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👍 | Yu Shirota completely denies "affair hoax"!Who is the person whose suspicion has surfaced ...

Photo Yu Shirota (C) Maijitsu 

Yu Shirota completely denies "affair hoax"!Who is the person whose suspicion has surfaced ...

If you write the contents roughly
Speaking of Shirota, in 2020, Shukan Shincho reported on "baseball gambling."

Yu Shirota, an actor, appears in the variety show "Hitoshi Matsumoto's Sake Knob" (Fuji TV series) broadcast on January 1th. → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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Weekly Shincho

"Weekly Shincho』(Shukanshincho) isLtd.Shinchosha Co., Ltd.Issued byweekly magazine.1956/(Showa31 years)May 2(February 2 issue) First issue.

The circulation of 39Weekly BunshunNo. 2 in the industry after[1]..発売日は毎週Release date is weeklyThursday(Friday and Saturday depending on the area).

First issue

"20's"Weekly AsahiIn 1954, the vice president of the weekly magazines of newspaper companies such asRyoichi SatoWeekly magazine was planned by et al., And the editor and publisher became Sato and the editor.Juichi SaitoPublished in 1956 with the addition of.雑誌社系週刊誌の草分けとなったBecame a pioneer of weekly magazines[2].. We aimed for a different route from "Weekly Asahi".

The lineup of the first issue (February 2th issue) is

The first issue sells 40 copies, but after that it will be about 20 copies.谷崎の連載はモデル事件により6回で中断し、代わってTanizaki's serialization was interrupted XNUMX times due to a model incident, and insteadShintaro Ishihara"Lunar eclipse" is serialized.続いてcontinueRenzaburo ShibataThe serialization of "Nemuri Shiro Unrequited Copy" has also started, and from the November 11th issue, "Shigeru Yoshida's memoirs" has also been serialized, and the number of copies has reached 12.The popularity of Gomi and Shibata also triggered the boom in swordsman novels.

Jyuichi Saito later called the editorial policy at that time "genuineism" and focused on news, money and women, which newspaper companies did not handle.創刊時から起用したライターにはFor writers who have been appointed since the first issueKuzoyanagiAs an anchor man, he started to put together special articles.代表的な記事には、カメラマンとしてAs a photographer in a typical articleKen DomonParticipated in "August XNUMXth Heritage-ABCC (First Reported ABCC)Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission) (August 1957, 8 issue), "Special Report Yokotsuna Council-Five Hours of Offense and Defense over the Cause" (February 11, 1958 issue).その後に参加したライターにはFor writers who participated after thatMitsuharu Inoue, As an editorShigeru EkuniThere was also.In this way, he gradually built his own style, and the number of copies increased, and the 1959 New Year issue reached 100 million copies.

The nominal number of copies as of November 2010 is 11.[3].


The route established by Juichi Saito, who was in charge until 1997, is politicallyMaintenancesystem·RightIt is now the most right-wing weekly magazine in Japan.LDP,Yomiuri ShimbunWe will also take up scandals such as, but the basic target isLeft・ Liberal political parties, lawmakers, and the media[4]..It also covers many social incidents such as scandals and murders of politicians and entertainers.

Soka Gakkai,KomeitoIs famous for being a dog monkey.In Ota Ward, Tokyo, the Komeito ward council has urged the ward council to withdraw from the ward library.

Cover picture

Rokuro Taniuchi
NostalgiaThe lyrical and unique style of cover painting that makes you feel at ease has been available since the first issue.Rokuro TaniuchiIs in charge.谷内は当時はTaniuchi was at that timeCountrysideWas a zoneSetagayaAfter spending his childhood in Japan and growing up in an environment rich in natureasthmaLight bulb factory, town factory, sign shop, while having a chronic illnessMagazine company OfWaitpersonRepeatedly changing jobs, whilemagazine,News (Chinese)Repeat posting to1955/IsManga bookThe 1st edition of "The Child Who Has Got" announced inBungeishunju Manga AwardReceived the award and made his debut as a painter.翌Next time1956/In charge of the cover picture at the same time as the first issue of "Weekly Shincho".以降25年間にわたって59歳で急逝するSuddenly died at the age of XNUMX for the next XNUMX years1981/In charge of cover painting[5].
Masahiro Naruse
1997/ThanYokoo TadanoriWith my younger brother1989/ToNaganoKitaazumi DistrictMoved to Matsukawa VillageMasahiro NaruseIs in charge.2004/ToAzumino Art LineOpened a private museum "" in. 1F展示室に表紙絵Cover picture in the XNUMXst floor exhibition roomOriginal pictureThe(I.e.It is exhibited and sold while exchanging works for each.[6].

