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👩‍🎤 | Sweet potato-loving voice actor Nagisa Aoyama's first title program opens on Niconico Channel Plus!


Nagisa Aoyama, a voice actor who loves sweet potatoes, will open her first title on Niconico Channel Plus!

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In the first live broadcast on January 1th (Monday), we will actually make roasted sweet potatoes that Nagisa Aoyama makes every day.

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. is a voice actor Nagisa Aoyama's Nico Nico Chi at Japan's largest video service "Nico Nico". → Continue reading


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Nagisa Aoyama

Nagisa Aoyama(Aoyama Nagisa,1998/May 5[3][5] -) isJapan OfFemaleVoice actor.Liella!Members of[3].

TokyoBackground[3][4][5].Apollo bayBelongs.Chuo Universitygraduate[3][7].


I'm from Tokyo, but only for two years in elementary schoolHokkaidoI used to live in[8][9].

When I was a student at Chuo UniversityNagisa Saito(Saito Nagisa) in the name[10]So, a beauty pageant for college students, "MISS CIRCLE CONTEST 2019Has the experience of winning the semi-grand prix[3][11].

2020/December 12, media mix works "Love Live! Superstar !!』Passed the open recruitment audition[3][12]At the same time, it was announced that he belonged to Apollo Bay.[13].. Next day2021/, Debuted as a voice actor in the role of Koi Hazuki in the same work[12].

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■TaiziIs the main character.

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* IsInternet distribution.

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  1. ^ Phase 1 (2021), Phase 2 (2022)


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