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💃 | Is the dancer of "Tokyo Incident" in the way?"I can't concentrate" with Shiina Ringo

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Is the dancer of "Tokyo Incident" in the way?"I can't concentrate" with Shiina Ringo

If you write the contents roughly
The song "Tokyo Incident" performed in the first half of the day was "Secret".

The popular band "Tokyo Incident" will appear in "12 FNS Kayosai 8nd Night" (Fuji TV) broadcast on December 2021th. … → Continue reading


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Tokyo Incidents

Tokyo Incidents(Tokyo, English name:Tokyo Incidents[2][3],Incidents Tokyo[4][5]) Is2003 Active fromJapan OfBandIs. February 2012, 2Nippon BudokanAlthough the activity was ended at the performance, it was announced in 2020 that it will be restarted with the members at the time of dissolution, called "regeneration". Your record company isUniversal Music..Nickname is "incident".


Singer-songwriter OfRingo ShiinaA group of five formed in 2003rock band[6].. September 2012, 2Nippon BudokanActivity ends with performance[7].. After that, in 2020, it was announced that it would be called "regeneration" and that it would be restarted by the members at the time of dissolution.

About band members

Each of them is composed of players that establish their own musicality, and in live performance, it is different from the CD sound source.arrangeIs deployed.

Originally born as a life extension device as an expressionist of Shiina, she set it to face music and promote her musical growth.CurriculumStarted like[8][9]. AndIzawa KazuhaとFloating cloudsWhen they joined, they are said to be "powerful" like they are, but usuallyUnderground,IndiesFor the talent who is not active in the sun and wants to compete in the major field instead of circulating only with their own inner circle, I invited myself to do it together[10][11].. With the change in Shiina's consciousness, the band also changed into a project aimed at making the process itself to make them popular in the world[10][11].. About this process, Shiina says, "Starting with a learning institution ("Education)), a vocational training school, and a laboratory/laboratory (“Adult] ~ "Sports)), and finally became a production factory where each member can operate independently (“Great discovery))"[8][9][10][12].

About the process of formation

In 2003, Ringo Shiina, who could not find motivation to continue music activities enough to think about retirement, formed with the idea that "I think it would be motivated to write a song with the intention of writing down for the members".[13].. Initially ShiinaTour OfBack bandIt started as a formal band with the participation of himself in 2004.[14].. It was Shiina who decided the members,live houseI was looking around[15].

About changing members

In 2005, the band "PE'ZIt is incompatible with the activities inH Shito MAnnounced withdrawal. NewlyIzawa KazuhaHas been decided to join. In the meantimeMiki HikariAlso left to focus on solo activities, instead being a former acquaintance of Shiina.Floating cloudsWas decided to participate.[13][16][17]

National tour "dynamite!The two had already decided to leave. Shiina, who wanted at least a piano, tried to find a keyboardist that could play a live piano, and remembered Kazuto Izawa, who was previously introduced to H Koto M. Not only as a player, but also wanting his music, Shiina immediately began searching for his news the day after the tour ended, and offered a participation as soon as he could be contacted. At first, "new band (Appa), and I don't think I can do it in the super-major field of J-POP,'' but he finally decided to join at the end of April 2005 with his consent. .. Regarding the guitarist, at first I decided not to include the strongest guest for each song, as long as I included a half-life member. Instead of busy Kameda, Shiina had Izawa of the keyboard play both his part and the bass line at the same time, and started rehearsal (tune) with 4 people of the drum, Takita. I can not imagine the work of No.”, so I decided to call the guitarist. Among the various things I tried, the member liked the Ukimo that was playing in the demo of the 3nd album, but it is a partner in the part that Shiina does not work such as personal music production, solo album recording and Tokyo. I was asked to help create a demo sound source for an incident[Note 1]However, joining him, who had been consulted when he left the former member, was reluctant for her to bring his ego into the band. He didn't say that he would do it just by saying, "If nobody plays it, I'll play it." In the end, the officially decided to join the album "AdultIt was just a few days before the recording.[13][16][17]

After the change, the album "Entertainment (variety)At that time, it was possible to express it as a band rather than as an individual Shiina, but now it is said that it is said that it is the first period, the second period (Tokyo Incident), so it is a story to change the band name The album "SportsAt that time, the awareness of the members had changed to "don't care", "it doesn't matter", "let's use whatever is available".[18][19].


