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🥾 | Ungirls Yamane Column "The tent I bought with New Year's gifts was useless"

Photo Ungirls Yoshiaki Yamane

Ungirls Yamane Column "The tent I bought with New Year's gifts was useless."

If you write the contents roughly
This time I stayed at a place like a normal business hotel, which is a little wider, but I have to stay at a hotel for work. I think it's fun.

In 2022, Ungirls Yamane wants to get stronger and weigh more than 70 kg.Before coming to Tokyo, the New Year is ... → Continue reading

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Hotel(British: hotels;[ˌhoʊˈtɛl],Buddha: Hotel[Annotation 1]) IsJourneyAccommodation for people and tourists,MealFacilities that provide other services[Annotation 2].


Originally, it was a facility that provided travelers with places to sleep and meals. The English hotel comes from the old French "hostel"[Annotation 2], The origin of this hostelMedieval latin"Hospitale hospitality" (or hospitalia), (catholicpilgrimageMeaning "(free) hospitality facility, inn" to provide people with beds to sleep during their journey. In Japanese, it is usually written in katakana as "hotel," but if you translate it, look for the translated word, and express it in kanji, you end up with an expression of "inn". (In Japan, the term "hotel" means "a hotel with a European or American style and usage style" (rather than a Japanese-style inn).)

The hotel ishotelIt is a type of accommodation facility that has been developed for short-term stays of one to several days, or about a week. For accommodations with similar functionsYouth Hostel,Pension,Bed and Breakfast (B & B),Guesthouseand so on. Usually tends to be differentiated from long-term facilities such as weeks to months[Annotation 3].breakfastMany have the function of providing, but there is also a type of "without meals" without meals.

Classification / Type (Overseas)

There is no clear classification of hotels, it varies from country to country, and each operator classifies its own hotel group into its own style.


In France, the country ranks and classifies hotels. There are "1 star" to "5 star"[1].

For many years, each country in Europe had different rating standards and star ratings, but in 2009, Hotelstars Union was established to adjust and unify differences in selection criteria for each country. Is becoming more commonplace[2].

France OfGuido MichelinIs also rating the hotel.

Chateau Hotel / Manor House

Hotel which remodeled old medieval castles and aristocratic houses in Europe etc.[3].. A particularly large one is called a chateau hotel[3].

Cave hotels

A cave hotel is a naturalcaveIt is a hotel built using the above, and there is a room in the basement.Spain,Turkey,AustraliaIs being built in.

Ice Hotel

An ice hotel is a hotel made of ice and snow cut from a lake.Sweden,NorwayNordic countries such asCanadaIt will be built by using the cold weather in winter. Since it melts in spring, it is basically only for winter and is rebuilt every year. What kind of facilities will be created depends on the hotel, but it is a hotel for tourists, and various tastes are elaborated.


in America,"Metropolitan・ Hotel(Hotel located in a big city)"Downtown・ Hotel(Hotel located in urban area)", "Convention Hotel(Meeting hotel)", "commercial・ Hotel(Commercial)"[4]. There are also other categories such as “motel” and “casino/hotel”. [Annotation 4]


Since the country is wide and earlymotorizationHas advancedThe United States of AmericaThen.MotelIs very popular. The original meaning of Motel is "a hotel for those traveling by car" and is also called "Motor Lodge Motor Lodge" or "Motor Inn Motor Inn".Most American motelshighway(Freeway) Of the town around the doorwaySuburbIt is located in, and often exists in fairly small towns.InfrastructureHas become one of. A self-service hotel with a parking lot right in front of the accommodation building to facilitate self-service luggage transport, allowing guests to access their rooms within a short distance from where they parked their cars. The feature is that it is structured. In the US, the average price is 40 per room per nightDollarIt's relatively reasonable, starting at around $50, and can be used without reservation (but someTourismIt is well established as a very popular lodging facility, except during high seasons such as the ground), and the customer base is, for example, moving businessmen, traveling家族Companion, male and femaleCoupleAnd so on. You can bring your own food. At a major chain motelWi-FiCompleteness is also increasing.

