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👩‍🎤 | Movie "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City" The voice actor of Leon is Yuki Kaji

Yuki Kaji is the voice actor for Leon in the photo movie "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City".

Yuki Kaji is the voice actor for Leon in the movie "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City"

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It has also been announced that the voice actors who were in charge of Japanese dubbing at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills will be on stage for the first day stage greetings.

Sony Pictures Entertainment is Leo from "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City" ... → Continue reading

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Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills(Roppongi Hills,English: Roppongi Hills) Is2003/(Heisei15 years)4Mori Building opened inTokyoMinato-kuRoppongiIt's on 6th StreetComplex commercial facility.

Height 238m OfHigh rise office building(Roppongi Hills Mori Tower)housing complex(Roppongi Hills Residence),Hotel(Grand Hyatt Tokyo),TV AsahiHead office building,Movie theater(TOHO Cinemas) And other cultural facilities, and other commercial facilities. Business ownerMori BuildingSo, in Roppongi 6-chome areaUrban redevelopmentAs a result, it takes about 17 years to complete. For emergency disaster designated by Minato Wardwell,StockpilingIt is equipped with warehouses, facilities for specific electric utilities, etc.[1].


As the main facility,Roppongi Hills Mori Tower(54 floors) is a brand townShopping mall, Mori Arts Center, which consists of offices, the upper part of the observatory Tokyo city view, cultural facilities, museums, etc.Mori Art Museum, "Academy Hills" with auditorium (simultaneous interpretation available) suitable for rental conference rooms and lectures[2]There is (49th floor). After the conference etc., on the 51st floorRoppongi Hills ClubYou can set up a social gathering at the banquet room (there are multiple rooms depending on the size etc.)[3].. In a corporate tenantGoldman SachsOr commercial FM radio stationsJ-WAVEEtc. move in. As an open-air observatory on the rooftop, you can see the night view of the city center (270m above sea level)[4]There is a sky deck (This sky deckTokyo Tower[5]Is higher than the special observatory). On the bottom floor of the basement of Mori Tower, a private power generation facility (Roppongi Energy Service), and supplies the power for the entire Roppongi Hills. To the facilitySeismic isolationIt has a structure and is a "city where people can escape in the event of a disaster".

Within the facilityTV AsahiIn addition to the headquarters building, a movie theater (Cinema complex) "TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills", Hotel "Grand HyattTokyo", outdoor event space"Roppongi Hills Arena"Louis VuittonMany shops includingboutique, Restaurant, residential building which is a luxury apartment (Roppongi Hills Residence, Gate Tower Residence, etc.),Hollywood cosmeticsHeadquarters and school facilities (Hollywood Beauty College) Enter "Hollywood Beauty Plaza",AmericanForNational schoolIsAmerican School in Japan OfKindergartenThere is.

The design isCorn Pedersen Fox AssociatesSuch as Gamori Tower and Grand Hyatt TokyoJerdy PartnershipI was in charge of the low-rise commercial area such as zelkova slope. Also, TV Asahi建築 家Fumihiko Maki, The image character "Rokuroku Alien" is a contemporary artist.Takashi MurakamiIt is due to.

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower is equipped with J-WAVE emergency transmission equipment,Tokyo Sky TreeEven if it becomes impossible to send fromkWCan be broadcast.


Roppongi 6-chomeUrban redevelopmentWas planned as a business. Before the construction of Roppongi Hills, about 500 households once lived in this area.[6].. Also, after planningBubble burstThere were twists and turns such as resistance by the opposition residents and it took about 17 years to complete it.[6].


Edo PeriodToAzabuChofu (currently 6-chome Roppongi)Mohri family(Choshu clanSupporter OfNagato Fuchu Domain)ofEdo Domain HouseWas placed. Nagato Fuchu Domain (also known as Chofu Domain. Present Yamaguchi Prefecture)ShimonosekiPart of) fromNori NogiIs also born here.

Meiji EraIsLawyer-Rokuichiro Masushima(Chuo UniversityWas one of the founders of the former Geely Law School, and was the residence of the first principal).Second World WarAfter suffering from the war1952/ToNikka WhiskeyAnd later became the site of Japan Educational Television (NET Television) (later National Asahi Broadcasting (ANB) → Television Asahi (EX)). Also known as the first beauty salon in JapanMei UshiyamaThere was a vast site of Hollywood beauty salon, Hollywood cosmetics, and Hollywood beauty school from before the war. It is around the current Metro Hat, Rokuroku Plaza, and Hollywood Beauty Plaza. The tunnel running below was called the "Hollywood Tunnel" because it was excavated at the site of the Hollywood building.