Articles that attracted attention

  • 1972 year 4 month,Okinawa returnReported the secret agreement of the US and Japanese governments at the time of the agreementMainichi NewspapersWith a female secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who leaked confidential documents about the articleTaiyoshi NishiyamaScoop the reporter's affair. An article entitled "Secret Leakage Case-Beautiful Japan's Beautiful Japanese" and "Mud-covered Mainichi Shimbun End of the Great War"Yasunari KawabataThe twist of the speech in winning the Nobel Prize in Literature).Since then, mass media reports have been "secret of information sources" and "Right to knowIt's not a controversy about "infringement", but a mere pursuit of a sex scandal.The truth was revealed in the 21st century.
  • 1980 year 3 month,PolicemenWith the authoritiesJapan Newspaper AssociationTie withPress agreementWas refrained from reportingToyama-Nagano consecutive woman kidnapping murder caseWas taken up as an article in the April 3 issue released on March 27 of the same year, saying that the press agreement became useless in resolving the case after three weeks had passed.この時点では、犯人の逮捕はもちろんのこと被害者の行方も分からない段階であったAt this point, not only the arrest of the criminal but also the whereabouts of the victim were unknown.[7].
  • 1996 years,Takamasa Kadota(At that time, his real name was Mamoru Kadota), "I was a former Hokkaido women's executive who broke the silence.Daisaku IkedaWas raped by ”, and posted a memoir of a former female believer of Soka Gakkai.After that, with Kadota's advice, the women sued Ikeda and others in civil affairs, and reported the allegations 35 times in the form of court reports.This article was published in 1997Magazine journalism award selected by editorsWas selected.On the other hand, on June 2001, 6,Supreme CourtDismissed or rejected the plaintiff's appeal, and the first and second trial decisions that dismissed the plaintiff's complaint as "abuse of the right to act" were finalized.
  • 1997 years,Kobe serial child killing caseIn the eyes of the criminal boyMosaic processingI posted a photo of it.また、同社のAlso, of the companyFOCUSPosted a photo without mosaic processing.Ministry of JusticeMade their respective recovery recommendations, but Shinchosha refused.
  • In the November 2000, 11 issueNakagawa HidenaoChief Cabinet SecretaryThe headlines of articles that criticized (at that time) and the attitude of the LDP "disappointed the proud people of this country.WoodsPrime Minister Nakagawa scandalHuman rights violationsThe Liberal Democratic Party's thick face, the people are amazed at you who are just playing monkeys with long-standing interests. "
  • In the February 2003, 2 issue, an article entitled "It's not as ugly as Knock Yokoyama!the article is,Kimura MorioAfter receiving a letter from a woman complaining about the plight of her life, the governor of Aomori visited a woman's house in March 2001 and started dating.sexual harassmentReported that he did something[8][9]..Kimura sued Shinchosha for defamation, but the prefectural council saidResignation recommendation resolutionReceiveMay 5Resigned from the prefectural governor[10].
  • In the June 2005, 7 issue,NHK Otsu Broadcasting StationReporter reported that he had been questioned by the police in a series of arson attacks.The reporter was arrested four months later on suspicion of attempted arson on non-existing buildings.
  • In the November 2006, 11 issue, the Japanese Communist Party's "Love Love Mail" leaked with Miss Uguisu as "Communist Party" country-to-chairman.Keiji Kudada AffairPost an article saying that you are doing.In response, Kumeda added three people, including the editor-in-chief, the author of the article, and a former secretary who was dismissed from the party that allegedly provided the information.LibelIn sinTokyo District Public Prosecutor's OfficeHowever, he has not been prosecuted.
  • In the June 2007, 6 issue, "Confessions of'Mistress Massage'" Parliamentary dormitoryToLove hoAs the Social Democratic Party "Seiji Mataichi Secretary-General"Social Democratic Party OfMataichi SeijiPost the women's issue.Seiji MataichiTokyo District CourtThe application for provisional disposition of the publication injunction was rejected, and a lawsuit was filed for damages of 3300 million yen, but then in June 2008, the city unilaterally abandoned the claim.The Shinchosha side reported this case as "a sneak abandonment of the proceedings by the deputy leader of Seiji Mataichi, who is also disappointed with his mistress massage" (July 6, 2008 issue).
  • In the January 2009, 1 issue of the Liberal Democratic PartyShoji KonoikeDeputy Secretary-General, Cabinet SecretariatHowever, it is reported that an acquaintance woman was given the card key of the parliamentary dormitory to stay overnight.Koike explained that "most of them are contrary to the facts," but the ruling party also called for resignation, and the punishment was strict. In the January 1 issue, an article was published stating, "This time, the deputy secretary of the Diet, Mr. Konoike, is suspected of leaking confidential information."Taro AsoThe prime minister was busy responding.
  • In the May 2010, 5 issue, "Ozeki"KotomitsuWas threatened with a "stop fee of 1 million yen"! In the article entitledJapan Sumo AssociationOzeki KotomitsukiBaseball bettingAnd reported that he was required to pay 1 million yen as a moratorium.これを発端として、角界に蔓延する野球賭博とWith this as a starting point, baseball gambling that spreads in the corner worldGangsterThe connection with is becoming clearer one after another, not only in general newspapers and commercial broadcasters.Grand SumoTheLive broadcastToNHKAlso extensively tracked (Sumo baseball betting problemSee also).
  • In the June 2013, 2 issue,Takeshi Tokuda・ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismParliamentary SecretaryPosted a female scandal ("Takeshi Tokuda" is a "minor woman" with a compensation of 1000 million yen "drunk adultery").Tokuda resigned as Parliamentary Secretary.
  • In the November 2013, 7 issueGenichiro SadaSada resigned as chairman.
  • On October 2014, 10, ""Yuko ObuchiWith the title of "Political Funding," which is too lame for the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, ""Shimonita leek] 4000 pieces 60 yen is recorded as entertainment expenses! 」など、幾つかの, Etc.Political fund balance reportIn pursuit of this case, the Mainichi Shimbun also requested and analyzed the receipt of Mr. Obuchi's fund management organization through information disclosure, and reported that there were a wide variety of mysterious expenditures such as "362 million yen for relatives' stores."この結果、小渕優子はAs a result, Yuko ObuchiMinister of Economy, Trade and IndustryWas forced to resign.
  • Training gym management company in the June 2015, 6 issue,RIZAPAbout (Rizap), it appeared like a cometBlack companies"The customers and staff of 2 yen" Rizap "in two months are dangerous! I scooped the article.In response, RIZAP announced that it would strongly protest Shinchosha and ask for the withdrawal of the article and an apology.
  • In the April 2017, 4 issue,bigamyWedding Parliamentary SecretaryNakagawa Toshinao, Mistress trouble "StalkerRegistration "My wife is fighting cancer"[11] A female scandal of Nakagawa is posted under the title.中川はNakagawaParliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and IndustryResigned and left the Liberal Democratic Party.
  • In the June 2017, 6 issue, "Mayuko Toyota" The female representative, violentIn the article entitledMayuko ToyodaLDPMember of the House of Representatives(Saitama 4 Wards) Reported that he was assaulting and assaulting his former secretary.Secret recordingPart of the contents ofYouTubePublished in.豊田側は報道内容を認めており、豊田は販売当日のThe Toyoda side acknowledges the content of the report, and Toyoda is on the day of saleMay 6Submitted a notice of withdrawal to the Liberal Democratic Party.折しもFoldedMay 6(Friday) Is2017 Tokyo ElectionsIt was the day of the notification, and there were concerns about the impact on the elections, including LDP executives.May 7As a result of the vote counting of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, the Liberal Democratic PartyTokyo Metropolitan AssemblySuffering a catastrophic defeat that drastically reduced the number of seats in.週刊新潮は、音声データをShukan Shincho has audio dataVideo sharing siteI uploaded it to YouTube, and I said "ThisBald!! ”and so on, and the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of TokyoHirofumi ShimomuraAdmits that this rant is one of the causes of the devastating defeat.また、豊田やAlso, Toyoda中 The2012/ Of46th House of Representatives general electionFirst win,2014/ Of47th House of Representatives general electionHowever, he is one of the so-called Liberal Democratic Party "Magic Second Year Students" who was elected.この記事は第2回This article is the 1rdMagazine journalism award selected by editors・ Selected for the grand prize.
  • In the April 2018, 4 issue, ""Moritomo crisis"Once upon a time!In the article of "Sexual harassment sound source of" Finance Secretary "Under Secretary of FinanceJunichi FukudaI was interviewingTV Asahi OfFemaleTo the reporter, by wordsSexual harassmentI posted that I was doing[12], VoiceYouTubePublished in.福田は財務事務次官を辞任しFukuda resigns as Deputy Secretary of FinanceMinistry of FinanceAfter retiring as a petitioner, he recognized Fukuda's sexual harassment because he had not been sufficiently refuted and disproved, and gave Fukuda a 20% salary reduction for 6 months.Disciplinary actionReceived[13].

