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👍 | A banner that suddenly appeared in Yokohama, something is wrong ... Surprising voices appear in unexpected "5 characters"


A banner that suddenly appeared in Yokohama, something was wrong ... A series of surprised voices in the unexpected "5 characters"

If you write the contents roughly
As far as I can see the photos of the tweets, I didn't feel that big banner, but when I looked at it seriously, the Yokohama Vivre itself was a fairly large building, so it had an overwhelming presence from the banner. It was being emitted.

[The banner that suddenly appeared in Yokohama Vivre is filled with surprised voices saying, "Isn't it a mistake?"School and ... → Continue reading


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Banner(Oudanmaku) is horizontally longclothIt is a tool for writing letters on etc. to make it widely known.flagIs a kind of.Horizontal curtainAlso called (Yokomaku).In addition, the one that made the same thing vertically longHanging curtain(Kensumaku) orBannerThat.

Nobori(Climbing)flagEtc. are the same as banners and hanging curtains in the sense that they are used for the purpose of advertising, but while banners and hanging curtains are fixed to the wall surface, etc., the banners and flags are held in the hands, or The difference is that it is often used by fixing it to a pole.


It is mainly used for the following purposes.

For supporting sports, events and public competitions

It is posted to support players and teams at various sports match venues.In rare cases, there are cases where multiple people hold one banner together and support it, but in addition to the installation of banners being specified by competitions and facilities, in the case of pastingEyelet(Hole to tie the string) orCuring tapeIt is stipulated to use only.Duct tapeIn the case of, there are many places where the use is prohibited because the adhesive marks of the tape remain (some teams and competitions prohibit the sticking of tapes including curing tape).

Japanese professional baseballHowever, the installation of large banners is limited to designated private cheering squads, and it is hardly permitted to spread the banners of general fans or to attach or tie them to fences or stands.The reason is that there was a problem if the spectators in the back were inconvenienced, so a curtain with pipes attached to the left and right on a banner now called a cheering flag, a hand waving flag, or a gate flag (gehula) 900 mm long x 600 mm wide There are many places where personal items are prepared and used for support.of course,Soccer fieldBut I often see them using Gehula.

またサ ッ カ ー-rugbyIn such ball game fields, it is required to install it within the range that does not cover the advertisements of the sponsor companies of the tournament and the indicator lights of emergency exits.In particular, the front row behind the back stand and goal is devoted to the sponsor's advertising space, so it can not be pasted unless it is combined with an athletics stadium, and usually it must be attached to the handrail in the middle of the stand or behind the stand. I have to.

JapaneseHorse racingInpaddockThere is a banner for the purpose of supporting racehorses, jockeys, and stables.Horse racing fansStretched by.It is not uncommon for famous horses to have multiple horses, and in 2010Queen Elizabeth CupThen I will retire in this raceTM PrecureThere were nine banners in all.

However, banners can only be made of cloth with eyelets through which strings can be passed, and it is prohibited to use adhesive tape (including gum tape and curing tape), as well as reflective materials and paper materials. There is.This is because, in addition to the adhesive marks left on the tape, the tape may come off due to strong winds, and the reflection of light from the reflector may surprise the horse or hinder its progress to the paddock or the main riding ground. ..Since the wording (words that can be written) and the size that can be posted are decided at the racetrack, it is necessary to confirm the carry-on size and posting rules with each racetrack and the organizer.

Boat racing,Auto race-Bicycle raceThere are detailed rules such as the size decided by each organizer and the wording that can be used in the message of support, so it is necessary to check.

In any case, posting of content that discriminates, slanders, or slanders a specific person, group, company, or race is restricted, and it should be posted even in non-public competitions that require prior examination. If posted, supporters may be banned from overhanging banners, and if malicious, bans may be imposed on specific supporters.