  • See also my personal article for more details.
NamepartDate of birth / birthplaceEnrollment periodRemarks
Current member
Ringo Sheena
(Ringo Sheena)
Vo. / Gt. (‭1978-11-25) 1978 May 11(43 years old)
2004 0February-50October
2020 01 month -
Seiji Kameda
(Seiji Kameda)
Three. (‭1964-06-03) 1964 May 6(57 years old)
OsakaSuita City
Hata binding color
(Toshiki Hata)
Dr. (‭1976-10-05) 1976 May 10(45 years old)
Floating clouds
Gt. / Cho. (‭1978-10-07) 1978 May 10(43 years old)
2005 0February-70October
2020 01 month -
  • In charge of main vocals for some songs
Ichiyo Izawa
(Ichiyo Izawa)
Key. / Gt. / Cho. (‭1976-07-04) 1976 May 7(45 years old)
Former member
Mikio Hirama
(Mikio Hirama)
Gt. / Cho. (‭1976-05-05) 1976 May 5(45 years old)
2004 0February-50October
H Shito M
(H Zett M)
Key. / Cho. (‭1978-02-12) 1978 May 2(43 years old)

Music production

About the demo

Brought by Shiina and Izawademo TheSong melodyFrom the beginning to the rhythm patternMusical scoreWill also write. Also, since Ukimo can't write the score, the two of them transcribe his melody and raise it in the score.[20][21]

In Izawa's demos, song melody and guitar parts are often made with the keyboard. After I started playing the guitar, I sometimes made it with the guitar. Instead of singing voice, the melody contains sounds made with a keyboard, so it is hard to imagine the final shape. Also at the demo stageフ レ ー ズPrepare the performance patterns for all of you who have specified up to one by one. It doesn't have to be exactly that way, but first I try to get it to work as designed. In addition to his own songs, other members' songs can be used to create a number of demo patterns, including music transcription, song analysis, and arrangement.[18][19][22]

Ukimo often make melody parts while singing, so I put singing voices in the demo instead of lyrics. Not only the song melody but also the chorus is included, so other members can easily grasp the outline.[19][22][23]

While other members' demos include various sounds such as drums, some of Kameda's demos include humming andPressMost of themAcoustic guitarOr it is a simple play-and-speak with a piano and own song. Moreover, while I usually have a lot of work to finish songs by arranging and producing sound, and there are not many opportunities to make melody, Tokyo Incident basically provides melodies and temporary songs that are not arranged. .. It's a very simple demo, but it's easy to see the core of the song.[24][25][26]

Based on these demonstrations, Shiina asked the authors and performers of each song to write phrases, melodies,CodesOf those elements, ask and confirm what you want to bring to the front at that time, clarify the main elements, and decide the approach to the song[27].

About lyrics

Shiina was in charge of the lyrics up to the second album "Adult", and some songs were written by Ukimo and Izawa from the third "Entertainment" to the fifth "Great Discovery". Last released as a bandMini albumIn "color bars", all the members are writing lyrics.

When a member other than Shiina composes a song, it always precedes the song, and when Shiina writes the lyrics, he applies the song to the song later. Usually, Shiina firstHarmonyA melody appears, and the lyrics are linked according to the image and feeling at that time, but in the Tokyo Incident, listening to the song and going to the background composed by the writer only by the melody, the lyrics of "the only correct answer" Try to acquire the whole body.[28]

Ukimo's song is often thought of as having a musical instrument and a voice riding on it, and there is no song element, so the person who can understand the song often writes the lyrics. Ukigumo does it when it feels more natural, and Shiina sometimes writes the lyrics if she thinks she can bring it to a pop song.[20][23]

About composition

The debut song as a band, the 1st single "Ultramarine weatherWas written by H Koto M, but most of the songs on the 1st album "Education" and the 2nd album "Adult" and the 2nd single "Distress" and the 3rd single "Shuraba" were written by Shiina. The third album "Entertainment (variety)] And related singles, Shiina did not participate, and all the songs were composed by band members (Ukigumo, Izawa, Kameda) other than her. Shiina also participated in the composition again from the fourth album "Sports" and the accompanying single, and co-wrote some songs for the first time with the members. The fifth album, "Great Discovery," has more co-written songs than the previous one.In the last album "color bars" before the band played, all the members are composing.