Articles that have been criticized / problems

  • In the November 1983, 9 issueKasane KiriyamaAbout the novel "Partisan Legend", "Announcement" of a novel dealing with "Assassination of the Emperor", which was dismissed by a surprise 『文藝』を発行するIssue "Bungei"Kawade Shobo ShinshaAgainstRight wing groupTo fuel the city ofChrysanthemum taboo..Shincho is not only at this time, but also "Weekly friday』, But he is also attacking the Crown Prince and his wife.Details below).
  • "" Published in the September 1994, 9 issueOishi TempleCollision killed "Monk"Soka GakkaiA civil lawsuit is filed against the "executive" that the member concerned is defamation against Shinchosha. In March 1998, the plaintiff's allegations were fully acknowledged, and the decision that Shinchosha ordered payment of 3 million yen was finalized.Nichiren Masamune priest traffic accident death casereference.
  • Matsumoto Sarin IncidentIn the report of the victim, in the article "Mysterious family tree of the source of the poison gas incident"Yoshiyuki KonoThe family tree of.翌年のNext yearAum Shinrikyo IncidentAlthough the suspicion was cleared by the investigation, Kono considered only the charges against Shukan Shincho while many media treated him as a criminal.謝罪文掲載の約束により告訴を取り下げたが、約束は守られていないため、事実上はThe complaint was withdrawn due to the promise of posting an apology, but the promise was not kept, so in effectI haven't apologized yet.
  • 1996 years,AIDS caseAbout "Suspected murderers of" Green Cross "due to AIDS phytotoxicity" (March 3 issue), "The cause is the authority of hemophilia" (March 7 issue), "Suspected mass murder" (3) (March 21 issue), "Profit gained by AIDS drug damage by the great authority of hemophilia" Takeshi Abe "" (April 4 issue)Abe Hide・元帝京大副学長を批判し、安部が3000万円の損害賠償などを求めて民事提訴する。・ Abe criticizes the former Vice President of Teikyo University and filed a civil suit for damages of 300 million yen.東京地裁は新潮社にXNUMX万円の支払いを命じ、東京高裁も一審判決を支持したThe Tokyo District Court ordered Shinchosha to pay XNUMX million yen, and the Tokyo High Court also upheld the first-instance decision.[14].. On June 2005, 6, the Supreme Court upheld the first and second trial decisions, and Shincho's defeat was confirmed.
  • In the November 1997, 11 issue, "Special feature" Fake "Minamata disease patients 16 million yen 260 years until compensation"Minamata diseaseCriticized the remedy for uncertified patients.これに対して、水俣病患者平和会など6団体は抗議文を送ったIn response, six groups, including the Minamata Disease Patient Peace Association, sent protest statements.[15].
  • 2000/In the February 2 issue (released January 3 of the same year), "pandemonium"The Mystery of Sudden Dismissal of the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Nihon University"Nihon UniversityPresident/Yukiyasu SezaiHowever, an article was posted that the dean of the law department who insisted on reform was dismissed by creating a system to induce profits from other departments to make up for the deficit of the medical school.Nihon University and President Sezai sued Shinchosha.He demanded a total of 1 million yen in damages, alleging that his honor was hurt. On October 2002, 10, the Tokyo District Court admitted that the part of the Shincho article that the dismissal of the Faculty of Law was incomprehensible was "generally true."ChimimoryōRegarding expressions such as "Fushimaden," it cannot be said that it is illegal to use expressions that slander the presidents, even though the injustice of dismissal has not been clarified. "I can't get it", and it is recognized as defamation.Ordered Shinchosha to pay a total of 200 million yen[16].
  • In the September 2002, 9 issue, "Good luck!』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)ofProgram production companyNexusHowever, the company filed a lawsuit in an article alleging that it received a slush fund when appraising Russian art. March 2006, 3,Supreme CourtOrdered to pay 550 million yen in compensation and place an apology advertisement in the magazine[17]・ The decision was made in support of the second instance, and the defeat on the Shincho side was confirmed.[18].
  • 2003/In the February 2th issue, entitled "Asahi's signboard column that was'plagiarized'from the Internet", the column "Asahi Shimbun"Tensei Human LanguageTwo articles have been posted on the Internet that allege plagiarism from another person's column.Asahi Shimbun filed a lawsuit as unfounded.At the first instance, one of the two was ordered to compensate Shincho for 2 million yen, saying that "it is not unreasonable to decide that it was plagiarized."In the second instance, Shincho's compensation amount was increased to 2 million yen because there was no reason to believe that both of them were plagiarized. 1å¹´150月2日、最高裁が新潮社の上告を受理せず、敗訴が確定したOn June 500, 2005, the Supreme Court did not accept Shinchosha's appeal, and the loss was confirmed.[19].
  • 2003/In the July 7 issue, as "The Authenticity of the" Fukuoka Family Murder Case "and the" Top Secret Investigation Information "The Fukuoka family killed four peopleThen, an article was posted that treated the victim's family and relatives as criminals, and the victim's relatives filed a proceeding for compensation of 2200 million yen. August 2005,Tokyo District Court"There is no evidence of suspicion by the investigative authorities, and there is no good reason to believe it to be true," he ordered to pay compensation of 330 million yen. February 2006, 2,Tokyo High CourtIssued an unusual judgment that doubled the amount of compensation to 770 million yen, saying, "I have pushed the place where mental fatigue overlapped to a more difficult situation. The damage is great, such as the company that manages it refuses to trade."[20]..On August 8, the same year, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal from the Shukan Shincho side, and Shincho's defeat was confirmed.
  • In the August 2003, 8 issue, Yurie Nitani, a former actress, wrote "(Entertainment Roundtable) 6 big couples of entertainers who can talk now," The truth of divorce ""Yurie Futani..結婚改姓)と歌手のMarriage name change) and singer'sHiromi GoHirata sue for damages of 3300 million yen and an apology advertisement for damaging his honor. 2005å¹´5月13日、東京地裁は「記事は原告の社会的評価を低下させ、名誉を傷つけ、公共の利害に関する事実に当たらない」として165万円の支払いを命じたOn May XNUMX, XNUMX, the Tokyo District Court ordered payment of XNUMX million yen, saying that "the article detracts from the plaintiff's social reputation, damages his honor, and does not fall under the facts of public interest."[21].
  • In the June 2003, 10 issue,Hachioji Super Robbery Murder CaseAbout "The terrifying identity of the robber who was reported to have been shot dead at the Hachioji supermarket" was posted.A man who was treated as a criminal in the article is sued for defamation. July 3, 2007,Osaka District Court"There is no good reason to believe it to be true." "The plaintiff gave the impression that he was the culprit in the Hachioji case and defamed him. The expression" murderer "is outside the scope of fair comment." Ordered compensation for the yen. On January 80, 2008, the Osaka High Court increased the amount of compensation to 1 million yen and ordered the posting of a correction advertisement, saying that it "showed false facts and gave a strong impression that it was a ruthless murderer." ..
  • In the November 2003, 11 issue, "27 million yen passed from a pachinko machine to the representative of" Katsuei Hirasawa "" (journalistTakashi Uesugi) And posted an article.自民党のLiberal Democratic PartyKatsuei HirasawaA member of the House of Representatives filed a proceeding for damages of 1 million yen.一審では「記事内容が真実と証明されたとはいえないが、新潮社側に故意や過失はない」として平沢の請求を棄却したAt the first instance, Hirasawa's request was dismissed, saying that "the content of the article has not been proved to be true, but Shinchosha has no intention or negligence."[22] However, the second instance ordered payment of 300 million yen, saying that "it cannot be said that the core part of the article has been proved to be true." On July 2005, 7, the Supreme Court dismissed Shinchosha's appeal, and Shincho's defeat was confirmed.
  • 2004/In the March 3 issue, "In-house conflict" and "homo photography" that the newspaper could not write in "Daily President Abduction" (non-fiction writerMori Isao) And posted an article.On the other handMainichi NewspapersSaito Akira protests severely, saying, "It is contrary to the facts and is completely false," and filed a proceeding for damages of 4900 million yen.[23].. The district court ruling on January 2006, 1 dismissed the Mainichi Shimbun's request. The high court decision on October 18, 2006 did not approve the claim for damages against Isao Mori, and ordered only Shincho to compensate 10 million yen for the advertisement in the title part. On February 18, 100, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal and confirmed it.
  • In the May 2004, 5 issue, Shukan Bunshun entitled "Fukuda, who lost to the Prime Minister's Secretary's" Plot Leak. "Fukuda YasuoFormer Chief Cabinet Secretary leaked information on non-payment of pensionIijima IsaoReported to the Prime Minister's secretary, Iijima filed a suit for damages of 1100 million yen and an apology[24].. At the first instance, Shinchosha was compensated for 330 million yen, saying, "The coverage is extremely insufficient without investigating the facts that support the article. There is no proof that the important part is true, and there is no good reason to believe it." Ordered[25].. The second instance also dismissed Shinchosha's appeal.
