cardIs common, and you can rent at multiple stores just by becoming a member of one store. At some stores, in addition to music and video software, comics (Comic OfBook) Rental is also available. However, within 14 days of new rental registration, rental is only possible at stores other than the registered one. Also, if you pay the rental guarantee fee,FamilyMartIssued by other companiesT cardYou can also rent it at.

Furthermore, due to the store's convenience and the recommendation from the producers and distributors, it is possible to order works that are not always arranged at the store from the warehouse of the headquarters by using a search machine or staff inquiry. Most of the stores also offer the "request back" service.

In October 2017, we started "TSUTAYA Premium", which is an all-you-can-drink DVD/Blu-ray of the previous work that combines rental and video distribution services at TSUTAYA stores.[13].

As of March 2021, there are 12 rental DVD stores.[14], 786 rental CD stores[15], 765 rental comic stores[16].

Music and video software sales

TSUTAYA has been selling CD/DVD sales chains since July 1993.TSUTAYA RECORDSIs being developed, and video and music softwareSales outletIs the largest in Japan (sector sales, 2005). In 2005, the CCC GroupVirgin Megastores Japan, In 2006SumiyaIs the second largest in the industry (FY2) in sales.ShinseidoWas also affiliated with.

As of December 2021, the number of stores handling DVDs for sale is 12.[17], The number of stores that sell CDs is 670[18].

Game sales

Since May 1997, TSUTAYA has launched a game software sales chainGame TSUTAYAIs being developed[19], Sells new game software.

As of December 2021, the number of stores handling new games is 12.[20].

Purchase and sale of used items

Purchased products differ depending on the store, but we are purchasing over-the-counter software, game consoles, CDs, DVDs/Blu-rays, books, trading cards, smartphones, tablets.[21].

CCC is from September 2010, 09secondhand bookDistributor chain "ecobooksIs being developed[22], Only one store of "TSUTAYA ecobooks Keibunsha Kannabe store" uses ecobooks as the store name. In addition, the game/CD/DVD recycling chainRecycle TSUTAYAIs being developed.

Group companyIosys Co., Ltd.However, some TSUTAYA stores are "purchasing TSUTAYA smartphones and tablets".

Stationery and miscellaneous goods business

Stationery and miscellaneous goods-related business at TSUTAYA started in 2011[23]..As a private brand of stationery miscellaneous goods TSUTAYA, the stationery brand "HEDERA" and the miscellaneous goods brand "LeLierre" have been on sale since November 2017.[24].

As of December 2021, the number of stores handling stationery and miscellaneous goods is 12.[25].

Payment Method

Payment methods are cash, T-money, credit card (contactless payment is possible with VISA and Mastercard, contactless payment is not possible with JCB American Express), QUICPay, iD, transportation electronic money, WAON, Rakuten Edy, PayPay, LINE Pay, Melpay, QUO Card Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay are possible[26].

Restaurant business

Starbucks business

CCC has a "BOOK & CAFE" style license agreement with Starbucks Coffee JapanStarbucksRun a business.

Other restaurant business

"Kyushu Pancake Cafe Takeo Children's Library" and Style Development Co., Ltd., a group company, operate the cafe & restaurant "WIRED TOKYO".

Internet business

On July 1999, 7, the portal site "TSUTAYA Online Shopping" for TSUTAYA stores for PCs and mobile phones, where store search, store inventory search, and entertainment information can be viewed, was opened.[27].

Video distribution business

TSUTAYA video distribution service. Start from June 2008, 6. In addition to movies, dramas, animations, R6 videos, you can watch TSUTAYA original distribution programs.
TSUTAYA movie powered by U-NEXT
U-NEXT Co., Ltd.Video distribution service provided by CCC AIR Co., Ltd.[28].. Started in 2016.

Online delivery rental

Online courier rental from October 2002TSUTAYA DISCAS"start.Online DVD rentalIn the field of "TSUTAYA DISCAS", the number of members is 100 million (as of September 2010), and it is the largest in Japan.[29].


TSUTAYA online shopping
Online shopping site for books, DVDs, CDs, games, and goods. Started as online shopping service for books, CDs, DVDs, and games on TSUTAYA online in December 1999, and renewed as "TSUTAYA online shopping" on November 12, 2008.[30].. We also accept pick-up at TSUTAYA stores.

Game platform

TSUTAYA online game
Game platform. Official service started in July 2015. The number of members exceeded 7 million in 2018. Original games such as the T-card-linked shop-building game "T-shop" and the online crane game "Giftole" are also distributed.

Recruitment support business

Job information service from June 2015Work discovery T-SITEStart[31].

Publishing/Video/Music Business

Publishing business

Culture Convenience Club is a subsidiaryArt publisherとMitsumura Suiko ShoinWill be released byArt notebook"[32]And publishes books, and sells "Monthly TSUTAYA Asia MAGAZINE", a free magazine for Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese drama and movie information for TSUTAYA member stores.In the past, the movie guidebook "TSUTAYA Cinema Handbook" (1996-2018) and the entertainment ranking magazine "DATA WATCH" (May 2003-March 5, publisher:Kadokawa Shoten)[33], Published the book "Home Sharing to Change the Town".

As a consolidated subsidiary engaged in the publishing business, the media business of Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd.Cat publishingAnd publishing business "CLASSIX"CCC Media House,Tokuma bookstore,SHUFUNOTOMO,Earth star entertainment,復刊 ド ッ ト コ ム, SHIRO dealing with "Octane Japan version", "Rolling Stone JapanCCC Music Lab, which handles "Quarterly S" and "Small S" Co., Ltd.SMIRALThere is.

Imaging business

Imaging business of Culture Entertainment, Inc. as a consolidated subsidiary that conducts imaging businessCulture Publishers], of the video production companyC & I Entertainment, A corporation that sells anime content and supplies programsSMIRAL, There is PLAN K Entertainment Co., Ltd., which sells Korean wave contents.

Music business

Database marketing business

T point business

The CCC Group has a common membership card as the third pillar of its business since October 2003.T cardCommon based onPoint service"T pointWe are developing and are actively making alliances. For more informationT pointchecking ...

T-money business

From 2014 year 11 month 25 dayDrug YutakaLaunched electronic money service "T-money" at all stores[34].. Pre-paid gift card "T Money Gift Card" will be sold at TSUTAYA nationwide from April 2015, 4[35].. July 2015, 6FamilyMartStarted handling at[36].. August 2020, 8 Supports Paidy, a postpaid payment service[37].. July 2021, 4Contactless paymentServicesApple PayCompatible with[38], May 5, the same year for Android smartphones "iD"Correspondence[39].

Living related business

As a lifestyle-related business, the home appliance store "Futakotamagawa Tsutaya Home Appliances" is operated, and Tsutaya Home Appliance Enterprise Co., Ltd. sells home appliances for wholesale and corporations.In addition, group company progetto81 Co., Ltd. develops Italian luxury furniture brands "B & B ITALIA" and "MAX ALTO" as Japanese regular stores of B & B ITALIA SpA.

T-SITE business

In December 2011, CCC opened Daikanyama T-SITE, a complex commercial facility with Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore as its core. "T-SITEExpand[40].. "Shonan T-SITE" in December 2014, "Shonan T-SITE" in May 12Hirakata T-SITE, "Kashiwanoha T-SITE" in March 2017, "Kashiwanoha T-SITE" in April 3Hiroshima T-SITEOpened.

Designated management business for libraries and public facilities

On the other hand, in response to the problems described below in the operation, the National Liaison Committee of the Library Friends Association said, "The" now "of" Tsutaya Library "-What is the basics of public libraries?-(Published November 2019, 11). ) ”Is published[51]are doing.

Selection and trouble

At the Takeo City Library/History Museum, where CCC became the designated manager for the first time, only old books of Saitama ramen books were purchased unevenly, and too old practical books were used by CCC's affiliated bookstore.Net off(Currently, Lynette Japan Group)”, and some citizens are accountable for raising suspicions that “I'm just buying “trash books” and “I'm pushing TSUTAYA inventory”. Has been developed into a riot lawsuit[52].. In addition, the Ebina City Central Library gathered criticism from the public at the general interrogation, including old magazines and books that were not considered to be included in the selection criteria as a result of the survey. In response to this, the superintendent apologized, saying that "I will never allow purchases from CCC related vendors" and freeze the selection of CCC temporarily and start over.[53].

Also, at the Ebina City Central Library,BangkokThere was criticism that a guidebook showing an introduction of a sex shop that provides sexual services as a red-light district guide and an example of interaction with the clerk was rented, and the selection was redone, but the city board of education said, "Within the selection criteria. We have determined that there is no problem. We have a track record of selection by other local governments. "[54].

Specific selection of Takeo City Library and History Museum and CCC's assertion

1997年度版『ラーメンマップ“埼玉”』2巻(全国から埼玉のみに集中したうえ、シリーズから2巻、4巻、5巻、6巻、8巻、9巻、10巻、11巻のみ購入)、『公認会計士第2次試験“2001”』(2001年刊)、『エラーが分かるとWindows98/95に強くなる』(1999年刊)、『パソコン検定試験“P検オフ”99』(2004年刊)、『食べてやせる寿司ダイエット』(2008年刊)、『男のダイエット』(1999年6月出版)、『世にも美しいダイエット』(1994年刊)、『息するだけダイエット』、『3分で金運がついた。』(2004年刊)、『最強マフィアの仕事術』(2001年刊)、『運が開ける姓名判断』(2005年刊)など刊行が古く実用性に疑義のあるものが含まれ、これら用意された1万冊(約1958万円)については、すべてネットオフから購入していた[52].. Although it was pointed out that it may be inventory disposal, CCC responded that it was not inventory disposal of Tsutaya, and that Netoff was a group company of Tsutaya and CCC but only selected from the scale of inventory. doing[52].

In addition, when the weekly pre-news reporter searched the net off price for the above introduced book, it was found to be 100 yen[52].

Consignment vote rejection in Komaki City

New to be outsourced to CCC on October 2015, 10Komaki City LibraryA referendum was held asking whether to build the site. When rebuilding the library, the city had formulated it as CCC, which is said to have a proven track record in Takeo City, but the citizen group "will try to outsource the operation of a public library to a private company without listening to the opinions of the residents." As opposed to requesting withdrawal, the city council decided a referendum. As a result, voters aged 20 and above were rejected with a positive vote of 2 and a negative vote of 4981. The voting result is not legally binding, but the mayor is required to take this result seriously.[55].. On October 10, the city announced that it would cancel the CCC contract and restore the plan to a blank sheet.[56].

Unauthorized accounting discovery of Tagajo City Library

In 2017, the user received a money for repurchase as a compensation for the book lost by the citizen group's resident inspection request, but did not buy it, but purchased separately at public expense from the city[57].

