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🧑‍💻 | Nyan and cute robot cats!"Nybble" that moves realistically by programming


A cute robot cat with Nyan!"Nybble" that moves realistically by programming

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The retro-designed parts, which are based on Chinese woodwork, are puzzle-type and can be assembled simply by fitting them in without using screws.

Robot cat "Nybble" with an impressive innocent look and retro design.Programmable open computer ... → Continue reading


"Bouncy" is a new age video media that delivers cutting-edge information that shows the future lifestyle in a format that is easy to see on smartphones. Tomorrow, 10 years later, or 100 years later. Every day, we will deliver various events that shape our future with easy-to-understand videos from the editorial department's perspective. I hope that it will be a small opportunity for someone to think about the future, move their hands to realize their dreams, and take that step.

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