Arrangements are basically performed by the entire band, but in the second album "Adult", Shiina and Izawa played a central role.[Note 2].. Shiina, Izawa, and Ukimo are not all singer-songwriters, so they will be writing songs that include arrangements. From there, there are many ways to complete the song, such as embodying it as the author intended or arranged by the whole band, or applying it to the unique way of her and Kameda from Shiina's solo era. There is also.[16][24]

Produced by a recording engineerInoue.

About recording

Except for some recordings, all recordings are performed individually by all band members, not individually recorded individually.One shot[29].


Before debut

  • Formed as the back band of Ringo Shiina. The initial members were Ringo Shiina, Tsuzuri Shida, Seiji Kameda, H Koto M, and Mikine Haikai. Debuted for the same year in the Shiina Ringo demonstration tour "Shangroku Ecstasy".

Debut of the band "Tokyo Incident"

  • On May 5, Ringo Shiina declared that he would act as a band "Tokyo Incident" as "At this stage, the music that I make alone is finished".[30].. Appeared in several live performancesFUJI ROCK FESTIVAL] InHeadlinerServe as much attention as it will be subject to admission restrictions.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Toshiba EMI(At that time) Single "Ultramarine weatherMake a major debut with.
  • September 11th, 25st album "Education"release.

Member change

  • The first live tour from January 1thTokyo Incident Live Tour 2005 “dynamite!”Will be held in 10 performances in 14 cities.
  • On July 7, announced the withdrawal of H Shito M and Miki Hikai[Note 3][32].. After the withdrawal, it was said that H Koto M will act as Pe'z's Hizumi Masayu machine, and Shinkai Mikine will act as Solo's name Hikaru Hikaru (currently Hirama Mikio).[33].
  • In September, new members were announced. Shiina, Kameda, and Takita are newFloating cloudsとIzawa Kazuha2 people, 5 peopleSecond Tokyo incidentStart up[Note 4][33].. With that as an opportunity, the bandsymbol mark Paper craneからpeacockWas changed to.
  • November 11nd, the third single (first as the second term) single "ShrubbaWas released.


  • January 1, second album "AdultWas released. The band's firstOricon chart1st place[34].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Nippon BudokanとOsaka Castle Hall"DOMESTIC! Virgin LINE" will be held at the new member's face show live.
  • A national tour for about two months from April 4Tokyo Incident “DOMESTIC!” Just can't help it.Will be held in 17 performances in 21 cities.
  • On July 7nd, the event "SOCIETY OF THE CITIZENS vol.2" was held at the Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall. Co-starred with ZAZEN BOYS, SOIL & "PIMP" SESSIONS.Hata did not participate due to the treatment of the fracture inflicted during the "DOMESTIC!" Tour, as a support drumYasuo SanoWelcomed.
  • December 12 (Makuhari) and 30 (Osaka),COUNTDOWN JAPAN 06/07Appeared in.
  • August 9nd, 26rd album “Entertainment (variety)Was released. In an interview when the previous album was released, "(For the future) I want to make an album that does not write songs, but is concerned only with songwriting and song play."[35]As stated above, the album "Entertainment (variety)" and the single "Killer Tune"When"OSCAIn ", I was in charge of only some lyrics and singing.
  • From October 10th in 18 cities nationwidelive houseTours"Tokyo Incident live tour 2007 Spa & TreatmentHeld.
  • Shiina, who celebrated the 10th anniversary of her solo debut this year, resumed her solo activities after a long absence. Therefore, the activities of the Tokyo Incident were limited.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Rising Sun Rock FestivalAppeared in. On the 16th of the following day, Shiina appeared as a solo solo.
  • March 8 and 23,JCB HallSponsored event "SOCIETY OF THE CITIZENS vol.Ⅱ" was held.