Casino Hotel

(English edition)IscasinoA hotel that includes

ブ テ ィ ッ ク ホ テ ル

AmericaRecently,ブ テ ィ ッ ク ホ テ ルSome hotels are classified as "." A hotel with a unique and modern design, interior, and exterior that has been carefully designed by clarifying the design concept[3] Is. ("Designers HotelIs equivalent to )

For reference, it's more of an "intermediate form of hotel and apartment" than a hotel.Serviced apartmentsIs popular, and it is an apartment-type accommodation facility that has many facilities such as a kitchen for daily living in many places such as Hawaii.[3]. Large rooms with large refrigerators and kitchens with self-catering facilities are suitable for long stays of families and groups.

Classification / Type (Japan)

in Japan"#business hotel""#City Hotel"Tourist Hotel" "Resort Hotel" "capsule hotel""Love hotelAre often classified by terms such as ".

business hotel

What is a business hotel in Japan?Terminal stationIn front of or in the cityDowntownA hotel with an emphasis on accommodation functions, which is located at a key point of transportation. The rooms are smaller than the city hotel, and the service is simplified, but the price is low. Mainly single rooms (for one person). It used to be used mainly for business, but in recent years, large chain business hotels have improved their services at a low price, and their use for tourism is increasing.[5]. Business hotels in Japan are1920/On September 9,京都At a private room ryokan with 1 room per person atHokke ClubStarted when the company was founded.

City Hotel

A city hotel in Japan is a hotel located in the city center or around train stations[4]. Also,WaterfrontMany hotels emphasize the view from the guest rooms, such as the city view and the city view.The distance from the terminal station is not always important.On-site facilities such as fitness gym, spa, beauty treatment salon, multiple restaurants and barsル ー ム サ ー ビ スThe feature is that there are many such things, and the accommodation fee is relatively high.[6]..Some hotels have wedding halls and large banquet halls.Generally, the number of single rooms is small or not set, and the main rooms are twin rooms and double rooms (the word "city hotel" is tentatively used.1794/Toニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIt was first used in a city hotel (74 rooms) that was created in, and since then it has spread to various places, but it has not been used much in the United States in recent years). In Japan, hotels located in the center of cities have come to be classified as "city hotels." Since the cost of land is high, it tends to rise. Many of them are multifunctional, and they are called large-scale hotels with banquet halls and drinking facilities (restaurants, lounges, bars), etc.[4].. NationwideIndustry groupAs founded in 1903InstituteJapan Hotel AssociationAnd a general incorporated association established in 1971All Japan City Hotel FederationIn the former, only (structural) city hotels and urban resort hotels with equivalent facilities are regular members, so it can be used as a guide for distinguishing them from business hotels.in recent years,Hilton,Sheraton,HyattWestern luxury hotels such as Japan (especially Tokyo) are actively expanding.

Tourist Hotel/Resort Hotel

Tourist hotelScenic spots,hot spring,Historic site,Ski resort,beach,plateau-Mountainous areaHotel for tourists for sightseeing and recreation located in tourist resorts such as[7][8].. For tourists, pools, private beaches, tennis courts,casinoSome have many incidental facilities, etc.[4].. On the one hand, house hotels, which focus on relaxing slowly,VillaThere are many style facilities.

  • In Japan, in many cases, it is not a hotel business under the Ryokan Business Law, but an inn business,Government-registered international tourism innOften registered, or (commonly known as "Kokukanren"), (commonly known as "Nikkanren") is a member.
    "Resort membershipThere are also many membership-based facilities that specialize in the accommodation (staying) purpose of the owners of the company, which is funded by the sale of “” and is said to be “member resort hotel” or “member hotel” for convenience. These are compartmentalizedResort mansionIs distinguished from.

capsule hotel

capsuleAccommodation provided with a cot. It's a hotel unique to Japan[9].. According to the inn business law, it is not a hotel businessSimple lodgingBecome a business. Most are located in the downtown area of ​​the city, as are business hotels. In addition to a single facility,saunaIn many cases, the capsules are stacked in a large room, often in a store. Another feature is that you can stay at a relatively cheaper price than a business hotel.

