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🚁 | "Save the weak shopping" Drone home delivery demonstration experiment [Fukui / Tsuruga City]  


"Save the weak shopping" Drone home delivery demonstration experiment [Fukui / Tsuruga City]  

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When a box weighing about 3 kg containing the ingredients ordered by the residents was set in the drone, the drone flew to the sky at once, and when it slowly landed at a delivery place about 700 meters away, the box opened. Automatically unloaded from the drone.

Products ordered from supermarkets are delivered by unmanned aerial vehicle = drone.Delivery using a drone on the 20th in Tsuruga city ... → Continue reading

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Heavy box

Heavy box(Jubako) is stacked from double to quintuple and has a lid on the top.Halle OfEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIs[1].(I.e.The quadruple that represents is official. The fourth row isFour-characterIt is called "Yoju" for judicial disqualification.

The shape is generally square, but there are also circular, hexagonal, and octagonal shapes.Today mainlyNew Year OfNew Year dishes,Cherry-blossom viewing,Sports daySuch asBox lunch,AlsoEelUsed for containers.

Wooden thingslacquerware,Synthetic resinIt is often made of such materials.Some of thempaperMade ofChinaSome are made of.As a work of artOgata Korin"Makie Ume Tsubaki Wakamatsu Zujubako" is famous.

There is also a (,) that can be carried by attaching a carrying hand to the heavy box.[1].


Muromachi PeriodSince the description of "jubako" can already be seen in the literature of, its history is considered to be quite old.

What became popular with the general publicEdo Period(1610/), After the heavy box was manufactured in earnest.samurai,DamingUnderLacquered,MakieA gorgeous one was also made.Also, the ones that are convenient to carry when going out for hunting were used.

NowadayspolypropyleneContainers made of new materials such as (so-calledLunch box) Has become widespread, and the chances of seeing it are gradually decreasing.

originallyChugoku OfJyubakoとShokugoWhat used to be (a container used by stacking hexagons and octagons) was introduced to Japan and became a heavy box.[2].

Production area

The names of heavy boxes made of lacquer ware differ depending on the place of origin.The main lacquer ware production areas are as follows.

  • Tsugaru Nuri (AomoriHirosaki)
  • Hidehira Nuri (IwateMorioka)
  • Shunkei Noshiro (AkitaNoshiro)
  • Kawaren Lacquerware (Inagawa, Akita Prefecture)
  • Honjo Laquer Ware (Honjo, Akita Prefecture)
  • Naruko lacquerware (MiyagiNaruko)
  • Sendai Laquer Ware (Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture)
  • Kitakata lacquer ware (FukushimaKitakata)
  • Aizu Nuri (Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture)
  • Harukei Awano (IbarakiKatsura)
  • Nikko lacquer ware (Tochigisunlight)
  • Tokyo lacquer ware (Tokyo)
  • Kamakura-bori (KanagawaKamakura)
  • Shibayama lacquerware (Yokohama, Kanagawa)
  • Odawara Lacquerware (Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Murakami Zhu (NiigataMurakami)
  • Niigata Laquer Ware (Niigata, Niigata Prefecture)
  • Kiso lacquerware (NaganoTarukawa)
  • Takaoka lacquer ware (ToyamaTakaoka)
  • Johana Laquer Ware (Johana, Toyama Prefecture)
  • Uozu Laquer Ware (Uozu, Toyama Prefecture)
  • Kanazawa lacquerware (IshikawaKanazawa)
  • Wajima Nuri (Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture)
  • Yamanaka lacquerware (Yamanaka, Ishikawa Prefecture)
  • Echizen Shikki (FukuiSabae)
  • Wakasa Nuri (Obama, Fukui Prefecture)
  • Hida Shunkei (GifuTakayama)
  • Shizuoka lacquerware (ShizuokaShizuoka)
  • Kyoto equipment (Kyoto)
  • Kishu lacquer (WakayamaHainan)
  • Nara lacquer ware (NaraNara)
  • Karasujo carving (OkayamaOkayama)
  • Yakumo Nuri (Shimane Izumo)
  • Ouchi Nuri (Yamaguchi Yamaguchi)
  • Kagawa lacquer ware (KagawaTakamatsu)
  • Sakurai lacquerware (EhimeImabari)
  • Tosa Ancient Nuri (KochiKochi)
  • Indigo lacquer ware (FukuokaKurume)
  • Miyazaki lacquerware (MiyazakiMiyazaki)
  • Hita lacquer ware (OitaHita)
  • Ryukyu lacquerware (OkinawaNaha)

こ と わ ざ

  • In the corner of the heavy boxtoothpickIt comes in.
  • Punch the corner of the heavy box (also called "poke the corner of the heavy box").



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