Of the once vast Mohri familygardenWas left (Mori Kaimori House Ruins). The pond in the park is Nikka-Tele eraNikka PondWith the popular name[7],TV AsahiThe program "Even nan of pacific saury is derby] Will become known in part (after the middle of the program was called "Derby Pond"). Currently, the area is about 4300Square meter (m2)There is a Mohri garden and there is a Mohri pond, which is different from Nikka pond. The former garden remains are buried under Mori Pond.[8].

In addition, Tokyo Komaba High SchoolThe predecessor of Tokyo Prefectural Third Senior High School,Komazawa UniversityIn the predecessor of1882/(MeijiOpened in 15 years)Soto sectThe place where the university forest specialized school was located also corresponds to a corner of Roppongi Hills. Scandinavian furniture retailers and restaurants Stockholm (currentlyAkasaka Excel Hotel TokyuMoved to Pinkzaka Plaza, which is a shopping arcade in the area), where there was a supermarket etc. Other places that are metro hatsSeibu/Saison GroupRoppongi was one of the culture and music hubs of JapanWAVE(After the Seibu Department Store opened in the basement,SeiyuAfter closing,Tokyo TheaterWas the site of the movie theater "Cine Vivant Roppongi" which was run by.


Before the birth of Roppongi Hills,TV AsahiThe surrounding Roppongi XNUMX-chome (formerly Azabu Lumber Town / Azabu Kitahigakubo Town) has narrow roads due to the fact that it was a densely populated area of ​​wooden houses.Tokyo Fire Department OfFire truckIt was a difficult situation to pass by. For this reason1990/(Heisei(2 years), also served as the relocation of TV AsahiUrban redevelopmentIt was designated as a planning area. The nickname is "Rokuroku",六Real tree六The origin is Chome. As a precedent for urban redevelopment in this area, Akasaka, which was also conducted by Mori BuildingArk HillsThere is.

The development project cost is 1,000 billion yen for the right floorMori BuildingContributed based on bank loans, and the reserved floor of 2,700 billion yen was invested by SPC "Roppongi Hills Financial Corp." in Mori Building of 1,000 billion yen.Development Bank of JapanWas raised by a loan of 700 billion yen and a loan of 1,000 billion yen from a private financial institution.[9][10].


  • 1984/ - Ark HillsThe headquarters of TV Asahi is temporarily relocated due to completion. By right conversionMori BuildingBecame the landowner, and a large-scale urban redevelopment plan centered here, following Ark Hills, started within the company.
  • 1984/ -This large city plan六Real tree六Because it is chome,66 RedevelopmentWas called.
  • 1993/ -Inspired by the efforts of the Mori BuildingTokyoAlso joined, "Roppongi XNUMX-chome area first-class urban areaRedevelopmentBusiness" started. A study session is held by the residents.
  • 1995/ -Tokyo announces city planning decision. This yearGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeBased on the lesson, seismic resistant structure is built.
  • 1996/ -Announced "6.6 Plan".
  • 1997/ -Minato City announces the area of ​​the area. The Tokyo Metropolitan area, Minato Ward, the public facility manager agrees, and the final plan is finalized.
  • 1998/ -Established Roppongi XNUMX-chome district redevelopment preparatory association.
  • 1999/ -Tokyo's rights conversion plan was approved, and moving into temporary housing began.
  • 2000/ -Start of construction. At peak hours, nearly 1 construction workers are involved in the work (total project cost of approximately 2,700 billion yen). TV Asahi also this year2Since it was in this area until the end, when the construction startedKotoToyo TownIn the temporary studio building,ShinjukuYotsuyaAlso, a medium-sized studio was built to handle this.
  • 2000/7 -Mori BuildingNissan tokyoAcquired the head office building. After going through the ZONE Roppongi Building,Roppongi Hills North TowerRenamed to.
  • 2003/April 4-In Roppongi Hills, ahead of the grand opening,Russian Federation OfBoris YeltsinFirst presidentIs an inspection. Exchanged souvenirs of President Mori and Roppongi Hills. He showed many interests such as interior finishing.
  • April 2003, 4-Roppongi Hills opening ceremony was held. attendedJunichiro KoizumiThe Prime Minister said, "I think we were lucky to have been able to witness the birth of Roppongi Hills, which was extremely exciting and attractive for creating a new city in Tokyo."
  • April 2003, 4-Open (open city). October, TV Asahi headquarters and studioToyo Town,YotsuyaReturn from (Toyo Town dismantled, Yotsuya transferred to others).