  • 2005/In the January 1th issueNHK program modification problemAn article related to "Asahi's Far Left Reporter" and NHK's "Biased Producer" organized "Witch Hunting" Great Fake News "was posted. The Asahi Shimbun, on the other hand, refused to place a newspaper advertisement because the headline was false. Shinchosha's advertising department explained, "Since the headline is not false, we did not take any measures to change the headline."[26].
  • From the February 2005th issue to the July 2th issue of 17, the suspicions related to the match-fixing of former yokozuna Takanohana Koji and the inheritance of heritage were posted five times.Mr. and Mrs. Takanohana file a suit for damages of 7 million yen. On February 14, 5, the Tokyo District Court ordered payment of 3750 million yen and posting of an apology advertisement as "not true".This ruling is an unusual case in which Shinchosha's president Takanobu Sato is also sought compensation, saying that "the legal knowledge and awareness of the way of supporting interviews are insufficient, and the cause of defamation is that there are no effective measures within the company." Was the content of[27].
  • In the June 2005, 9 issue,建築 家-Kisho Kurokawa 1972/Built inApartmentToasbestosIs used, and residents insist on rebuilding, while Kurokawa says that the condominium is "world HeritageIt is a candidate, "he posted an article claiming to be saved with a false explanation. Kurokawa said in the same year that he was disgraced in the article.May 9Shinchosha filed a suit against the Tokyo District Court for damages of 1 million yen, but on April 2007, 4, the first instance dismissed Kurokawa's claim, and on October 11, 10, Shinchosha won the case by dismissing the appeal.[28].
  • Published in the January 2006/1 issue of 4, "Cultural officials distributed protest villas about the bullying of President Okawa's son at an elementary school in Tokyo, and teachers and parents are scared. "[29] As the article is falseScience of happinessSued for damages and an apology advertisement. On October 2008, 10, the Tokyo District Court said, "It is true that religious officials made a mass protest, but it is not admitted that their parents were scared."[29]He admitted defamation, saying, "I can't admit that there was a good reason to believe that the content of the article was true," and ordered Shinchosha to compensate for damages of 200 million yen. Shincho appealed, but on January 2009, 1, just before the judgment date, the appeal was withdrawn and damages were paid to the plaintiff with interest, and the Tokyo District Court's decision to win the science of happiness was finalized.
  • In the September 2006, 9 issue, an article was published on "X-Day of President Mikitani," Rakuten, "whose investigation is underway." From the afternoon of the day before the release date (August 7st), Rakuten's stock price plummeted and the price stopped falling.RakutenとRakuten SecuritiesFiled a lawsuit seeking an apology advertisement and compensation for damages totaling 12 yen, saying that "interrogation is unfounded." The huge amount of compensation is due to the stock price plummeting. On January 6891, 2009, the Tokyo District Court ordered Shinchosha and reporters to pay a total of 1 million yen, saying, "The results of the interview are hearsay, and there is no good reason to believe it to be true." On February 26, 990, Rakuten appealed to the Tokyo High Court, saying that the amount of compensation was small.[30].. However, a settlement was reached on February 2010, 2.
  • In the opening gravure of the May 2006, 5 issue,Tetsuya ChikushiI took a voyeur of the couple shopping at the men's clothing section and posted it with a caption saying "That? This is called'Kakaa Tenka', right?"PoliciesSued for infringement. On May 2007, 5, the Tokyo District Court ordered Shinchosha to compensate 23 million yen for "infringing on the plaintiff's privacy and portrait rights."
  • In the July 2006, 7 and February 13, 2007 issues, "Lucy BlackmanA man who was reported to have murdered him filed a proceeding for damages of 3000 million yen. The first instance dismisses the man's claim, and the second instance orders Shinchosha to pay 20 yen. On October 2008, 10, the Supreme Court confirmed the defeat of Shincho.
  • In the June 2006, 11 issue,HikoneMayorKoyo ShiyamaSaid that the mandated return for drunk driving by city officials violated the extortion of detrimental statements, but criticized him as "the mayor of stupidity."Shiyama files a civil lawsuit seeking a 2200 million yen apology and an apology. On July 2007, 7, the Otsu District Court dismissed Shiyama's proceedings, saying that "the expression of the article is overkill, but it is not a deviation."On December 19, the same year, the Osaka High Court of the second instance ordered Shinchosha to pay 12 yen, saying that "it is defamation because it can be said that the whole personality itself was denied." On July 26, 22, the Supreme Court dismissed Shinchosha's appeal and decided in a second-instance decision.
  • In the January 2007, 1 issue, an article titled "'Extraterritoriality' is a'dangerous casino'San Marino Cultural Exchange Center for sale" was published.Embassy of San Marino in JapanSued the publisher Shinchosha for defamation.On February 2008, 2, the Tokyo District Court said, "There were many statements that gave the impression that we were involved in the casino, which was defamation. Many complaints were received, and the friendship commemorative gold coin issuance business was temporarily suspended. The impact cannot be overlooked, "and the defamation was recognized, and a compensation order of 22 million yen was issued to Shinchosha.[31].
  • In the September 2007, 9 issue, as "The Dark Leap of the" New Five-Person "who decided the Prime Minister in the" Closed Room ""Hironori Nonaka・ Nonaka filed a proceeding for damages of 5500 million yen for reporting that the former LDP secretary-general had decided on the prime minister. On January 2009, 1, the Tokyo District Court ordered Shinchosha to pay 30 million yen, saying that "most of the sources of coverage are unknown and we have only heard abstract stories from political critics."[32].
  • In the November 2007, 11 issue, an article was published entitled "The" Homing Pigeon Spy Net "Reign of Terror by the" Soka Gakkai "lawyer who hijacked Akita Keiho University." The university and the president file a proceeding for damages of 8 million yen. On March 1, 5000, the Tokyo District Court said, "If you do not prove the truth of the rumor, you will be liable for compensation," "You have not even interviewed the target person," "There is no good reason to believe it to be true." Ordered Shinchosha to pay 2009 million yen[33].
  • In the November 2007, 11 issue, "Miki FujimotoFujimoto and his brother, who made this article unfounded, filed a lawsuit seeking damages from the Tokyo District Court, posting an article stating that "is an exorbitant award for ex-boyfriend." On August 2009, 8, the Tokyo District Court denied the article was true and ordered Shinchosha to pay 28 million yen.[34].. Shinchosha appealed, but Tokyo High Court dismissed the appeal[35].
  • In the December 2007, 12 issue, the documentary film "Yasukuni YASUKUNIAn article entitled "Japanese subsidies are available for'YASUKUNI'" is posted.Tatsuya Mori"This article isRight wing group OfTown declarationInduced "[36].
  • In the January 2008/1 issue of 3, "" which occurred in November 10Nara small 1 girl murder case"soDeath penaltyJudgment finalized, thenretrialA 41-year-old man at the time who made the claimDeath row prisonerI posted an article titled "A Girl Kidnapped on Death Row Who Wanted to Live More". The condemned prisoner filed a proceeding against Shinchosha, saying that it was "untrue," and on April 2010, 4, the Osaka District Court admitted some defamation and ordered Shinchosha to pay 30 yen.[37].
  • On May 2008, 5, I posted a photo of an unrelated wrestler as the perpetrator of the Tokitsukaze stable wrestler assault death case. The next day, I apologized directly to the Sumo Association and posted an apology advertisement in the next issue.[38].
  • In the June 2008, 6 issue, as "Akihabara Street Demon, which is worshiped as" God "on the net."Akihabara street magic incidentCriminalchannel 2Post an article that is praised by. However, the writing of 2channel is justStory(Myths and pranks), and on the contrary, there were a series of reactions that were amazed by the news of the new tide, such as "What to do when a journalist is caught" and "Netani Majiresukakowarui".[39].
  • In the August 2008, 8 issue, the headline was "7 million yen, deputy representative of the People's New Party" Ikuo Kamei "who was sued for" backdoor admission fraud "."New National PartyWas the deputy representativeKamei IkuoHowever, an article was posted that a woman living in Hiroshima City stole 2 million yen in the name of admission to the back door of her eldest son.Kamei has filed a lawsuit seeking an apology advertisement and compensation for damages of 1,100 million yen against the publisher Shinchosha and a woman, alleging that the article was defamed by an article that was not true.On May 2013, 5, the Tokyo District Court confirmed that the article was defamation, and told Shinchosha that "there is no concrete fact that it can be inferred that the article was promised to be admitted to the back door and the money was delivered." He ordered a payment of 29 million yen.Dismissed apology ads and appeals against women[40].