Love hotel

Basically, it is a hotel that is supposed to be used by couples,sexual intercourseIt is assumed that it will be used for the purpose, and not only accommodation but also short-term use (“break”) of about 2 hours (~ 3 hours) is assumed.It has been devised so that you can enter the room without meeting other guests and employees as much as possible, and the furnishings in the guest rooms are different from those of general hotels.Abbreviation "love hotel". "Fashion Hotel" "Couples Hotel" "Happy Hotel" "Amusement Hotel" "Leisure hotel""Motel""ブ テ ィ ッ ク ホ テ ルIn Japanese style, it is also called "bringing inn" or "accompanied inn".It is a hotel with a form peculiar to Japan[Annotation 5].. Love hotels heading by carhighwayAround the interchangeHighwayIs located alongside, otherwiseRed light district-DowntownOften located close to a specific area near the station. LegallyLaws on regulations such as sex business and optimization of operations(Abbreviated name and wind management law) is applied.

Designers Hotel

"In Americaブ テ ィ ッ ク ホ テ ルIs the name in Japan.A hotel with a unique and modern design, interior and exterior that clarifies the design concept and has been elaborately designed.[3]..In Japan, it was initially called a "designer's hotel", but recently it is sometimes called a "boutique hotel" in the American style.

Hotel rooms

Room form

  • Single (single room) / Deluxe single (semi-double room)
    Room for 1 person with single size bed. In North America, some rooms have semi-double beds, and in Asia and Europe, these are called deluxe singles.[10].
  • Double (double room)
    Room for 1 people with 2 double bed[10].
  • Twin (twin room)
    Room for 2 people with 2 single beds[10].. The room for 2 people with 2 double beds is strictly called double double, but in North America this is sometimes called twin.[10].
  • Triple (twin/double)
    エ キ ス ト ラ ベ ッ ドA portable bed is installed in the twin room, or is installed in advance in the twin room.sofaA bed with 3 beds.
  • ト リ プ ル ル ー ム
    It is a private room for 3 people, and it is equipped with 3 beds in advance, but it is by no means general.
  • Force Family Room
    This room has a triple room with an extra bed or a sofa bed, or four or more beds in advance. Resort hotels andTheme parkThere are many in the surrounding hotels. In some cases, it may be a Japanese-Western style room, with two people using the bed and two people using the futon.
  • Executive / Deluxe / Comfort / Superior Room
    Some rooms have larger rooms than standard rooms (standard rooms) with large beds and sofas, and some have separate bathrooms and toilets/washrooms.
  • SOHO type / Business room
    Bright direct lighting, a large desk, a personal computer, etc.facsimileEquipment that emphasizes a comfortable work environment, such as installation of OA equipment such as OA chairs and the like.
  • ス イ ー ト
    Large and luxurious room with one or two queen size beds or one or more king size beds, often with large TVs and spacious bathtubs.
  • コ ネ ク テ ィ ン グ ル ー ム
    A room that is connected to the next room with a door so that two or more rooms can be used as one room[10].. Can be used as an individual guest room by closing the door[10].
  • Joining Room
    Synonym for connecting room, adjoining rooms separated by a door or separated by a corridor, for small groups[10].

It should be noted that cottages (villas) are facilities that have recently been detached from each guest room, such as resorts.[10]. The front desk and restaurants are often separate buildings.[10].

Guest room door lock system

auto lockIs a type of lock system for guest room doors, which can be opened freely from the room (inside), but the door lock is fixed and cannot be opened outside until the door is unlocked. Absent.

In many hotelsMetal keyorCard keyIs adopted.Originally, only metal keys were used, but more and more hotels are using "card keys" in the shape of plastic cards.[11]..Also from the latter half of the 2010sSmartphone"Smartphone keys (both digital keys and smart keys)" that use the key as a key are also becoming popular in some areas.[12].