After completion

2005/(17)May 5Of the Russian Federation who came to JapanVladimir PutinThe President visited the Roppongi Hills Observatory (52nd floor) and toured the friendly art exhibition commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Japan-Russia training being held.[11].

開業以来の来街者数は開業5年目で累計で約2億人となる。内訳は初年度4,500万人、2004年度4,400万人、2005年度4,400万人、2006年度4,300万人、2007年度4,200万人、2008年度4,500万人となる[12].. After that, we maintained about 4000 million people a year, and exceeded a cumulative total of 2018 million by the 15th anniversary of the opening of business in 6.[13].

ComposerRyuichi SakamotoHowever, in commemoration of the birth of Roppongi Hills, a celebration music was made into a work. The song title is "The Landsong ~ music for Artelligent City ~] Will be the theme song for Roppongi Hills[14].

The catchphrase at the time of opening is "Roppongi, born."CMWas also flowing[15].

Symbol of high-income earners

ResidenceRoppongi Hills Residence, which is the wing, was home to many landlords, as well as celebrities such as big actors, talents, and top musicians, and the wealthy. In addition, IT venture companies that have made their shares publicly opened offices in succession at Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, which is an office building. The success of these companies at a young age has made them pay attention to the media.ITMany related companies move in,Roppongi HillsThe word "(Roppongi Hills residents) came to be used.

As of 2018, about 3% of all households are foreigners. Roppongi Hills, where residents also have commercial storesResidents' association", and engage in exchanges and cleaning activities.[16].

Upper building memorial party

2002/(14) On April 4th, a party was held in Tokyo for the Roppongi Hills upper building of the Mori Building.

At the party held on the 54th floor of the 40-story office building A (Mori Tower), which held the ceremony on the day before,Junichiro Koizumiprime ministerStartedHiranuma YoshioMinister of Economy, Trade and Industry,Heizo TakenakaMinister of Economics and Finance,Nobuaki IshiharaMinister for Administrative ReformThe big big cabinet members are lined up. BesidesMoriFormer prime minister,Minsuke WatanukiChairman of the House of Representatives,Takeshi NodaConservative partyParty leader,Hirohisa FujiiLiberal partySecretary-General,Nakagawa Hidenao前Chief Cabinet Secretary,Shizuo SatoDeputy Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismThe big politicians lined up.

Although the venue is well maintained, Roppongi Hills showed high expectations, with the attendance of many people in charge of national politics at the construction site. At the party, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said, "Roppongi Hills is the largest urban revitalization business ever in terms of scale, area, and project cost. I am impressed that it set an example for urban revitalization. It showed that it was the key to reform." Heizo Takenaka, Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance, said, “I live in a high-rise condominium nearby, so I watched Roppongi Hills build up every day. I was the closest minister among the cabinet members.” Speaking, Roppongi Hills21st centuryIs the city's labor-intensive industry."


Roppongi Hills Mori Tower

Roppongi Hills Residence

Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Roppongi Hills Arena

TV Asahi

TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills

TOHO Cinemas Roppongi HillsIs in Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka ComplexCinema complexIs.All 9 screens.

TOHO Cinemas OfWebsiteaccording to,Subway Hibiya LineRoppongi Station1 minutes walk from Exit 3c,Subway Oedo Line3 minutes from Roppongi Station Exit 6Azabujuban Station7 minutes from Exit 8,Subway Chiyoda LineNogizaka Station5 minutes from Exit 10,Subway Namboku Line4 minutes from Azabujuban Station Exit 11[17].

At the time of planningVirgin Cinemas JapanBy a stock companyVirgin Cinemas Roppongi HillsHowever, the shares of Virgin Cinemas were acquired on April 2003, 15, immediately before the opening of the facility.TohoAcquired by a corporationWholly owned subsidiaryAnd on the 7th of the same monthTOHO CinemasDue to the change of the company name to "TOVI CINEMAS", "Virgin Cinema Roppongi Hills" was opened on April 4th.

Basically from TohoJapanese moviesAndWestern painting OfBlockbuster(Toho Towa,Sony picturesSystem) is distributed to the main. Focusing on the daytimeToeiWorks andShochiku movieIs also shown.