  • In the June 2008, 11 issue,Osaka UniversityAssociate Professor-Yokota Takayuki MurakamiAbout, I posted an article entitled "Three marriage troubles of'Osaka University famous associate professor'accused of'rape in the laboratory'". On April 3, 2009, Murakami filed a civil suit against the magazine in the Osaka District Court, saying that there was no fact of rape. In January 4, the district court found that "there was sexual intercourse against the will of the graduate students, and the content was true," and Murakami lost the case, but on July 19, 2012.Osaka High CourtWas found to have "no rape" and a settlement was reached[41].
  • 2009/As a series of 2 times from the February 5 issue (released January 1)Akahotai casePosted the real name memorandum of a man who claims to have been involved as a perpetrator. This later turned out to be false news.Fake Sekihotai Real Master ArticlesSee.
  • In the March 2009, 3 issue, Kenji Yamaoka, a member of the House of Representatives of the Democratic Party of Japan, was accused of requesting a slush fund by the mayor and his wife.Kenji YamaokaReported that he demanded that the local mayor take over his salary. On March 3, Muraoka filed a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court for damages of 12 million yen and an apology advertisement, saying that "all articles are unfounded" and "a vicious election obstruction to the Democratic Party who is a candidate for the mayor's election". Filed a complaint with the Tokyo District Court on the 1000th[42].. However, Yamaoka unilaterally abandoned the claim on May 2010, 5. Shincho reported that "Kenji Yamaoka, a remark on the clouds that escaped from the trial," (May 10, 2010 issue).
  • On June 2009, 6, the Asahi Shimbun's "Kinshoun-Hu Jinbo Talks", which was made a fool of by a Chinese spokesman, "How to make a big false alarm" (July 24, 007 issue) The Asahi Shimbun sent a protest, asking for an apology and correction, claiming that it had "significantly damaged credibility" for reporting that the newspaper article was a false alarm.[43].
  • On June 2009, 6, at the general meeting of shareholders of Yoshimoto Kogyo, it was revealed that a warning letter was sent regarding an article reporting that cash was transferred to the president's personal account.[44].
  • July 2009, 7, "The biggest taboo in the'newspaper industry'"Pressed paper』Slash! "(June 2009, 6 issue)" 11-1000% of the nominal number of copies of about 30 million is not sold to readers. "" The Yomiuri Shimbun makes about 40 billion yen in fraudulent sales revenue annually. " The Yomiuri Shimbun filed a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court for damages of 360 million yen and an apology advertisement, saying that "neither is true."[45].. On May 2011, 5, both Shinchosha and the writer were ordered to pay 26 million yen, for a total of 385 million yen, saying, "There is doubt about the accuracy from the method of interviewing Shincho." Apology ads were not accepted[46].. On May 2013, 5, the Supreme Court dismissed Shinchosha's appeal, and Shincho's defeat was confirmed.[47].
  • 2010/In the October 10 issueYuto SenyaOn October 10, the Chief Cabinet Secretary filed a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court for damages of 25 million yen and an apology advertisement from the publisher Shinchosha, alleging that he was disgraced by the article of Shukan Shincho.[48].
  • In the November 2011, 6 issueGreat East Japan EarthquakeAs the donations have not yet passed to the victimsJapanese Red Cross SocietyI posted an article condemning the "laziness" of, but in reality the allocation has already begun.[49]In this case, the Red Cross sent a protest letter on May 5, stating that "it was not verified, it was a misunderstanding of the facts, and it was defamation."[50].
  • In the November 2011, 11 issue, he was the Foreign Minister at the time.Koichiro GenbaSaid to a close reporter at a meeting at a restaurant in TokyoSenkakuI should give it to China as well. "Genba filed a suit against Shinchosha for damages of 3,300 million yen for being disgraced.Shinchosha claimed that the journalist who happened to be there heard the statement, but on February 2014, 2, the Tokyo District Court did not directly see Genba speaking and did not leave a note immediately after the interview. There is an unnatural point in the above, and it was judged that there was no reason to believe it to be true, and defamation was recognized, and Shinchosha was ordered to compensate 26 million yen.[51].. On June 2014, 6, the Tokyo High Court of the second instance also upheld the first instance decision and rejected the claim of Shinchosha.[52].
  • In the September 2012, 9 issue, "The darling of the times"Akimoto Yasushi"Research" ""AKB48The article "Money for wire fraud", which was the origin of "", was posted. AKB48 general producer Akimoto sue for damages of 1 million yen and apology advertisement[53].
  • In the September 2012, 9 issue, in an article entitled "20-year-old" Tadahiro Matsushita "Financial Minister Slutty Endless Telephone and Barbarian"Noda Cabinet OfTadahiro MatsushitaPosted an article on women's issues of the finance minister.However, 3 days before the releaseMay 9Suicide. The incumbent minister committed suicide in May 2007.Abe Cabinet OfToshikatsu MatsuokaAgriculture MinisterIt has been 5 years since then.
  • In the column of the October 2017, 10 issue, the Asahi ShimbunKake GakuenHe reported that he was biased without reporting Kado's remarks that started with the problem, but this was a false fabrication that included lies.The Asahi Shimbun has posted a counterargument after posting the actual paper that this is a false alarm.[54]
  • In the August 2018th and 8rd, 16 issue,Ota HikaruWith the title "Father's Doting That Enrolled in Nihon University at the Back Door"LOL problemOta Hikari of his alma materNihon UniversityHe reported that he had entered the art department at the back door, and in the article, he reported that the father of the late Ota paid 800 million yen to the broker, while the Ota side said that it was virtually unrooted and lost about 3300 million yen. Compensation and apology filed with the Tokyo District Court for advertising[55].
  • A murder case in which a minor is the perpetrator in the past (Juvenile crime) Posted the real name and unprocessed photo of the minor at least 5 times. For minorsJuvenile lawAccording to Article 61, the appearance, etc. of a boy who has been tried by a family court or who has been charged with a crime committed as a boy will not be published in the publication.Duty of effortAlthough there are provisions, in serious murder cases, even minors are judged by the Shukan Shincho editorial department.Real name coverageThere is a tendency to publish as.
    • In the March 1992, 3 issue, it occurred on March 19, 3.Ichikawa family murder of 4 peoplePosted the real name and face photo of a 19-year-old boy (confirmed to death in 2001) who is suspected of[56].
    • In the October 2005, 10 issue of the special feature "The Real Names and Faces of Three Former Boys Who Are Sentenced to Death for the Most Evil" Lynch Murder "in History but Not Published in the Newspaper"Juvenile lawContrary to Article 61, on October 10, the same yearNagoya High CourtJust sentenced to deathOsaka/Aichi/Gifu Consecutive Lynch Murder CaseThe real names and facial photographs of the three defendants (minors at the time of the incident, sentenced to death in 3) are posted (Real name coverage), Received a protest from the Aichi Bar Association[57].
    • March 2013, 3 Issue-In February 14TokyoGot up inKichijoji woman stabbed caseSo, I posted the real names and unprocessed photos of the two boys arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department.
    • March 2015, 2 Issue-In February 12Nagoya cityGot up inNagoya University Female Student Murder Caseso,Aichi Prefectural PoliceI posted the real name and unprocessed photo of a female college student (19 years old at that time) who was arrested in Japan.週刊新潮編集部は「事件の残虐性と重大性を鑑みて、19歳という加害者の年齢も加味し、総合的に判断して実名と顔写真を載せた」としているAccording to the Shukan Shincho editorial department, "In view of the cruelty and seriousness of the incident, the age of the perpetrator, who is XNUMX years old, was taken into consideration, and the real name and face photo were posted after a comprehensive judgment."[58]
    • March 2015, 3 Issue-In February 12Kawasaki City OfTamagawaA boy student (1 years old at the time) in the first grade of junior high school was stabbed to death with a knife and his body was found.Kawasaki City 1 Male Student Murder CaseAnd as the principal criminalKanagawa Prefectural PoliceRegarding the boy (18 years old at that time) arrested in Japan, he said, "We comprehensively judged the cruelty of the case, the magnitude of the impact on society, and the experience of the boy," as in the case of Nagoya City above. After all, I posted an article that publishes my real name and face photo[59]

