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⛺ | The contents of the "base running reform" that Hanshin will start at the camp

Photo XNUMX Central League stealing king Nakano (East Sports Web)

Further strengthening the mobility of the contents of the "base running reform" that Hanshin will start at the camp

If you write the contents roughly
The new base, which is thinner and harder than before, has already been used in Tokyo Dome, Yokohama Stadium, etc., and "because we use different things in more than half of the games" (Coach Tsutsui), even at the campsite Scheduled to be installed.

Quality is more important than quantity. It is said that Yano Hanshin, who has reached the fourth year, will start further "base running reform" at the camp in February ... → Continue reading

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Thin and hard

Yokohama Stadium

Yokohama Stadium(Yokohama Stadium)Japan OfKanagawa横 浜 市Naka-ku OfYokohama ParkInBaseball field.Professional baseballCentral LeagueBelongs toYokohama DeNA BaystarsHome of (Private stadium) Is used.HamasterKnown by the nickname of[Note 1]But in someHorizontal star[2]Some call it.


1978/3, DilapidatedYokohama Park Peace Baseball StadiumCompleted on the site of (Yokohamakouen, Heiwayakyujo, commonly known as "Peace Stadium"). From the same year,Kawasaki Stadium(Currently Kawasaki Fujimi Stadium)Yokohama Ocean Whales (now Yokohama DeNA Baystars)In addition to being the home ofKanagawa University Baseball FederationIn a league matchNational High School Baseball Championship Kanagawa Tournament, Yokohama Mayor CupKanto Area University Baseball Championship(Meiji Shrine Baseball TournamentParticipation decision match),Adult baseballIn addition to being used as a venue for amateur baseball,American FootballIt is often used as a venue. At the high school baseball summer tournament, it has been used since the opening ceremony and the first round, and after the quarterfinals.Hodogaya Stadium[Note 2]Instead, it will be the main stadium.

The land isNational land[3]The facility is owned by Yokohama City and is funded by the cityThird sector-Yokohama Stadium Co., Ltd.Is in charge of operation and management.It features a tilted appearance and six inverted triangular lighting towers that imitate Yokohama's initials "Y".2003/From long pileArtificial grass"Field Turf" is the first outdoor stadium in Japan[Note 3]Adopted.

When it was formed in 1978, it was the stadium with the widest distance to both wings in Japan's professional baseball headquarters, but from the end of the Showa era to the Heisei eraKorakuen Stadium-Osaka Stadium-Fujiidera Stadium-Heiwadai baseball fieldEtc. are closed and closed one after another,Tokyo Dome-Nagoya Dome-Osaka Dome-Fukuoka DomeConstruction, etc.Hiroshima City StadiumRelocation and rebuilding (MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima),Meiji Jingu Stadium-Hanshin Koshien StadiumAs a result of major renovations, etc., it is now the stadium with the narrowest distance.


Business content

Based on the agreement regarding the donation of park facilities with Yokohama City, with the permission to use and manage the stadium facilities from Yokohama City, the operation and leasing of facilities for vocational baseball entertainment, holding of entertainment, rental of goods, advertisement The company also manages broadcast broadcast contracts and shops in the venue, and sells admission tickets, character goods, etc. to these spectators and users, and develops other business activities such as service services.

Acquisition of operating company by DNA

DNAYokohama DeNA Baystars Co., Ltd., which is also a consolidated subsidiary ofFriendly TOBThrough the acquisition of common shares issued by the stadium management company (Yokohama Stadium Co., Ltd.) from November 2015[4][5].. By the TOB deadline (January 2016, 1), we acquired common shares corresponding to the majority of voting rights (20%) for a total of 71.12 million yen.[6].. Therefore, the operating company changed its name to a subsidiary of Yokohama DeNA Baystars (a subsidiary company of DNA) on the 28th of the same month.[7].. Transitioned to an integrated management system of the baseball team and stadium by DNA (Details later).

In 2014, before the acquisition by DeNA, the operating company near the stadiumJapanese cottonYokohama branch ofMinistry of FinanceKanto Finance BureauThe building used for the Yokohama Finance Office (completed in 1928)Yokohama City designated tangible cultural property) Utilization business right from the city. From March 2017 after the acquisition,THE BAYSWe are aiming to increase profits by operating as a complex facility called “” and moving the DeNA baseball team office to the 4th floor.


  • 1876-Opened a cricket ground in Higa Park (currently Yokohama Park), a foreign settlement.
  • 1899-Opened "Yokohama Park Stadium".
  • 1923- Great Kanto EarthquakeAs a result, the Yokohama Park Stadium collapsed.
  • 1929-Reconstruction of Yokohama Park Stadium.
  • 1945- Allied Supreme Commander General CommandConfiscated by "Lou Gehrig・ Renamed to "Memorial Stadium".
  • 1955 --The requisition was lifted and the name was changed to "Yokohama Park Peace Baseball Stadium".
  • February 1977-Established Yokohama Stadium Co., Ltd.
  • March 1978-Completion of Yokohama Stadium The facility was donated to Yokohama City and at the same time acquired the right to use the box office.
  • March 1978-Taiyo Co., Ltd. (now: Yokohama DeNA Baystars) will be a dedicated stadium.
  • March 1979 --Established affiliated company Yokohama Stadium Shoji Co., Ltd. Sales consignment of stadium products, admission tickets, etc., management of liquor retail business (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
  • August 1984 --Completion of indoor practice field Donated the facility to Yokohama City.
  • February 1993 --Established affiliated company Stadium Enterprise Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
  • November 2015-Yokohama DeNA Baystars Co., Ltd., started friendly TOB to Yokohama Stadium Co., Ltd.
  • January 2016-Yokohama Stadium Co., Ltd. changed to a consolidated subsidiary of DNA Co., Ltd. after the friendly TOB ended[7].


Japan's first multipurpose stadium

In front of the infield standPitchers moundWas the first in Japan to adopt the movable type. The shape of the ground when baseball is held (normal time)Fan shapeAlthough,American FootballWhen holding games such as, it was possible to move the movable stand on the first base side and the third base side to change the ground shape to a rectangle.[8].. The mound is an elevating type, and when holding an event other than baseball, you can lower the mound, frame it, and lay an artificial turf mat to level the entire ground.

Both the movable stand and the lifting mound are set up for use in performances other than professional baseball, and Yokohama Stadium can be said to be the first building in Japan to be a multi-purpose stadium from the design stage. You can see the influence of the American football stadium that was popular in the United States from the 1960s to the 1970s, such as a field made in a perfect circle centering on the back of the second base. This design conceptDome StadiumEtc. It is also the first Japanese professional baseball stadium to have a full-scale artificial turf ground, an electric bulletin board type scoreboard, and a video display device from the time of construction.

The movable stand was half-moon shaped on both the first and third bases, and was on two rails with a total length of 36 m, and was able to move at a speed of 2 m per minute.But,2001/May 11With Yokohama Bay Stars held inYokohama F. MarinosThe move is postponed at the end of the joint fan appreciation event with.2003/This is due to prioritizing the maintenance of the "field turf" laid from the season.Field sheetAfter the foundation work of (excitement sheet installed in the foul zone from 2013), the movable stand is virtually fixed to the 2st and XNUMXrd base side while riding on the two rails.[9].

In addition, from the design stage, it is planned to set up two locker rooms on the first and third base sides.On the first base side, there were also two supervision rooms and two coach rooms.From such a design, while the reconstruction of Yokohama Park Peace Baseball Stadium was under discussion, with (Yokohama) Ocean WhalesLotte OrionsIt can be seen that the idea of ​​sharing Yokohama Stadium as a base with the "double franchise method" was considered.[9].

Before the construction of Yokohama Stadium, there were no large stadiums or concert halls, and Yokohama City was a city behind in the field of sports events and music entertainment, but the completion of Yokohama Stadium greatly contributed to its elimination. did. Over the yearsYokohama International Women's EkidenIt became the departure and arrival venue[Note 4]In addition,J LeagueEarly days1994/IsYokohama FlugelsBy invitationPalmeirasWithPreseason matchWas held.This is the first pre-season match to be used in a professional soccer match, and since it was assumed that natural turf would be manually laid on the artificial turf ground the day before the match, a field in Kanagawa Prefecture had been around for about two years before the event. It is said that he was growing the amount of natural turf for 2 large trucks after renting[10].