  • Continuing from the previous year, Shiina continues her solo activities, including the release of her original album after a long absence. Therefore, in the first half of the year, members other than Shiina decided to devote themselves to their activities. Kameda worked as a producer of various businesses with various artists,Fuji FabricI participated in the recording and live of as a support member. IzawaELLEGARDEN OfHosomi samuraiBand formed bythe HIATUSI participated as a tour member[Note 5].. At the end of the year, production activities will resume for the first time in two years, aiming to release the fourth album.
  • August 12, the first single "Active three minutesWas released. For the first time as a single, he won first place on the Oricon chart. The song isEzaki GlicoAppointed as the CM song for "Watering Kiss Mint Gum"Image characterShiina, who will be appearing in the CM for the first time, was appointed (Ukimo is in charge of the narration).
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,COUNTDOWN JAPAN 09/10Appeared in.
  • On February 2rd, the 23th single "The sky is ringing / any girlIt was planned to be released, but on the 2th of February the same year, when Kitada, who was drunk on the street, was arrested for obstructing public affairs execution, he decided to postpone the release and refrain from promotion activities.[36].. "The sky is ringing" was used in the fourth CM of Glico "Watering Kiss Mint", which Shiina serves as an image character, but due to this scandal, the sound was changed from the band's performance to the acoustic arrangement by the piano, Also changed the name to "Shiina Ringo" and continued broadcasting[37].. And "Anyone" was newly appointed as a CM model for Shiina.ShiseidoIt was planned to be used as a commercial song for "Makiage" from the 20th, but it is a piano accompaniment by the Shiina Ringo solo arrangement.Swing jazzIt was decided to change the number to "Every girl is a real face ~" and broadcast it.[38].. Also appearing on music programs on TV[Note 6]Was also canceled. On March 3, Kitada was sentenced to fines in a summary trial, and as a result of discussions, he decided to restart his activities on April 14. For a series of cases, Takita has apologized on the official website.
  • On May 5th, the single "Sora ga Naru tai/Girls Anyone" that was postponed for release will be released.
  • June 6, the fifth album "Great discoveryWas released.Oricon chart 1st placeEarned.
  • Live tour from September 9thTokyo Incident Live Tour 2011 DiscoveryHeld.
  • On December 12, Shiina said, "The 62th NHK Red and White Singing Battle, And the Tokyo Incidents member also appeared. Recorded the highest ratings in the first half.

Band dissolution

  • January 1, announced the dissolution of the band. Comments from each member were posted on the official website updated on the same date. Shiina himself dismissed the statement, "The incident will comeLeap dayIt will be dissolved.", the dissolution date was decided on February 2012, 2[39].
  • On January 1th, the last album "18 songs that the band members composed and wrote each song" was recorded.color bars] Has been released.
  • The last tour "Tokyo Incident Live Tour 2 Domestique Bon Voyage" will be held from February 14th.
  • February 2th, live best album "Tokyo collection] Has been released.
  • February 2, the final day of "Tokyo Incident live tour 29 Domestique Bon Voyage".Nippon BudokanHeld the last live at and disbanded.

After dissolution

  • On August 2012, 8, "Coupling song of the single was recorded"Midnight frame,, live video collection "Rare play good play] Has been released.
  • August 2013, 2,CD-BOX"Hard Disk"WhenMusic videoCollection "Golden timeWas released. The songs and videos newly recorded by the old and new members of the first and second semesters, which were reassembled in each, were recorded.
  • On August 2016, 8, all the members of the second period participated in the performance Shiina's distribution limited single "The You DamWill be released[40].. Although there was no indication of "Tokyo Incident", the jacket had a peacock symbol.[41].
  • September 2016, 12, ``The 67th NHK Red and White Singing BattleWhen Shiina participated in ", all the members of the second stage appeared as a back band.
  • May 2018,Invisible Man"ButLionUsed as a commercial song for "NONIO".
  • Shiina's sixth album released on May 2019, 5 ``History of three poisons] Participated in the performance of the song "Ma Sheri" (also includes "Judeum" above).


  • On January 1st, the band's "Playback" was announced on the official Twitter website, and the new song "The Lower Classes" was released.In addition, from February 1, which is a leap day, the national tour "Tokyo Incident"Live Tour 2O2O News FlashIt was also announced that "" will be held at 6 performances in 7 venues in 13 cities nationwide.New coronavirusFebruary 2 and March 29 under the influence ofTokyo International ForumOnly performances will be held, and subsequent performances will be canceled.
  • April 4th, the first new work after reproduction "NEWSWas released.
  • August 8, Nippon Television's Wednesday drama "We are crazyA limited-edition single that includes three songs, including the title song "Alianza de Sangre," which is the theme song.Red allianceWas released.
  • On September 9th, a live demonstration of the above tour performed without spectatorsTokyo Incident XNUMXOXNUMXO.XNUMX Leap vision Special Program News Flash(Recorded at NHK Hall on July 7) will be distributed on the Internet and screened in movie theaters.
  • On November 11th, the single "Ao no ID", which is the theme song of the movie "Sakura", was released as the first release of new songs for two consecutive weeks.
  • On November 11th, "Veil of Life", which is the theme song of TV TOKYO and other drama Parabi "The result diary of a 13-year-old batuichi single woman trying a matching app", was released as the second release of new songs for two consecutive weeks.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,NHK General"NHK Red and White Singing BattleFirst appearance in[42].
  • On January 1st, the Tokyo Incident Teaser video "Up, Up, and away! 1" was released. He announced that he would continue his activities in 2, and at the same time announced the production of the original full album.[43].
  • On January 1, NHK General Drama 23 "Dream Team" theme song "Dark White" began to be distributed.
  • March 3, TV TOKYO economic program "World Business SatelliteThe ending theme "Ryokushu" is now available.
  • June 6th, the first full album in 9 years "MusicWas released.
  • On December 12, the first best album "" and music video collection "" will be released.