As an example2014 J League Division 1-May 3(Section 2)Sagan TosuIn the warUrawa Red DiamondsThere is a problem of posting banners of "JAPANESE ONLY" by the cheering party of.In response to this problem, the RedsReds Ladies (Top Team of Women's Club)Official matches for all classes, including[1]Indefinite banner[2]Implemented self-regulation prohibiting the use of overhangs and large flags[3][4]. (Urawa Reds Discrimination Banner Case)

Advertising, promotion, announcement

TransportationBanners are often posted on bridges and pedestrian bridges as a means of widely disseminating information about.When used in condominium sales advertisements, it is often posted on the wall of the building.Often used as a substitute for advertising billboards.In recent years, it is often sold by mail order at a low price, so it can be created more easily than signboard production.

To appeal political claimsDemonstration marchIt is used in such cases.


Manuscript creation method

In recent years, personal computers have become widespread, and creating manuscripts with personal computer software has become the mainstream.BannerMost of the creators use Adobe Illustrator to create the manuscript.This is because it works well with a large dedicated printer and has abundant applications.

Currently, many of the methods of making are sewing what is output by a printer.In the past, cotton fabrics were often dyed, but the cost is high and there are few vendors in recent years.

The material is selected and the manufacturing method differs depending on the purpose of use.

Recent production method

Printer output is the mainstream.