It is also used as a venue for many concerts, and many famous artists from Japan and overseas have performed large-scale concerts. It is a domestic popular rock bandTUBE The1988/Since 1990, it has been performing live at Yokohama Stadium every August for more than 30 years, and it has become a summer tradition, and there is about one group of other popular domestic artists every summer.[Note 5]We hold outdoor concerts. in addition2006/から2009/,2011/ToYokohama Reggae FestivalWas also held. However, at the Yokohama Stadium without a roof, it is easy to decide whether to hold the event depending on the weather, there is also a noise problem in the neighborhood, and it is difficult to attract customers according to the facility that accommodates 3 people,Yokohama Arena,Yokohama International StadiumWas completed1990 eraSince then, the number of opportunities used in large-scale events other than baseball has been decreasing, but from 2014 to 2015SCRAPIt is a sensory experience-based mystery solving eventReal escape gameAs an outdoor tour of 2014Attack on TitanCollaboration withEscape from a fortified city Yokohama performance』But 2015ONE-PIECECollaboration withEscape from the summit war Yokohama performanceWas held and was used as the venue for the real escape game outdoor tour Yokohama performance.

Building coverage problem

The three-dimensional appearance of the building is not the vertical one seen in other baseball fields, but an inverted cone with a wide upper side and a narrow lower side. this isCity Park Law"Athletic facilities in city parks" stipulated in Article 6, Paragraph 1, Item 1 of the Enforcement OrdinanceBuilding rateAccording to "regulation", the building coverage ratio is calculated based on the bottom of the stand.[Note 6]It is a so-called painstaking measure for this purpose, and various distinctive designs are made to solve the problem of area.

Also, compared to the so-called "international standard" baseball stadiums built after the 1990s, it has long been pointed out that the number of spectators is small and the ground area is small, but it is limited by law.[Note 7]Since it was designed with the above, it was practically impossible to add spectator seats accompanying the addition of a stand and to expand the ground area accompanying a structural change of the stand, unless the law was revised. The building coverage ratio was eased to 2012% due to the revision of the law[Note 8].

For the above reasons, the bullpen exists under the outfield stand because it was not possible to secure a place behind the dugout or in the ground.Since the bullpen faces Yokohama Park just by separating the blindfold tent and the iron fence to prevent intrusion, you can hear the catching sound of the relief pitcher and the cry of the bullpen catcher from outside the stadium.Since there is no connection between the dugout and the bullpen, relief pitchers, both professional and amateur, must wait in the bullpen before the match or walk to the bullpen on the foul ground when changing offense and defense during the match. ..

Usually when changing pitchers in professional gamesRelief carTo use. When the stadium was bornNissan Motor OfBluebird Model 910Convertible[Note 9]And then the companyBe-1,Escargot,ToyotaSports carMR-SFrom the 2017 season,Nissan leafI am using a modified version of[Note 10].

As a result of adopting a structure in which the bullpen is stored under the outfield stand, the outfield fence at Yokohama Stadium is as high as a dome stadium.[Note 11]Reached 5 meters.For this reason, the hit ball that bounced on the ground crossed the fence.Entitle to baseIt is very unlikely that you will get to, and it is also impossible to catch a fly by climbing on the fence (Because the fence of the infield exciting seat is low, entitle-to-base has happened several times.[Note 12]).Although the fence is high, the depth of the outfield stand is narrow, so if you are a professional power hitter, you can hit an outfield home run (Details later).

Was this high fence a disaster?2009/May 8In the Yokohama-Hanshin Tigers event, a drunken spectator overcame a fence 1 meter from the light stand and fell to the ground 5 meters below, resulting in an accident that killed two days later.[11].

Cons and Pros

As mentioned above, there are not a few design difficulties for clearing laws and regulations, and the following wrinkles are occurring.

  • Since the outfield stand has a steep slope, it is difficult for infants, the elderly, and people with lower limbs to watch the game.
  • Since the scoreboard is installed in the front row of the outfield seats, some of the outfield seats and infield seats are difficult to see or there are places that cannot be seen at all.[Note 13].
  • At other professional baseball baseball stadiums, the scoreboard has been upgraded, such as by increasing the size of the scoreboard, but as mentioned above, expansion work is difficult, so the repair is limited to the existing size.
  • The back screen is just behind the outfield fence (only a few tens of centimeters in height), and a yellow identification line is drawn at the top of the fence, but it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the ball hit into the stepped portion.2009/ToChunichi Dragons OfToni BlancoHit a ball here, but it was decided not to be an over fence. Was a director at the timeHiromitsu Ochiai"We should change to a structure that makes it easy to identify whether it is an over fence or not," commented the reporters. From the 2010 season on the stepsandbagIs placed to make it easy to determine whether the fence is over fence or not by the bounce of the ball hitting the sandbag.
  • It is difficult to leave the seat during the match because the space between the front and rear seats is narrow in both the inner and outer fields (excluding some areas).
  • Due to the narrow concourse, there are few shops and toilets, and the aisles and gates are very crowded at the end of the game.

There are many other inconveniences from the standpoint of the audience, and it is hard to say that this is a stadium where you can enjoy watching the game comfortably.

  • At the beginning of the opening, the left and right outfield stands were connected to each other through the aisle behind the scoreboard, but because the aisle was closed and completely divided to prevent trouble, it is not possible to move between the right side spectator seat and the left side spectator seat in principle. .. However, if a portion of the left-side spectator seats are designated as "DB reserved seats" for Baystars fan seats, the entrance gate will be on the right side even when observing in the left-side spectator seats, so move to the left-side spectator seats. You will use the passage to do this.
  • Blind spots near both wings tend to be blind spots from any position on the stand.For example, if you sit in the first base side infield seat or the light side outfield seat, it will be difficult to understand whether it is fair or foul if you hit the light line. I can't see the outfielder's ball hit processing. This problem is unavoidable when the seats on the outfield side of the infield seats are oriented between the batteries, and in many new stadiums for professionals in recent years, the seating direction is often prioritized over this problem.

On the other hand, the following points are considered to be advantageous compared to other stadiums.

Gehrig and Ruth relief

At Yokohama Stadium, once at the pole of the outfield left standBabe RuthThe relief of the pole of the light standLou GehrigReliefs were installed respectively.This is called Loose or Gehrig as described later.Major league baseballIt is a memorial to the star who has made a name for himself in the history of Japan.Currently, it is exhibited in the infield (STAR ​​SIDE side) concourse in the hall.

Plate installation for players entering the famous ball game

2006/FromMeikyukaiA ball-patterned plate with the names of the Whales and BayStars players who entered was installed on the Wright outfield stand to praise the achievements.Initially it was installed on the outfield fence, but it was moved to the upper part of the outfield seat with the introduction of Ribbon Vision from the 2012 season.

The arrangement is as follows, from the middle right to the light pole.


Shops are located on the second floor of the infield stand and on the first floor of the outfield stand. Infield stand on the first base sideThirty one ice creamHowever, on the third base sideKentucky Fried ChickenThere are both first and third basesDomino pizzaIs opening in a wagon format[Note 14].. The beef bowl that was sold in the venue was sold until around 2000.YoshinoyaFrom about 2001NakauHowever, both are now withdrawn.

"Mikan Ice" sold in the stadium is a specialty.Ice flakes with syrupOn top of thecanning OfMandarin orangeA cup of canned mandarin orange syrup is sprinkled on top of it for 350 yen.Especially midsummer day games andHigh school baseball Kanagawa tournamentIn that case, there will be a long line at the sales floor. Until 2009, it was sold at Uchino stand on the 1,3st and 2004rd base side (until 3, only the 2010rd base side), but since XNUMX, it is also sold at the outfield store.2007/From 1st base only, but canned instead of mandarin orangespineapple"Pineapple Ice" using syrup was released. Just like the Mikan Ice, this is 350 yen.

In addition to "Mikan Ice", the stadium's original menu has been very rich since DeNA was involved in the operation of the stadium, and the original beers "BayStars Ale" and "BayStars Lager" are also sold in bottles for souvenirs. , The curry "Aosei Dormitory Curry" that players are eating at the BayStars player dormitory "Aosei Dormitory" sells canned souvenirs and is actually a public elementary school in Yokohama City.School lunchHas been issued as.In addition, new menus such as "Baykara", "Baymenchi", and "Bay dumplings" have also appeared and are gaining popularity.

Sakiyoken OfShimai lunchThe original paper for Yokohama Stadium is used (however, 800 yen, which is 100 yen higher than the regular price of 900 yen).At the Kiyoken stand at Kannai station, it is sold at a fixed price, but the hanging paper is normal.

On the 3rd floor in the middle of the infield seats, there is the "Cafe Victory Court," which was a renovation of an existing restaurant in 2005, and the interior is decorated with successive uniforms of the Whales and BayStars and the winning pennants.

Due to the steep slope of the stand, draft beer tank server sales have not been carried out in the audience for many years, but tank sales started in the 2013 season.In principle, one cup is 1 yen.

