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🐈 | Owner who narrowed the gap between the ceiling and the air conditioner as a measure against cats The behavior of cats after that became a hot topic ...


The owner who narrowed the gap between the ceiling and the air conditioner as a measure against cats The behavior of cats after that became a hot topic ...

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Rather than being sticky, I come to stick when I feel like it, "explains Makoto Rei.

[The owner has devised an air conditioner to prevent pet cats from mischief.The topic of fighting cats ...Cats are trees and fences ... → Continue reading


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Makoto Rei

Makoto Rei(Makoto Rei,May 12[1][2] -) isTakarazuka RevueStar setThe role of a man who belongs to.Star Troupe Top Star[3].

TokyoEdogawa[1][2],Urayasu High School attached to Tokai UniversityBackground[1].. Height 170 cm[1].. Blood type O[4]..Nicknames are "Makoto An", "Koto", and "Kochan".[1].


2007 years,Takarazuka Music Schooladmission.

2009, Takarazuka Revue Company95st genJoined the chief as[2][5][6][7].Air groupPerformance "Rain on the roses /Amour That is ...At the first stage[2][7]..After that, assigned to the Star Troupe[5][8][2].

Since he was a young man, he has been attracting attention for his unparalleled ability in singing, dancing and acting.[9], 2013Romeo and JulietFirst starring in a rookie performance[10][6][8]..After that, he will star in newcomers three times.[11].

2014'sSeagull"soBowholeFirst starring in the performance[10][8][6]..The same year's national tour performance "Gone with the windIn, of the heroinescarletSelected for[8][6][12].

2015 years,Hokusho Kairi-Princess sea breezeTop Combi Grand Theater unveiledGuys & Dolls』, Playing the female role Adelaide again, the big role of the female role continues[12].

Starring the second Bow Hall performance at "Suzuran" in 2016[12].. Continue"Bat/ THE ENTERTAINER! ”Was promoted to the new 3rd place in the Star Troupe[13].

2017 years,Yuzuru Kurenai-Airi KisakiTop Combi Grand Theater unveiledTHE SCARLET PIMPERNELWill be the 2nd place in the new Star Troupe.[14][6].. Continue"Aterui(Drama City ・Japan Youth HallPerformance), the first starring in the Tojo performance[15][6][9].

2019'sAlger man/ ESTRELLAS ”, starring for the first time in a national tour performance[8][9]..Appointed as the top star of the Star Troupe on October 10, the same year.[5][7][2]..Speed ​​inauguration in the 11th year of joining the group[9],ReiwaThe first top star born in[7]Also, it became the first top star born from the 95th period.[5]..To the other party102 periodChief memberHitomi MaisoraIt was also the birth of the top duo who joined the top team.[9]..The same year "Rock opera mozart"(Umeda Arts Theater-Tokyo Building Brillia HALLPerformance), top combination unveiled[2][5][9][7].

2021,"Yagyu Ninpocho/Moor dandyism!The performance in "" was evaluated,Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival AwardWon the New Artist Award in the drama category[16].


His father is a former Japanese national football teamTetsuya AsanoIs[10][11].

Closing ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo OlympicsThen, with 20 active TakarasienneNational Anthem SingingWas in charge of[17].

Main stage

First stage

Star Troupe era

Star Troupe Top Star Era

Appearance event

  • 2011 year 9 month,Suzu MioDinner show "0 ~ LOVE ~"
  • December 2011, Takarazuka Special 12 "Dream for Tomorrow" (Chorus)
  • October 2014, "Theatrical People Festival Special Edition" (external appearance)
  • December 2014, Takarazuka Special 12 "Thank you for 2014 years"
  • 2015 year 3 month,Nene YumesakiMusic salon "N-style"
  • December 2015, Takarazuka Special 12 "New Century, Next Dream"
  • 2016 year 10 month,Princess sea breezeMusic Salon "Princesa !!"
  • December 2016, Takarazuka Special 12 "Music Succession to Next"
  • October 2017, 10th "Takarazuka Dance"
  • February 2018, Makoto Rei dinner show "MOMENT" starring[25]
  • December 2018, Takarazuka Special 12 "Say! Hey! Show Up !!"
  • October 2019, 10th "Takarazuka Dance-Celebration Godai Kirameki-"[5][7]
  • December 2019, Takarazuka Special 12 "Beautiful Harmony"[7]

CM appearance



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注 釈

  1. ^ Due to the cast change due to Rurika Miya's suspension, from August 8th to 20rd, she will play the role of Bolso as a substitute for Azusa Ichijo.
  2. ^ Yuzuru Kurenai changes roles.
  3. ^ It takes the place of Maiyu Tsurumi.


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