Veto in Ube City Council

Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture is oldYamaguchi Izutsuya Ube storeHowever, the draft ordinance with CCC as the designated manager was rejected by the city council on September 2020, 9 due to problems such as high repair costs and designated management fees.[58]..Was the mayor at that timeKimiko KubotaStill asked for promotion, but resigned on October 10 due to poor physical condition, and was elected by defeating a candidate who sang the successor of the former mayor in the mayoral election held on November 22.Keiji Shinozaki"I would like to accept the will of the parliament's veto. I would like to consider it on a zero basis based on the needs of the citizens."[59].


  • 1982 - OsakaHirakataHirakata station front department store[Note 3]Opened "LOFT", a coffee shop and rental record shop on the 5th floor.
  • 1983 May 3 -As a sister store of "LOFT",Hirakata24-14 Okatocho Yamato Bldg.TsutayaOpened "Bookstore Hirakata Ekimae Store" (same as LOFT later)Hirakata StationMove around the area several times. The current store name is "Hirakata Tsutaya Bookstore".
  • 1984 -Opened "Tatsuya Shoten Esaka Store", which is a fusion of TSUTAYA, cafe and office.
  • 1985
    • May 9 -OsakaSuita CityIn TarumizuCulture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.Established.
    • September-As a subsidiary, Japan Rental System Supply Co., Ltd., which develops and sells equipment, and City Planning Co., Ltd., a store design department, are established.
    • 11 month - Yamatokoriyama CityOpened the first franchise affiliate store.
  • 1986
  • 1987 - Fukuoka CityChuoDamingEstablished Culture Convenience Club Kyushu Co., Ltd.
  • 1988
    • January-You Factory Co., Ltd., which deals with second-hand goods (later Culture Publishers Inc.) Established in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture.
    • March-Osaka CityChuoEstablished Culture Convenience Club Osaka Headquarters Co., Ltd.
    • March-Osaka CitySouth wardEstablished Japan AV Information Network Co., Ltd. to provide product information. Established Adams Co., Ltd. (currently T Point Co., Ltd.) as a service for managing customer data.
    • December-Head office moved to Miyanosaka, Hirakata, Osaka.
  • 1989 December-As a wholly owned subsidiaryRentrack Japan Co., Ltd.Established[Note 4].
  • 1991
    • October -Culture Convenience Club Tokyo Co., Ltd., Culture Convenience Club Osaka Headquarters Co., Ltd., and Culture Convenience Club Kyushu Co., Ltd. merged.
    • April-move the head office to Chuo-ku, Osaka.
    • 6 month - Amuse Inc.Established Amuse Culture Co., Ltd. as a joint investment.
    • 10 month - ITOCHU CorporationParticipated in the establishment of Group Video Channel Japan Co., Ltd. (later VCJ Corporation, now ITOCHU Retail Link Co., Ltd.).
  • 1992
    • November-Established CCS Estate Co., Ltd. as a real estate division.
    • October -Absorbed and merged Japan Abu Information Network Co., Ltd.
  • 1993
    • January-Established Tsutaya Electronic Publishing Co., Ltd. as a video production department.
    • July-Launched franchise of CD sales business "TSUTAYA RECORDS".
    • July-Start issuing membership card with credit function.
    • September-Established Nippon Media Link Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Japan Publishing and Sales, which handles processing and wholesale agency business for CD and video rental stores.
  • 1994
    • July-Started developing franchise of book sales business "TSUTAYA BOOKS".
    • October-TSUTAYA Ebisu Garden Place store opened, a large urban store with the concept of "There is no video". TSUTAYA Yamauchi store, the store that can be called the prototype of the "multi package store", opens.
  • 1995
    • April-Split the directly managed store business, Tsutaya West Japan Co., Ltd. (later TSUTAYA STORES Tokyo) and Tsutaya East Japan Co., Ltd. started store operations.
    • August-Established Nippon Soft Service Co., Ltd. as a wholesale business subsidiary of products for sale.
    • August-PublisherEsquire Magazine Japan Co., Ltd.Capital participation in.
    • 9 month - Thailand-Bangkok"TSUTAYA President Park store" opens in.
    • September-Launch satellite broadcasting businessDIRECTOR TBA JAPANInvested in a stock company.
    • December-A multi-package store model store "TSUTAYA Tokari store" opens in Hirakata, Osaka.
  • 1996
    • Official website "Virtual TSUTAYA" opened[60].
    • May 3 -Culture Publishers, Inc., a movie produced and distributed "Youth of Tokiwaso"publish.
    • September-TokyoSetagayaOpened "Tutaya Rakusha", a training facility for member stores and employees.
  • 1997
    • January-You Factory Co., Ltd. (1nd corporation, later 2nd corporation TSUTAYA STORES Holdings) started selling used CDs, used videos, etc.
    • April-Culture Publishers Inc.PlayStationGame software forIWATOBI PENGUIN ROCKY & HOPPERWas released.
    • May --Started franchise development of game software sales business "Game TSUTAYA".
    • October-Culture Publishers Inc. releases the original soundtrack for the music CD "Volcano".
  • 1998
    • May 4 -Merged with the formal surviving company Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. (formerly Fuyo Institute of Management Science) to change to 50 yen par value shares, and on the same day, the actual surviving company Culture Convenience・Club Co., Ltd. is disbanded.
    • 7 month - South Korea-Jonan CityOpened the first store "C1 CLUB Bundang Main Store" under license agreement with CCS Korea Co., Ltd.
    • October-Professional Soccer ClubFC TokyoWhen establishing "Tokyo Football Club Co., Ltd."Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.,Fuji Bank, Ltd.(CurrentMizuho Bank, Ltd.),TV TOKYO CorporationBecome an investor with.
  • 1999
    • June-Operates an internet businessSea sea onlineEstablished (later Tsutaya Online Co., Ltd.).
    • July-Renewal of official website name from "Virtual TSUTAYA" to "TSUTAYA online".
    • October-Established Shibuya Tsutaya Co., Ltd. for the purpose of operating SHIBUYA TSUTAYA.
    • May 12 -The future store "SHIBUYA TSUTAYA" opened with new services such as a product location search system, cinema concierge, and music download terminal in front of the Shibuya Hachiko intersection.
  • 2000
    • 1 month - DIRECTORY TB Co., Ltd.Transfers all investment in (formerly Direct Japan Co., Ltd.) to Saw Two Co., Ltd. (currently Masuda & Partners Co., Ltd.).
    • January-Business transfer of supply of furniture and fixtures to TSUTAYA member stores from subsidiary Japan Rental System Supply Co., Ltd. Sold Japan Rental System Supply Co., Ltd. (AV related product sales business) to Rentrak Japan Co., Ltd.[Note 5].
    • March-Conduct TSUTAYA online businessCCC Online Co., Ltd.Became a subsidiary.
    • 4 month - TSEMothersListed on.
    • October-Tsutaya West Japan Co., Ltd. (later TSUTAYA STORES Tokyo) merged with Tsutaya East Japan Co., Ltd.
    • 12 month - Acom Co., Ltd.Received 25 rental video stores.
  • 2001
    • June-Jet Leasing International Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary by acquiring shares, Tsutaya Station Co., Ltd. (later TSUTAYA STORES Kyushu Co., Ltd.) changed its trade name.
    • May-Acquired 5 stores from Iwaki Infotainment Co., Ltd., a rental and sales chain for video and CD.
    • July-Merged with Culture Engineering Co., Ltd., which designs and designs stores.
    • July-Transferred business from the subsidiary Masuda Edutainment Works Co., Ltd. to the store education and event planning departments.
    • August-Minami-Osaka Tsutaya Co., Ltd., started the operation of a store that was transferred from Iwaki Infotainment Co.
    • August-Tsutaya Station Co., Ltd. (later TSUTAYA STORES Kyushu), Co., Ltd. (rental video chain "V Station") and its subsidiary Media Station Co. Ltd.
    • October-Tsutaya West Japan Co., Ltd. absorbed Shibuya Tsutaya Co., Ltd., changed its trade name to Shibuya Tsutaya Co., Ltd.
    • 12 month - 55 Station Co., Ltd.Capital and business tie-up with.
  • 2002
    • March-Completion of liquidation of CCS Estate Co., Ltd.
    • 5 month - Digicube Inc. OfThird-party allotmentTo become an affiliate accounted for by the equity method.
    • June-Acquired shares of Hoshiden Akashi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (changed trade name to Hyogo Tsutaya Co., Ltd.) and Seiden Kenko Sangyo Co., Ltd. (changed trade name to Kanto Tsutaya Co., Ltd.) as a subsidiary.
    • July-Transferred 7 rental video stores from Groove Corporation.
    • July-Kanto Tsutaya Co., Ltd.First home applianceStarted operation of the store acquired from the corporation.
    • July-Liberty House Co., Ltd. (changed its name to Tsutaya Kanagawa Co., Ltd.) and made it a wholly owned subsidiary by acquiring shares.
    • July-Adams Co., Ltd. (currently T-Point Co., Ltd.) and the marketing department of Tsutaya Online Co., Ltd. are consolidated into the Culture Wizard Co., Ltd.
  • 2003
    • 3 month - Shin Nippon Oil Co., Ltd.(ENEOSConcluded a business alliance (point alliance) with pointT point"checking).
    • March-Tsutoya Kanto Co., Ltd. absorbed Tsutaya Kanagawa Co., Ltd.
    • October -Designated as the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    • May 4 - TokyoMinato-kuA commercial facility opened inRoppongi Hills"TSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONGI" is opened.
    • August-Whistle Co., Ltd. (Kitakyushu Tsutaya Co., Ltd.) became a subsidiary by acquiring shares.
    • 10 month - Lawson Co., Ltd.Started point partnership with Nippon Oil Corporation.
  • 2004
    • March --M & S Co., Ltd. (currentlyNewco One Co., Ltd.) Becomes an equity-method affiliate by acquiring shares.
    • March-Pay Per Transaction Business CompanyRentrack Japan Co., Ltd.ToTOBAnd make it a subsidiary again. At the same time, Browout Japan Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Rentrak Japan, which sells used DVD software wholesale, Comstock Co., Ltd. (later Cubic Entertainment), a foreign film import and distribution company, and QAx Co., Ltd., a movie entertainment company, are consolidated subsidiaries. Conversion.
    • March-Mobile TV program guide "TV-TV!" Established Aloha Works Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary company.
    • March-Super Leasing Co., Ltd. (later TSUTAYA STORES Holdings Co., Ltd.) became a subsidiary, and the company name was changed to TSUTAYA STORES Holdings Co., Ltd. in April.
    • April-Tsutaya East Japan Co., Ltd. is absorbed by Shibuya Tsutaya Co., Ltd. TSUTAYA STORES Tokyo Inc. changed its trade name.
    • April-Hyogo Tsutaya Co., Ltd. absorbed Minami Osaka Tsutaya Co., Ltd., and changed its trade name to Osaka Co., Ltd. TSUTAYA STORES.
    • May 4
      • Changed the name of Adams Co., Ltd. to T Card Co., Ltd.
      • Start standardizing membership cards nationwide (excluding some stores).
    • July --M & S Co., Ltd. merged with Newco One Co., Ltd. and changed its trade name to Newco One Co., Ltd.
    • 7 month - IMJ Inc.,Kadokawa Movie Co., Ltd.[61],Gaga Communications Inc.Established BBB Co., Ltd. in collaboration with (currently Gaga Co., Ltd.).
  • 2005
    • May 3 - Starbucks Coffee Japan Co., Ltd.Concluded a license agreement with and agreed to develop a store with the Book & Cafe concept.
    • May 3 -TSUTAYA STORES Holdings Inc.Marui Co., Ltd.からVirgin GroupOf Japanese corporation "Virgin Megastores Japan Co., Ltd."stockTo become a subsidiary.
    • April-TSUTAYA STORES Osaka Co., Ltd. TSUTAYA STORES Kyushu, Kanto Tsutaya Co., Ltd., Kitakyushu Tsutaya Co., Ltd. absorption merger.
    • April-T Card Co., Ltd. (currently T Point Co., Ltd.), merged with CCC Media Co., Ltd., and changed its trade name to T Card & Marketing Co., Ltd.
    • August-Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc. (currently Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc.)Tokyo Broadcasting Holdings) With a joint investmentTC EntertainmentEstablished a stock company.
    • August-at CCCMini theaterEmployees established "Content Planning Group", which was in charge of planning and sales of DVD-Video softwareCCR Entertainment(Current:CCRE) Friendly to the corporationMBOBusiness transfer (de facto independent).
    • September-corporationI'm Jay, Tsutaya Online Co., Ltd. and T Card & Marketing Co., Ltd. established CCC Communications Co., Ltd., which provides marketing support and advertising/promotion business utilizing the Internet and mobile media.
    • 11 month - Muneaki Masudaas well as the Masuda and PartnersからIMJ Inc.,Digitalscape Co., Ltd.,Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd.Acquired shares of and made it a subsidiary[62].
  • 2006
    • May 3 -The purpose of the franchise business was to establish a new company-type spin-offTSUTAYA Co., Ltd.Was established, and the system was changed to a pure holding company.