CD single

Release datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank[44]Recording album
1st2004 0October08 daysUltramarine weatherTOCT-48842 bitEducation
2nd2004/10/20DistressTOCT-49942 bit
3rd2005/1102 daysShrubbaTOCT-49365 bitAdult
4th2007 0May 7OSCATOCT-401252 bitEntertainment
5th2007 0May 8Killer TuneTOCT-401375 bit
6th2009/1202 daysActive three minutesTOCT-402801 bitSports
7th2011 0May 5The sky is ringing/any girlTOCT-403206 bitGreat discovery
-2021 0October09 daysRed alliance[Note 7]--Music

Distribution limited single

Release datetitleSales formHighest rank[Note 8]Recording album
1st2010 0May 7Welcome to heaven/Dopamine!Digital download-Great discovery
2nd2020 0October01 daysUnselected people6 bitNEWS
3rd2020 0May 2Eternal absence proof[Note 9]5 bit
2021 0October09 days
4th2020 0May 8Red alliance12 bitMusic[Note 10]
5th2020/1106 daysBlue id28 bit
6th2020/11/13Book of life29 bit
7th2021 0May 1Dark white43 bit
8th2021 0May 3Green sake19 bit

Studio album

Release datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank[45]
1st2004/11/25EducationTOCT-254522 bit
2nd2006 0May 1AdultTOCT-25884 (First Press Limited Edition)
TOCT-25885 (Regular Edition)
1 bit
3rd2007 0May 9Entertainment (variety)TOCT-263502 bit
4th2010 0May 2SportsTOCT-269401 bit
5th2011 0May 6Great discoveryTOCT-27070
6th (mini)2012 0May 1color barsTOCT-223112 bit
7th (mini)2020 0October08 daysNEWSUPCH-29360
8th2021 0October09 daysMusicUPCH-29380 (First Press Limited Edition)
UPCH-20568 (regular edition)

Compilation album

Release datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank[46]TypeRemarks
2012 0May 2Tokyo collectionTOCT-280451 bitLive album
2012 0May 8Midnight frameTOCT-290003 bitCoupling album
2013 0May 2Hard DiskTOCT-2913115 bitComplete BOXCompletely limited production BOX set
2021/12/22UPCH-29416 (First production limited DVD version)
UPCH-29417 (First production limited Blu-ray disc)
UPCH-20600 / 1 (Regular Edition)
3 bitAll time bestThe band's first best album

Analog board

Release datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank[47]Remarks
2004/11/25Ultramarine weather/DistressTOJT-25542108 bitLimited to first production
2006 0May 3ADULT VIDEO ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKTOJT-25926221 bitLimited to first production
2007/11/21Entertainment (variety) extra numberTOJT-26351281 bitLimited to first production
2021 0May 9EducationUPJH-20016 / 733 bitLimited to first production
AdultUPJH-20018 / 931 bitLimited to first production
Entertainment (variety)UPJH-20020 / 134 bitLimited to first production
SportsUPJH-20022 / 332 bitLimited to first production
Great discoveryUPJH-20024 / 535 bitLimited to first production
MusicUPJH-20026 / 72 bit[Note 11]Limited to first production

