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👩‍🎤 | Nogizaka46, co-starring with Pekopa! "Nogizaka46 Adult Selection" WEB limited video released

Photo Nogizaka46, co-starring with Pekopa! "Nogizaka46 adult selection" WEB limited video release

Co-starring with Nogizaka46 and Pekopa! "Nogizaka46 adult selection" WEB limited video release

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In the video, two people, Pekopa, played the roles of father and mother, and joined the "Clear Asahi Point Program" together with the members of "Nogizaka2 Adult Selection" who played the roles of daughters and friends. It depicts how to collect points and apply for prizes.

WEB-only video featuring Nogizaka46 and Pekopa "Clear Family Beginning / Family Accumulation / Friends Accumulation ..." → Continue reading


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