The snacks sold by the beer sales staff in the venue areChikuwaAnd localMinoya hail manufacturing main officeThere are two types of beer persimmon. 2 yen including tax.

PET bottled beverages are sold at vending machines and wagons in the stadium (most other stadiums prohibit bringing in and selling PET bottles from the viewpoint of preventing throwing).

Currently, the official shop of the baseball stadium is open outside the stadium, but for a while after the stadium opened, it is rare at that time under the name of "Major League Shop".Major LeagueGoods were also available.

History of the stadium

Background to construction

Before the Yokohama Stadium was built, here1929/Was completed inYokohama Park Peace Baseball StadiumThere was a (common name: Peace Stadium). This peace stadium will beUS-Japan baseballThe predecessor ofUS Major LeagueA friendly match between the selection and Japan National Team was held,Babe Ruth,Lou GehrigThe star player of those days visited and played. HoweverPacific Warrear,U.S. ForcesAfter being requisitioned by Yokohama after being requisitioned by1970 eraAt the beginning, almost half of the stand was unusable.

At the same time, in Kanagawa prefecture at that timeProtected areaHadOcean WhalesFeels a limit to its ability to attract customers at its base, Kawasaki Stadium, and was planning to move to Yokohama, the most well-known city in the prefecture. Therefore, on November 1972, 11, the Taiyo team made an offer to Yokohama city, saying "I would like to relocate my base from Kawasaki when the Yokohama Peace Stadium is rebuilt," and was the mayor of Yokohama at that time.Kazuo AsukadaI exchanged a memorandum with the consent of.

New stadium construction

Mayor Asukada was not willing to build a new stadium due to the intention of relocating the ocean, but from the timePrimary oil shockAs a result, Yokohama's finances were tight, and it was impossible for the city to independently budget for construction. Also, at that timeMinatomirai districtThe construction of the building was still in the conceptual stage, and there is no prospect of returning it anywhere in the city.U.S. ForcesRequisition areas were also scattered, and there was no land other than Yokohama Park that could secure the same traffic access.

Therefore, the construction of the stadium was inevitably followed by the rebuilding of the equal stadium, but in order to dismantle the peace stadium and build a stadium on a scale that can also hold professional baseball, the building coverage ratio of the park building Restrictions or competent authoritiesMinistry of ConstructionThere were various hurdles other than the financial aspect, such as negotiations with the company and the issue of the alternative site for the facilities in Yokohama Park, which was forced to relocate due to the construction of the stadium, such as the Kanagawa Prefectural Budokan. Above all, when evacuating the US Army Yokohama Chapel Center in Yokohama Park,Japanese GovernmentIn addition to theUS Army in JapanAdjustment was also necessary.

Start construction

However, due to the mediation of Mayor AsukadaSeibu GroupIs the general ofYoshiaki TsutsumiNational land planWhen the president announced that he would hold a part of the stock of the Taiyo team (about 45%) and finance the construction fund of 3 million yen, the momentum of rebuilding will begin to accelerate rapidly. Eventually, Asukada et al.'s rush to solve problems other than money one by one. In addition to the support by Tsutsumi, we also invited shareholders from citizens.[Note 15][12],1977/finallyThird sectorThe corporate management company "Yokohama Stadium Co., Ltd." is established. Then, on April 1977, 4, the Ministry of Finance approved the city's reconstruction plan and construction of the stadium was started.

Normally, it takes about two years for a building of this scale, but Yokohama Stadium will have a very short construction period of about one year including the dismantling of the Heiwa Stadium in order to meet the opening of professional baseball the following year. It will be. Therefore, at the beginning of constructionGeneral contractorbyJoint ventureHowever, due to the construction period, a total of 11 general contractors gathered, and construction work was carried out under a super-rush system. By law, it is not possible to set up a facility operated by a company on public land, so after construction is done by Yokohama Stadium Company, the facility is temporarily transferred to Yokohama City free of charge and operated by Yokohama Stadium Company. Was taken. When dismantling the peace stadium, the scoreboardFujisawa City Yabe Baseball FieldWas relocated to and was used for about 10 years.

During this time, the Pacific team[Note 16] Announced on June 6 that it is considering the move to Yokohama. Then, on August 15, Kawasaki City officially notified that the Yokohama Stadium would be a dedicated stadium from 8. However, Kawasaki City was fiercely opposed to the fact that the Ocean side had been unilaterally notified that Kawasaki City had not given consideration to it. In the cityDon't just use it as a cityA campaign was put up to protest against the relocation by using the catchphrase, and it became the situation of collecting 54 signatures, which is about half of the city's population at that time.


Construction work was completed as planned, and on March 1978, 3, Yokohama Stadium was completed. On April 31 of the same yearFlutterYokohama Ocean Whales (renamed due to relocation)Yomiuri GiantsThe official first round of theAkio SaitoThe local ocean won the 4-1 victory and added flowers. Kazuo Asukada, who worked for construction as the former mayor, was the opening ball ceremony of this match (the status at this time wasJapan Socialist Party Chairman) Is doing.

Lotte sharing problem

When the construction of Yokohama Stadium was officially decided,Pacific League OfLotte OrionsMade a request to Taiyo, "I would like to share Yokohama Stadium with Lotte as the headquarters and hold an official game of about 40 games per year."

Lotte is1972/OffTokyo stadiumWas closed from 1973MiyagiSendai city OfMiyagi Stadium(Current: Rakuten Life Park Miyagi =Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesHeadquarters)[Note 17]I was trying. But at that timeTohoku ShinkansenWas unopened and airplanes were not as easy a mode of transportation as it is now, with 6 out of 4 teams (Nankai Hawks,Kintetsu Buffaloes,Hankyu Braves,Crown writer lions) Is based in Western Japan, and the number of spectators in each team was so low that it could not be compared to the present. It was a heavy burden. Therefore, the construction of Yokohama Stadium was an opportunity for Lotte to cross the boat.

On the other hand, Taiyo, who was supposed to use the Yokohama stadium alone, was reluctant to Lotte's offer, fearing that it would be restricted in terms of schedule due to sharing. At this time, Taiyo had already made a formal notification of the move to Kawasaki City, so Yokohama City wants to get the economic effect of professional baseball entertainment, Kawasaki City does not want to lose it, and Yokohama has the second largest population in the country. Ocean and Lotte teams who want to grow their lives, the conspiracy of the above four people intermingled, and the media and others are paying attention[Note 18]Negotiations continued until the completion of construction. However, the advantage of the ocean with the regional protection right in Kanagawa prefecture has not been overturned until the end, and although Lotte's transfer of protected area to Kanagawa prefecture was allowed, Yokohama Stadium became a dedicated ballpark of the ocean as originally planned, and Lotte Kawasaki Stadium[Note 19]It was decided to calm down.

Even after the settlement of the headquarters problem, Kawasaki City and the ocean were in a semi-insulated state due to the fact that the ocean was confused without consideration before and after the announcement of the move to Yokohama. For this reason, two official games hosted by the Ocean at Kawasaki Stadium were held in 1978, when they moved to Yokohama.[13], The following year, from 1979 to 1992, no match was formed and it became the "Yokohama Bay Stars" on August 1, 1993 for the first time in 8 years, including the Pacific era.Hanshin TigersAlthough a battle was formed, it was canceled in the rain[Note 20]Even after that, the Yokohama-sponsored official match has never been held[Note 21]In 2000, the seats of the Kawasaki Stadium were dismantled.

Owner's seat

At the time of construction of the stadium, both Kanagawa Prefecture and Yokohama City at the time suffered from financial difficulties, and instead of operating directly as public administration (prefectural management or municipal management), mainly the administration, corporations and groups including Yokohama City didThird sectorEstablished the operating company "Yokohama Stadium Co., Ltd.", and after the stadium operating company constructed the facilities, donated to Yokohama City after completion. After the opening, the stadium management company contracted for 45 years from the city (1978/-2023/) At the de facto "Public privatizationIs in the form of For the investment of this stadium management company, one share of 1 yen × 500 shares = 5000 million yen was recruited from citizens, corporations and groups, and the ownership right of the "owner's seat" was presented as a privilege.

This owner's seat is free to enter the official games and open games held at this stadium for all the Pacific Ocean games (→Yokohama→DeNA) all team games (around 60 games a year) for 45 years until the renting period of the stadium expires.・You can watch games. Tender offer was made2015/12At that time, the total number of shareholders was 554, with a total of 2023 individuals, corporations and organizations registered as shareholders, but a little less than half of them were individuals. Even if DNA and the DeNA baseball team became the operating bodies through the tender offer for the stadium, the owners seat will expire in XNUMX from the viewpoint that it will continue to be a separate contract with the shares of the operating company. Is supposed to be available[14].

