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👍 | Hitoshi Matsumoto, Tsukkomi one after another in tweets appealing to fans "For typographical errors ..."


Hitoshi Matsumoto, Tsukkomi one after another in tweets appealing to fans "For typographical errors ..."

If you write the contents roughly
At the end, a pictogram of the "sweat" mark is attached.

[Hitoshi Matsumoto tweeted a complaint to fans about "typographical errors".However, there is a tsukkomi from the fans ... 18th,… → Continue reading


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絵 文字

This item includes some computers andBrowsing softwareCharacters that cannot be displayed withUnicodeExpressed in 5.2ARIB Gaiji)contained(Details).

絵 文字(Emoji, Emoji) iswordNot the (phonetic form), but the things and things,絵TheTextIt is something that is symbolically suggested by using like.

When pictograms are used in Japanese, they are used with the following multiple meanings.

  • Mainly used in ancient timesLongo LongoOld letters using pictures such as letters
  • It also included the meaning of the ideographic characters that consisted of multiple pictures used after the hieroglyphs.MayaCharacters such as
  • Nazca LinesPictures that seem to have meaning as seen in
  • 中 世Used laterPeople who cannot readA combination of pictures for a sentence
  • SignUsed forPictogram
  • Not the letters in the instructionsiconMeaning
  • Pictures and symbols used in the role of letters in ordinary language sentences
  • A picture called Emoji included in the character code used in mobile phones and adopted in Unicode

This section gives a general overview of the above.


Emoji is a picturemeaningThere issymbolThat is.

Characters before hieroglyphs

hieroglyphCharacters that are considered to be the previous stage of are called emojis, and the difference with hieroglyphs is that emojis do not have a generally definable "reading". Existing things include Native American pictograms.[1].. There is debate about whether the pictograms have evolved into hieroglyphs or whether the hieroglyphs have emerged as a system separate from pictograms.

Ancient letters after hieroglyphs

After the hieroglyph,MayaThe letters used to represent words were used in the pictures seen in. This is also called an emoji.

LinguisticsIn literary science, there is no connection with the language, so it is not possible to call it a character, but a pictogram that can express meaning (emoji (PictogramAlso called). Written with themdocumentsTheCodexCall it (picture document).

Nazca LinesThere is an unclear picture as to whether it is a picture that has meaning so far, or if it has a specific meaning and wanted to convey something, and this is sometimes called an emoji (ground emoji).

Painting for people who can't read letters

JapanThen, since ancient times, emoticons have been used as substitutes for lettersculturewas there.Edo PeriodFor people who can't readClear pictureWas used[2]. Also,Blind calendarUsing an emoji calledcalendarWas also used.


In modern society,road sign,Bulletin boardSomehow情报And the visual symbols that are displayed to show attentionPictogramSay. This is often expressed as a pictogram.


In instructions etc.Instruction markSometimes, these icons are referred to as pictograms.

Emoji culture

Since 1980JapaneseThen, as youth culturewordExpress emoticons in areas that cannot be expressed withEmoji cultureHas begun.Emoji that represents "sweat""💧︎" (SweatHangs downdropExpress)Emoji expressing anger"💢︎" (Abstracted blue streaks that float with excitementComicExpression) etc.

From emoji to Emoji

Mounting on machine/Assignment of character code

EmojiCharacter codeWas first included in1959/Used by Japanese newspaper publishers to exchange articlesCO-59It is a baseball ball pictogram of "⚾︎" in the code table for the 6-company agreement newspaper company.[3].Radio Industry AssociationIs ARIB STD-B3 "Operational standard of FM multiplex broadcasting"ARIB GaijiStipulated, emoticons are now included as official character codes.Word processorThere are models equipped with pictograms. Also,Label printerBut there are things that can print emoji.PagerEmojis are now onboard, and in 1999feature phoneEmoticons have begun to be installed on.

In particular, ARIB foreign characters were proposed to be recorded in unicode as Japanese TV Symbols, but among them, soccer is the most popular symbol from Germany to other than Japan and the United States.[4] Therefore, "⚽︎" was proposed, and both were listed in unicode 5.2.


SmartphoneIs expanding into Japan,AppleCompanyiOSとGoogleCompanygmailEmoji is now supported.It used to be displayed as part of plain text without switching fonts, just like Japanese mobile phone companies, and used the private territory of Unicode.And with the efforts of these two companies,2010/,Unicode Since 6.0, emoji is supported.There were mainly the following discussions regarding the introduction.[5].

  • Using the private territory like a compatible "standard" in Japan leads to abuse of unicode, so you should allocate a small part of the public territory.
  • Allocation to the public territory includes many, albeit trivial parts, that are only used in Japan, and similar symbols may be flooded with hopes for increased registration from around the world.
  • Regarding the national flag, it is limited to 10 which are familiar in Japan, but when it comes to the public territory, many countries and regions will increase, and the design of the national flag may be changed, so it is political. You may face a difficult problem
  • In the first place, it may be necessary to exchange monochrome symbols and characters widely in the world, and pictograms that assume color may not fall into the category.

On the other hand, duplicate symbols etc. are taken into the existing area, and compared to the abuse of the private area, there are only trivial characters (these beasties), and the code name is given as general a name as possible. It was treated generously, and by accepting the national flag problem as a two-letter code of the alphabet and as a regional code instead of a country code, it was possible to avoid the situation where many countries proposed new example fonts.

Since then, Unicode pictograms have become widely used all over the world.EmojiGot citizenship with the word[6].

2014/IsWorld Emoji DayWill be held. As Emoji spreads worldwide, Unicode emoji codes continue to grow in number to represent many cultures.

The list of characters currently defined as Emoji in Unicode isList of Emoji in UnicodeSee.

Events surrounding emoji


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