Room facilities

  • Writing desk (a desk that can also be used for writing and learning letters, work documents, and learning)
    A desk for writing by integrating with a chest or mirror[11].
    There are generally two religious books in the desk drawer (Bible[Annotation 6]とBuddhist scripture[Annotation 7]Is included. (It is a consideration so that people who are suffering from life can read it for the time being when they stay overnight.)
  • Tel
  • tv set
    Regular television broadcasts are free, but movies are paid for (typically "PAY TVIs called).The old pay-TV is attached, and a 100-yen coin is inserted for exclusive use.VHS-Laser discAlthough it was a format to watch general movies and adult works aired at, currently the mainstream method is to purchase and watch a prepaid card, or pay by paying at the check-out by pressing the PAY (payment) button on the remote control.
    Capsule hotels and some business hotels have many stores that have TVs for 100 yen coins to be watched (in this case, general broadcasting is free, but some hotels charge a fee in rare cases).
  • Tv pc
    Instead of TV, focusing on hotel chainsTelepasoOf the TV integrated typecomputerThe number of places to install is increasing. BasicallyLAN(Broadband) In addition to watching and watching regular free TVWebsiteBrowsing is generally possible (some hotels require usage fees and optional fees).
  • VOD
    Focusing on business hotels, it changed to pay TV, and in recent years,VODAre starting to capture the market. VOD has made a big difference from the streaming broadcast of PAY TV to a communication method that allows you to watch as much as you want without worrying about time. Usually called a VOD serverserverThe group was installed in the hotel building, LAN wiring was applied to the guest room, and it was connected to the TV.ETC.Plays a movie. However, since the server cost is very high as an introduction cost, the NW distribution model using the Internet network is now available. Now you can enjoy high-quality images in your room without installing a server.
    Also,"ActvillaA system has also been developed that customizes the functions for hotels and uses them as VOD browsers.
    Recently, an embosser using a laptop computer that can be used in guest rooms[13] The service has been developed, and you can use the portal site exclusively for hotels by renting a rental computer, and services that allow you to enjoy movies, dramas, adult contents, etc. in your room are becoming widespread.
  • Internet line
    インターネットIn the guest room until it became popularModular jackThere were few hotels, but with the spreadDial-up connectionThe number of hotels that install modular jacks has increased. For telephone lines since the 2010sRJ-11For wired LAN connection instead ofRJ-45It is common to install terminals indoors, and it is free in the guest room.Wi-FiThe number of hotels offering is increasing.
    Shared internet PCs and cyber petites in the lobby, etc.[14] ,At station[15] There are also hotels that have coin-operated internet terminals (usually impossible for word processors).
    Some hotels offer laptops that can be used in guest rooms, and some hotels deliver movies, dramas, adult content, etc. through a hotel-only portal site called Empota.
  • Refrigerator
    ミ ニ バ ーIf smallRefrigerator Multiple drinks in (Mineral water-Soft drink-alcohol) And snacks are provided, and when the product is consumed, it will be settled by the time of check-out, such as posting on a slip provided.
    There are also small refrigerators that do not contain anything, mainly in business hotels.Convenience store,supermarketYou can freely put in the food and drinks you bought during your stay. Hotel refrigerators may have a feature to turn them off to reduce noise while sleeping. Also, without using a compressor,Peltier effectSometimes you are using a refrigerator that uses.
  • Kitchenette
    Simple cooking facilities installed in hotels and suites for long-term stays[11].
  • Rental PC
  • Hairdryer
  • trouser presser
  • Desk lamp
  • Electric pot
  • pillow(Some hotels offer multiple pillows)
  • humidifier

Amenity goods

The hotel is individually wrapped near the washbasin in the room (such as in the unit bath)cottonAnd earsCotton swab-Lotion・T-shaperazor-comb-ToothbrushAmenity goods such asenvelope-Stationery-PostcardOften equipped with.

Bathroom (bathtub and toilet)

At medium and higher rank hotels in Europe and the United States, the rooms are equipped with bathrooms.The mainstream is a unit bath with a toilet, wash basin, and bathtub in the same room, and it is called a 3-point unit.Many cheap hotels do not have a bathtub, only a shower and a toilet.

In Japanese business hotels, most bathrooms have a room, bathtub, and Western-style toilet all in one unit (Modular bath).

View from guest room

While in the guest room, the mood changes depending on the view (view) from the guest room, so some people place importance on the view. The manager will consider the view as one of the added values. The room facing the sea is "ocean view", the room facing the mountain is "mountain view", the room facing the garden is "garden view", and the room overlooking the city (night view) is " "City view"[10].