DeNA's "Community Ball Park Concept" and Acquisition of Operating Company

Since its opening in 1978, Yokohama Stadium Co., Ltd. (hereinafter abbreviated as “Operating Company”) has the right to sell goods on the premises, advertising revenue, and set stadium usage fees. Under these conditions, Yokohama Ocean Whales, Yokohama Baystars, and Yokohama DeNA Baystars have entered into a contract with the operating company to use the stadium as their headquarters.

2002/からTBS HoldingsNegotiations to sell the management rights of Yokohama BayStars held by (TBS)2010/), it was found in some reports that the above contract is putting pressure on the management of the team as a result of the stadium fee and advertising/sales revenue not entering the team side.[15].2011/Acquired the management rights of Baystars from TBS after the end of the professional baseball seasonDNAIn addition to holding 5.74% of the issued shares of the operating company,Makoto Haruta 2012/Before the start of the seasonHiroshi TsuruokaMeeting with the president. It is necessary to reduce the stadium fee, which is considered to be higher than the other NPB baseball team's hometown, to 13% of the entrance fee income, and to include the new sponsor income for signboard advertisements and the sales income from permanent stores outside the venue into the baseball team. Signed a 7-year stadium usage contract[16].

2015/In the fiscal year ended March 3, DNA posted a deficit of 13 billion yen in the baseball business related to Baystars. On the other hand, in the same year's professional baseball season, the Baystars-sponsored official match at the stadium achieved 43 times of full capacity (the highest record of the season). The cumulative number of spectators in official competitions, including those held at other stadiums, was about 181, an increase of 3,800 times from before the acquisition of management rights.[17]Therefore, we expected to reduce the aforementioned deficit by half.[18].. In August,2016/After that, with the view of laying natural grass on the infield and outfield grounds, officials of the team and the operating companyMLBIt was reported that he was visiting the home field of the baseball team[19].

Under such a background and the "community ball park concept" of the stadium, DeNA is seeking to operate the baseball team and the stadium in an integrated manner with the aim of increasing income in the baseball business.2015/May 10Has a total of 100 billion yen to hold a majority of the issued shares of the operating company.Friendly TOBHas reached a basic agreement with the company[20][21].. same yearMay 11Will carry out a friendly TOB to the operating company through the baseball team.[18].2016/May 1By the time the deadline of28th of the same monthThe name was changed to a consolidated subsidiary (sub-company) of DNA.[7][22].

In addition, after the name change of the operating company, it will be transferred to an integrated management system of the baseball team and stadium by DNA. Improving the management of the team by directly securing the sales of goods and advertising revenue in the venue, and major renovation of the stadium (2017/Laying natural grass and increasing the number of spectators seats planned thereafter[23]Etc.) is expected to accelerate decision-making[24].. Was the team president at the timeJun IkedaAlso announced the operation plan of the stadium in the future after the establishment of the friendly TOB. “COLOR”, “ENTERTAINMENT”, “SEAT”, “HISTORY”, “BALL “PARK” (baseball park), “FOOD”, “GREEN” and “GREEN” Under the keywords "BEYOND" and "LANDSCAPE", we have revealed that we aim to become a stadium loved by Yokohama citizens.[6].. Later, the idea of ​​creating a community ball park2017/May 10ToGood Design AwardWas won.

Renovation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (2017-2020)

Yokohama stadium2020 Summer Tokyo Olympic Baseball-Softball competitionCan be used for the main venue of2016/On March 2017, 3, the operating company submitted a stadium renovation plan of 15 billion yen to Yokohama City. According to the plan, a total of about 85 seats will be added behind the back net and on the first and third base sides. In addition to newly installing private bleachers and deck seats, increasing the number of elevators, etc.Barrier-freeIt was said that the correspondence to

Since the stadium is located in Yokohama Park, which is managed by Yokohama City, the city will approve the plan and start the renovation work from November 2017, after the end of the 11 professional baseball season. The construction was completed in February 25, three years after the start of construction, as construction proceeded mainly in the off season of professional baseball. As a result, the stadium can accommodate up to about 3 people before construction and up to 2020 people at the time of the NPB official game.[25]..According to Kenmune Fujii (whose title was at that time), who is the president of the operating company, the construction was delayed enough to worry about the start of the next 2018 NPB regular season at the end of 2019, but at the end of 2019 It is said that the construction from[26].

In the month following the completion of construction (March 2020), DeNAFukuoka Softbank HawksStarting from the battle (day game starting at 13:00),Open battleUsed in 4 games. At the beginning, we planned to open the stand to the spectators for a fee for all four games, but from the beginning of 4 in Yokohama city and in JapanInfection with the new coronavirusBased on the spread ofUnaided matchHeld as[27].. In addition, the opening of the NPB regular season, which was scheduled for March 2021th in 3 after the Summer Tokyo Olympics, was postponed until June 20th (both Fridays). Actually, we used this stadium in the "practice game" (6 games of unattended day games) that was organized in early June just before the opening, but at NPB, until Thursday, July 19th (others). Audiences were not admitted in all one-armed battles (including those held at the stadium). For this reason, DeNA will conditionally start paying for the stands up to 6 people from the game hosted by the Giants on July 7th (night game with giants). During the time when the Summer Tokyo Olympics were scheduled to be held (July 7-August 9), seven DeNA home games were played at this stadium (all night games started at 7:17). In addition, since the game held on September 5,000th, the NPB baseball team was allowed to set its own spectator capacity in the range of 7-23% at the stadium when the official game was hosted, so DeNA will increase the capacity. Set to 8% (up to 10 people). In the day game with the giant held on the same day, the outfield seats were opened to the public for the first time after the renovation was completed, provided that the spectators were sent off in order for each stand area after the match was over.[28].

This stadium has been treated as the main stadium since it opened in 1978National High School Baseball Championship Kanagawa TournamentRegarding the event, we will not be using this stadium only in 2020 when a part of the holding period overlaps with the Tokyo Olympic Games,Hodogaya StadiumWas decided to be implemented in[29].. However, in addition to the above circumstances,Japan High School Baseball Federation The 102rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipAnd all local conventions are cancelled. In contrast, the Kanagawa Prefectural High School Baseball Federation, which hosts the Kanagawa tournament, will take place as an alternative tournament on August 8-1.Kanagawa Prefectural High School Baseball TournamentWas held (the opening and closing ceremonies scheduled for the Kanagawa Games were not held). At this stadium, a part of the tournament period is hosted by DeNA, a night game that starts at 18:00 (August 8-4: Battle against China-Japan, 6-10: Battle against Hanshin, 12-14: Battle against Yakult) ), but from the originally planned championship Kanagawa tournament, in the alternative tournament other days (such as one day) are used in some games.

In addition, at the DeNA vs. Hanshin 2020 consecutive battles held from October 10, 30, a technical demonstration regarding the risk of infection with the new coronavirus of the spectators was carried out. After setting the upper limit of the accommodation rate to 3% for the 30th event, 80% for the 31st event, and 90% (full) for the November 11st event, the spectator's mask wearing situation in the stand is highly accurate. In addition to investigating through a camera, the effects of splashes caused by cheering when wearing a mask were analyzed using a supercomputer.In addition, while utilizing QR codes and location information, we can grasp the common facilities in the stadium and the flow of people in the vicinity.In addition to trying to guide the spectators to avoid congestion, after the match among the visitorsCluster (infected population)If is confirmed, contact confirmation app or contact confirmation app at the time of admissionLINEIt was supposed to notify the visitors who had completed the registration at.The above demonstrations are from the public and private sectors (Government of Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City, DeNA, LINE,NEC,KDDI), And the stadium will be used as a venue for baseball competitions even after the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, and was approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Coronavirus Infectious Diseases Control Subcommittee on the 15th of the same month.Based on the results of the demonstration, the government was supposed to consider whether or not to relax the admission restrictions at other stadiums and large-scale event venues other than baseball.[30][31]..However, the actual number of visitors was 10 on October 30 (about 1% of the capacity of 6,594).[32], 31st was 2 (about 4,537%)[33], 11 people (about 1%) on November 2st, did not reach the upper limit of the accommodation rate for all three days[34].

In the year following the Tokyo Olympics (2022), DeNA started the regular season of the 3st Army with 3 consecutive battles against Hiroshima at this stadium. Only the opening game on Friday, March 25, was a night game, and the total number of paying visitors for the same day reached 32,436, the highest number in the history of the stadium.In addition to increasing the number of people accommodated by increasing the number of stands due to the above-mentioned renovation work, Kanagawa Prefecture issued an announcement on Friday, January 1st throughout the prefecture.Priority measures such as prevention of spreadDue to the fact that the accommodation rate was returned to 3% from the opening round based on the cancellation of (March 22nd)[35].