Video work

Music video

 Release datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank[48]
1st2004/1208 daystokyo incidents vol.1TOBF-53375 bit
2nd2006 0May 3ADULT VIDEOTOBF-54694 bit
3rd2007/11/21Flash GirlTOBF-55406 bit
4th2011 0May 9CS ChannelTOBF-5712 (DVD)
TOXF-5712 (BD)
4 bit
5th2013 0May 2Golden timeTOBF-5767 (DVD)
TOXF-5767 (BD)
10 bit
6th2021/12/22UPXH-20110 (BD)
UPBH-20283 / 4 (DVD)
24 bit

Live video

 Release datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank[48]
1st2005 0May 7Dynamite inTOBF-54002 bit
2nd2005 0May 8Dynamite outTOBF-5401
3rd2006 0October06 daysJust can't help it.TOBF-5497
4th2010 0May 3Spa & Treatmentkro-10001
17 bit
5th2010 0May 8Ultra CTOBF-5678 (DVD)
TOXF-5678 (BD)
1 bit
6th2012 0May 2DiscoveryTOBF-5723 (DVD)
TOXF-5723 (BD)
7th2012 0May 6Bon VoyageTOBF-5737 (DVD)
TOXF-5737 (BD)
8th2012 0May 8Rare play good playTOBF-5750 (DVD)
TOXF-5750 (BD)
9th2021 0May 4UPBH-29092 (First Press Limited Edition DVD)
UPBH-20273 (Regular Edition DVD)
UPXH-29046 (First Press Limited Edition BD)
UPXH-20103 (Regular Edition BD)

Participating works

Song titleReleaseArtistsRecordingParticipation content
"umbrella'2008 TOKYO"17"Arranger
"Man in a whirlpool"Single
"Urban manners"2009 Tomoekari"Toridori."Arrangement / performance
"Hiyorihime'PUFFY"Bring it!"Performance
"Starring woman"
"Delicious season'2011 Chiaki Kuriyama"CIRCUS"
"Definitive three minutes'
"Moonlit portrait'Single
"Le Moment'Single
"Carnation'Ringo Shiina"Hi Izuru Toko"
"My loved one'Single
"Life is as you want'Single

Unsourced songs

"The incident change"
Some made in 2004Rock festivalThe song that was shown at[49].
2006 live eventSOCIETY OF THE CITIZENS vol.1The song that was shown at[49].

Tie-up list

Appointment yearSongTie-up
2004 Ultramarine weatherSanyo Electric"au W21SACM song
2005 ShrubbaFuji Television Network, IncsystemDrama"Thursday Theater-Ooku-Hana no Ran-] Theme song
2007 Goldfish boxmovies"Swordfish] Theme song
Flash GirlSubaru"Stella/Stella Rivesta""R2CM song
2009 Active three minutesGlicoCM song for "Watering Kiss Mint" (Starring: Ringo Shiina, Narration: Ukimo)
2010 Winning battle
Dopamine!Glico "Watering Kiss Mint" CM song (starring: Ringo Shiina, narration: Kazuha Izawa)
Welcome to heavenTV AsahisystemFriday night drama"Atami Investigator] Theme song
Welcome to Heaven Tokyo Bay Ver.TV Asahi Friday night drama "Atami Investigator" used song
2011 The sky is ringingGlico "Watering Kiss Mint" CM song (starring / narration: Ringo Shiina)
Any girlShiseido"MaquillageCM song (appearance/partial narration: Ringo Shiina)
New civilizationTokyo MetroCM song
2018 Invisible ManLion"NONIO" CM song
Flash GirlAbemaTVTheme song for "Fighting Agent War 3RD SEASON"
2020 Winning battleWOWOW Tennis 2020 Image Song
Active player
SunsetNHK BS PremiumSpecial drama "56th year broken heart』Drama
Red allianceNippon TVsystemWednesday drama"We are crazy] Theme song
Toyama TV"Bbt music selection" October opening theme
Blue idmovies"さ く ら] Theme song[50]
Book of lifeTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.systemDrama Parabi"A diary of the results of a 38-year-old bachelor trying a matching app] Theme song[51]
2021 Dark whiteNHK GeneralDrama 10"Dream team] Theme song[52]
Eternal absence proofAnime movieDetective Conan Scarlet Bullet] Theme song[53]
The CD containing this song was released as planned, but the movie release was postponed for one year to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
Green sakeTV Tokyo series "World Business Satellite"Ending theme[54]
Sumitomo Real Estate CM song
View of Life D CIDE TRAUMEREI Game theme song / TV anime opening



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注 釈

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