    • 3 month - Rentrack Japan Co., Ltd.Became a wholly owned subsidiary through a stock exchange.
    • April-TSUTAYA STORES Osaka Co., Ltd. absorbed TSUTAYA STORES Tokyo Co., Ltd., changed its name to TSUTAYA STORES Co., Ltd.
    • April-Joint investment with Wonder Corporation, established TSUTAYA Wonder Goo Co., Ltd.
    • June-TSUTAYA CORPORATIONShinseido OfThird-party allotmentUndertake,Stock acquisition rightTo get.
    • June-TSUTAYA CORPORATIONSumiyaWill take over the third-party allotment of shares and make it a subsidiary.
    • July-As a surviving company, MPD Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Nippon Shuppan) has merged with Nippon Media Link Co., Ltd. (a joint venture of Nippon Shuppan and CCC) and Nippon Soft Service Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of CCC). Reorganized MPD into a joint venture with Japan Publishing Sales.
    • October-TSUTAYA membership card name changed to "T card".
    • October-Established Tsutaya Discus Co., Ltd. for the purpose of online DVD rental business of Rentrak Japan Co., Ltd.
    • December-Rentrack Japan Co., Ltd., acquired shares of Top Partners Co., Ltd. from Kazuo Nakanishi and became a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 2007
    • May 3 -The point alliance with Lawson Co., Ltd. has ended,Tokyo MidtownSpecialized in "TSUTAYA BOOKS Tokyo Midtown store (KONAMIHeadquarters front store)” opening.
    • April-Start developing franchise comic rental.
    • April-Consolidated subsidiary, Cubic Entertainment Inc., a foreign film import and distribution companyKinetic Co., Ltd.Was merged and CK Entertainment Co., Ltd. was established.
    • July-TSUTAYA USA, INC. established in California.
    • October-Comprehensive site for T points and T cards "T-SITE" started operation.
    • May 11 - Familymart Inc.Start point partnership with.
  • 2008
    • May-Established CCC Lifestyle Research Institute, Inc. as an intermediate management company for marketing solutions business.
    • June-TSUTAYA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. is established as an intermediate management company for TSUTAYA business.
    • June-Full-scale launch of digital television distribution business "TSUTAYA TV".
    • May 7 -TSUTAYA Co., Ltd.May 7From all 1,339 stores (as of July 2008, 7),Blu-ray DiscAnnounced to start rental service[63].
    • May 8 -You Factory Co., Ltd. (2nd generation corporation, "Video 100" operating company) absorbed and merged with (formerly) TSUTAYA STORES Holdings Co., Ltd. and changed its name to TSUTAYA STORES Holdings Co., Ltd. (2nd generation corporation).
    • May 10
      • Tsutaya Online Co., Ltd., which develops the Internet business, will be the surviving company.
      • Rentrack Japan Co., Ltd. merged with its subsidiary CK Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  • 2009
    • May 1 -TSUTAYA STORES Holdings Co., Ltd. (second generation corporation) merged with Virgin Megastores Japan Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.
    • 3 month - Dream Town Creation Committee Co., Ltd.Concluded a capital and business alliance agreement with (currently Demaekan Co., Ltd.).
    • May 4
      1. (2nd generation) TSUTAYA STORES Holdings Co., Ltd. merged with TSUTAYA STORES Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.
      2. TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. merges with TSUTAYA STORES Holdings Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.
      3. Rentrack Japan Co., Ltd. merged its wholly-owned subsidiaries Blowout Japan Co., Ltd., BM.XNUMX Co., Ltd., and Culture Publishers Co., Ltd.
      4. TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. merged Rentrack Japan Co., Ltd., Tsutaya Online Co., Ltd., and CCC Casting Co., Ltd.
      5. T Card & Marketing Co., Ltd. transferred all businesses except the point deposit management business to TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. through an absorption-type split, and changed the trade name to T Point Co., Ltd.
      6. Dissolved the business of CCC Lifestyle Research Institute, Inc. and CCC Communications, Inc. after transferring the business to TSUTAYA Co., Ltd.
      7. Dissolved TSUTAYA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
      8. TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. changed its name to CCC Co., Ltd.[64].
      9. Holup Publishing Co., Ltd.Made a booking business (currently Republished.com Co., Ltd.) by absorption-type split.
    • May 5 - Kakaku.com Co., Ltd.Concluded a capital and business alliance agreement with Concluded a business tie-up contract with Digital Garage Co., Ltd.
    • May 5 -Acquired 20.31% stake in Kakaku.com Co., Ltd. from Digital Garage Co., Ltd. and made it an equity-method affiliate.
    • May 6 - Mainichi Newspaper Co., Ltd.Agreed on a comprehensive business alliance with[65].
    • May 10 -Absorption-type merger with CCC Co., Ltd.[66].
  • 2010
    • January-Transferred to the affiliated company MPD by absorption split method of BM.1 business and reuse business.
    • May 2 -Made Sumya Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary through stock exchange[67].
    • May 3
      • Transferred the "TSUTAYA TV" business to TSUTAYA TV Co., Ltd. (later T-MEDIA Holdings Co., Ltd.), a subsidiary of Top Partners.
      • CCRE Co., Ltd.Is virtually bankrupt. Announced possibility of small loss in capital investment and commerce[68].
    • May 3 - LPGAOfficially held “T-Point Ladies Golf Tournament” tour at Kagoshima Takamaki CC for the first time[69].
    • May 4 -Transferred all business of Sumiya Co., Ltd.[70].
    • May 4 - Net Off Co., Ltd.Concluded a capital and business alliance agreement with (30% stake in Net-off, start of T-points in Net-off, mutual supply of products to used second-hand business started by CCC).
    • May 5 - TokyoShibuyaSagaraku TownAbout 12,000m2The plan outline of the "Daikanyama Project" aiming at the construction of next-generation commercial facilities with the concept of "a city that proposes a new adult culture" and "creating a lifestyle in the city center" will be announced on the site (cooperation:NTT Urban Development Co., Ltd.).
    • 7 month - Yahoo Japan CorporationConcluded a basic agreement regarding a comprehensive business alliance with the point services, advertising business, regional business, and Internet service business areas.
    • 8 month - Mount Fuji Magazine Service Co., Ltd.Concluded a capital and business alliance agreement with
    • September-Started the franchise of used book business "TSUTAYA eco books".
    • September-corporationTatooConcluded a basic business alliance agreement with[71].
    • November-It was reported that four group companies were pointed out that they had missed a tax return of about 11 billion yen after undergoing a tax audit by the Osaka National Taxation Bureau.Of this amount, about 4 million yen is considered to be income hiding with malicious disguise and concealment, and about 16 million yen including heavy additional tax was additionally taxed.[72][73].
    • 12 month - Sharp corporationJoint venture withTSUTAYA GALAPAGOS Co., Ltd.Established.
    • 12 month - Opt Co., Ltd.Capital and business tie-up with.
  • 2011
    • May 2 -Management buyout (MBO), announcing delisting. All shares will be acquired by MM Holdings Co., Ltd., which is funded by the founder and president Muneaki Masuda. Masuda himself and Masuda's personal asset management companyMasuda and PartnersThe shares of the Company owned by the company are also transferred to MMHD.
    • May 3 -Announces that MM Holdings has acquired 95.31% of the Company's shares (voting right ratio)[74].
    • May 6 - Media DoE-book service through a business alliance with Mt. Fuji Magazine ServiceTSUTAYA.com eBOOKsStart.
    • May 7 - Top Culture Co., Ltd.Established TSUTAYA STATIONERY NETWORK Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with stationery and household goods.
    • May 7 -Delisting.
    • May 10 -Transferred the Internet entertainment business to TSUTAYA TV Co., Ltd., which changed its trade name to TSUTAYA.com Co., Ltd. TSUTAYA.com Co., Ltd. will be the operating company of "TSUTAYA DISCAS", "TSUTAYA TV", "TSUTAYA.com eBOOKs", "TSUTAYA Online Shopping", etc.
    • May 11 - AEON MALL Hinode(TokyoHinode Town)so,MinorPerson himselfShopliftingIt was discovered that the store did not report despite bringing in a large amount of CD products for disposal.[75].May 12, This stolen goods purchase problem,Antique business lawAccording to the regulations of the above, the store will be suspended for 12 days from December 5th.[76]Administrative punishment is ordered.
    • May 12 -"Daikanyama T-SITE" opens in Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. ContinueMay 12The core is "Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore"[Note 6]Opened and started in earnest.
  • 2012
    • 6 month - Taiwan-CMC GroupConcluded strategic capital and business alliance with Central Group.
    • August-Discontinuation of download of ``T-point Toolbar'', a toolbar for Internet Explorer, which was criticized after being pointed out that it was collecting user's web browsing history[77][Note 7].
    • May 10 -Established T-point Japan Co., Ltd. by splitting the T-point management business through a company split[78].
    • May 12 - Taiwan·Taipei CityThe first store in Taiwan, "TSUTAYA Yaei Kageon Citizenship Store" opens[79].
  • 2014
    • May 4 - Company systemIntroduction of.
    • May 6 - BookLive Inc.And a business partnership regarding a strategic partnership with the aim of creating a new comprehensive book platform that fuses paper and electronic books.
    • May 9 -Established CCC Mobile Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Route One Power Co., Ltd.
    • May 10 - Hankyu Communications Co., Ltd.Inherited part of the publishing businessCCC Media House Co., Ltd.Stock of[83].
    • May 10 -T-MEDIA Holdings Co., Ltd. "T-site"[Note 8]Established and entered the Internet news distribution business[84].
    • May 11 -Start "T ticket" where T card becomes a ticket.
    • May 11 -Launched "T-money" where T-card becomes electronic money as it is.
    • May 12
      • The TSUTAYA business was spun off into (2nd generation) TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., the publishing / content business was spun off into Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd., and the marketing business was spun off into CCC Marketing Co., Ltd.[2].
      • Announced the establishment of "CCC Mobile"[85].
    • May 12 - KanagawaFujisawa"Shonan T-SITE" opens. The site area is 2 tsubo, which is about twice the size of Daikanyama T-SITE. CCC firstAppleProduct sales and repair shops[86].
  • 2015
    • May 1 -Held the final screening of the collaboration program "T-VENTURE PROGRAM" (TVP) for venture companies[87].
    • 3 month - Freebit Co., Ltd.And a strategic capital and business alliance in the mobile business.
    • March-Underwriting a third-party allotment of shares of Freebit Mobile Co., Ltd. (a joint venture), after changing the company name to Tone Mobile Co., Ltd.
    • April --Established progetto4 Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Yasuda Shipyard Co., Ltd. to operate the Italian luxury furniture brand "B & B ITALIA Japan".
    • May 5 - TokyoFutakotamagawa"Tutaya Home Appliances" opens[88].
    • May 5 -Osaka CityKitaUmedaCommercial facilityLucua 1100"Umeda Tsutaya Bookstore" opens inside[89].
    • May 5 -The subsidiary Culture Entertainment Inc.Art Publishing Co., Ltd.Become a civil rehabilitation sponsor of.
    • June-Make Ark Three International Co., Ltd. a subsidiary.
    • May 10 -From 2014, was a designated manager as a consortiumKanagawaEbina OfEbina City LibraryRefurbishes the central library and starts operation[44].
    • May 11 -Held the final screening meeting for the creator discovery program "TSUTAYA CREATORS' PROGRAM" (TCP).
    • May 11 - SaitamaSaitamaUrawa-ku OfUrawa Station(Atre"Urawa Tsutaya Bookstore" opens in Urawa)[90]
  • 2016
    • February-subsidiary Culture Entertainment Inc.U-NEXT Co., Ltd.Established Culture Next Production Co., Ltd. as a joint investment with My Theater DD Co., Ltd.
    • March-Subsidiary Ark Three International absorbed T Travel Co., Ltd.
    • May 3 - MiyagiTagajo CityStarted operating the Tagajo City Library as a designated administrator[47].
    • May 3 -Absorbed CCC Mobile Holdings Co., Ltd.
    • April-(4nd generation) TSUTAYA Co., Ltd.Company splitEstablished Hokkaido TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Chugoku-Shikoku TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Kyushu TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., and Japan Supply Service Co., Ltd.