  • Now all screens are digital3DIt corresponds to the screening.
  • Once all screensTHXI was certified.
  • It serves as a flagship for all TOHO Cinemas stores, and is located in the surrounding area.Grand Hyatt TokyoAnd, because there are facilities such as Roppongi Hills Arena, World Premier Japan Premier (so-calledRed carpet) And a lot of stage greetings are done. Since 2004Tokyo International Film FestivalIt has been a venue since 2006French film festivalIt became one of the venues.Previously, shops and goods were more than 1-4% more expensive than other TOHO Cinemas, but now they are the same price as other theaters.In addition, the one-month free passport (currently abolished), which is a cinema erasure benefit, was also a specification unique to this theater.
  • On the main screen, a huge screen "TCX" that spreads all over the wall, "Viv Audio" made by Christie of the United States, which is the optimum speaker system for the next-generation cinema sound "Dolby Atmos", was introduced, and "Viv Audio" was introduced in Japan. Introduced for the first time. "Front reclining seat" and electric reclining seat "Premier Luxury Seat" will be introduced for the first time at TOHO Cinemas, and "Front Reclining Seat" will be installed in the front row, as well as "Premier Box Seat" adopted at TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi. It has been introduced.

・ Several ticketing machines for TOHO Cinemas' Internet ticket service "vit" are installed in the vit counter next to the store in the building, next to Roppongi Hills General Information, and on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line down the escalator of the Metro Hat. One is installed in each of the connecting passages at Roppongi Station.

  • September 2003, 15- "Virgin Cinemas Roppongi Hills"Opened as (Operation and management of TOHO Cinemas).
  • April 2004- "VIRGIN TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills"Renamed to.
  • September 2006, 18- "TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills"Renamed to.
  • January 2015, 27 --Partial screen name change at the same time as the abolition of the premier screen[18]..Screen 7 is closed due to renovation.
  • March 2015, 27 --Temporarily closed for renovation.
  • March 2015, 27 --Reopened.
  • June 2015, 27-"MediaMation MX4D"Introduction.

Overview of each building

screenCapacity (number of seats)wheelchairseatAcoustic method
NowOld name
116425.1 channelsDigital sound
2351(Before renewal: 369)
3138(Before renewal: 148)
4PREMIRE101(Before renewal: 79)
7531(Before renewal: 644)DolbyAtmos
86100(Before renewal: 180)MX4D Theater
95256(Before renewal: 265)5.1 channel digital sound

Roppongi Hills Crosspoint

It was connected to Roppongi Hills "66 Plaza" and was developed in the form of expanding "Roppongi Hills" as a new entrance from Roppongi Dori Aoyama/Nishi Azabu/Shibuya.[19].. Although it functions as a gateway to Roppongi Hills and is an official constituent facility of Roppongi Hills, construction of the building is treated as a separate project because the construction and completion time differs from other facilities.[20].

North tower

  • Azabu Police StationThere is a line of old government buildings,Roppongi street,Shuto Expressway No. 3 Shibuya LineIt is an office building facing the, and as the name implies, it is located in the northernmost part of Roppongi Hills.
  • Unlike other facilities, it is a building that existed before the redevelopment project and was built in 1971.Tokyo Nissan Motor SalesIt was completed as the company's own building.
  • Mori Building was acquired in 2000, when redevelopment began, and was renamed “ZONE Building” and then renamed “Roppongi Hills North Tower” again with the opening of Roppongi Hills.
  • It has been more than 40 years since it was completed and has undergone a modern renewal. As an office buildingCoca-Cola Customer MarketingThere are tenants for general customers.


Private power generation

At Roppongi Hills,Roppongi Energy Service electricityAnd gas etcHeat supply businessIs doing everything. Roppongi Energy ServiceMori BuildingとTokyo GasFounded bySpecific electric power companyIs[21].

gas turbineCogenerationAdoptCity GasFuel as a facilityPower plantHas been installed to supply electric power for thousands of ordinary households to the area. This allowspower failurePower can be supplied without being subject to power restrictions such as[22].. Should Tokyo Gas supply stop,TEPCO HoldingsIf the power is received from the power source and it becomes impossible, it is stored.kerosenePower generation in MieRedundancyIt has a backup system. This is for an office environment where the power supply does not stop even in an emergency.Business continuity planThis is due to a request from a "foreign-owned tenant" seeking[23].