Providing services to guest rooms

  • Meal related
  • Clothingcleaning
  • Room cleaning
    • Basically, unlike Japanese inns, the hotel staff does not enter the guest room during the stay at the hotel, but if the guest clearly informs the guest, he will enter the room and clean it.
    • When staying for consecutive nights, there are rare cases where the front desk asks, "How would you like to clean your room?" at the time of check-in, but that is the system where the hotel basically does cleaning only after check-out. Because it is set, it is often done for free or paid if the customer wants.
    • Basically, cleaning is carried out when there are no customers, so cleaning cannot be carried out when there is no need to go out of the hotel during the day (In this case, amenity such as new towels is often set on the door knob) ). A large-scale or high-class hotel may perform cleaning at any time desired by the guest. In that case, depending on the hotel, there is a system in which the placard saying “Please clean” is put on the doorknob of the guest room by the customer himself. The in-house patrol staff will check and arrange cleaning while the guest is out.
    • The cleaning contents include not only cleaning the room and bathroom, but also changing towels, yukata (gowns), bed sheets, and replenishing amenities and minibar.
    • In recent years, instead of omitting bed make-up, cleaning, replenishment and replacement of equipment when continuously staying under the name of "eco-plan", some hotels offer a service of discounting room charges. Even in this case, collection of the trash can and replacement of the ashtray are performed.
    • “Room cleaning/R/C” is a term used by the hotel staff, an industry term that means “cleaning the room after the customer has checked out”, rather than simply “cleaning the room”. The meaning is different.
  • Massage

Bringing food and drink into the guest room

Regarding bringing food and drinks into the guest rooms, for reasons such as hygiene management, "except for those purchased at the shop in the hotel, room service, minibar, etc."Prohibition in principleHowever, in reality, there are many places where you can actually allow it to be brought in, such as an empty refrigerator placed in the room.[16]..However, it is recommended to check the details for each hotel as some hotels are OK to bring in but you have to pay a fee.[17].Delivery(delivery) Is usually prohibited, but after 2020New coronavirus infectionBecause many hotels are closed due to the influence of the fashion, some hotels officially approve the use in partnership with an external delivery company.[16].

Hotel facilities (outside the room)