    • May 4 --Subsidiary (2nd generation) TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. merged with T-MEDIA Holdings Co., Ltd.
    • April-Transfer of stationery miscellaneous goods wholesale business of subsidiary TSUTAYA STATIONERY NETWORK Co., Ltd. to affiliated company MPD.
    • May 5-Living proposal type department store in Hirakata City, Osaka PrefectureHirakata T-SITEIs open[91].. "Hirakata Tsutaya Bookstore" opens as a nuclear store. Total floor area exceeds Daikanyama and Shonan and becomes the largest[92].. There used to be a Kintetsu Department Store Hirakata Store in this area.
    • July-SubsidiaryIMJ Inc.Transferred the majority of the shares of ACC to ACCENTURE HOLDINGS BV and made it a non-subsidiary.
    • July-Merged subsidiary CCC Marketing Co., Ltd., LIVELY Co., Ltd.
    • 7 month - Mistletoe Co., Ltd.Established a joint venture, T-KIDS Co., Ltd., and opened "T-KIDS Share School" in March 2017.
    • August-TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. (second-generation corporation) is a merger of TSUTAYA STATIONERY NETWORK Co., Ltd.
    • September-Photo Life Institute Inc. subsidiary (now CCC Photo Life Lab) made a tender offer, making Photo Create Inc. a subsidiary.
    • November-Subsidiary CCC Marketing Co., Ltd.Welcia HoldingsEstablished Welcia Retail Solution Co., Ltd. through joint investment with Co., Ltd.
  • 2017
    • May 1 - Taipei CityXinyi District OfUnification era department"TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Xinyi store" opens on the 5th floor of the Taipei store as the first overseas expansion of Tsutaya bookstore. Aiming to open 1 stores in 3 years[93].. The role model of the Tsutaya bookstore is next to the Unification Era Department Taipei store.Eslite bookstoreIs the flagship store of Eslite Shingi.
    • May 2 - OkayamaTakahashi OfTakahashi City LibraryStarted operation as a designated administrator[48].
    • May 3 - AUTOBACS Seven Co., Ltd.Established a joint venture with ABT Marketing Co., Ltd.
    • May 3 - Tokuma bookstoreBecame a subsidiary.
    • April-TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. (4nd generation) by the company split Tohoku TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. Kansai TSUTAYA, Japan Register Service Co., Ltd.
    • May 4 - HiroshimaHiroshima citySouth wardRedevelopment facility "EKI CITY Hiroshima"ToEdion"EDION Tsutaya Home Appliances" opens in collaboration with (franchise agreement).
    • May 4 - GINZA SIX"Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore" opens on the 6th floor[94].
    • May 4 - Hiroshima, Hiroshima PrefectureNishi-wardCommercial facility ofLECT"Hiroshima T-SITE" opens.
    • May 5 -Capital and business alliance with Chushin Publishing Group, a publishing subsidiary of CITIC Group, a state-owned conglomerate in China[95].
    • May 5 - Kitamura Co., Ltd.Concluded a capital and business alliance with
    • June-TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. (second-generation corporation) is a merger with Furusato Smartphone Co., Ltd.
    • May 9 -A subsidiary Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a private broadcasting station in Korea.SBSEstablished PLAN K Entertainment Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Hanryu content sales company[96].
    • October-Start of "TSUTAYA Premium" service, which is a flat-rate monthly service that combines the internet and the real world.
    • May 10 -Subsidiary SKIYAKI newly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.
    • November 11-Open "TSUTAYA BOOK APARTMENT" in Shinjuku.
    • May 12 -The subsidiary Culture Entertainment Inc.Dai Nippon PrintingOwned by a stock companySHUFUNOTOMOAcquired all the shares ofSHUFUNOTOMOBecame a subsidiary[97].
  • 2018
    • May 2 - Yamaguchi Shunan CityStarted operating the Tokuyama station's lively exchange facility in Shunan City and the Shunan City Tokuyama station library as a designated administrator.
    • April-TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. (4nd generation) TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. by company split, established TSUTAYA Kita Kanto Co., Ltd., TSUTAYA Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
    • April-Transfer of directly managed store business of TSUTAYA STORES Co., Ltd. (4nd generation) to Hokkaido TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Tohoku TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Tokyo metropolitan area TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Kansai TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Chushikoku TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Kyushu TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. ..
    • April-TSUTAYA Corporation (second generation corporation) and TSUTAYA STORES Corporation (second generation corporation) merged.
    • May 4 -Separated the home electronics planning and wholesale business and established Tsutaya Home Appliance Enterprise Co., Ltd.
    • August 4- MiyazakiNobeokaStarted operation of JR Enbeoka station complex complex "Encross" as a designated administrator.
    • May 5 -Shifted to a pure holding company structure again and established CCC Entertainment Co., Ltd. (currently CCC LIFESTYLE Co., Ltd.), CCC Design Co., Ltd., and CCC Creative Co., Ltd.[98].
    • May 5-TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. asks the Consumer Affairs Agency to prevent recurrence because the "Unlimited video viewing" plan of the video distribution service "TSUTAYA TV" can actually watch only some videos and violates the prize display law. Received a measure order[99][100].
    • July-Subsidiary CK Holdings Co., Ltd. makes a tender offerKitamura Co., Ltd.Became a subsidiary[101].
    • August 8-Group company Blabo Inc.
    • May 10 -Absorbed CK Holdings Co., Ltd.
    • October-Absorption-type split with subsidiary[102].
      1. Part of CCC Entertainment Company's business and shareholding business is CCC Entertainment Co., Ltd.
      2. CCC Creative Co., Ltd. and part of its shareholding business
      3. Part of CCC Design Company business and stock holding business is CCC Design Co., Ltd.
      4. CCC Car Life Lab Co., Ltd. and part of its shareholding business
      5. CCC Art Lab Co., Ltd. and part of its shareholding business
      6. Part of CCC Photo Life Lab Company Business and Shareholding Business
      7. CCC Music Lab Company's business is changed to CCC Music Lab Co., Ltd.
      8. Business of T-SITE Business Headquarters T-SITE Co., Ltd.
      9. CCC Business Partners Co., Ltd.
      10. Starbucks business Hokkaido TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Hakodate Tsutaya Bookstore Co., Ltd., Tsutaya Bookstore Co., Ltd., (2nd generation) TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Metropolitan area TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Kansai TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. Inherit each.
    • 12 month - CCC Local Co., Ltd.Absorbed and merged.
  • 2019
    • February 2-TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. receives a surcharge of 22 million from the Consumer Affairs Agency for violating the prize display law because the "Unlimited video viewing" plan of the video distribution service "TSUTAYA TV" can actually only watch some videos. I was ordered to pay 1 million yen[103][104].
    • March-CCC Design Co., Ltd. enters into a capital and business alliance with JIA Co., Ltd., which operates preschools in Tokyo in the Eaton House International Education Group.[105].
    • March-Part of shareholding business transferred to CCC Design Co., Ltd. through absorption-type split[106].
    • March-Part of the shareholding business that CCC Design Co., Ltd. inherited from Culture Convenience ClubKitamura Holdings Co., Ltd.Inherited to.
    • March-Kitamura Holdings Co., Ltd. owns a part of the stock holding business of Kitamura Co., Ltd. and CCC Photo Life Lab.
    • April-TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. (second generation corporation),Asahiya Bookstore Co., Ltd.And Tokyo Asahiya Bookstore Co., Ltd. become subsidiaries[107].
    • April-TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. (second generation corporation) established Tokai TSUTAYA Co., Ltd.[108].
    • August-TSUTAYA Corporation (second generation corporation) and DAYS Book Co., Ltd. merged.
    • November-Coworking Space "SHARE LOUNGEOpened in Shibuya Scramble Square.
    • May-Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture "Wakayama City LibraryStarted operation as a designated administrator[109].
  • 2020
    • March-TSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONGI is reopened as "Roppongi Tsutaya Bookstore".
    • April-(4nd generation) Merged with 2 companies, Japan Supply Service Co., Ltd., Japan Register Service Co., Ltd., TSUTAYA Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., Tsutaya Bookstore Co., Ltd., and Sapporo Book Center Co., Ltd., with TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. as the surviving company. , The surviving company is (5nd generation)Tsutaya Bookstore Co., Ltd.Company name changed to.
    • April --Established CCC Marketing Co., Ltd. (4nd generation) through the company split of CCC Marketing Co., Ltd., and changed the company name of CCC Marketing Co., Ltd. to CCC MARKETING HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
    • April --Implemented an absorption-type company split and changed the company name of CS Marketing Co., Ltd. to CCC COMMUNITY Co., Ltd.
    • April --Changed the company name from CCC Design Co., Ltd. to CCC DESIGN Co., Ltd.
    • May --Changed the company name of CCC Entertainment Co., Ltd. to CCC LIFESTYLE Co., Ltd.
    • July --TMC Co., Ltd. (former:Tone mobileCo., Ltd.) was absorbed and merged.
    • July 7-Minato-ku, TokyoTSUTAYA Tamachi station square storeIs reopened. Introduced book/cafe and lounge (coworking space).
    • October --Merged with CCC Creative Co., Ltd. with CCC MARKETING HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. as the surviving company. (10nd generation) Merged with Blabo Co., Ltd. with CCC Marketing Co., Ltd. as the surviving company[110].
    • October-(10nd generation) Merged with T Magazine Co., Ltd. with Tsutaya Bookstore Co., Ltd. as the surviving company[111].
    • October --Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd. succeeds the TSUTAYA DISCAS business and TSUTAYA Online GAME business operated by Tsutaya Bookstore Co., Ltd.[112].
    • October --Opened FC store "Hangzhou Tenmeri Tsutaya Bookstore" in Hangzhou, China[113]
  • 2021
    • February 2-Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd.Cat Publishing Co., Ltd.Absorbed and merged.
    • February 2-CCC DESIGN Co., Ltd. transfers Time Machine Co., Ltd. to Sou Two Co., Ltd.
    • March --Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture "Marugame City Citizens' Exchange Activity Center" Maltas "" started operation as a designated manager[114]
    • March 3-T-Money Co., Ltd. launches "T NEO BANK" using "NEO BANK" service provided by SBI Sumishin Net Bank[115]
    • March 3-Shimauma Print Co., Ltd. merged with CCC Photo Life Lab Co., Ltd.
    • May 4 --Integrate 4 intermediate holding companies and their affiliates into CCC[116][117].
      1. Merged with CCC LIFESTYLE Co., Ltd., CCC DESIGN Co., Ltd., CCC MARKETING HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., and CCC COMMUNITY Co., Ltd.
      2. Merged with Tsutaya Bookstore Co., Ltd., T-SITE Co., Ltd., and CCC Business Partners Co., Ltd.
      3. Hokkaido TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Tohoku TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Metropolitan Area TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Kita Kanto TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Tokai TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., Kansai TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. Merged with Lab Co., Ltd. and CCC Art Lab Co., Ltd.
      4. Merged with Hakodate Tsutaya Co., Ltd. and BT Company Co., Ltd.
      5. Ltd.Art publisher,Mitsumura Suiko ShoinInherited some of the rights and obligations of New Art Diffusion Co., Ltd.
      6. Established Tsutaya Bookstore Company, Marketing Company, and Corporate Headquarters.
    • November 6-Ltd.Kitamura HoldingsMost of the shares inintegralTransferred to a joint-stock company and related funds, and transferred the company from a consolidated subsidiary of the CCC Group to an equity-method affiliate.
    • November 10-Ltd.TakashimayaEstablished a joint venture "TTC LIFE STYLE Co., Ltd." with Toshin Development Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Takashimaya.[118]