Correspondence with use in 2020 Tokyo Olympics baseball and softball competitions (2021)

Despite the fact that there is no prospect of convergence to the spread of infection with the new coronavirus, NPB will schedule the regular season before and after the period when the Summer Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to be held (July 7-15). 8th of the month) is set as a rest period.At this stadium, taking into consideration the period from the establishment of the baseball / softball competition venue to the withdrawal, measures were taken to suspend the holding of games and events other than the Olympic Games for more than two months from mid-June.

Preparations will begin in February 2019 for the setup.During the suspension period, the following work was underway.Regarding the relief car used for baseball competitionsInternational Olympic Committee (IOC)"Worldwide Partner" (top sponsor)ToyotaSince it was decided to use a special vehicle made by the company (the original car of the tournament in the shape of a large grab on the seat surface), driving rehearsals are being carried out on the field during the suspension period.

  • In line with the IOC's advertising regulations at the Olympic Games venue, the outfield fences and fences inside and outside the field, whose advertisements are drawn in white paint, have been repainted in blue, which is the specification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
  • A cover that can withstand strong winds is laid on the advertising wall of the wing seats on the XNUMXst and XNUMXrd bases.
  • The soil in the field will be held in November 2020 in accordance with the instructions of the 2019 Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee.2019 WBSC Premier 12Venue (Tokyo DomeReplace with the hard clay soil used in).
  • Used in the stadiumWi-FiReplace all communication infrastructure equipment such as, etc. with equipment designated by the Organizing Committee[36].

However, after the number of people infected with the new coronavirus started to increase again in Tokyo, the Japanese government moved to Tokyo on July 7 for the fourth time in total.Emergency declarationIssuance.In addition, the Government of Japan, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee, Tokyo, IOC,International Paralympic Committee (IPC)A five-party talk was held on the same day.As a result, on the premise that the Olympic Games themselves will be held under a state of emergency, there will be no spectators in competitions using venues in Tokyo and Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama prefectures (which are the target areas for priority measures such as spread prevention). The policy to hold at[37]..This policy was also applied to the baseball and softball competitions at this stadium, but in both competitions, the Japanese national team won the gold medal by winning the final against the American national team.

At DeNASep-pa Exchange Battle期間中の対ロッテ3連戦(6月4 - 6日)まで当スタジアムを主催試合に使用していたが、期間終了後の同月18日からレギュラーシーズンの休止期間までに組まれているセ・リーグ公式戦での主催全試合を、東京都内にある巨人・ヤクルトの本拠球場で実施。6月18 - 20日の対広島3連戦では東京ドーム(本来は巨人の本拠地)、6月29・30日の対中日戦および、7月2 - 4日の対巨人戦ではMeiji Jingu Stadium(Originally the home of Yakult) was used. The above-mentioned DeNA vs. Hiroshima three-game series is the first time that a home game by a Central League team other than the Giants was held during the regular season at Tokyo Dome, which opened in 1988. In the official game sponsored by DeNA, after the game against Hanshin on August 3-8 was also held at Tokyo Dome, the use at this stadium resumed from the game against Hiroshima on August 17.[38]..Of the games hosted at Jingu Stadium, the match against Giants scheduled for July 7 will be held at this stadium after September due to the cancellation in the rain. Held in July103rd National High School Baseball Championship Kanagawa TournamentSo, in line with the policy of the Kanagawa Prefectural High School Baseball Federation as of 102, which is supposed to hold the 2020nd tournament, this stadium is not used.

By the way, at this stadium, based on the fact that the international standards for mounds differ between softball and baseball, a system that can dig up soil in a certain area around the mound was established in 2005.Japan Cup International Women's Softball TournamentIt was introduced at the time of the event.The reason why this stadium was selected as the venue for the baseball and softball competitions of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is that this system can convert the field for softball into a field for baseball in a short period of time.Actually, the final of the softball competition was set up from July 2021, 7 and the use in the baseball competition from the 27th of the same month, so the soil that had been spread around the pitcher's plate of the mound for the softball competition was laid out. , Replaced with artificial turf within 29 days by the above system.On the other hand, from August 28th, the final day of the Olympic Games, we will start work to restore the fields, fences, and communication infrastructure set up as described above to the environment at the time of the DeNA-sponsored game.The work period was 8 days until August 8, and about 8 people were involved in the work.[36].

Main renovation after construction

At Yokohama Stadium, many renovations have been made by repeating renovation work from the completion to the present.

