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📷 | Ayu fishing, fireworks, Sonobe Castle ... Photo exhibition at Ikimitenmangu Shrine, which cuts out the four seasons of Nantan

Photographs A number of photographs of the four seasons of Nantan City (Sonobe-cho, Ikimitenmangu)

Ayu fishing, fireworks, Sonobe Castle ... Photo exhibition at Ikimitenmangu Shrine, which cuts out the four seasons of Nantan

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A variety of works such as Sonobe Castle in Sonobe Town, which is colored with cherry blossoms, sweetfish fishing in Miyama Town, fireworks launched in the Oigawa River flowing through Yagi Town, and Gyokugan Jizodo in Hiyoshi Town, which is covered with snow, are eye-catching.

At Ikimitenmangu in Sonobe-cho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture, a photo exhibition of the four seasons of the city is being held.Various tables for each season ... → Continue reading

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Sonobe Town

Sonobe Town(That becho) is2005/May 12UntilKyotoWas in the center ofLocal governmentso,Sonobe Castle Ofcastle town.

2006/May 14 neighboring towns merged inNantan cityAs a local public organization, Sonobe-cho closed the curtain on history.Currently, it remains as a place name for the administrative district of Nantan City.




  • Katsura River(Katsuragawa): A river in the Yodo River system that originates in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City.In Kameoka City, it is called the Oigawa River, and in Arashiyama it is called the Hozu River.
  • Sonobe River(That Begawa): Departing from the deep mountains of Sonobe Town,RurikeiFormKatsura RiverJoin in.
  • (Honmegawa):KameokaIt departs and joins the Sonobe River.

Scenic spots


  • Sengoku periodAt the end of Sonobe CastleMr. ArakiThere is a landlord calledMitsuhide AkechiIt is said that it countered.However, the full-scale development of Sonobe1619/It begins with the inclusion of Mr. Koide Sonobe.
  • 1889/(Meiji22 years)May 4 - Municipal systemWith the enforcement of Sonobe Village, the areas of Sonobe Honmachi, Sonobe Uehonmachi, Sonobe Wakamatsu Town, Sonobe Miyamachi, and Sonobe ShinmachiSonobe TownWas launched.The rest isSonobe VillageBe part of.
  • 1929/(Showa4 years) April 4-Sonobe VillageKirinosho VillageMerged withSonobe TownWas launched. (3 town, 18 villages)
  • 1951/(Showa 26) July 4- Kawabe VillageIncorporated.
  • 1955/(30)May 4 - Make Village-Nishihonme VillageMerged withSonobe TownWas launched.
  • 1958/(Showa 33) July 4- KameokaPart of (Higashimoto Umemachi Wakamori character Sakando, Hinogi, Mukaimachi, Takamuro, Muroku, Izumi, Mita, Ohashi, Takahashi, Hatagawa, Maemachi, Sototorii, Shokidani, Kubota, Matsuda・ Monzen-cho, Karasu, Karibata, Tani, Higashihonme-cho Minami-Otani character Yata, Miyanogo, Torigakiuchi, Hatagawa, Miyanomae, Okugakiuchi, Yanagatsubo, Nishichaya, Yasunaga, Teranoshita, Noguchi, Mukai Kakiuchi Kaji Ketaha, Hirabayashi, Shinbayashi, Kanya, Mukai Gakiuchi and part of Sototorii) were incorporated.
  • 2006/(Heisei18 years)May 1 - Yagi-Hiyoshi Town-Kitakuwata DistrictMiyama TownMerged withNantan cityWas launched.Sonobe Town was abolished on the same day.





  • Major industries
  • Agriculture:
According to the "Dainippon Tokunoka Directory", the Tokunoka farmers in Sonobe-cho are "Makoto Nishida, Kosuke Nakano, Ijiri Ichitaro, Dennosuke Nakayama, Eijiro Tanaka".[1].



  • Average students age


Adjacent municipalities


Railway line



General national road

Main local road

General prefectural road

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Famous people


  • Road Station"Kyoto Shinko EtsumuraOpened on July 15, 7
  • National highway No. 9, the pass to Tamba-choKannon Pass..The pass to Mt. Sasayama City on Route 372 is the opening of a tunnel.Both are difficult passes.The Kannon Pass can be bypassed on the Kyoto Jukan Expressway.


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  1. ^ "Dainippon Atsushi Farmer Directory"Dainippon Tokunoka Directory Compilation Center, 1910, p200 (National Diet Library Digital Collection). Retrieved May 2016, 5.

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Snow makeup

"Snow makeup"(Yukigesho) isTeresa Teng OfJapanThe third piece inSingleIt's a song.1974/May 10ToPolydor Records(Record part number: From DR 1900)LP boardReleased in format. It was also covered by Teresa herself as a Chinese version with the title "Fuyu no Koijou".


Michio YamagamiIs the lyrics,InomataIs composed,Yukio SasakiIs the producer, and Yoshi Muto is the jacket photographer. Performed by the Kenny Wood Orchestra. It's a love song that I thought of a man who couldn't come even though I waited.

recorded music

  1. Snow makeup [3: 40]
    Lyrics:Michio Yamagami, Composition:Inomata, Arrangement:Kenichiro Morioka
  2. With love from afar [3: 54]
    Lyrics: Michio Yamagami, Composition: Kimiaki Inomata, Arrangement: Kenichiro Morioka


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