group Enterprise

  • CCC Marketing Inc.-Marketing platform business.
  • T-point Japan Co., Ltd. -T-point program management business.Z Holdings,SoftbankInvestment.
  • T-Point Co., Ltd. --Point deposit management business.Former Adams, Former T Card, Former T Card & Marketing
  • T Money Co., Ltd.-Business using prepaid payment method
  • Catalyst, Data, Partners Co., Ltd. --Database marketing business.Gakken Holdings,Shogakukan,Nissan Group Holdings,Mount Fuji Magazine ServiceInvested.Former Culture Next Production, Former TDS
  • Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd.-Planning and production business in the entertainment and lifestyle fields of video, publishing, and music.Video business (procurement, distribution, production, distribution of video works and package sales label "Culture Publishers"), Publishing business ("CLASSIX"), Media business ("Cat publishing, Providing the magazine website support service "CEMP", operating the town entertainment business "NAZOTOWN"), IP product business (operating the EC site "T-FAN SITE"), digital service business (home delivery rental service "TSUTAYA") Operation of DISCAS, operation of game platform "TSUTAYA online game", operation of online crane game "Giftole", operation of IP / asset matching platform "SECOND CONNECT",).Neko Publishing Co., Ltd. was absorbed and merged on February 2021, 2.
    • PLAN K Entertainment Inc.-KoreaSBSJointly invested with. Sale of Korean contents in Japan (cell DVD, rental DVD, video distribution).
    • C & I Entertainment, Inc. --Video planning and production and creator agent business.Former IMJ Entertainment
    • Top Partners Co., Ltd.-Holding company of entertainment companies.
      • Earth Star Entertainment Inc. --Publishing of books and comics.Former Taibundo Co., Ltd.
      • BBB Co., Ltd.-Supplying video content, video encoding, video production.Operated the game brand "Harves T" in the past.
      • Jam TB Co., Ltd.-Program supply business (SKY PerfecTV! Premium ServiceAdult program).Divided the personal program provision business division from the former Jam TB[119]
      • Ltd.SMIRAL --Character goods planning, production and sales, distribution of video works and miscellaneous goods, provision of media services for hotels, publishing business ("S" and "Small S"), program supply business (SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service"Stimulation Strong Channel").Former Co., Ltd.Top marshall.
      • AMP Co., Ltd. --TV program management, Youtube channel management, event planning, e-commerce business (management of cosmetics mail order service "luxis").Split media division from former Jam TB[120].
      • Point Partners Co., Ltd.-Sales promotion support service utilizing the T point system
      • Otto Co., Ltd. --- Management of net creators, rights management, planning and production of events, etc. CCC non-consolidated group company.
    • Tokuma Shoten Co., Ltd. - the publisher.
    • Shufu no Tomosha Co., Ltd. - the publisher.
      • Shufu no Tomo Tosho Co., Ltd.-Publishing logistics business
    • Rev. Dotcom Co., Ltd. -Management and publishing of book reprint portal site.
    • C-Publishing Service Co., Ltd.-Promotion of bookstores such as Tokuma Shoten, SHUFUNOTOMO, art publishers, sales company sales, advertising and public relations.
    • CCC Media House Co., Ltd. - the publisher.
    • Ivy Records Co., Ltd. -Music content production and sales.
    • PROOF Co., Ltd.-Planning, production and sales of anime and character goods
    • Studio CI Corporation-e-book production company. ICE Co., Ltd.Impress group) And a joint venture.
    • CCC Music Lab Co., Ltd.-Management and business development of lifestyle proposal business related to music. "Rolling Stone JapanIssuance of. Planning and sponsoring of "Ita Rock Festival".
  • Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd. --Operating a digital content creator training school,Digital Hollywood University・ Management of Digital Hollywood University Graduate School, business consulting for corporations.
  • T-KIDS Corporation-Planning and operation of "T-KIDS Share School".Mistletoe Co., Ltd.Joint venture company with
  • Art Publishing Co., Ltd. - the publisher.
  • Mitsumura Suiko Shoin Co., Ltd. -Kyoto publishing company.
  • New Art Diffusion Co., Ltd.-Former operating corporation of art bookstore "NADiff"
  • SHIRO Co., Ltd.-Consulting on car life and lifestyle, publishing of automobile related books (on saleWorld CultureEntrusted to). Old CCC Car Life Lab
  • Wakui Shokai Co., Ltd.-Sales of imported classic cars such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley
  • Flat Four Co., Ltd.-Sales of Volkswagen parts and vehicles
  • CCC Frontier Co., Ltd.-Operation of smartphone accessories specialty store "UNiCASE".
    • CCC Frontier Design Co., Ltd.-Product design, website creation
    • CCC Frontier Lab Co., Ltd.-Software development business, content service business
  • Ark Three International Co., Ltd.-Travel agency business, insurance agency business, real estate business. Operation of "T Travel".
  • Asahiya Bookstore Co., Ltd. --TSUTAYA BOOKS ・e-honMember bookstore
  • Tokyo Asahiya Shoten Co., Ltd. --TSUTAYA BOOKS ・ e-hon member bookstore

Iosys Co., Ltd. -Purchase and sale of smartphones, PCs, and other peripheral devices. Operation of "TSUTAYA smartphone/tablet purchase".