  • A fence was installed before the doug out during the 1978 season.
  • 1989 Scoreboard large-scale renovation (2nd generation).The player name / score display section was divided according to the player name / number of times, but the display section was fully connected, and the light source was LED from a light bulb.Light emitting diode) Became. The video display also showed a moving image in orange, but it was changed to a full-color CRT type.
  • 1998 Infield artificial turf replacement.
  • 1999 Scoreboard large-scale renovation (3rd generation).Changed the player name / score display part from a single orange LED to a 3-color (red / green / orange) LED.Full-color LED screen with high resolution for the video display (Toshiba Lighting & Technology:Super color vision).The outfield seats have been replaced from bench seats to compartment seats with backrests.In addition, we have decided to quit smoking for the first time as the home of the NPB baseball stadium.It was also the main sponsor since the openingNissan MotorWithdrew due to poor management,ToyotaBecame the main sponsor in place of Nissan.As a result, the advertisement at the top of the scoreboard was changed from Nissan to Toyota, and the relief car was also a Nissan car (finally).EscargotIt has been changed from a modified car) to a Toyota car (both until the 2016 season).
  • 2001 Outfield artificial turf replacement.
  • 2002 BayStars parent companyTBSAlong with this, a TBS advertisement was posted on the speaker part at the bottom left and right of the scoreboard. Until the 2010 season, it was a TBS-related bulletin board, but from the 2011 seasonJ: COMIt was changed to the bulletin board.
  • 2003 The inner and outer field artificial turf is completely replaced with "Field Turf", which is said to have a "feel as close to natural turf as possible".Taking this opportunity, stripe-like coloring was applied to resemble natural turf in major league baseball stadiums and soccer stadiums.As a result, the movable seats in the infield (1st and 3rd bases) are effectively fixed in a diamond shape (inverted trapezoid when viewed from the back net).
  • 2005 Removed fences other than the back net from the infield stand.The electronic organ booth that has been installed in the middle of the light stand since its opening (Details later) Was also removed, and the number of seats on the light stand increased slightly. Refurbish the facilities in the concourse such as restaurants and toilets.
  • 2006 Outfield fence The height of the rubber cushion was raised to the top of the fence, and the cushion thickness was also changed.Increased the number of bullpen mounds from 2 to 3 on both the XNUMXst and XNUMXrd bases.On the back net1980 eraRevolving advertisement that was installed from the first half[Note 22]Has been removed and a new LED screen (Fankel cosmeticsPosted a sponsorship advertisement).
  • 2007 behind the back net[Note 23]The seats of are changed from the conventional orange seats to blue seats which is also the Baystars team color. The seats will also be flipped up and the seat width and spacing will be expanded by nearly 10 cm. The number of seats was reduced by about 2,000. For the reduction, a standing space is provided at the top of the infield seats to maintain a capacity of 30,000 people. In addition, speaker equipment, which was previously only under the scoreboard, was also installed under the infield lighting (4 at 8 locations).
  • 2010 Scoreboard / sub-scoreboard renovation.Changed the SBO display of the count to the BSO display (described later).
  • 2011 Field turf completely re-covered in and out (no change in design such as coloring).New seat installation[39].
  • 2012 Renovated restaurants and locker rooms, and built a team goods store outside the stadium[40].. At the top of the outfield fenceHibinoRibbon Vision newly made.
  • 2013 Seat renovation."Exciting seats" (178 seats x 2) protruding into the foul zone. For the 1st base side <DeNA side>Seven-Eleven JapanNaming rightsIs signed and is labeled as "Seven-Eleven Exciting Seat".[41]), the infield seats have been refurbished and 512 "twin and triple seats" have been installed, and 336 box seats have been installed. Five private rooms, "YOKOHAMA BAY LOUNGE", were set up at the back level behind the backnet, and the press and broadcast seats that were previously present were moved to the top of the backnet behind the stand.[42].. Complete renovation of player lockers[43].
  • 2015 "Baseball Monitor BOX Sheet" (top of the back of the back net. While watching the game on the ground, you can watch not only the official live broadcast video of the baseball team, but also replay video and highlight video on a Sony tablet monitor. What you can do) "Living BOX seat" (top of the back net on the 3rd base side, where you can enjoy watching the game in the living room-style box seat) "Premium terrace" (top of the stand on the 3rd base side. Enjoy the game like a party The seats you receive can be used by up to 1 people in a group, such as family / relatives and small-scale banquets at the company.) "Skybar Counter" , An adult sports bar where you can enjoy the game while enjoying eating and drinking, and also enjoy the view around Yokohama Park) and renewal of the "Official Shop" near the front entrance[44].
    Conventional lighting equipment for night gamesMetal halide lampTo high power LED[45].. It will be implemented in the same year that the night game lighting is changed to LED at the Japanese baseball stadium.Yahoo auction domeAt the same time, it will be the first non-dome stadium (outdoor stadium) in Japan. (YokohamaIwasaki ElectricMade by the company, FukuokaKoito Electric Works(Made by the company)
  • In 2016, the following plans were announced in line with the "Community Ballpark Plan" concept associated with the acquisition of the operating company by DeNA and DeNA.
  1. Unifying the seat color scheme of the stand: The seat color scheme of the stand, which has not been standardized until now, will be replaced with the team color "Yokohama Blue". The unification was completed before the start of the 2018 season.
  2. The name of the infield seat was changed to "BAY SIDE" on the first base side and "STAR SIDE" on the third base side: without the concept of "1st base side is the managing team (DeNA), 3rd base side is the visitor team" "We want the whole stadium to come together and enjoy professional baseball," he said.
  3. Expansion of Baystars cheering party seats: Expand the Baystars cheering party dedicated area to part of STAR SIDE on the third base side. "To create an environment in which fans and towns (regions) can gather more than ever in a stadium that eliminates the color coding of home visitors"[46].
  • 2017 Nissan returns to main sponsorship on behalf of Toyota for the first time in 1998 years since 19.As a result, the advertisement at the top of the scoreboard was changed from Toyota to Nissan, and Nissan's advertisement was newly installed on the two lighting towers on the outfield stand side.[Note 24]The relief car is also a Nissan car (LeafIt was changed to a modified car).In addition, the name was changed to "J: COM Monitor BOX Sheet" due to the addition of J: COM as a sponsor of "Baseball Monitor BOX Sheet".In the renovation work after the end of the season, after dismantling a part of the stairs on the 1st base side and the artificial ground that supports the front of the stadium, "Y deck" is placed on the artificial ground (6 m above the ground) on the outer circumference of the infield stand. A new passage called was established. The "Y Deck" is used as a passage in the hall while restricting traffic only on the days of DeNA-sponsored games.On other days, it is designed to be freely accessible as a free passage in Yokohama Park.
  • 2018 All artificial turf is replaced with "Field Turf Classic HD" which is the same as Tokyo Dome and Yahoo Auction Dome. Expanded dugout and cameraman seats. Dougout installed a new highchair in the front row[47]..In addition, the relief car "Leaf" has been changed to a new base vehicle due to a full model change of the commercial model.
  • The stand was added by the renovation work in line with the "Community Ball Park Concept" in 2019. In either case, for the time being, the seats and areas in the stand will be opened only on the day of the professional baseball game.
  1. As part of the renovation of the outfield stand, we added a stand above the area from "BAY SIDE" to the conventional light stand. The seats (3,564 seats) in the added stand will be operated as "wing seats" from the Baystars hosted open game in March.[48]At the same time, we opened "BAYSIDE ALLEY (Bayside Array)" (food area that provides original food and drinks of the team) on the 3rd floor of the stand.[49].
  2. A 4-story stand with a roof is newly installed behind the back net. At "STAR SUITES" (Star Suite: a private room with bleachers and balconies with a total of 3 seats) on the 4rd and 30th floors, the staff of "Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers" will be spectators on the day of the match. Provide services such as eating and drinking."STAR SUITE" is the first time that the staff of the hotel regularly provides services at facilities other than the hotel.In addition, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has become the crown sponsor of "STAR SUITE", so the presence is called "NISSAN STAR SUITES".[50].. In May during the NPB regular season, we also installed a "Bay Discovery BOX sheet" on the rooftop, located 5m above the ground.
  • 2020 By adding new wing seats (2,812 seats) in the upper tier of the area from the "STAR SIDE" to the conventional left stand, we have completed the additional seat construction in line with the "community ball park concept". As a result, the number of people accommodated increased to 34,046, the highest number since the opening. Also, on the table of "Bay Discovery BOX sheet",barbecueElectric typeHot plateInstalled. With this sheet, we will start offering "Barbecue set" (dining and drinking service where you can enjoy barbecue while watching) for groups watching DeNA-sponsored official competition / open competition (from 2021)[51].. Furthermore, by expanding the "Y deck" onto the artificial ground around the outer area of ​​the outfield stand, the total extension distance of the "Y deck" has been extended to more than twice the conventional length (2 m). On the day of the DeNA-sponsored match, spectators who entered the venue were able to go around the venue with "Y deck".[52].

Scoreboard refurbishment

When the scoreboard opened,Korakuen StadiumIt was the second full-scale electronic bulletin board in Japan after. The first generation that used a light bulb (1988/The layout of (up to) is similar to the Kawasaki Stadium, with the score on the upper left, the image display section (single orange color) on the upper right, the member display on the lower left and right, and the big clock, count, and referee name are displayed in the center. At the top, "YOKOHAMA" is on the left and "STADIUM" is on the right. The score was displayed once-up to 1 times of extension, from 10 times it was a method to clear the display again and to display it from 11 time. The player notation isNominated batterIt was possible to write for 10 people (there is also a panel with the team name) so that it can correspond toSE LeagueFor the 10th person (far right) because it is the base of the teamOpen battle,US-Japan baseball,soft ballOnly limited opportunities were used.

1989/The second generation, which used an orange single-color LED in the renovation of, slides to the left by the inning in which it is performed in the case of overtime (for example, if 2 times are extended, one score is erased and 10 The score was displayed 1 to 2 times). The elapsed time of the match at the top of the score[Note 25](2008/After that, encouragement for speed-up operation (innings change is restarted within 2 minutes 15 seconds, pitcher change is restarted within 2 minutes 45 seconds), the interval time is also displayed)[Note 26].

1999/In the renovation of the video sectionToshiba OfSuper color visionWas adopted and colorized (3rd generation). The inning score is displayed up to 10 times again, after 11 times the display is cleared again, and it is possible to display the score up to 10 times next to the opponent team and the score of 11 to 18 times to the right of it. ..2010/Has changed the order of ball court count calls (in accordance with international customs),Ball countChanged display from "Strike Ball" to "Ball Strike". This is the first time for Japanese baseball to be based.

2012/After the season, the scoreboard will be displayed in full-screen mode (4th generation, manufacturer not announcedSony business solutionIs in charge of system solution)[40].. The big clock/count moves to both ends of the lower advertising section, and the vision is the finest for a domestic baseball field (at that time) using a 15.88mm pitch image element[53]..The member display, which used to be vertical / horizontal scrolling, is now horizontal / vertical scrolling on both sides, and the score display is at the bottom center (basically up to 9 times. In the case of extension, add it to the side of 10 times in the case of professionals. I wrote up to 12 times, but the amateur moved to rewrite from one place).The background color of the display when professional baseball is held is also the team color marine blue.

From 2015Left on baseThe number (LOB) is now displayed next to the number of missteps.In addition, up to 10 contestants can be entered in the contestant column so that they can handle designated hitters.However, designated hitters are not used in Central League-sponsored games (2014)Sep-pa Exchange BattleThe space under the 9th batter was blank until 2016, but the advertisement was posted from 2017 to 2019 (now it is back to blank again).