  • lobby
    It is a hall that doubles as a corridor leading to the entrance or the front desk, and is an open place that guests and facility users can use as a drawing room or a resting place.Large-scale hotels often have a coffee shop.
  • Business court
    In some hotels, facilities such as cartoon cafes and Internet cafe partitions are called business courts and are prepared separately from guest rooms. The business court has a computer, a large desk, a printer, a LAN, and in some cases, a drink bar, vending machine, and blanket rental. In recent years, there are also rare cases where cartoons are lent out and snacks are provided.
  • 空調
    Most air conditioning in hotelsCentral heatingIt is a method, and it can be switched mainly between High, Medium, and Low, but it is difficult to fine-tune the temperature and humidity like an electric air conditioner.In the central heating method, the energy for air conditioning generated by the heat source machine is transferred to each room with cold / hot water or steam, so depending on the hotel, the sound of cold / hot water or steam flowing through the piping may be heard continuously, which is nerve-wracking. For sensitive people, this can cause them to interfere with sleep and work.Furthermore, in the method of circulating air throughout the building, in some cases, in order to circulate the air in each guest room collectively.influenzaThere is a risk of outbreaks such as.
    Independent for each roomAir conditionEven if the equipment is prepared, if the outdoor unit is not independent, troubles often occur at the turn of the season, such as "it is cold but heating cannot be turned on" or "it is hot but air conditioning cannot be turned on".
    Such inconvenience and discomfort related to air conditioning tends to be improved in new hotels, but it is a problem that occurs regardless of price or old and it is extremely difficult to investigate in advance (the front desk is accurate). It is one of the items that may not be understood).
    On rare occasions, some hotels (such as guest houses) have air-conditioning in their rooms as a paid service (Air AsiaOf seriesTune HotelsEtc.)
  • Big bath
    It is always found in tourist spots such as Japanese hot springs. Most of the current city hotels and business hotels can bathe in each room, but some people prefer large bathing facilities because it is difficult to bathe in the room, and guests who like a large bath, such as wanting to take a bath together It is installed at some hotels due to the availability. Also, naturally in hot springs, even in big citiesボ ー リ ン グIn some cases, hot springs are drawn.Capsule hotelsaunaIn most cases, the large communal bath is a set.
  • Coin laundry
    Some hotels have a coin-operated laundry (however, due to space limitations, only a few washing machines and dryers are installed).There are hotels that automatically add detergent and hotels that purchase detergent at the vending machine in the coin laundry or at the front desk and put it in the washing tub.
  • Parking Lot
    It is often an extra charge and is calculated per night. Big cityDowntownThe hotels located in the area often use the surrounding parking lots such as the tower parking which is affiliated with the hotel. Accommodations around the countryside and its tourist spots are usually cheap or free.
  • Restaurants(dining)
    It is installed for the purpose of providing meals to guests.Generally, only breakfast is served at business hotels.City hotels often serve lunch and dinner, and multiple stores move in to serve different types of food.
  • Banquet hall (banquet)
    a wedding ceremonyAnd variousBanquet-partyRoom for doing such things. It is also called a "party room" or "ballroom".In addition to banquets, it is also used as a venue for large-scale conferences, lectures, examinations, etc.In the facility to meet the demand for wedding receptions(I.e.(Chapel)ShrineThere is also a place to add.
    In city hotels, the kitchen is often used as a restaurant (main dining).
  • vending machine
    market priceIt is often more expensive than (price at convenience stores and vending machines outside the hotel), but at business hotels it is at the same level as the market price or cheaper than the market price (price at the market price)Toyoko InnEtc.).Ice dispenser (automatic)microwaveMay be added.
  • Business center
    PC orCopy machine・A telephone is installed. In many cases, a conference room is set up side by side so that guests can rent at a low price.
  • Club floor, exclusive lounge
    A facility that can be used only by members who are members of a high-class hotel membership organization or who have been approved for use in partnership. Some drinks, snacks, and check-in/check-out can be done on the spot. Basically, the use is limited to those who stay at regular rates, and even many members cannot use it when making reservations from a travel agency (reservation site) or staying using an accommodation plan.
  • Executive lounge
    A lounge that can be used only by guests on a specific floor (executive floor, etc.) different from the normal guest rooms or suites, and often provides the same service as the club lounge. In recent years, many have been set up from single rooms. There are many cases where a conference room is attached to the hotel, which is often used by high-end businessmen.
  • Pool-Fitness club-ス ポ ー ツ ジ ム
    Even if it is not a special resort hotel, it may have such facilities. In many cases, sports club operators rent and operate the facilities.
  • convenience store-Stand
    To be precise, it should not be called an additional service, but many customers place importance on whether or not a convenience store is located in or near the facility.This is because there are customers who want to shop late at night or early in the morning, or who are reluctant to buy products in the hotel restaurant or refrigerator.There is an example of placing importance on a shop as a place to buy special products quickly, and it is also a promotion for the local industry.In addition, at hotels with convenience stores, hotel users facing public roads and entrances exclusively for hotel usersother thanThere is a convenience store that has an entrance and exit.
  • hospital(OrClinic)
    Attached to a room that is not used. Corresponding to customers for patients. Some facilities may not be installed depending on the area.

Fee payment and related services

  • room charge
    Room charge. Price per room, not per person.
  • Point service
    It is unique to each hotel, and about 5% of the accommodation fee and restaurant food and drink, or points are added every night, and the points are used for accommodation and food and drink, or when a certain number of points is reached, cash is added. And free gifts (mainly free accommodation vouchers, meal vouchers, gift certificates for hotels, etc.) will be presented. Some hotels offer quick check-in service.
  • Member organization
    It is intended for hotel users. In addition to the above point service, newsletters, etc., early check-in/late check-out are provided free of charge, and the following club lounges may be available is there.Partner cardThere are many types.

Accommodation method


In order to avoid the situation that the hotel cannot be fully booked on the day, it is desirable and common to book in advance if the accommodation plan is decided.


Times of Day
Normally, the reception starts around 13:16 to XNUMX:XNUMX. Early check-in is a check-in that is earlier than the check-in start time specified by the accommodations, and in principle an additional charge is required.
On the day of your stay, fill in your name, address, telephone number, etc. at the front desk, and if necessarypassportな どIdentificationSubmit.
There are two types of hotels, "prepayment" and "post-payment".
Room key
Room'skeyWill be received and will go to the room.After that, when you go out of the room, you usually leave the key at the front desk, but in a magnetic card type hotel, you may be free to take it out.In the case of a card type, there are hotels where you can take your card home when you check out to commemorate your stay.In some hotels, at the outlet next to the light switch at the entrance of the roomRoom keySome hotels do not operate lighting, TVs, air conditioners, etc. unless they are plugged in (regardless of key chain type or card key type).
Quick check-in
By using the information registered in the customer system by presenting the membership card at the front desk or verbally telling the name and telephone number to repeater guests and hotel members, it is possible to omit the entry of the accommodation card ..
At some hotels with an "automatic check-in machine," check-in and advance payment may be completed without having to attend to the staff.