    • Flash Agent Co., Ltd.-Smartphone repair. CCC non-consolidated subsidiary.
  • J.T.Q Co., Ltd.-Space Creative
  • See You Co., Ltd. Uka Co., Ltd.Joint venture with. Developed original beauty brand "Cu".
  • Style Development Co., Ltd.-Restaurant management business. Joint venture with Cafe Company Ltd.
  • Tsutaya Home Appliance Enterprise Co., Ltd.[121] -Wholesale sales of home appliances, corporate sales, planning and development.
  • Tsumiki Co., Ltd.-Development and operation of Internet services. Operates movie review app "Filmarks" and web magazine "FILMAGA". TVP winning company.
  • Total Medical Design Co., Ltd. --Support for opening clinics and clinics.Sou Two also invested.
  • Refined Co., Ltd.
  • Direction & Circle Co., Ltd.
  • HRD Consulting Office Co., Ltd.
  • Progetto 81 Co., Ltd. --Wholesale, sales and import / export of furniture and interior goods. Developed "B & B ITALIA JAPAN", the sole agency in Japan for B & B ITALIA and MAXALTO.A joint venture with Yasuda Shipyard.
  • CCC AIRLtd.- Smart stickDistribution and sale of product sales products such as "Air Stick", "TSUTAYA MOVIE powered by U-NEXTVideo distribution services such as
  • COP Co., Ltd.
  • TTC LIFESTYLE Co., Ltd. --Co., Ltd.TakashimayaAnd a joint venture with Takashimaya's consolidated subsidiary Toshin Development Co., Ltd.[118]
  • Tsutaya Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.-TSUTAYA franchise business in China
  • Taiwan Tsutaya Co., Ltd.-TSUTAYA franchise business in Taiwan

Equity method affiliate

  • ABT Marketing Co., Ltd. AUTOBACS Seven Co., Ltd.Joint venture with. CCC Marketing 49%
  • Afford Co., Ltd. --PR Business / Creative Business
  • Ltd.BookLive --E-book distribution company. CCC investment
  • CCC Support & Consulting Co., Ltd. --Sales support and consulting services for CCC Group companies.
  • GO TODAY SHAiRE SALON Co., Ltd.[122]
  • MIDORI Co., Ltd. (former: Chuo Tosho Co., Ltd.) --Opens 6 stores in Fukushima Prefecture.
  • MOTOTECA Co., Ltd.-Cafe management/campground management
  • MPD Co., Ltd.- Japanese publishing salesJoint venture with.Wholesale sales of books, magazines, stationery, miscellaneous goods, music, video, game software, etc., and sale of used products (music, video, game software, etc.). CCC 49% possession
  • RTE Co., Ltd.-Affiliated company of Esaki Co., Ltd. Expanded TSUTAYA at stores in Kagoshima Prefecture and Minamata City, Kumamoto Prefecture. Four stores of Book Center Lilies operated by Esaki have been switched to TSUTAYA.
  • SANDWICH Co., Ltd. --A creative platform that renovated the site of a sandwich factory in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto.
  • Ltd.SKIYAKI【TSE Mothers: 3995] --CCC34.02% owned.Fan club site production / operation, EC, electronic ticket service, goods creation, video production.
  • TC EntertainmentLtd.- TBS HoldingsSubsidiary of. CE 39%
  • Co., Ltd. T-TOWN-Group company of Koura Oil. Established as a joint investment with Kansai TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. for the purpose of operating TSUTAYA business
  • T Point Partners Tsukuba Co., Ltd.-A consolidated subsidiary of Wonder Corporation. T point affiliated sales agent. CCC 49% possession
  • Ltd.Vidaway(Former: Sun Leisure Co., Ltd.)- Wonder CorporationConsolidated subsidiary of. Opened 71 TSUTAYA stores. It used to run the industry's third-largest (3) rental store chain "Sun Home Video," but joined FC in 2004. OriginallyNagasakiyaFor a period of time at a subsidiary ofOno GroupThere was a time when it was.
  • Ivy Design Co., Ltd.-A joint venture between Passive Home and Hokkaido TSUTAYA. Operates Ebetsu Tsutaya Bookstore
  • Ltd.Imajin Hakuage - Japanese publishing salesConsolidated subsidiary of. We have stores in Aichi, Mie, and Gifu prefectures. Completed franchise membership at all stores in November 2015.
  • Vintage Shonan Co., Ltd.-Classic car specialty store
  • Welcia Retail Solution Co., Ltd. Welcia HoldingsSubsidiary of. CCC Marketing 34%
  • Enutas Co., Ltd. Nagasaki Motor(56%), CCC, Orico, a joint venture company of 18 banking groups. "Enutas T Card" business.
  • Castri Publishing Co., Ltd.-Amusement and red line publishing and bookstores
  • Kitamura Holdings Co., Ltd.[123] -Holding company of Photo Life Proposal Company that provides photography related products and services
    • Kitamura Co., Ltd. -Operation of "Camera Kitamura" and "Studio Mario", second hand sales business, photo culture business, Apple product repair service, smartphone business, Internet sales business.
      • UCS Co., Ltd.-Camera repair and sales
    • Kitamura Trade Service Co., Ltd.-OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Japan sole agent.
    • Shima Print Co., Ltd. --Internet photo print, photo book, New Year's card service operation, system development
    • Shima Print Lab Co., Ltd. --Former Shima Print System Co., Ltd.Production of internet photo prints, photo books, and New Year's cards
    • Ltd.Photo create -Operation of Internet photography and sales services such as "Snap Snap" and "All Sports Community", system development
    • Lab Production Co., Ltd.-Photo print, photo album, New Year's card processing, production
    • Lab Network Co., Ltd.-Wholesale and retail of digital processing, video and photography related products, sales of minilab equipment
    • UXENT Corporation-Video messaging service "moovin" operation, system development.
  • K's Design Lab, Inc.-Group company of Koura Oil. 3D digital equipment sales.
  • Ltd.Geibunsha - the publisher.
  • Kochi Tsutaya Books Co., Ltd.-A joint venture between Will Co., Ltd. and Chugoku-Shikoku TSUTAYA. Operates Kochi Tsutaya Bookstore
  • The Beads International Co., Ltd.-High-end audiovisual brand "Bang & Olufsen] Japanese regular import agency. Saw Two also invested.
  • Ltd.Seibunkan Bookstore - Japanese publishing salesAnd CCC's equity-method affiliate.Based in Aichi prefecture, we have TSUTAYA BOOKS, TSUTAYA RECORDS, and TSUTAYA rental member stores in Chiba, Shizuoka, Saitama, Kanagawa, and Gifu prefectures.
  • Taiseidou Co., Ltd. --- TSUTAYA Sakai Platform Store, TSUTAYA Sakai Minami Store, TSUTAYA Takatsuki Minami Store, TSUTAYA JR Noda Store and other stores in Osaka Prefecture.
  • T & T Co., Ltd. (formerly Denkodo Entertainment)- MiyagiNatori CityHeadquartered in the building of TSUTAYA Sendai Minami storeTSUTAYAとWonder GooFranchise member company. CCC's equity-method affiliate. We have 14 stores in Aomori, Akita, Yamagata, Miyagi, and Hokkaido. In 2014K's HoldingsUnder the umbrellaDenkoIndependent from a consolidated subsidiary of.
  • Limited company Tonelico-Design office.
  • Ltd.Top culture[TSE First Section: 7640] -Tsutaya in Niigata, Nagano, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Gunma, Saitama, Miyagi, Ibaraki, Sendai, Miyagi, Morioka, Iwate, Shizuoka, Shizuoka Opened 78 bookstores (TSUTAYA). Joined FC in May 1987. CCC 5% holding.
  • Fuji / TSUTAYA / Entertainment Co., Ltd.- FujiConsolidated subsidiary of. We have 16 stores in Ehime prefecture, 7 stores in Hiroshima prefecture, 4 stores in Kochi prefecture, 3 stores in Tokushima prefecture, 3 stores in Yamaguchi prefecture, and 1 store in Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture. "Tsutaya Bookstore" is used as the store name only in Kochi Prefecture. The parent company Fuji once developed "Media City Bach" and "Bach Bookstore".2007 A franchise agreement was signed in September, and the Bach store was switched to TSUTAYA. Fuji's point card "Fuka" can also be used, but it cannot be used in combination with T points.
  • Ltd.Book Ace --Affiliated company of Safety Trading. TSUTAYA BOOKS / TSUTAYA rental member stores are open at 15 stores in Ibaraki prefecture, 4 stores in Fukushima prefecture, 3 stores in Saitama prefecture, and 1 store in Chiba prefecture.
  • Franchise Advantage, Inc.-Invested by CCC. Former consolidated subsidiary of CCC.
  • Bunendo Bookstore Ishikawa-Affiliated company of Kanazawa Bunendo Co., Ltd. TSUTAYA store management in collaboration with Kanazawa Bunendo[124].
  • Villa Support Co., Ltd.
  • Ltd.Bonnelund
  • La Sale Co., Ltd.-Painting, sheet metal, frame modification
  • Ltd.Revamp
  • Root One Power Co., Ltd. --Operated the TSUTAYA Nishikasai store as a franchisee for about a year. CCC's equity-method affiliate.
  • Onemore Co., Ltd.-Management of a mall-type crowdfunding site "GREEN FUNDING by T-SITE". TVP winning company. Invested by CCC.
  • Profitable Vision Co., Ltd. --TaiwanCMC Groupsubsidiary. Operates TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Shingi store.
  • CITIC Press Japan Co., Ltd.-A joint venture with CITIC Press Group, a state-owned publishing company in China. CE equity-method affiliate CE (40% owned). CCC's non-equity method affiliate.


TSUTAYAFranchiseeStores account for about 9% of all stores.List some of the companies.

Companies with multiple regions

Wonder Corporation
RIZAP GroupConsolidated subsidiary of. Of the TSUTAYA franchiseeVidaway(Former: Sun Leisure) and T Point Partners Tsukuba's parent company. TSUTAYA rental store in the form of annexed to WonderGOO[125]Operated. The group operates 92 TSUTAYA businesses (second quarter of the fiscal year ending March 31, 3). Developed the paid member service "First Member" by itself.
Oh Entertainment
Okuwagroup.Expanded "TSUTAYA WAY" in Wakayama, Mie, Nara, Hyogo, and Osaka prefectures.
Direct shop
Heiwadogroup.Expanded "Heiwa Bookstore TSUTAYA" in Shiga, Kyoto, Gifu, and Tsubata, Ishikawa prefectures. Joined FC in January 1989.
Nikke Udeo SAD
Japanese woolenSubsidiary.Expanded to Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Tokyo, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture. Joined FC in 2010.
Meimondo Planner
Open 8 stores in Toyama prefecture, 5 stores in Ishikawa prefecture, 4 stores in Saitama prefecture.TohanAnd CCC also invested. TSUTAYA BOOKS and e-hon member bookstores
We have stores in Tochigi, Saitama, and Miyagi prefectures. Joined FC in 1988.
Koura Oil
The Koura Group has 12 stores in Osaka Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, and Totsuka Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Kozu Group's K's Design Lab and T-TOWN are CCC's equity-method affiliates.
ShizuokaIn 8 stores,KanagawaWe have 4 stores.
Opened 7 TSUTAYA stores in Kanagawa Prefecture, Hasuda City, Saitama Prefecture, and Komono Town, Mie Prefecture.
Kanematsu Communications
We have 3 stores in Yamanashi Prefecture, 1 store in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, 1 store in Nishi Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and 1 store in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture.
Face corporation
We have 6 stores in Okayama Prefecture and 1 store in Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture. T point affiliated sales agent.
A subsidiary of Maruhito Holdings. We have four stores in Okinawa, one in Kawagoe, Saitama, one in Funabashi, Chiba, and one in Hamura, Tokyo.
Shinano Group
We have 4 stores in Nagano Prefecture and 1 store in Nakano-ku, Tokyo.
Operates TSUTAYA in Gifu and Aichi prefectures, and Edion Tsutaya Home Appliances in Hiroshima prefecture.Both areas have roots since the founding of EDION (the Tokai region is old)Aiden, Chugoku region is oldDeo deoIt was the ground of.The old Deodeo was the old brand name Daiichi era,Daiichi Main StoreHe ran "TSUTAYA Daiichi Soft City" next door. ) To carry out FC business.Tsutaya Home Appliances in Futakotamagawa was initially directly managed by CCC, but since 2017 it has been operated by CCC and EDION has been supplying products as FC source.[126].
T&T Co., Ltd.
Operates 18 stores in Hokkaido and Tohoku. Formerly a consumer electronics mass retailerDenkoAlthough it was operated by Denkodo Entertainment, it was spun off as Denkodo Entertainment in December 2010. In July 12, it was removed from the consolidated subsidiary of Denkodo and changed to the current company name in April 2014.After changing to the current company name, the WonderGOO store operated by the company as a franchisee has been converted to TSUTAYA, but the store converted from WonderGOO may not handle rental.
Operates "TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Homes Shinyamashita" and "TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Homes Amagasaki"[127][128].
Preseed Partners Co., Ltd.
Former group company of Top Partners Co., Ltd. Store management of TSUTAYA, Tsutaya bookstore, convenience store
T-Fellows Co., Ltd.
Affiliated company of Taiseidou.We have 9 stores in Osaka and Nara prefectures.Vicom Kitamura Co., Ltd.-Rental of DVDs, CDs and comics, sales of books, stationery, miscellaneous goods, DVDs, CDs and games.Opened 13 TSUTAYA stores and 1 Little Mermaid store in Fukuoka, Oita, and Miyazaki prefectures.It used to run the rental store chain "BOM", but joined FC in 2005.


