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🎣 | “30 years of fishing history” Shizuka Kudo aims for a big sea bass in Tokyo Bay with Naohito Fujiki & Ryo Tamura


"30 years of fishing history" Shizuka Kudo aims for a big sea bass in Tokyo Bay with Naohito Fujiki & Ryo Tamura

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This time, the super guest fishing with Kudo is Naohito Fujiki.

Fishing is fun alone, but it's even more fun if you have friends who can share the events of the day.Kudo with 30 years of fishing history ... → Continue reading

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Fujiki Naoto

Naohito Fujiki(Naohito Fujiki,1972/<Showa 47>May 7 -) isJapan OfAn actor,singer,ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン.

Chiba佐 倉 市Background[Note 1].. BelongsThe office TheCube,BelongsRecord company ThePony canyon.Waseda UniversityFaculty of Science and EngineeringGraduated from the Department of Informatics[4].Dizygotic twinsBrother of.NicknameIs "Fujikki" and "Ojiki".She is married.



OkayamaKurashikiAtDizygotic twinsBorn as a younger brother, by the age of 10 due to his father's transferKobe,Yokohama,千葉And move.In his childhood, he was a sociable twin brother who was versatile in sports and could study.コ ン プ レ ッ ク スI had.Also, since he was always compared with his older brother by the people around him, he became a hard worker because he hated to lose.Dizygotic twins, so they don't look like their brother[5][6][7].Motto of mottoIs "continuation is power"[8].

Chiba Prefectural Sakura High SchoolAfter a year after the Ronin1992/(Heisei4 years),Waseda UniversityFaculty of Science and EngineeringEnrolled in the Department of Informatics.When I was in my second year of high school, I was unexpectedly selected as No. 2 in all schools of "Mr. Sakura High School", and at the age of 1 in the same year.GuitarIn a broad sense, the encounter with the actors and music industry is a catalyst for me.[9][10].

College days

While in the second year of college1993/(5),fashion magazine"Men's Nonno』(Shueisha)ofモデルI applied for self-recommendation.Although he was rejected in the final examination, he caught the eye of the entertainment agency and was in school for the same four years.1995/(7), the movie "Boys Over Flowers』(ToeiDebuted as an actor in the role of Rui Hanazawa.After making his debut, I had thought about quitting college, but after repeating a year,1997/Graduated in (9)[11]..Going to the Department of Mathematical Information Science, graduation researchRyogo Hirota OfLaboratoryI went there.Graduation thesisThe title is "Volterra equationIt was "super-differentiation of"[12].

After full-scale debut

After graduating from university, started performing arts activities in earnest[13].1999/May 7Single "The end of the world ~ the end of the world ~"soCDdebuted.

1998/,NHKTaiga drama"Yoshiki TokugawaWas selected as Yoshinobu's aide, Shinsaburo Murata.In the same year, "GTO』In the role of a policeman 1cool OfSerial dramaAppeared regularly for the first time in.

After that,1998/"What is it!(TBS),1999/"PS is fine, Shunpei] And other dramas one after another.

2000/NHKDrama D mode"Mourning rendezvous』Played the first starring in a serial drama.

1999/Second half of the yearNHK serial TV novel"Asuka』, Playing the role of the heroine Yuko Takeuchi, attracting attention.

2000/The drama ofNurse Job 3"soheroine・ Played the role of a trainee who will be Alisa Mizuki's lover, and gained attention and popularity.

2001/To9Drama"Love revolutionI made a break in the role of a political reporter who played in.

2002/, 26thEllandol AwardReceived the New Face Award.

2003/,High school teacher"soCommercial broadcastFirst starring in a serial drama.In the same year, the first starring movie "g @ me.』Plays an elite advertising man who falls in love with the daughter of an advertiser who took the hostage of Kyogen kidnapping,27th Japan Academy AwardReceived the New Actor Award.

2004/,To you dearIn the 9th drama of the month, he starred in the drama for the first time (starring W), and when he played the role of a photographer suffering from illness, he lost weight and took on the role.

After 2005

2005/From April,Nippon TV OfTalk show"FashionableIs the successor to ""Fashionable ism』, Served as a personality (moderator), was also in charge of composing the program theme song.The moderator has also been well received.

2005/May 12After 9 years of dating, I married a general woman 6 years younger than I met in the university circle I belonged to.2006/First child in December,2010/First child in December,2016/Birth of third child in June[14].