  1. A printer with a solvent-based ink makes it easy to output to tarpaulin fabric, and the ink has a light resistance of 2 to 5 years.
    Used as an all-weather type for outdoor and indoor use (tarpaulin is a fabric coated with soft vinyl chloride).There are many overseas products on the market, but since the standards in Japan and overseas are different, it should be considered that the same tarpaulin is different.
    Reason: Domestically produced tarpaulin fabrics are certified by domestic standards, and many are also certified as flameproof specifications.At present, few overseas products have received certification standards.
    In addition, a colored sheet mainly composed of vinyl chloride, which is used for cutting sheet (cut letters) signboards, may be cut out into letters and pasted on a white background.However, when making cut letters, the letters are often used in fluorescent colors.Fluorescent colors cannot be used in printers because the ink is expressed in (CMYK).It should be noted that since tarpaulin contains a plasticizer, it can be used temporarily, but it may peel off, so be careful.
  2. Cutting sheets cannot be used for polyester fabrics
    Reason: Since the surface is cloth, it is not smooth, so the adhesion is weak.
    For polyester fabrics, there is a method of thermal transfer to fabrics such as print / ponzi / tropical / tromat / twill / suede by sublimation transfer.The sheet is output and heat is applied to the fabric and output paper to sublimate the ink and print on the fabric, but if the temperature is not kept constant, color unevenness may occur.Suitable for small quantity production.
  3. Polyester fabric quality issues:
    For indoor use / Durability of color loss 1-2 years (in a place out of direct sunlight)
  4. Direct printing (heat printing) / A method of printing directly on polyester fabric and applying heat to dry it.This method was superior to Korean machines than Japanese machines, but in 2013, Japanese machines were superior (in terms of content, printing per hour is faster, and both ink and bulk products from domestic manufacturers are available. (The cost is cheaper and the quality is getting better.) At present, the price is not much different from the price of Korean and Chinese production.
    In addition, Japanese-made (domestic) products can be sold with flame-retardant seals, which are certified by the Japan Fire Retardant Association, which is the third institution in Japan.Currently, there are no licenses for products produced overseas, but flameproofing may be done afterwards, but if the number is large, later flameproofing is cost effective, but with a small amount. The current situation is that the costs do not match.
    * All flameproof products on polyester fabric cannot be posted on public or commercial facilities unless they are certified by the Japan Fire Retardant Association.It is instructed by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency.
    While selling banners as flameproof specifications, some large-scale factories are qualified as certified factories by the Japan Fire Retardant Association, while others are not.In some places that are not certified factories, polyester fabrics are flameproofed and sold simply by printing.However, please note that if the contents of the flameproof specifications (standards of the Japan Fire Retardant Association) change, the fabric cannot be used.Therefore it is better to buy one from a certified factory
    * In order to qualify as a certified factory, you will not be able to obtain a certified factory qualification unless you have the appropriate equipment and a responsible person, so please be aware that there are almost no small-scale production factories that have received it as a certified factory. ..Certified factories process polyester fabrics at their own factories using a solvent designated by the Japan Fire Retardant Association.What is different is that only those that have passed the color fading robustness and flameproof test, durability, and eco-inspection standards in the test test of the third organization are the qualification standards of the certified factory.
  5. Polyester fabric quality issues:
    The merit of direct printing is that the color can be expressed darker than the sublimation transfer, and the color is said to have good strike-through.It is stable with no color unevenness.However, the ultra-thin polyester fabric used for the banner: only the material called Ponzi
    Polyester general-purpose material type:
    • Ponzi: Thin fabric used for banner flags 70% to 80% of strike-through, so the characters are reversed
    • Tropical: It feels 2 to 3 times thicker than Ponzi, so the strike-through is about 30% to 40%. Transparency Tapestry Banner Suitable for use
    • Tromat: 2 to 3 times more than tropical. Suitable for large fishing flags, banners, and hanging curtains. Thick and durable.
    • Suede: Slightly thinner than Tromat. The surface is glossy and luxurious. Suitable for tapestry stand banners.
    • Satin: More silky luster and ultra-luxury than suede, suitable for tapestry stand banners
    • Twill: Different weave, not plain weave, but biased weave. Characterized by diagonal weave. Suitable for wrinkle-resistant flags, company flags, and goal tapes.
    All can be printed by direct print sublimation transfer
  6. There is also a light-shielding suede (double-sided specification). For details, there are several types.
  7. The disadvantage of direct printing is that it may fade more than sublimation transfer.For overseas products (made in Korea and China), there may be complaints that the color will fade (color flow) especially when it gets wet.
  8. Similarly in domestic production, where there are complaints of discoloration (color flow) due to getting wet, the scale of the production factory is small, but there are many productions and shipments that are directly printed with a printer.I want to be careful
  9. Where there is no discoloration, after direct printing, we sell products that have been carefully washed with water and dried using a water washing facility.Quality is uneven unless you have considerable equipment
    * Please note that the color may transfer if you fold it in a hot summer car and leave it unattended.Ink is vaporized and sublimated at 180 to 220 degrees Celsius for both sublimation transfer and direct printing, so I hope that you do not leave it in a hot place.
    For indoor use / Durability 1-2 years (unless exposed to direct sunlight)
  10. Other
    • Silk print / Silk print on tarpaulin
    • Silk print on polyester fabric
    • Dyeing on cotton fabric
    • Pigment print

Sewing method

  1. Sewing method with sewing machine 
    There is a method of sewing on all sides and inserting a rope when sewing on all sides for strengthening.
    There is also a method of weaving ropes on all sides to sew and reinforce.It is effective for reinforcement for large sizes.
  2. If it is a tarpaulin, there is welder processing using high frequency.This is a method of sewing by irradiating high frequency waves to melt and sew, as in thermal thin film deposition.
  3. There is also bag sewing processing
    The bag sewing process is a sewing method in which a rod is passed through and a loop is formed and sewn.

Eyelet processing

Eyelet processing is to make a hole with a punch and crimp the convex and concave eyelets.The mainstream materials are brass / aluminum / stainless steel / steel.


in EnglishBannerHowever, the foreign word in JapanesebannerIt is,インターネットIt means as a horizontally long image showing the link destination with a picture, and the banner is rarely called a banner.


Source / Note

  1. ^ All matches including Home Away Central
  2. ^ Gate flagHuman characterSame for
  3. ^ Posting of banners, gate flags, flags, decorations, etc. after the Battle of Hiroshima
  4. ^ About prohibiting the posting of banners in all categories

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