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👍 | Accident car encountered in parking, I think it's too late ... The unexpected identity is talked about


The accident car I encountered in parking, I think it's too late ... The unexpected identity is talked about

If you write the contents roughly
It's a so-called "trick art", but when you witness it with no hints, you'll be scared.

[The impact of the "accident car" parked in a certain parking lot became a hot topic.What is the identity of the thing stuck in the car body? … → Continue reading


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Trompe-l'Ouille(Buddha: Trompe-l'œil,Deception picture) Isシ ュ ル レ ア リ ス ムIt is a method / technique often used in. However, it is not limited to Surrealism.FrenchMeans "to deceive the eyes"Trompe-l'oeilIt may be written as. Recently, it is easy to understand "Trick artIs often called


The styles that fall into the category of Trompe-l'Ouille are fairly broad, such as:

  1. A work that draws doors, windows, people, landscapes, etc. that do not actually exist on the wall or floor, making it appear as if it exists.
  2. A work that pushes the orientation toward realism in painting to the utmost limit, with the intention of giving the viewer the illusion of reality. 17th century Flemish painter,Cornelis Norbertus Hayes BrechtsAnd in the United States in the latter half of the 19th century, it was called American Trompe-l'Ouille.William Harnet,John Haberle,John Frederick PeteThe work of such a painter is also called by the name of Trompe-l'Ouille.
  3. A work in which a part of the painting is projected outside by pasting an object on a flat work
  4. 3dimensionA work depicting a building that is impossible in reality (for example,EscherWork of)
  5. A work that imitates a human body by collecting human bodies, fruits, vegetables, etc. (for example,Arcimboldo,Kuniyoshi UtagawaWork of).Group painting,Fitting pictureThat.
  6. A work that looks like a human face when viewed normally, but looks completely different when turned upside down or turned (for example)Rubin vase)
  7. Works that give the illusion of size and length

in JapanShigeo FukudaWorks are known for this technique.


Trompe-l'Ouille is used for the following purposes.

Stage artInback groundSets
theater Ofstage,moviesShootingStudioTo express the space in the play in a limited spacePropsSince ancient times, the technique of Trompe-l'Ouille has been used to create a feeling of depth beyond reality.
Theme parkThis technique is also used in buildings in Japan, where the width of the road is gradually changed to make the distance look farther or closer, or the height of the first floor of the building is lowered as it goes up.AoriI'm making the feeling bigger.Five-storied pagoda,CastleThe smaller the height is, the lighter the weight is to ensure the stability of the building, and the enhanced perspective has the effect of making it feel higher and more solemn.
Show the depth of the site spaciously
Stage equipmentNot only in daily life, but also in daily life, in order to make it look as if it has a depth that does not actually exist, it may be deceived and decorated in a pictorial manner. When a room, corridor, garden, etc. is small, people tend to feel more uncomfortable than practical inconvenience due to psychological pressure. By drawing a fictitious depth on the wall surface, such a feeling of blockage is alleviated and it feels relaxed. On the floor where similar seats and display stands are lined up, such as in store sales floors and coffee shops, the wall surface is mirrored, which has a kind of Trompe-l'Ouille effect that makes you feel that the area of ​​the room is doubled. There is.
In addition, it costs a lot of money and labor to actually build a magnificent and complicated decorative building. Labor saving is possible if these are drawn on a flat surface as if they actually exist with an elaborate picture.wallpaperAnd painting大理石-grain-BricksSome of them look like different materials from the real thing.
There is also an illusion painting that draws a scenic view as if it were located in a resort area on the wall on the side without windows or on the window surface that is not so scenic in reality.
Pure entertainment
Appreciate as a work of art that enjoys the unexpectedness of deception paintings.


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