2006/ OfSat 9Drama"Gal sarAppeared in2009/4coolThe drama ofLuminous stairs"When"Ikemen Sobaya Detective ~It's good!~』, And was in charge of the theme song.The success of the leading role continues uninterrupted.

2007/In the Nippon TV drama "Hotaru no Hikari』,2010/Part 2 will be broadcast on TV, and it will be a hit so that the movie version will be released in 2012.

After that,2008/of"Around40 ~Women with many orders~].

2013/of"Last ♡ Cinderella』Appeared and became a hot topic.same year,"Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-』(2nd series).

2017/of"War of lie』And appeared in dramas such as.

In the stage production,2008/He will take the first stage in the historical drama "Winter Picture Sky", which was performed over the years from December.2014/,2015/Both yearsYukio NinagawaStage of production "Kafka on the beach』In the librarylibrarian・ Played the role of Oshima and was held in 2015 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Yukio Ninagawa's birth.UK,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クParticipated in overseas performances such as. In 2016, it became the last work of Yukio NinagawaAya no Kuni Shakespeare SeriesThe 32th bulletMeasure for measure] Starred in.

Started in July 2014TOKYO FMSports document program "TOYOTA Athlete Beat"soRadio personalityTo serve.

2018/,90th Academy AwardsでFeature Animation AwardとTheme song awardW awardデ ィ ズ ニ ー-Pixar OfAnime movie"Remember Me"of JapanesedubbingIn the edition, he was in charge of the role of Hector, who is the main character's companion.


Former professional baseball playerIchiro(OriginalSeattle Mariners), And Ichiro's stoic attitude towards baseball is a longing.Orix Blue WaveIt has been a daily routine to check Ichiro's batting average since the times.FernandezIchiro's Orix Blue Wave, the original guitar of the Fujiki model producedSeattle MarinersThe logo of the uniform number 51 of the era is included, and 51 is a lucky number for Fujiki[15].

Rubik's Cube,Pencil puzzleIs one ofSudokuI love you[16]..Rubik's Cube makes his own notebook and can arrange 6 sides in 20 seconds. In 2015another skyVisited LondonCamdenChallenged Rubik's Cube blindfold world record holder Olly Frost at a toy store in the market and completed 3 3x28 Rubik's cubes in 6 seconds[17]

I like to go fishing, and I saw him enjoying the location with guests or alone in "Oshare izumu". In the 2019th anniversary of his CD debut in 20 (Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver12.0 ~ 20th-Grown Boy-Let's scream together! LOVE !! tour ~), about 30 seconds during the interlude of "Resonance Resistance" Rubik's Cube solo was performed between them.The situation is October 2019, 10 (Monday)Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.series"Arihen ∞ World』VTR was broadcast as a possible outrage that came out because the love of Rubik's Cube was too strong.


TV drama


original video

  • F ・ I ・ S ・ H (1998) --Starring Takao * First starring

Delivery drama


  • Winter picture sky (December 2008-February 12, 2009 locations, 2 performances)-Starring Sojuro Sawamura
  • Leading drama "Re:" (R-E) (March 2012, 3, 20 place, 1 performances) --Santaro Doyama
  • Kafka on the beach --Oshima
    • (June-July 2014, 6 performances at 7 locations in Japan)
    • (May-November 2015, 5 performances in 11 place in Japan / 1 performances in 21 countries overseas)
  • Aya no Kuni Shakespeare SeriesThe 32th bulletMeasure for measure(May 2016-June, 5 places, 6 performances)-Starring Angelo
  • Music drama "Mato Yakyoku" (July-August 2017, 7 places, 8 performances)-Starring Kiyotaka Shirakawa
  • KERA CROSSGoodbye(January-February 2020, Theater Creation, Umeda Arts Theater, Village Hall and other regional performances)

Theater animation


TV program


  • High-definition feature Guitar Encyclopedia ~ This is Guitar AtoZ ~ (March 2007, 3,BShi)
  • The Nonfiction(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
    • "We don't need borders! Our marriage" (March 2009, 3)
    • "Bride's Goodwill Story 4" (December 2013, 12)
  • Hashiwatashi (April 2013-March 4, TBS)-Regular narration
  • Challengers' Specialty (September 2017, 9,BS Fuji)

Radio program

  • NEO FREAKS (October 1999-September 10,FM Yokohama)-Regular personality
  • NAO FREAKS (January-June 2000,Date fm)-Regular personality
  • Love Sounds onjet stream・ Venice ・ Midwinter lovers (December 2001, 12 and 18, 19,TOKYO FM-JFN) --As Masaru * Radio drama
  • Listen to FM on your mobile phone / Talking Book December 12th Week "Silent Night" reading (December 17, 2007-December 12, 17, commercial FM12 stations jointly) * 21 consecutive days
  • TOYOTA Athlete Beat(July 2014-, TOKYO FM / JFN)-Regular personality * Sports document program