Opened a store in Hokkaido.
Asahikawa Fujikido
Operates TSUTAYA Toyooka store, Tomikido Suehiro store, and TSUTAYA Nayoro store in Hokkaido.
manga artistKazuhiko ShimamotoRuns the TSUTAYA Salmon Park store while writing[130][131].

Tohoku region

Leo Club International
Lion DollA subsidiary of Corporation.In Fukushima Prefecture, a total of 14 stores, 15 stores and Shinmei-dori store, were opened alongside the parent company Lion D'or store (at the beginning of the franchise development, it was named "Leo Club").
Hotman Co., Ltd.
MiyagiSendai cityA company headquartered in. We have 7 stores in Miyagi prefecture and 2 stores in Iwate prefecture.
Yamatoya bookstore
Opened 5 TSUTAYA BOOKS stores in Miyagi Prefecture.
Opened TSUTAYA Yamagata Kitamachi store and TSUTAYA Yonezawa Aioicho store in Yamagata prefecture.
Operated "TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE HIRORO" in Aomori Prefecture.

Kanto region

Brass Co., Ltd.
Japanese publishing salesConsolidated subsidiary of. Brass Media Corporation (Book offA company split from a company with the same name as the group)Subaru(Member of FC in March 1987) and MeLTS Co., Ltd. (spun off from Nippon Media Link, a joint venture of Nissay and CCC). We have 3 stores in Chiba, Saitama, Tokyo, and Kanagawa (two of which are named Tadaya Sawara and Makuhari Tsutaya Bookstores).
Face Co., Ltd.
11 stores in Saitama prefecture, 10 stores in Tokyo, 1 store in Yachiyo city, Chiba prefecture
Toh Foods Co., Ltd.
We have 6 stores in Tokyo, 3 stores in Kanagawa prefecture, and 2 stores in Chiba prefecture.
Big one holdings
Subsidiary Big One has 13 stores in Tochigi prefecture, 4 stores in Tokyo, 3 stores in Kanagawa prefecture and 3 stores in Saitama prefecture.
Act-T Co., Ltd.
Open 8 stores in Tokyo. Once operated rental video chain "Liberty". Joined FC in 2005.
Cross Point Co., Ltd.
Japanese publishing salesConsolidated subsidiary of. Nine TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE stores in Tokyo, Saitama and Kashiwa, Chiba.
Kananaka system plan
Open 7 stores in Kanagawa prefecture.
Open 6 stores in Kanagawa prefecture.
ENN Co., Ltd.
Develops 6 stores and T point affiliated sales agency business in Kanagawa prefecture.
Tosho Corporation
Opened 4 stores in Tokyo.
Yoshida Oil
We have 2 stores in Ibaraki prefecture and 2 stores in Chiba prefecture.
Keisei store
We have 3 stores in Chiba Prefecture and 1 store in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo.
Fuji Citi
Opened TSUTAYA Kamiooka store in Kanagawa prefecture.
Manekineko Products
Operates "TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE AQERU Maebashi" in Gunma Prefecture.

Chubu region

Hirasei Home Center
Expanded "HIRASEI Yu TSUTAYA" in Niigata Prefecture (25 stores) and Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture (1 store) (HIRASEI Yutsutaya Bookstore is located in 3 stores). Joined TSUTAYA Rental FC in 1988. TSUTAYA BOOKS non-member store.
Kanazawa Bunendo
Ambitious Holdings Co., Ltd. group.Bunendo Bookstore Opened 4 stores in Ishikawa Prefecture in collaboration with Ishikawa.
Bunendo Bookstore
Open 6 stores in Toyama Prefecture.
We have 7 stores in Aichi Prefecture. Once operated a "rental shop Fukatsu". Joined FC in 2009.
Opened a store in Shizuoka prefecture.
Honey bee
We have 5 stores in Shizuoka prefecture.
Operates 5 stores in Aichi Prefecture.
Opened 4 stores in Fukui City and Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture
We have 4 stores in Nagano prefecture.
Book Center Naito
Operates 4 stores in Aichi Prefecture.
Light bookstore
Operates Kou Shoten TSUTAYA Takahata Store, Kou Shoten TSUTAYA Toda Store, and Kou Shoten TSUTAYA Daiji Store in Aichi Prefecture.
NT Seventh
Operates TSUTAYA Inazawa store and TSUTAYA Kamiodai store in Aichi prefecture.


MS&C Co., Ltd.
Opened 5 stores in Hyogo prefecture.
J-NEXT Co., Ltd.
KamishindenkiConsolidated subsidiary of. Operates TSUTAYA Osaka Namba Naka store, TSUTAYA Yao Obara store, TSUTAYA Renoas Yao store, TSUTAYA Kakogawa store, and TSUTAYA Kusatsu store.
TS K Corporation
TSUTAYA Shijojimachi store in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Oh! Me Otsu Terrace Store in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, TSUTAYA Esaka Minami Store in Osaka Prefecture, TSUTAYA Higashi Mikuni Ekimae Store, TSUTAYA Rokkodo Store in Nada Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture Deployment.
Kitamura Co., Ltd.
Operates TSUTAYA AVIX Fukuchiyama store, TSUTAYA AVIX Toyooka store, and TSUTAYA Toyooka Alcom store in Hyogo prefecture.It has nothing to do with the company of the same name that operates Kitamura for cameras. Joined FC in March 2001.
Shinki Bus
Operates TSUTAYA Himeji Hiromine store, TSUTAYA Taishi store, TSUTAYA Himeji Kazuma store, and TSUTAYA Kumami store in Hyogo prefecture.


Futaba books
Opened a store in Hiroshima prefecture.
Morabus Co., Ltd.
Open 9 stores in eastern Hiroshima and western Okayama[132].
Ohno Oil Store
Opened 5 stores in Hiroshima Prefecture.
Osada Bunshodo
We have four stores in Okayama Prefecture. Joined FC in 4.
We have 3 TSUTAYA stores and 1 TSUTAYA ecobooks store in Hiroshima Prefecture.
Yamaguchi Runs the TSUTAYA Hofu store, TSUTAYA Shunan store, and TSUTAYA Tokuyama store. In 2002, the company that developed the rental store chain "Apple Club" was converted into a TSUTAYA FC store. Main businessTipIs a campShowa Shell SekiyuOperates petroleum product sales and gas stations as a distributor.
Toy box
Operates TSUTAYA Kakubancho store and TSUTAYA Yumigahama store in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture.
Imai Shoten
We have 3 TSUTAYA rental stores (only Izumo store is a member of TSUTAYA RECORDS) in Imai bookstore in Shimane prefecture.

Shikoku region

Will Inc.
Sunny martgroup. EhimeMatsuyama CityPart ofKochiOpen 16 stores at. Within the groupThree FSince we are developing a franchise store ofShikoku regionCompete directly withLawsonWas a T-point affiliated store, the company's membership card "TSUTAYA WILL Card" was not eligible for T-points. Since 2F also became a T-point member store later, two types of membership cards are now issued: a membership card that is currently eligible for T-points and a membership card that is not covered by T-points and is covered by the Sunny Mart group “Harty Points”. ing[133].. Rental items rented at stores in Kochi prefecture can be returned to other stores in the same prefecture or the return box inside Sunny Mart XNUMXF stores.
We have 5 stores in Ehime Prefecture and 1 store in Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture. Joined FC in 1988.Saijo City~KanonjiRental products rented at TSUTAYA can be returned to the return box in the drugstore mac if it is within the range of[134].
Nankai Electric RailwaySubsidiary of. Opened 4 stores in Tokushima Prefecture. T point affiliated sales agency.
Opened 4 stores in Kagawa prefecture.

Kyushu region

Vicom MCI
Opened 12 TSUTAYA stores and 1 Little Mermaid store in Fukuoka, Oita, and Miyazaki prefectures.It used to run the rental store chain "BOM", but joined FC in 2005.Former CCC Group (former subsidiary of Kitamura Holdings).
KagoshimaIn 10 stores,MiyazakiOpen 1 store in. Joined FC in 1988.
Newco One
KumamotoMainly in Kumamoto Prefecture,Fukuoka,MiyazakiThe complex rental stores "TSUTAYA AV Club" and "TSUTAYA" and the flagship store "Tsutaya Bookstore" are available.Former Kotobukiya (currentlyCarino) Group Kyushu Consultants Co., Ltd. joined the CCC franchise in 1986. It became a consolidated subsidiary of TSUTAYA in 2015, but will do an MBO from TSUTAYA in the first year of Reiwa.
Kagoshima,MiyazakiMiyakonojo CityとHyuga City,KumamotoHitoyoshiAs of 2020, there are 7 stores in the form of annexed to the bookstore "Book Smith Mi". Joined FC in December 1986. TSUTAYA BOOKS non-member store.In addition, Misumi managementKFCThen you can collect even T points.
COCO Advance
Nagasaki5 stores (1 of which is "TSUTAYA BOOK STORE").Nagasaki Busgroup. Acquired Matsuhaya's franchise business division on December 2014, 12. On April 1, 2016, the name of the store was changed from "TSUTAYA Space M" to "TSUTAYA Coco Advance"[Note 9].. Matsuhaya Corporation had converted the stores that had been developing the "Matsuhaya Space M" brand into TSUTAYA FC stores. T point affiliated sales agent.
Sekibunkan Bookstore
Japanese publishing salesConsolidated subsidiary of. We have 5 stores in Fukuoka and Saga prefectures.
エ レ ナ
We have 4 stores in Nagasaki Prefecture (1 of which is the "TSUTAYA BOOK STORE") and 1 store in Imari City, Saga Prefecture.
PLACE Co., Ltd.
One of the Hombo groupSunus Co., Ltd.Subsidiary of. KagoshimaWe have four stores in Kagoshima City, one of which is a complex store with FamilyMart.
We have four stores in Nagasaki under the name "TSUTAYA Yu ING". For a long time, we had stores in Nagasaki and Kumamoto prefectures under the "Yuing" brand, but we converted stores in Nagasaki prefecture to TSUTAYA FC stores.[Note 10].
Showa Motor
Operates TSUTAYA Takeo store and TSUTAYA Tosu store in Saga prefecture.