Criticized Imperial Household Articles

  • In the April 1996, 4 issue of the article entitled "Akishino Palace's Repeated Visits to Thailand, Rumors", "Akishinomiya frequently visits Thailand until he misses the Miyanaka banquet. In the June 18th issue, the disagreement between Mr. and Mrs. Akishino was published.これに対しOn the other handImperial Household AgencyHowever, protests continued, and exchanges continued between the Imperial Household Agency and Shukan Shincho.最終的にはEventuallyFumihitoAt a press conference on his birthday on November 11, he calmed down, claiming that the report was a false alarm, saying that "there was smoke in the absence of fire."
  • In the September 2009, 9 issue, entitled "Tomiya'Multi-Business' Riot That Trouble Masako-sama"Miyauchi Office HigashimiyaPosted an article saying that a female employee of the company is devoted to selling cosmetics, which is sometimes pointed out, and recommends it to other employees.宮内庁は、記事内容は事実無根で、悪意ある中傷に当たるとして、新潮編集部へ抗議をおこなったThe Imperial Household Agency protested to the Shincho editorial department, saying that the content of the article was unfounded and that it was a malicious slander.[60].
  • 2010/May 6In the issueCrown princeThe eldest daughter of the coupleAiko's princeRegarding, "BullyingAs a measure against children,LunchToPsychotropic drugsProposed "MixHigashimiya』" Was posted.The content is for lunch of Aiko's classmates,Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) to mixGakuinIt was proposed to.On the other handIssei NomuraDaio Tomiya"It damages the honor of the Prince's family," he said.Imperial Household Agency TheWebsiteProtested by posting "Slander against the Crown Prince's family and the Tomiya profession"[61][62].
  • In the June 2013, 6 issue (released June 20, 2013), ""Princess Masako"Not qualified and"YuuhitoUnder the heading "The Road to Enthronement"Noriyuki KazaokaImperial Household AgencySecretaryShinzo AbeWith the Prime MinisterYoshii KanAllows Chief Cabinet Secretary to abdicate and transfer the emperor during his lifetime and decline to succeed to the throne of the royal familyImperial rulePosted an article saying that a revision was requested[63]..記事中には、要請はIn the article, the request isEmperor-QueenWith the intention ofCrown princeとAkishinomiyaThere was also a description that I understand[63].Imperial Household AgencyAs the content of the article is in fact unfoundedCabinet SecretariatProtested in writing to the Shukan Shincho editorial department and requested the publication of a corrected article.[63][64].
    • In the special article "The Labyrinth of" Chiyoda ", which is a tacit understanding of the disqualification of" Princess Masako "" published in the June 6 issue of the same year, the above article was quoted and titled "The conflict between the official residence and the Imperial Household Agency".Shinzo AbeAs a background that led to the distrust of the Prime Minister's Imperial Household AgencyAso CabinetIn the timesAsoThe prime ministerHis MajestyThe Imperial Household Agency did not give a good reply when he proposed the return of the former Miyake, but the Imperial Household Agency did not want the former royal family to return. I posted an article saying that the information was sent.宮内庁は、記事内容は全くの事実無根であること、新潮編集部の取材申請(6月18日付文書)に対して、その旨を回答していたにもかかわらず当該記事が掲載されたとして、新潮編集部および編集長へ文書で抗議をおこない、訂正記事の掲載を要求したThe Imperial Household Agency said that the content of the article was completely unfounded, and that the article was published even though it had responded to the Shincho editorial department's application for coverage (document dated June XNUMX). Protested in writing to the Shincho editorial department and editor-in-chief, and requested the publication of corrected articles[65][66].

Current serialization

Reading material

Emphasis is placed on Renzaburo Shibata's "Nemuri Shiro Unrequited Copy" and Kosuke Gomi's "Yagyu Bugeichō" posted in the form of "one-shot".Hitomi Yamaguchi's "Men themselves" (1963-1995) was a long-term serialization.Masahiko Fujiwara"Kanmi Delusion" was posted at the beginning of the book,Sakurai Yoshiko"Japan Renaissance" was also serialized for a long time.

Major serial novels

Main serialized comics


For many years, before and after the release date, children said, "Weekly Shincho will be on sale tomorrow (today)" and "Weekly Shincho is on sale now."TV commercialWas doing.表紙のOn the coverRokuro TaniuchiChildren's painting style picture and nursery rhyme "Red dragonflyAnd the songs and narration of "Mura Matsuri"ParodyHas become established enough to be born.A commercial with the same narration is being broadcast on the radio.


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What is gambling?money,goodsIt is a game in which you bet on such things and compete for the game.[1]..Bet on property such as money and goods, (chanceIncludes elements of)MatchIt is a general term for games that have a mechanism in which the loser loses the bet property and the winner gets the property (based on some agreement) depending on the result of the game.

Those who play gambling on a daily basis and those who especially like gambling are "Gambler"Or"gambler","gamblingIs called.Those who are hosting gambling gamesBodySay.

The main premise of gambling is to play according to the strict rules that are pre-arranged and well-known, and to follow the consequences of chance.[2]..A gambling game where the body (organizer) uses various scams to make things different from the ostensibly game in order to his advantage.Cheating bettingSay.Hustling is not strictly a gamblingscamHit[3]..A common technique is something that participants don't understand.trickUse (technology and tools) to deal with the other partyerrorLet me ostensiblyprobability,Expected valueIt is to falsify the actual probability and expected value so that it is different from (apparent probability and expected value).A person who makes a cheating gamblingCheat Master"Or"Goto"And so on.

Of commercial gamblingdividendAs a method of determining, the bookmaker has determined the magnification in advance.Bookmaker methodOr, the business owner deducts a certain percentage from the total stake and distributes the remaining total amount to the winning voting ticket.Parimutuel method[4],Gala betting ticketThere is a lottery method represented by.Japanese public competitions use the parimutuel method.

Major classification

Gambling is a combination of gambling and gambling.[5].

The difference between betting and gambling is whether the betting person can be involved as a party in the outcome of the game to be bet on.[5].

  • Gambling-Things where participants cannot be involved in the outcome of the game
  • Hirogi-Participants can be involved in the outcome of the game

Public competition,baseballGambling ""roulette""バ カ ラ"" Is a bet, and "betting"Mahjong"BetGolf"Betpoker"Etc. is a play. "crapsIn one game, gambling and gambling are mixed.[Annotation 1]In some cases.

In the case of "lottery", "year-end jumbo lottery" is a bet because the purchaser cannot predict the result and cannot participate in the result. Number selection type national autonomy lottery such as "Numbers" and "Lotto" is a bet because it is possible to predict the result like the public competition but it cannot be involved in the result as well.All Japanese lottery tickets cannot be involved in winning the lottery, including additional purchases, after the deadline.

チ ェ ス,Shogi,GoThere is no accidental element such asTwo person zero sum finite definite complete information gamePredicting the outcome of a game is a bet, but if players spend money on their own victory, it becomes a game.Gamblers like thisSerious masterAlso called.

Once called Bakuボ ー ド ゲ ー ムThe word "gambling" was born from playing (gambling) it.[6]..Therefore, the words "hit the gambling" and "hit the gambling" are originallyDuplex expressionHowever, when "gambling" was treated as a synonym for "gambling," it was no longer considered a double expression.