It does not operate normally,Power supply functionIs not limited to the building street, but is also made to the outside,Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake)Critical power shortageIn some cases, due to power saving in the building area, surplus power was supplied to the outside with limited capacity.[24].

Area broadcasting

Mori BuildingTerrestrial general broadcasterAs a full seg around Roppongi Hills andOne segment broadcastingIs being carried out.

General terrestrial broadcasting stationSet up 3 stations[25]are doing.

LicenseeStation nameCall codePhysical channelfrequencyAntenna powerERPBusiness area
Mori Building
Mori Building Roppongi Hills West Walk Area BroadcastJOXZ3AE-AREA 39 ch 629.142857MHz40mW11mWRoppongi 6-chome
Around Roppongi Hills
Mori Building Roppongi Hills Metro Hat Area BroadcastJOXZ3AF-AREA50mW14mW
Mori Building Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka Area BroadcastJOXZ3AG-AREA40mW19mW


The building facilities are very advanced,RedevelopmentAs there are many backgrounds and there are many residents, consideration is given to daily life.bicycle parking spaceWith a mobile bike racksurveillance cameraIs installed. The Minato Ward community cycle port is also fully equipped.

In open spaces such as commercial areas of Roppongi Hillsdocomo Wi-Fi,FLET'S SPOT such asPublic wireless LANIs available.


Before the redevelopment, the local transportation centering on the former TV Asahi Japan office building passes underground.Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line OfRoppongi StationAnd run on Roppongi streetToei BusShibu 88,Miyako 01 (Green Shuttle)The Roppongi XNUMX-chome stop was the nearest.

Toei Oedo LineBefore openingTamachi StationFrom Aoyama 70-chome Station, Shinanomachi Station, Yotsuya Sanchome Station, passing through Roppongi Station, Ta XNUMX (Kou, Otsu, Hei, Ding) terminating at the West Exit of Shinjuku Station has been operating.2000/(12) It was abolished on December 12.

Area centered on Roppongi HillsRedevelopmentFrom Aoyama XNUMX-chome intersection directionAoyama funeral homeAzabu tunnel connecting the Torii Sakashita intersection viaRoppongi tunnel(Tokyo Metropolitan Route 319 Circular Route XNUMX) Was completed, and various bus routes were improved in line with the opening of the building.

In addition, it connects to the Toei Oedo Line and Tokyo Metro Namboku LineAzabujuban StationIs completely open as of December 2000 (Heisei 12), immediately after the start of Roppongi 12-chome redevelopment.



General route bus

Toei bus routes areShibuya StationConnect withReturn to TokyoAnd the direct version of RH01, andGotanda Station-Shinagawa StationConnect withAnti 96Each system is in operation.There are Roppongi Hills (Mori Tower 1st floor) and Roppongi Keyakizaka stops in Roppongi Hills, and Roppongi Hills → Keyakizaka → Shibuya direction for Miyako 01 turnaround and RH01, Azabu Juban Station → Roppongi Station → Roppongi Hills → It operates on the route from Roppongi Station to Azabu Juban Station, with Roppongi Hills as the starting and ending point.

In addition, Roppongi streetTokyo 01 (Shibuya Station-AkasakaArk Hills-Shimbashi Station)andShibu 88(Shibuya Station-Shimbashi Station,Aoyama Gakuin-Kamiyacho StationVia)EX Theater RoppongiA stop (formerly Roppongi XNUMX-chome) is also available.

Community bus

2004/(16)May 10From Minato WardCommunity bus"Chibus"(Fuji ExpressSubsidiaryFuji ExpressTwo routes operated by Tokyo Sales Office)Tamachi StationandAkasakaIt is operated from the direction. Similar to the Toei Bus RH01 and Miyako 01 loopback system, it will stop at both Roppongi Hills and Roppongi Keyakizaka.2010/(22)May 3From there, routes from Azabu, Shiba, and Aoyama were also operated, and Roppongi Hills became a terminal.The Azabu East Route stops only at the Roppongi Keyakizaka stop.[26].

Express Bus

Sightseeing tour bus


Several locations in Roppongi HillsParking LotAlthough there is a car for tourists who are illegally parked and waiting for customersTaxiThe surroundings are constantly congested.

Related item

  • Nagato Fuchu Domain --The ruins of the Mori family residence of the Chofu Domain are the Roppongi Hills
  • Tokyo Midtown --The remains of the Mouri family residence of the Nagato Hagi clan.In other words, Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown are both the remains of the Mori family's daimyo residence.


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