  • In the official game hosted by the Yokohama Ocean Whales at the beginning of the opening, when a player of the same team appeared in the bat, or when the player was replaced (such as during pitcher pitching practice), at the turning of the inningVictoron(at that timeNippon VictorWas produced and released by the electronic organ player, and was announced as a team song in 1977 (the year before the opening and the final year of the Ocean Whales).Let's go ocean"Etc.) was playing.
    • The Victoron was installed in a glass-covered music room (commonly known as the Victoron Capsule) covered with a helmet-shaped roof, and was placed in the middle of the left stand when it first opened. Later, it was moved to the middle stage of the light stand (both near the back screen), but since it was no longer used from around 2002 in the Yokohama era, the capsule was removed during the 2005 off-season stadium repair work.
    • The Victor players were selected by the Yokohama Ocean Baseball team for an audition, and several of them performed daily during the official match. In addition, an advertisement in the name of "Victor Victoron" was posted on the fence at the time of opening.
    • Even after the team name is changed to Yokohama DeNA Baystars, the above production may be performed when a reprint event of the Yokohama Ocean Whales (Legend Match etc.) is held. However, since the production of Victoron ended in 1991, other electronic organs are used in the back room of the net for playing music.
  • Jet balloonsSupport usingLittering and smoking ban regulationsConflict withObstruction of game progress,JR running in the neighborhoodNegishi LineImpact on[Note 27]Because of2012/It was forbidden at normal times. Only the 1995 All-Star game was specifically allowed and filled with one of the team colors, the yellow balloons. As a substitute for jet balloons in 1Soap bubbleWas being supported using.2013/Only "Star Jet" (balloons that have a low possibility of jumping out of the stadium and are excellent in terms of the environment of parks around the stadium and the safety of trains running nearby) can be used.[54]..Also, even at TUBE's live performances, it is customary to be skipped at the start of the encore performance, but there were times when people were called to refrain from using it during epidemics such as the new influenza.
  • The broadcasting seats of each company, which were once behind the back net, had a grid on the ground side, but there was no glass window, so it was easy for the sound in the venue to enter.
  • Back screenTo blue (Human skin colorBecause it uses the relative color of), the pitcher's release point is easy to see.Coupled with the narrowness of the stadium, games at this stadium tend to be smashing.
    • At the beginning of the opening, the space between the seats was narrow at both the infield and outfield stands, so(Tokyo) Yakult SwallowsIf you want to hold a visitor game in theVinyl umbrella supportWas temporarily prohibited.
  • "Good-bye Baseball!" (English that means "entered! Home run!") is announced every time a player of the team hits a home run in a match hosted by Yokohama Ocean → Yokohama → DeNA from the opening to the 2016 season. At the same time, the sound of the ship's whistle was played. DeNA sponsored games since the 2017 season have changed to directing fireworks from around the back screen.
  • Sometimes the game is interrupted by birds and cats entering the ground.2015/In the beginning of the season, cats entered the infield ground many times and the game was interrupted,2017/May 4In the battle against Hanshin was interrupted due to the cat's running off the ground.[55].. In the past, a frog may have entered the outfield ground during rainy weather.
  • The Kendo hall (Kendo Yokohama Kobukan) is located on the first floor of the infield stand on the 3rd base side.
  • Until the early 1990s, advertisements were posted on foul poles, and advertisement stickers were also placed on the back of chairs in the infield.
  • When hosting an open game or an official game ahead of the headquarters of the NPB and other baseball teams, consideration is given to the players and fans of the visitor team.
    • Even if the visitor team wins, a hero interview with the players of the team is held after the match.
    • In 2013 and later DeNA sponsored games, before the visitor team reached the 7th attack, the sound source that recorded the team's team song was played on the venue. Initially, the team song of the giant Hanshin was excluded, but from 2017Hanshin team songSince 2018Giant's baseball songAlso came to flow.
  • Since 2013, stadium DJs have always been in charge of broadcasting on DeNA attacks (even before, stadium DJs were often in charge of Saturday and Sunday games).
  • Since the opening, there was a free seating area in the infield and outfield stands, but in the outfield stand all seats have been designated seats since 2013.[56].. Since 2014, when the free seats on the infield stand were abolished, all seats on the stand were reserved seats.
  • 2015/May 6Yokohama DeNA Baystars vs.Fukuoka Softbank HawksIn the battle, SoftBank's 6th tableYuki YanagitaIs DeNADaisuke MiuraA 3 cm square ball shot from a 30 cm square is built into the screen on the scoreboard (near the right side of the position display of the home team No. XNUMX batter).liquid crystalHit one panel directly (record solo solo home run)[57].. The panel was deformed under the influence. The deformed panel was removed from the replacement work after the game, and after being removed from the SoftBank headquarters for a limited time.Fukuoka Yahoo Auctions! DomeExhibited in[58].
    • Miura became DeNA's military coach2021/IsMay 5Pair ofTokyo Yakult SwallowsIn the bottom of the first round, DeNATyler austinIs YakultHironori TakanashiThe hit ball hit the scoreboard directly.Although the panel was not deformed, the place where it hit directly was the name display section of the home team's first batter (DeNA on the day).Masashi Kuwahara(Displaying the name "Kuwahara") (on the left side of the character "Kuwa"), it was about 1.5m higher than the above-mentioned Yanagida's hit ball.[59].Truck manThe speed of this hit ball was 178 km / h, the angle was 27 degrees, the estimated flight distance was 146 m, the maximum reach was 31 meters, and Miura, who was watching the hit ball from the dugout on the first base side, said, "It's a great hit. It was perfect. I was hit (when I was active), I was a Japanese (Yanagida), but next to me, "I've seen something" (Aoyama MichioI was also told by the head (coach), "he told reporters in a self-deprecating manner.[60].
  • 2019/May 6 OfSep-pa Exchange Battle(DeNA vs.Saitama Seibu LionsIn the war), Seibu in the 6th inningYuji KanekoThe fly ball that was released near the light pole hit the top of the fence in the fair zone and then entered the foul zone stand.The first baseman once judged this fly ball to be a home run, but in reality it was difficult to tell with the naked eye where the ball hit and where it entered after hitting it.When the referees conducted a replay video verification, it was found that the ball hitting the upper part of the fence on the fair zone bounced to the stand in the foul zone, so the decision was made from a home run.EntitleChanged to a double[61].. By the way, if the hit ball hits the pole directly or hits the top of the fence in the fair zone and then enters the fair zone stand, it was a home run as judged.
    • Field seats have been installed at Yokohama Stadium since 2013, but no ball-proof net was installed until 2017.In fact, there have been cases where a ball bounced in the fair zone near the foul line is judged to be an entitlement double by entering the field sheet.However, since 2018, when a ball-proof net that can be removed for use at non-sports events was installed, the possibility has been extremely low.
  • At the end of the 2018 season, the only NPB12 team's home ground,Climax seriesHad never been held as a home game for the home earth team[62]..In 2, when the regular season ended in 2019nd place, the first stage with the 3rd place team (Hanshin) is being held as DeNA's home game for the first time in the history of the series.
  • In the 2019 DeNA-sponsored official game, two hits were hit by a foreign player's hit ball (all home runs in the record) hit the scoreboard directly.
    • In the match against China-Japan Dragons on August 8,Dayan BisiedIs DeNAKendai IshidaThe ball hit by the ball hits the LCD panel built into the screen on the scoreboard (advertising space next to the visitor team). The panel was deformed under the influence.
    • On September 9th against Giants, DeNANephtari SotoOf the giantToshiki SakuraiThe ball shot from hits the space where the score of the bottom of the 7th inning is displayed. Although the space could not be displayed until the back side was finished twice, in fact, the wiring on the back side was only disconnected and it was restored from the front side four times.[63][64].
  • At the top of the stand behind the back net,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Installed a small prefabricated hut (sub-broadcasting seat for the match radio broadcast sponsored by the baseball team) when Yokohama Baystars was based. During the renovation work in 2013, the booth for radio relay (including other stations) was moved from the ground level behind the backnet to the top stage. However, until 2018, there was only a stairway available to move between this space and the ground floor. There are 1 stairs in total, and the stairs are set up according to the steep slope of the stand, so the people involved in the radio relay called the movement from the ground to the relay booth “mountain climbing”. In the renovation work at the end of 130, the first floor will be directly connected to the top of the standElevatorWe are aiming to simplify the movement by establishing a new[65].
  • Before the start of the regular season in 2020, a practice game was organized with no spectators.At this time, DeNA set the match with both teams as DeNA first in consideration of Rakuten and Nippon-Ham, who are all match visitors.In the Rakuten game, I suffered an unusual goodbye defeat at home[66].
  • At the beginning of the 2020 NPB regular season, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, DeNA's home game was held in 6 games (28 cards) without spectators until the game against Hanshin (night game) on June 9. .. The DeNA team is soliciting face photos and handwritten messages from fans in order to liven up the home game.Every time a home game was held, about 3 cheering panels with a face photo and a message were installed in the infield seats.[67].. In addition, against the background that the Sep-Pa Exchange Battle was canceled due to the above-mentioned influence, the opening card with Hiroshima (June 6-19) is "Exchange at home! Be a crown sponsorNippon LifeJoint project with).Zoom (application)Through recruiting DeNA fans who have participated in paid online events through, and randomly projecting live videos of those people on the main vision of the scoreboard before the game or after the end of the 7th round. Was[68].. Regarding the production of fireworks, it was continued during this period after changing the place of launch to an unmanned stand.
  • As mentioned above, the outdoor stadium used by the NPB baseball team has been in the narrow category since the 1990s, so it is easy to hit an out-of-field home run in a game at this stadium.In the official game of the regular season hosted by Yokohama Ocean → Yokohama → DeNA, in the 1979 game against the Hanshin TigersLeroy StantonStarting with (Hanshin)Tomio Tashiro,Joey Meyer(Both are Yokohama Ocean),Leon Lee(Yokohama Ocean, Yakult),Glenn Braggs,Naonori Suzuki,Tyrone Woods,Shuichi Murata(Both are Yokohama),Takayuki Kajiya,Yoshitomo Tsutsuka,Jose Lopez,Nephtari Soto, Austin (both DeNA),Rick Lancellotti(Hiroshima),Hideki Matsui,Shinnosuke Abe(Both are giants),Akinori Iwamura,Vladimir Valentin(Both are Yakult),Dingo,Leo Gomez,Zoilo Almonte(Both are Chunichi),Toni Blanco(Chunichi / DeNA),Cecil Fielder,Hirosawa Katsumi,Tomonori Kanemoto,Craig Brazel,Masahiro Nakatani,Teruaki Sato(Both are Hanshin),Takeshi Yamazaki,Carlos Peguero,Zelas Wheeler,Randy Louise(Rakuten),Willie Mo Pena(Orix),Micah Hoff Power(Nippon Ham),Jimmy Palades(Lotte) and others are hitting out-of-field home runs[69][70]..By the way, Filder, Valentin and Gomez hit two out-of-field home runs in one game.[71], Woods, Matsui, Blanco, Leon, and Soto marked out-of-field home runs in multiple games (one for Chunichi and DeNA for Blanco, and one for Yokohama Ocean and Yakult for Leon).In pitcher,Barbino Galves(Giants)Colby Lewis(Hiroshima and the teams they belong to are both at the time of recording the out-of-field home runs).
    • In the Yokohama Ocean vs. Hanshin Tigers match on August 1989, 8, two of the three home runs released by Filder reached the outside.One of the hit balls fell to the road at the back of the park after passing over the park outside the park.[70].
    • 2013年4月29日の横浜対ヤクルト戦では、バレンティンが放った3本の本塁打のうち、2本の打球が場外へ到達。場外本塁打の推定飛距離は、2回表にレフトスタンドの上空を飛んだ1本目が150m、8回表にバックスクリーン左側の上空を飛んだ2本目が160mであった[71].. Immediately before the turn at bat when he hit the second out-of-field home run, an out-of-field guard told a passerby, "Valentin is in the turn at bat, so be careful of the ball!" He said he was calling attention[72].
    • In the Yokohama vs. Giants match on June 2003, 6, right-handed batter Woods was left-fielder.Kimiyasu KudoHe hit a home run with an estimated flight distance of 160m outside the field in the middle right.
      • Strictly speaking, it is not an "out-of-field home run", but in the next match against the Hanshin Tigers on April 2004, 4.Hideki IrabeWhen he hit a home run from, the hit ball hit the top of the scoreboard directly.The part where the hit ball hit directly was damaged due to the effect[69]..At bat in the bottom of the third inning against the Giants on September 9, the same yearHiroshi SatoThe ball hit from the left lighting tower hits the iron pillar at the bottom of the left lighting tower, jumps up greatly, and then falls to the left stand.
    • Yamazaki's home run (estimated flight distance of about 2007m) in the Yokohama vs. Rakuten Day game on May 5, 27 flew to the venue of the "Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Bazaar" held outside the middle left on the day. In addition, "Cure Aqua"("Yes! precure 5』One of the main characters) hit the mask directly.Although there was a dent on the mask, it was not damaged.
    • Sato in the 2021th inning of DeNA vs. Hanshin on April 4, 9Yuki KuniyoshiWhen he hit a solo home run from, "Pigeon sableAfter the hit ball passed over the signboard, it fell into the aisle outside the venue (estimated flight distance 140m).[70].. Manufacturer of "Hato Sablés"TeshimayaTo pay tribute to Sato, who just joined the Hanshin Tigers this year, DeNA fan President Akihiko Kubota presented Sato with a "Hato Sablés".[73].
      • Even in the match against DeNA on May 2021, 5, it was in the top of the 7th inningKoh Nakagawa(The fastest regular season No. 1965 home run in history that surpasses Shuichi Murata among new players who joined the NPB baseball team after 10 when the draft system was introduced) jumped up at the top of the light stand, right above Installed in "Business supermarket(From the signboard of "Hato Sablés", "Kanagawa Institute of TechnologyI hit the signboard on the left side of the signboard[74]..In response to this situation, from the same card held on the 8th the next day, every time Sato entered the turn at bat, the security staff behind the outfield said, "I'm at the turn at bat of Hanshin Tigers. Please be careful. "[75].

