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🥾 | Mt. Rokkosan, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Everest ← How many grams do you eat?Kobe "Spageti specialty store ...


Mt. Rokkosan, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Everest ← How many grams do you eat?Kobe "Spageti specialty store ...

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Taste-modifying seasonings include salt, arabiki pepper, chili oil to eat, tabasco, and grated cheese.

The Kobe Rapid Transit Line that Hankyu and Hanshin board.Located in the underground shopping mall "Metro Kobe" directly connected to Kosoku Kobe Station and Shinkaichi Station ... → Continue reading

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Distribute radio Kansai and local Hyogo Prefecture topics.
We deliver radio programs, personalities, guest appearances, radio events in Kansai and local Hyogo prefecture, news, sports, and various topics. Recommended for curators who are looking for entertainment, sports and local information.

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Powdered cheese

Powdered cheese(Kona cheese) ischeeseDried and powdered food.Parmesan cheeseIs famous for its raw materials.mainlyspaghettiAnd so on.Commercially available products that can be used simply by opening the lid and shaking are easy.seasoningAs家庭,A coffee shop-RestaurantsIt is widely used regardless of.Natural cheeses such as Parmesan cheese are not suitable for long-term storage, but grated cheese is more convenient in that it can be stored for a longer period of time.


America OfCraft foodsThe company's is the most famous, but othersJapan,Italy, NetherlandsThere are also products such as.The ingredients are not always Parmesan cheese,Grana PadanoAnd those usingProcess cheeseThere is also one that uses.

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