VariousFinancial instruments,MarketIn addition, the gambling property may be raised.Among financial productsinsuranceIs realized with exactly the same technology as gambling as entertainment.This is because the history of insurance is born from gambling, and it is said that money is bet on the gambling of encountering an accident (in gambling terms).OddsWhat is called is called "grade" in insurance terms.medical insuranceThe odds of young people with low risk of illness are high, but the odds of older people are low, and conversely.Car insuranceThe odds are lower for young people with a higher accident rate.In insurance products, the odds are low because the "dividend" is fixed, that is, the higher the possibility that an insurance benefit event will occur, the higher the premium will be, and if it is judged that the possibility is very high, the insurance contract itself Can't).

Futures trading,Option trading,Forex market,stockNormally, such as purchasingCommodity trading(Market price) or stocks, etc.investmentOf the acts included in the category of, you can invest more than your cashMargin tradingAndSpeculationHigh-risk, high-return transactions called[Annotation 2]May be included in gambling in a broad sense.In Japan, bet on the rise and fall of specific stocks.GohyakuThere was also a direct gambling[7].

In history worldwideMagic trickIs said to be the beginning ofCup and balls(Cups and balls) as a target for gamblingEurope,Middle East,地中海Rural, far awayChugokuBut the one who does itMagicianSince it is synonymous with, it can be said to be a so-called "hustling".

World gambling

Gambling is widespread in the world, and there are a wide variety of gambling in each region.casinoIn countries where opening is permitted, various gambling is held in the casino.alsoUnited Kingdom,Australia,GermanyEtc.ブ ッ ク メ ー カ ーThere are also (bookmakers), etc., which target almost everything for gambling.

Casino games

Taken at the casinoCasino gamesIs roughly divided into three types: table games, game machines, and others.Table games are even moreblack Jack,バ カ ラ,pokerSuch asPlaying cards(Those that useCard games),craps,大小likeDiceThose that use (dice),roulette,Fantan,Pai gowIt is divided into those that do not belong to either.As a game machineSlot machineand so on.KenoThose that do not belong to any of the table games and game machines such as, are classified as others.

Most casino games are played in the form of "casino" vs. "customers".For example, in roulette, if the customer wins, the casino pays the chip.On the other hand, in the case of poker, it is a game in which customers decide whether to win or lose, and the loser at the table pays chips to the winner.The casino side is a system that progresses and services the game and obtains a fee for each game.

Race / competition

It has been widely practiced since ancient times to compete with animals and humans and target their victory or defeat for gambling.Various animals were used, and animals that were not domesticated were often used.Chicken DomesticationIt wasn't originally edible, it wasRitualFor, orCockfightIt is believed that it was for use in[8].. In China唐 OfXuanzongAfter the period, let crickets fight each otherCricket fightingBecame popular.Rather than letting animals fight each other directly, there are many gambling where animals race and bet on the result.Horse racingIs held in many countries including Japan, and there are some that are extremely difficult to guess all the races of the day and all the rankings up to 5th place.Race dogs in some countries, including the United StatesDog raceIs also a popular gambling.

SportsIt is also widely practiced to target the results of gambling, and in 2009, of the total amount of commercial gambling in the world,Horse racingIs 7%,ス ポ ー ツ く じOccupied 5%[9]..However, attitudes toward sports betting vary from country to country, and even within the same country, there are sports that are recognized as targets for sports betting and sports that are completely prohibited.Horse racing in Japan (Central horse racingとLocal horse racing),Motor boat(Kyotei),Bicycle(Bicycle race),オ ー ト バ イ(Auto race)Public competitionSince 2001, a sports promotion lottery has been released for soccer.Outside of JapanHi AraiThere are also countries that are licensed as gambling sports.

Other gambling

As an ancient Japanese gamblingModel guide,HalfThere are gambling and so on.

LotteryIs also a type of gambling and is practiced around the world.[10].


In most nations of the world, gambling is regulated in some way, and some ban it altogether.While lottery tickets have long been an important source of revenue for government and public works, they are often questioned by moral and constant injustice, and were once banned and lifted again in a significant part of Europe in the 19th century. It was mainly after World War II[11]..Even in countries where casinos are open, for exampleネ パ ー ル,CambodiaA nation that prohibits the use of its own citizens and can only be used by foreign tourists, a nation that is exclusively for foreigners except for one place such as South Korea, and a high admission fee such as Singapore.UnemployedMany nations limit the user base by setting various regulations, such as nations that prohibit entry to the city.[12]..In the "Islamic world" where gambling is prohibited, it is realized by the same technology as gambling.insuranceCould not be provided,TakafulA similar service is realized by a different technology called.


In Japan, in Articles 185 to 187 of the Penal CodeGambling and lottery offensesIs stipulated, and violators will be punished.on the other hand,Horse racing,Boat racing,Bicycle race,Auto race such asPublic competitionAndLottery,Sports promotion lotteryaboutSpecial lawBy publicgamblingIs recognized.

Horse racing was the earliest recognized public competition, and betting tickets were officially issued before the war.[13]..After World War II, during World War II, the government started issuing lottery tickets called "winning tickets" to raise war expenses, and after the defeat, the lottery tickets will be renamed and will be held in a big way. became[14]..After this, the government's lottery issuance was stopped in 1954, andPrefectures,Government-designated cityBecame the subject of lottery issuance[15].. Boat race from 1948 to 1951[16], Bicycle race[17], Auto race[18]Have been made into public competitions one after another.It ’s a technology similar to gambling.insuranceThere is also a regulation aboutInsurance business lawThere are restrictions on sales.

In JapanMahjongMay be a bet, but at some rates it may not be considered a bet (Kurokawa Cup(See)[19]


Some countries relax gambling regulations.As an example, banned sports betting in 1992[20]In the United States, the Supreme Court issued an unconstitutional ruling on this prohibition law in 2018, allowing the lifting of the ban on sports gambling.[21]..But most of the American professional sports community has challenged this ruling.[22]As such, there are often strong opposition to the lifting of the gambling ban.


While there are strong regulations in each country, there are people all over the world who enjoy gambling, and they are economically large. Total worldwide legal commercial betting sales reached $ 2009 billion in 3350[23]..Of these, the larger ones are lottery tickets and other lottery tickets, as well as casinos, game machines, and bingo. In 2015, worldwide casino sales, including online casinos, reached $ 1828 billion.[24]..The source of these gambling profits isBodyIs the so-called money that is deducted from the gambling sales at a certain rate.Terra senIs.This deduction varies by gambling and region, typically less than 2% to 5% in casino games.[25]In 20, 25.2% of Japanese public competitions, 50.4% of soccer lottery tickets, and 54.3% of lottery tickets were held.[26]..The lottery deduction amount is often around 50% worldwide.[27]..Lottery tickets have long been used for public interest as a purpose tax.[28], Is sold mainly by governments such as countries and states, and is an important financial resource.[29].

America in the worldネ バ ダ 州 OfLas VegasSome cities, like this, are attracting tourists from all over the world by legalizing gambling and making it one of the tourism resources.The number of regions embarking on the casino business is increasing, especially in 2010.SingaporeThis trend is due to the great success of the casinoAsiaAccelerated in[30].. Japan also2016/March 12Integrated resortFor the purpose of installation of "Act on Promotion of Maintenance of Specified Complex Tourist Facilities Area"(IR Promotion Law) Was established[31].

The main cities where casinos are located are as follows.Among these, Las Vegas has prospered around casinos since ancient times.[32], The casino management was opened to foreign capital in 2002[33]Macau, which later grew rapidly along with the economic growth of mainland China and boasted seven times the sales of Las Vegas in 2013, and grew rapidly after the opening of the casino in 7, comparable to Las Vegas in 2010. The three cities of Las Vegas that made sales are particularly large in scale[34]..There are casinos in many other countries, and casinos are legalized in about 140 countries.[35].