Movement of new stadium construction that has occurred so far

In recent years, there has been a movement to build a new stadium to replace the Yokohama stadium.[Note 28].

Use of the site of the new Tsurumi marshalling yard

In the early 1990sNew Tsurumi marshalling yardPreparations were made for the bidding procedure with the aim of constructing a new stadium on the site, but it is said that there were times when it failed because it did not participate in the bidding.

Yokohama Dome concept

The number of visitors to the Yokohama Stadium increased dramatically from 1997 to 1998 when the Yokohama Bay Stars (Yokohama Ocean Whales) took part in a full-fledged championship for the first time since the stadium was the base. Especially in 1998, since Golden Week, every match card has officially announced that there are more than 2 admissions, and it was not uncommon for games to be sold without tickets on the day. For this reason, fans who didn't buy tickets screamed that the number of spectators in Yokohama Stadium was small.[Note 29], The fans who were able to enter also complained about the narrowness of the facility. Multiplied by thisTakanobu HidenobuThe mayor of Yokohama (at that time)Minatomirai district(60・61 Block) Proposed the construction of a new stadium on the premise of a multipurpose dome[Note 30]The local business groups such as the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry have responded.

But,Osaka DomeNo further progress has been seen due to the management failure of multipurpose domes in other cities (currently Kyocera Dome Osaka), and competition with existing facilities such as Yokohama Arena. Was[Note 31].. In addition, in the 2000s, Baystars' performance was again sluggish and the number of spectators also decreased. In addition, advocate Takahide retired after losing the mayor election in 2002 and became the new mayor.Hiroshi NakataYokohama City has changed to a policy to freeze unnecessary and urgent public works.[Note 32]In some cases, the new stadium concept has failed.

After that, it was supposed to be a new stadium construction site due to Takahide's plan.Nishi-wardMinatomiraiThe vast vacant lot in 6-chome (Minato Mirai district 60 block)Nissan MotorBy the fixed land withJ League-Yokohama F. MarinosPractice area and clubhouse (Marinos Town), and in YokohamaYokohama Minatomirai Sports Park(Management/operation was (Foundation) Yokohama City Sports Promotion Agency)[Note 33].

After that, the mayor of Nakata became a member of the Diet of Nakata.Fumiko HayashiIn February 2011, the "Meeting to Realize the Yokohama Dome" was reorganized due to the change to the company and the Yokohama Baystars sale issue. It is said that the business community has obtained approval from nearly 2 companies. 300 fall was reported to be a policy to set up a management company to prospect[76][77].

The "Yokohama Dome Realization Society" was held in July 2014 as a candidate site for the development of the dome stadium, Minatomirai district 7/60 block (as previously mentioned, there was a planned site for a new stadium in the past. And sports park lease agreement expired in 61)Yamashita PierOf the two locations and assuming that they were actually developed in each development areaCGbyConceptual drawingIt was created. In the former planShopping mallWith the latter optioncasino,HotelAttractsIntegrated resort Develop as (IR) ("Yamashita Pier #Redevelopment ConceptSee also). Each case has a retractable roof and the ground is natural grass. [78][79][80][81].

As of January 2016, Yokohama DeNA Baystars was not involved in the Yokohama Dome project,AboveAfter the acquisition of the operating company and the large-scale renovation of the stadium as described above, it continues to show its stance of being based in Yokohama Stadium.

Incidents / accidents / scandals

  • Referee group assault case(August 1982, 8) --A case in which a protest against a referee developed into a mass assault.
  • 2009/May 8During the Yokohama-Hanshin Tigers match, a drunken spectator overcame a 1-meter fence on the light stand (closer to the middle right) and fell to the ground 5 meters below.When he fell, he smashed his head and became unconscious, and he was taken to a hospital in Yokohama City for medical treatment, but he died two days later.[82]..Cause of death depends on the time of fallBrain contusion,SkullIt seems to be internal bleeding. Since the opening of the stadium in 1978, it was the first fatal accident due to a fall from the spectators' seats.




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