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👩‍🎤 | "Nogizaka46" Minami Hoshino's "graduation ceremony" is controversial "Never go to see!"

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"Nogizaka46" Minami Hoshino's "graduation ceremony" is controversial "Never go to see!"

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, he announced that he will hold his graduation ceremony at the Tokyo International Forum on February 2.

Minami Hoshino, a first-year student of "Nogizaka46" who discovered a date with an older Soshi last year.Her "graduation ceremony" will be held ... → Continue reading


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Tokyo International Forum

Tokyo International Forum(Tokyo Kokusai Forum) is located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.MarunouchiBuilt on the site of the former Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, located in 3-5-1, it opened on January 1997, 1.Tokyo International Forum Co., Ltd.(At the time of completionFoundationA public comprehensive cultural facility operated by the Tokyo International Foundation)[1].TokyoRepresentative internationalConvention centerThe English name is displayed as Tokyo International Forum.

Tokyo Metropolitan GovernmentIt was built on the site of (the third government building on the other side of the railroad trackSumitomo Real EstateIt is the Marunouchi Building. ).The design isKunio WatanabeIs working on it. 7 halls, exhibition halls, 33 meeting rooms, shops, restaurants,Aida Mitsu Museum of Art,Dou OtaIt is equipped with a statue of No. (which has been installed since the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was located), and various events and exhibitions are held there.2020 Tokyo OlympicsIs one of the competition venues[3].


International Union of ArchitectsThe first international public competition based on (UIA) standards was held in Japan, and the designers建築 家 OfRafael VinioliIt was decided.The glass atrium hall (glass ridge) is based on the theme of a "ship," and features a huge exterior and an exposed interior that resembles the skeleton of a ship.The curve of the buildingYamanote LineIt is parallel to the curve of the railroad track, and a courtyard-like square is located in the center.


  • Designer: Rafael Viñoly
  • Structural design:Kunio Watanabe
  • Equipment design:Morimura Design
  • Location: TokyoChiyodaMarunouchi5-chome 1-XNUMX
  • Opening year: 1997/May 1 [1]
  • Number of floors: 11 floors above ground, 3 floors below ground
  • Building area: 21,000m2
  • Total floor area: 145,000m2
  • Site area: 27,000m2
  • Total construction cost: 1,647 billion yen (excluding land cost)

Each facility

Hall A
It is one of the largest indoor concert halls in the world and has a two-story structure with 2 seats. Equipped with simultaneous interpretation system in 5,012 languages, AV network, audio equipment, and stage mechanism.
Hall B7
Area 7m on the 8th and 1,400th floors, which is the top of the B block2Flat soil typeOpen space..It can also be used by dividing it with a movable partition. Equipped with a simultaneous interpretation system in 8 languages.
Hall C
This hall is for concerts and has a three-story structure with 3 seats.Acoustic reflectorEquipped with advanced audio equipment such as variable reverberation equipment.
Hall D7
A multi-purpose hall with drawer-type seats.


2003/From the Tokyo International Foundation in July, with the aim of actively utilizing the funds, human resources, and know-how of private companies to improve profitability and management efficiency.Third sectorThe business was transferred to the corporation Tokyo International Forum Co., Ltd.MarubeniAfter serving as president and chairman, he has been a management advisor to the Tokyo International Foundation since 2002.Iwao ToriumiIs appointed president.Achieved profitability by adopting private management methods.


Event holding example

Sponsored by Tokyo International Forum

La Folle Journey au Japon "Frenzy Day" Music Festival
A classical music concert held every year during Golden Week.More than 200 performances will be held during the period from full orchestra to ensemble and solo using the entire Tokyo International Forum. One performance is about one hour, and the admission fee starts from 1 yen.
Marunouchi Kids Jamboree
An event for children during the summer vacation that started in 10 as a project to commemorate the 2007th anniversary of the opening of the Tokyo International Forum.Numerous seminars and workshops will be held that consist of social contribution and cultural activities of shareholder companies as a curriculum for children.In addition, stage performances and adventure corners will be held in the exhibition hall.free entrance. (外部 リンクreference)
HARMONIA TIF Harmony of light and sound
Year-end event of Tokyo International Forum. It has been implemented since the end of 2006.Events such as music competitions and balls, and countdown concerts are held in the exhibition hall. From mid-November, the ground plaza will shine with crystal illuminations.
Forum Millenario Club 2005
According to the period of Tokyo Millenario2005/The event was held from December 12-24.Akira Hasegawa's light digital art hanging scroll and countdown concert that change the entire glass building from moment to moment were held.

For affiliated organizations (rental building)

other noteworthy things

  • Tokyo Station OfImageThephotographTo doFuji Television Network, IncKanto commercial broadcasting key stations exceptInformation camera(Weather camera) Is installed (Nippon TVSo initially, next doorTokyo BuildingIt was installed in, but "TokiaIt was relocated to our office due to the rebuilding to ").In addition, NTV has been broadcasting the video from our office live on Youtube of "Nippon Television NEWS" from around July 2021.[8]
  • 2013/(Heisei25 years)May 2, Held in Hall AVoice actor OfHaruka Tomatsu Ofconcert"Haruka Tomatsu second live tour Sunny Side Stage!At around 18:36, it is installed in the balcony light storage section at the tip of the second floor seats.Stage lightingA part of the equipment (weighing about 18.5 kg) fell due to damage to the fixing bracket, hit a male customer who was watching on the first floor, injured his shoulder, etc., and was transported to the hospital by ambulance, but the concert Continued as is[9].
    • In response to this situation, the facility manager hosted the Tokyo International Forum and the performance.Sogo Tokyo TheMay 2By joint nameapologyAlong with posting the sentence, I promised to prevent recurrence[9].
    • Furthermore, the performer Tomatsu is also his ownBlogSo, right after the concert was over, I was updating my blog saying "It ended safely"[10], After being informed of the accidentMay 2I apologized for the blog remarks at the end of the concert, the apology was delayed, and the lighting fall accident on the blog updated to[11].
    • The facility itself is nextMay 2Resuming business as usual[12].



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