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👩‍🎤 | Shibuya Nagisa is also a big success ... "NMB48" A big pinch due to the outflow of human resources "Is it already tough?"

Photo NMB48 Shibuya Nagisa Illustration / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu 

Nagisa Shibuya is also a big success ... "NMB48" A big pinch due to the outflow of human resources "Is it already tough?"

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Moreover, more than a dozen people have graduated from "NMB48" last year alone, and Ayaka Yamamoto, who was called the next ace like Umeyama, has also left the group.

"NMB48" has produced many popular entertainers including Sayaka Yamamoto.The graduation of ace candidate Umeyama Cocona has been announced ... → Continue reading


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Ayaka Yamamoto

Ayaka Yamamoto(Ayaka Yamamoto,2002/〈Heisei14 years>May 8[2] -) isJapan OfNursing studentAnd the originalIdol, OriginalFashion Model..Also, a female idol groupNMB48, Former member of the derived unit, "SeventeenIs a former exclusive model of[3]. Nickname isAyan[1].HyogoBackground[1].ShowtitleBelonged to.



  • NMB48 5rd gen member auditionPassed the final examination. It was unveiled as one of the 6th NMB28 research students at the NMB48 Theater on June 48th.[4][5].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Kobe World Memorial HallAt the "NMB48 6th Anniversary LIVE" held in Japan, the team reorganization called "Ogumi Kaku" announced the affiliation and promotion to Team N.[6].
  • NMB12's 28th single "NMB48 released on March 16"Someone other than meBecame a member of the single title song selection for the first time[7].


  • Released on 3th JulyAKB48The 47th single "Shoot signBecame a member of the selection of AKB48's single title song for the first time[8].



  • Transferred to Team BII from March 3st[10].


  • March 3, NMB29's 48rd single "Because because』, Announced that it was selected for the first time in the center (Umeyama ReiwaAnd W Center).
  • After graduating from NMB12 at the crown live "This Moment (Time)" held at NMB28 Theater on December 48th.nurseAnnounced that he will retire from the entertainment world in order to concentrate on his studies[11].


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Orix TheaterHeld a graduation concert "The Last Color" at[12][13].. On March 3th, "Ayaka Yamamoto Graduation Performance-The Last Color-" was held at NMB19 Theater, and the entertainment world retired at the same time as NMB48 graduated.[14].


Special skill iskarateIs[1][5], I experienced a victory in the Hyogo prefectural tournament when I was in elementary school[15].

Hanshin TigersBe a fan[16]..Inaugurated as Tigers 2017 season TORACO cheering captain with 48 NMB5 members[17].

My dream for the future was an actress and a model[1].

Participating songs at NMB48

Single selection song

NMB48 name

AKB48 name

Album selection song

NMB48 name

AKB48 name

Theater performance unit song

Research student "What you can reach" performance

  • Forbidden two
  • Skirt, Hirari (Rei Jonishi's unit under)

Team N 4th Stage "Witness"Performance

  • New shoes
  • 10 Krone and bread (Konomi Kusaka's unit under)
  • Finnish Miracle (Rinka Sudo, Kokoro Naiki's unit under)

Cattleya group "There are angels here"Performance

  • Before this world is buried in the snow


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