Check out

Times of Day
The check-out time (the time limit to check out) varies depending on the hotel. Many hotels globally set check-out times around 11:XNUMX.[18]. If you do not check out by the appointed time, it will be a "late checkout" (late checkout). Additional charges must be paid depending on the overtime. In addition,Partner cardIf you enroll in, you will be charged for early check-in and late check-out.FreeThere are many hotels.
Quick checkout
There are several methods.
  • Check-out is completed by posting the room key in the inbox located in the lobby (around the front) without going to the front desk (when there is no additional charge at a prepaid business hotel). An "automatic checkout machine" (without a payment function) is also installed at a hotel with a card key system.
  • (City hotels, business hotel chains, etc.) When you insert a card key into an "automatic check-in/out machine," the charge will be calculated automatically,Automatic checkout machineCheck out will be completed when you make a payment.
  • (Some city hotels) If a credit card imprint (sales slip with blank amount) is created at check-insignatureYou can check out by simply submitting it to the front desk with the key. The fee will be charged to the credit card at a later date.

Legal system of each country

United Kingdom

UKThere are building standards for fire prevention, fire resistance, water supply and drainage, energy saving, etc. according to the building application, and prior approval from the local government is required for new construction/expansion/renovation of accommodation facilities and change of purpose of use of buildings for accommodation facilities.[19].


ParisHowever, from the perspective of city planning, it is necessary to obtain permits and permits for changes in construction and business purposes, and since the hotel is a public acceptance facility, it is necessary to meet the standards related to the safety of the building, such as structure, evacuation equipment, and fire extinguishing equipment.[19].


JapanSo, the appearance and interior and the customer service are Japanese styleJapanese innNot only Western-style hotelsInn Business LawSubject to regulations[20].

On the other hand, for large ones,party-BanquetPlace,Wedding hall,PoolFor example, there is a large hotel where government-level international conferences are sometimes held.Trailer house,Camper vanTheParking LotThere are various temporary hotels such as those listed in[21].

Hotel sales

Under Japanese lawInn Business LawIt is a kind of business defined in "Inn Business" as defined in (Law No. 23 on July 7, 12) (Article 138 Paragraph 2 of the Inn Business Law), and "a facility mainly composed of Western-style structures and facilities It is a business that establishes, receives accommodation fees, and allows people to stay, other than simple lodging business and lodging business (refer to the Inn Business Law, Article 1, paragraph 2). In the hotel business of the Ryokan Business Law, the guest room format is Western-style accommodation.bedIt is basically a Western-style private room equipped with.

Those who want to run the inn business, including hotel sales,Prefectural governor(The mayor or ward mayor in a city or special ward in which a public health center is installed) must be licensed (Article 3, Article 1 of the Ryokan Business Law). When obtaining permission, the type of business (type of hotel business, inn business, simple dormitory business, boarding business, etc. under the Ryokan Business Law) must be stated in the application form, but the name of the business facility is also listed separately. It is supposed to do (Article 1 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Hotel Business Law). In principle, the name of this business facility can be freely set by the management at the time of application, so the type of business under the Inn Business Act may not match the name of the business facility (the type of business is applied as a hotel business. However, if the name of the sales facility is "Ryokan", on the contrary, you are applying for inn sales or simple lodging business according to the type of business, but you can call "Hotel" as the name of the sales facility. Etc.). In addition, regarding the application of laws and regulations such as the standards of structural equipment when the prefectural governor permits, it will be done according to the type of business applied by the management regardless of the name of the business facility.

Payment of hotel opening hours and fees,GangstersRegarding arrangements between the hotel and the guest, such as matters regarding accommodation refusal ofAccommodation agreementFormulate[22] In most cases, it is supported.

Standard of structural equipment

The standards for the structural facilities of hotel business facilities are stipulated in the Enforcement Ordinance of the Hotel Business Law as follows (Article 1 of the Enforcement Order of the Hotel Business Law, paragraph 1).