1931/[36]1931/[37]Las VegasUnited States flag The United States of America-ネ バ ダ 州Clark CountyMap
1933/Campione d'ItaliaItalian flag Italy-LombardyProvince of ComoMap
1976/[38]1978/[39]Atlantic CityUnited States flag The United States of America-New JerseyAtlantic CountyMap
1847/[33]MacauFlag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku-Macau flag MacauMap
2005/[40]2010/[41]SingaporeSingapore flag Singapore
Monte CarloMonaco flag (I.e.Map
1962/[42]1968/[43]Walker hillRepublic of Korea flag South Korea-Seoul Special CityGwangjin-guMap

Economic effect of gambling ban

AustraliaThen, in the cityPub,ク ラ ブToSlot machineIs placed.I was in an environment where I could easily gamble if I was old enough to go in and out of the store.2020/May 3IsNew coronavirusPubs and clubs were temporarily closed due to the spread of the infection, and the environment for gambling was lost.Gambling-raising groups said they didn't have to spend at least A $ 10 billion on slot machines in the first month after they were closed, and that amount was for table food, medical and utility bills. He pointed out the effects of being able to use it for rent and mortgage payments, and alleviating gambling addiction.[44].

Gambling problems

Gambling and gambling are people'sShooting spiritTickle, sometimesPoisoningTypicalDependenceInviting the state,bankruptcyAnd personality collapse, and in the endsuicide,殺人In some cases.The problem of gambling has been recognized since the beginning of human history.Mahabharata"Or"Thousand and One NightsI lost all my fortune because I was so absorbed in betting on ancient stories such asIkasamaThe trouble of being fitted is also drawn.

Also, in gambling, no matter how much money is bet, the money will only come and go between the body and the participants, or between the participants.Economic productionThere are also claims that if people's energy is spent on such unproductive behavior, it may hinder productive behavior.However, in this regard, gambling is in the first placeSki,tv setAs well asEntertainmentThere is also a counterargument that it cannot be regarded as an unproductive activity because it belongs to and produces various benefits like these.[45].

Illegal gamblingGangster,Criminal organizationSuch asantisocial forcesIt also has many social problems, such as becoming a source of funds for.However, in this regard, by legalizing the gambling and placing it under legal regulations, it is possible to make the flow of money transparent and break the relationship with antisocial groups, which is the cause of legalization of gambling. Often[46].

When sports are the target of gambling, the so-called betting person is made to win by buying the athlete and intentionally losing the game.MatchfixMay occur, which has become a serious problem all over the world.[47]..Match-fixing occurs regardless of whether it is legal or illegal in sports betting, but it is customary for the practitioner to be severely punished because it violates the fairness that is the premise of professional sports.This concern for fairness is also a strong basis for opposition to the introduction of sports betting into existing professional sports.[48][49].

Gambling addiction

In people who have trouble in their daily lives without gamblingDependence(Mental illness)whoIn (WHO), "gambling disorder (gambling disorder)"[50]"Medical gambling[51]"Is used the name.People with this diseaseGambling addictsCall.

Self-living foundationValuesIt is accompanied by the progress of gambling even at the expense of work, school, and relationships such as family and friends.

To overcome this diseasePsychotherapy,appropriateProfessionThere are methods such as intervention and participation in self-help groups.It is also necessary to make the parties aware that they will not gambling for the rest of their lives and that they need to learn a new way of life.That's because if you try to gamble again, you'll be back in the original addiction.

Gambling with kids

United KingdomThen, being under the supervision of an adultMedal gameAlthough there are restrictions on betting targets,childrenIs legal to bet money and gamble[52]..Children's gambling is one of the British ways to enjoy holidays, and some say that it allows them to experience responsible behavior as an adult, but some gambling addicts have their childhood gambling experience as a starting point. Many people list it as[52]..It is also pointed out that children who are good at gambling are at risk of having the false illusion that it is natural for them to keep winning in gambling and the reward is a legitimate reward.[52].

Views on gambling in the religious world

Gambling has the temptation to get rich without working,World religionIs reproved by many religions[52].

Gambling and Islam

IslamIn the Middle East before it was established, it was a lottery using arrows (gambling arrows, my sill).camelGambling to bet on the meat was popular[53][54]..Besides this, horse racingPoloWas held in the open space, and it is said that it also functioned as a place for socializing.[54].Thousand and One NightsSprinkled money and slaves by the kingsShatranjThe game is drawn.Card games were played at coffee shops, etc.[54].

Islam OfQuranCow chapterIn, there is a description that Mysir has some aspects that benefit people, but the adverse effects are greater.[54]..At that time, it was said that an exorbitant amount (equivalent amount) was sometimes bet in order to compete for generosity.MuhammadThere is also a theory that he gave up on this[54]. AlsoTable chapterAlsoliqueur, My Sill,idol, There is a description that fortune-telling arrows are the work of the devil.

Since there is a description about the pros and cons of gambling even after Islam became widespread, it is speculated that illegal gambling was being held.[54].

Domestic gambling is prohibited in modern Islamic countries, but is overlooked if you do not bet money, and in some countries and regionsHorse racingAnd camel racing are held as pure competitions.If you guess the winning horse, you will not get a refund, but a voucher for prizes and merchandise.[Annotation 3]Can be obtained.This is the wisdom of the organizer to be able to evade "not gambling".Gambling is also practiced in areas where secularization has progressed.


As the origin of gambling, entrust the good and bad by chanceHoroscope[55], Entrust the judgment of right and wrong to Godtrial(Trial by ordeal)[56], And to dedicate to GodCompetition[57]It is believed that these three are the source.Gambling is established by betting on one's own property or property, and if it wins, it makes a profit and the other party's bet becomes its own private property, so each individual will own private property. PrimitivePrivate property systemIt is believed that it was started only after the establishment of[58].

in Japan,689/ToEmperor emperorBy Sugoroku (Board Sugoroku) There is a description that a gambling ban has been issuedJapanese calligraphyExists in[59]Since then, gambling bans have been issued frequently by the administration of the time. ""Record of Ancient MattersAlso, Akiyama no Shita Hiotoko, Haruyama no Kasumi Otoko, and Izu Shihachimae Ogami (Izushi, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture)'s daughter, Izu Shigo Sales God. There is a story of applying for a bet on the success or failure of the marriage with (Izushi Otome no Kami) and disciplining Akiyama's life when the mother god of the brother offered the bet.The ban on gambling continued with the Meiji government. On January 1884, 17 (Meiji 1), the rules for gambling offenders were stipulated (Daijo-kan's decree).After World War II, public gambling was approved one after another, and it became prosperous.On the other hand, traditional gambling that has been held privately has declined, and even private gambling has declined.pachinko,MahjongNew games such as[60].


When considering the outcome of gambling, especially dice gambling, what kind of eyes come out and at what rate, that is,probabilityIt led to the idea. Italy in the middle of the 16th centuryGerolamo CardanoCalculated a rudimentary probability of dice rolls and was consulted on dice gambling in the 17th century.Blaise Pascal Pierre de FermatAnd exchanged a round-trip letter, in which as a theoryProbability theoryWas born[61].

Related works


Gambling themedmovies.Action movieMay be treated as a type of.

TV drama

  • "Mortal work, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, Shochiku, January 1975, 1-March 4



Light novel

  • "Bact!, Reiji Kaito, Fujimi Mystery Bunko, 2005-2006
  • "no game No life, Yuu Kamiya, MF Bunko J, 2012-, with manga and anime works
  • "", Sosaku Onigiri, Futabasha, 2013
  • "Gamingists do not pray, Ren Suto, Dengeki Bunko, 2017-2019


Gambling themedComic.Fukumoto NobuyukiIs considered to be the leading gambling manga.battle-アクションElements may be captured.




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