Okinawa Islands

OkinawaIs a company that manages a driving school, sports club, hotel, real estate, etc. operating TSUTAYA Naha Shintoshin store, TSUTAYA Shuri store, TSUTAYA Oroku store.

Founding house asset management company

  • Sou Two Co., Ltd.-An affiliated company in which a close relative of the founder owns 100% of the voting rights. Nobu Takeda, President and CEO of CCC Design, will be Chairman of the Board. CCC Shareholder and Senior Managing Executive Officer of Corporate Headquarters Muneaki Masuda (Muneaki MasudaEldest son of[135]) Also serves as Chairman of the Board.Real estate business, store business, lifestyle business, T-SITE and Tsutaya bookstore development planning support business, and other securities holding and management.
    • Spiral Star Global Partners Co., Ltd.-Real Estate Business
    • M. Support Co., Ltd.-Real Estate Business
    • ESCom Co., Ltd. (formerly Tripro Co., Ltd.)-Restaurant business and food wholesale business
      • Tripro Plus Co., Ltd.-Yakitori and side dish specialty stores "Toripro" and "Tripro"Osaka OhshoDaikanyama store operation.
      • Foodnet Japan Co., Ltd.-Purchase, manufacturing, processing and sales of food ingredients, trading company functions, logistic, etc.
      • Sushi Pro Co., Ltd.Surprised sushi] Management.
    • Color Zoo Co., Ltd.-Operates the pet food and care specialty store "GREEN DOG".Formerly a consolidated subsidiary of CCC.
      • Beck Japan Co., Ltd.-Management of animal hospitals
      • Peaks Co., Ltd.-Development and sales of software and system for animal hospitals
      • R2 Co., Ltd.-Import wholesale business
      • Colors Products Co., Ltd.-Import/Sales/Manufacturing
      • Colors Education, Inc.-Human Resource Development Business
    • OGS Holdings Co., Ltd.
      • Ogiama Cycle Co., Ltd.-Operation of "Cycle Shop Ogiama", a store specializing in electric assist bicycles, sales and lease of commercial electric bicycles
      • Motobelos Co., Ltd.-Planning and FC business development of "Motobello", a store specializing in electric assisted bicycles
      • Motobello Plus Co., Ltd.-Operation of a store specializing in electrically assisted bicycles, "Motobello"
      • BESV JAPAN Co., Ltd. --Import and sell the electric assist bicycle brand "BESV" series in Japan.Joint venture with Darfon of Taiwan BENQ Group
    • Daikanyama Golf Club Co., Ltd.-Golf Select Shop Management
    • Spiral Star Co., Ltd. FamilyMartFranchisee
    • Saw Two Plus Co., Ltd. FamilyMartFranchisee
    • Time Machine Co., Ltd.-Earphone/headphone specialty storee☆earphone Operation. Former consolidated subsidiary of CCC.
      • TM Network Co., Ltd.-Wholesale business, event business, media business
      • Hi-Unit branding. Co., Ltd.
    • Kamui Capital Co., Ltd.-Investment business
  • Masuda and PartnersCo., Ltd. (formerly Sou Two Co., Ltd.)-The founder's personal asset management company.

Group companies in the past

  • Digital Hollywood Entertainment (currently DHE Co., Ltd.)-Former consolidated subsidiary (former subsidiary of Top Partners). Became a subsidiary of Mitsuiwa Co., Ltd. in December 2008.
  • Digital scape -Become a subsidiary of Imagica Holdings in May 2009.
  • Real Works -Former consolidated subsidiary. Formerly a consolidated subsidiary.
  • KM Produce -Former consolidated subsidiary[136]
  • Media station -Former consolidated subsidiary, Top Partners group company.
  • Media Knox Co., Ltd.-Former consolidated subsidiary, Top Partners group company. Consignment broadcaster of adult programs. In 2011, it was merged with JAM TBI Co., Ltd. (currently Media Supply Partners Co., Ltd.) and dissolved.
  • TP Holdings Inc.-Former holding company of Top Partners Inc.
  • Esquire Magazine Japan Co., Ltd.-Magazine "EsquireThe publisher that issued the "Japanese version". Closed in 2009.
  • TSUTAYA GALAPAGOS Co., Ltd. (GALAPAGOS NETWORKS Co., Ltd.)-Former subsidiary. Operates the electronic book store "TSUTAYA GALAPAGOS". In September 2011sharpDissolved the joint venture with. Completed in 2018.
  • Wilway, Inc.-Former subsidiary of Top Partners. OnceBook marketOperates the Suita store.
  • M Field Co., Ltd.-Former consolidated subsidiary. In April 2016, IMJ and CCC transferred their shares to the founder Toru Sakurai and became independent from the group.
  • IMJ Inc. -Former consolidated subsidiary. In July 2016, transferred the majority of the shares to ACCENTURE HOLDINGS BV. In December 7, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of ACCENTURE HOLDINGS BV and is no longer an equity method affiliate.
  • IMJ Investment Partners Pte. Ltd. (currently Spiral Ventures Pte Ltd) --Former consolidated subsidiary.venture capital. Independent from MBO in 2017[137].
  • WISH JAPAN Inc.-Former consolidated subsidiary.Newco OneSeparated from the health division of the corporation. Management of fitness clubs "WOW'D Miyazaki" and "Machikara Fitness Oita".
  • Ltd.Linda Publishers -Former subsidiary of Top Partners. TaibundoPublished books "Boobs valley''Onodera's younger brother, Onodera's older sisterIs planned and edited. Bankruptcy proceedings started on September 2018, 9[138].
  • Ltd.Sankei Gakuen -Former consolidated subsidiary. Culture center operation business. Sold to Culture Co., Ltd. in September 2018.
  • CLASSIX Co., Ltd. -Former consolidated subsidiary, former subsidiary of Top Partners.Chronicle Books Japan Co., Ltd.Established as. Merged with CLASSIX MEDIA Co., Ltd. in April 2017. Company name changed on July 4, 2018. Dissolved after being merged with Top Partners Co., Ltd. in 7.
  • Media Supply Partners Co., Ltd. (Japan Just Advanced Media Co., Ltd., formerly JAM TB Co., Ltd.)-Former consolidated subsidiary, former subsidiary of Top Partners.SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service"EX Sports & Variety"Tachikawa Seibuen Bicycle Channel" program supply business, overseas satellite broadcasting IP transmission service-Satellite broadcasting service for business use-VOD service for accommodation facilities-Wi-fi facilities for accommodation facilities-Multilingual video interpretation service sales. In 2015, the mail-order and distribution services were provided to AMP Co., Ltd., and the adult program provision business division was made to JAM TBI Co., Ltd. in 2016, and the store business (Belle Parle Kawato store) was made to Preseed Partners Co., Ltd. in 2017. Inheritance. Ltd. in 2019Top marshallMerged with.
  • Shufunotomo Little Land Co., Ltd. (now Little Land Co., Ltd.)SHUFUNOTOMOFormer subsidiary of. Classroom management and publication of related books for infants and children. Sold to Jonan Shingaku Kenkyusha Co., Ltd. in March 2019.
  • Ltd.Housewife friend infos -Former consolidated subsidiary,SHUFUNOTOMOFormer subsidiary of. "Voice actor grand prix""Hero libraryIssued "Prime Novels". In April 2019IMAGICA GROUPSold to[139].
  • Newco OneCo., Ltd.-Former consolidated subsidiary. MBO in 2019.
  • Cutlass Inc.-Former consolidated subsidiary. Operation of a restaurant and clothing miscellaneous goods select shop "Need Supply Co."
  • Cheetah Co., Ltd.-Photobook business. March, Reiwa March, merged with Kuruma Print System Co., Ltd. and dissolved.
  • HCC Co., Ltd.-Real estate trading business. March, 2 Resolves and merges with T-SITE Co., Ltd.
  • T Card Co., Ltd. (2nd generation corporation)-Merged with T Money Co., Ltd. in March 2
  • Disc Road Co., Ltd.-DVD manufacturing by make-to-order method.Reiwa March 2nd merged with Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd. and dissolved.
  • Kotokoto Co., Ltd. --System development of video photo service.June 2nd year of Reiwa Merged with Photocreate Co., Ltd. and dissolved.
  • Kitamura PC DEPOT Corporation --PC DEPOT Okayama Main Store is operated.July 2nd year of Reiwa Merged with Kitamura Co., Ltd. and dissolved.
  • Blabo Co., Ltd. --Operates the co-creation community "Blabo!".Reiwa October 2nd merged with CCC Marketing Co., Ltd. and dissolved
  • T-Magazine Co., Ltd.-Operating "T-MAGAZINE", a monthly flat-rate magazine unlimited reading service[140]..Reiwa October 2nd merged with Tsutaya Bookstore Co., Ltd. (10nd generation corporation) and dissolved
  • Creative 1 Co., Ltd.-Joint venture with One To Ten Co., Ltd.[141]


  • Among the rental and bookstore chains that handle entertainment software, it has the top share in Japan.
  • The rate system, product lineup, and service contents (cheap rental event period, etc.) differ greatly between directly managed stores and chain stores, and in each region.
  • Each store is equipped with a terminal that can request works that are not in the store (except some stores).
  • free paper"TSUTAYA CLUB MAGAZINE" and "VA" were issued.
  • 2010 May 7Started to develop a section called "TSUTAYA Excavation Goods-A really interesting movie selected by 100 movie makers-" at the DVD rental sales floors of all TSUTAYA stores. It has not been announced whether or not there is a scene where the company's employees use a portable player and select on the work desk on a commercial TV program).
  • 2007 May 7 - May 8,PlayStation 3Dedicated software "My Summer Holiday 3-Northern Part-The Little Meadow,” at the PLAYSTATION StoreOriginal T-shirt with TSUTAYA logoFree delivery.
  • T-card was born in the president's office of ENEOS[142].
  • In the past, a subsidiary's e-book business was "Digital TSUTAYA BOOKS" (Tutaya Online), "FRANKEN" (Jam T-Bee)[143], "TSUTAYA GALAPAGOS" (sold to Sharp), "TSUTAYA.com eBOOKs(T-MEDIA Holdings), "Love Komi.com" (AMP) and "T-MAGAZINE" (T Magazine).


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