  1. There must be at least 10 rooms.
  2. Guest rooms with Western-style structural facilities must meet the following requirements.
    1. The floor area of ​​one guest room must be 9 square meters or more.
    2. beddingMust be Western style.
    3. Doorways and windows should be lockable.
    4. Guest rooms and other guest rooms, except for doorways and windows,CorridorThe boundary with etc. must be a wall structure.
  3. Guest rooms with Japanese-style structural facilities shall be subject to the Inn Hotel Business Law Enforcement Ordinance, Article 1, Paragraph 2, Item 2 (floor area of ​​Japanese-style structural facilities shall be 7 square meters or more, respectively) ..
  4. Must have entrance hall and other similar facilities suitable for interviews with those who intend to stay.
  5. Appropriateventilation,Daylight,照明,as well asDrainageMust have the equipment of.
  6. Have a suitable number of Western style bathrooms or shower rooms to meet the needs of the guests.
  7. To have an appropriate size of wash basin that can meet the needs of guests.
  8. Appropriate heating equipment according to the scale of the facility.
  9. ToiletThere is a flush type and a sedentary type, and for the shared type, there are categories for boys and girls.
  10. The location of the facility isDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularEtc. If the area is approximately 100 meters around the site (including the land determined to be used for these purposes), the school or the like will change it to a guest room or guest.ダンスOr, have facilities that can block the inside of the hall and other facilities that play games that may be intriguing.
  11. Other prefecturesOrdinanceComply with the structural equipment standards specified in.

Use regulation

Building Standards LawDue to usage restrictions byType XNUMX residential area(Limited to 3000 square meters or less for use)Type XNUMX residential area,Semi-residential area,Neighborhood commercial area,Commercial area,Quasi-industrial zoneCan be installed only in.

Hotel management

Hotel management terms

  • Room occupancy rate (OCC: Occupancy rate)
  • Average Daily Rate (ADR)
  • RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) --OCC x ADR
  • Gross Operating Profit (GOP) --- Profit after deducting expenses (excluding depreciation and taxes on buildings and equipment) from sales.
  • FFE (Furnitures, Fixtures and Equipments)-Hotel furniture and fixtures
  • FIT (Frequent Independent Traveler) -Individual-Individual traveler.Contrast with group travelers.
  • Food and beverage (FB / F & B: food and beverage) --Departments such as restaurants and bars

Ownership / management / operation

There are mainly the following methods for owning, managing, and operating hotel real estate / equipment and contracts.[23]..In Japan, ownership and operation are often integrated, but overseas, ownership and operation are generally separated.

  • Directly owned ownership method-A method in which ownership, management, and operation are carried out by the same entity
  • Franchise method-A method in which the owner, management, and operating company pays royalties as a franchisee instead of borrowing a brand name from a franchisor.
  • Leasing method-A method in which the operating company pays the rent (fixed rent or variable rent) to the owning company and operates it.
  • Operation consignment method (management contract method, MC method) --A method in which the owner / management company entrusts the operation to the operating company and pays a commission (fee).

Main hotel groups

International chain

Hotel affiliates


City hotel center

The above three companies are "Hotel Misanke".

Business hotel center

Resort hotel center

Customer preference survey

According to October 2014, 10, travel agenciesExpedia OfEuropeIn a survey of 12 countries, the most welcome tourists areJapaneseAnd the second place isAmerican,SwissAnd then, on the contraryFrench,Indian,Chinese people(People's Republic of China)was. Especially Japanese people have a good room condition at checkoutcourtesyCorrectness,好奇心It was considered as a model for tourists in that they understand local customs. According to the survey, it was once poorly rated because it was shy, rusty and noisy.Americans OfEtiquette Has been improved and is regarded as an excellent tourist, French, Chinese and GermansStingyWas described as a good tourist. In addition, French people were highly evaluated for their fashion sense.Italian,SpanishSo, what impressed me with my grooming was the German who attaches great importance to ease of movement and comfort during travel,EnglishmanWas an American[24][25].

Works dealing with hotels






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  • AustraliaIs holding a hotel signPubThere are many. This is because there was a law that prohibited restaurants from drinking alcohol at night when they first settled, and to avoid this, there is a history of holding a hotel signboard and preparing a dummy guest room.[26].


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