Music program

  • MUSIC PVexpo (April-December 2000,TBC)-Regular personality
  • ~ Live & Documentary "WARP" ~ (July 2002, 7,Viewsic)
  • Live Tour Close Document-All about Naohito Fujiki- (July 2002, 7,Fuji TV 721)
  • Naohito Fujiki Live & Document Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver5.0 (November 2003, 11, WOWOW)
  • Naohito Fujiki Special Live -Shukumei- (December 2004, 12, WOWOW)
  • Music Station(TV Asahi)
  • HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
  • Utaban(TBS)
  • Music lovers(NTV)


  • Shiseido"OPTUNE" (1995)
  • "Toyota Car Navi" (1997)
  • Kirishima Brewery"Maifan Stone" (1998-1999)
  • sharpCorporate CM (1998-1999)
  • House food"Curry Select" (1999)
  • Menard"Medicated Bune" (1999-2001)
  • "Zaku.com" (2000-2001) * Advertising only
  • Raffles "YAK / PAK Yak Pak" (2001)
  • Santen Pharmaceutical"Sante FX Neo" (2001-2003)
  • Simley"IMAGE COLLECTION" (2002-2003)
  • Achilles"Ecco" (2002-2003)
  • NikonDigital cameras "COOLPIX 2500" "COOLPIX 2000" "COOLPIX 4300" (2002-2003)
  • Lotte"Xylitol・ Whiteist gum ”“ Cool mint gum ”(2002-2003)
  • SuntoryNew Happoshu "Charcoal Filtration Junsei" (2002-2003)
  • BB technology"Broad Band Phone" (2002-2003)
  • Lotte "ACUO" (2003-2004)
  • WOWOWCorporate CM (2004)
  • House food "Turmeric power" (2011-2012) 
  • Just system"Smile Seminar" (2017-2021)
  • Yellow cherry tree"Dry Ichizen" (2017-2019)
  • SEIKO"Grand Seiko" (2017) * Advertising only
  • SS Pharmaceutical`` Escup NEXT'' (2018-2019)
  • (2021 -)


In high schoolBOØWY OfHotei TorayasuI longed for and started playing the guitar.The first guitar I got when I was in my second year of high schoolANTHEM OfHiroya FukudaIt was a model.Experienced band activities in the third year of high school, around that timeExtreme,AerosmithBecome listening to hard rock such as[36][37][38]..Other than Tomoyasu Hotei, my favorite guitarist isNuno BettencourtとRev Beach.

Early works 1st single to 4th single and 1st albumCaller TeraokaProduced by, from the 2nd album to the mini album "Natsuka Usha Ha Fuyu Crying"Shiraishi SatoriProduced by, from the 5th albumKoji IdeIn addition, new producers are also participating in the production of music.He also wrote, composed, and produced songs, and has been deeply involved in music production since the 6th album.

In addition to playing the guitar, he sometimes plays the piano, trumpet, and steelpan at live performances.They may also perform dances with dancers.Since the live tour ver6.0, he has been producing the tour himself.

Prior to the CD debut on July 1999, 7, the same yearMay 6, A convention live that is also unveiled to industry insidersShinjuku LoftIt was held at (live house).The first professional live was the same yearMay 10Maebashi Institute of TechnologyIt is a school festival live.The first live tour ver0.0 was in 2000May 2,Osaka-ShinsaibashiStarting from the muse hall (live house), there were few songs at that time, and the songs of Yohito TeraokacoverI'm still allowedreleaseI was playing my own song that I didn't.Hall tour starts from 2001 live tour ver3.0[39][40]..The final performance of live tour ver7.0 and ver8.0Nippon Budokanwas. On July 2009, 7, we celebrated the 7th anniversary of our CD debut, and this year we held the 10th live tour ver10, which is the culmination of 10 years.During this tourMay 6HiroshimaAster PlazaThis will be the 200th performance in total since the start of the live tour (23 school festival live performances and live events are not included). 2009May 9IsMakuhari MesseHeld in the event hallMusic magazine"PATi PATi" (Sony Magazines) Appeared in the 25th anniversary live event.

In 2017, we held a live house tour ver16 for the first time in about 11.1 years, which was called the return to origin, in Japan,AsiaA total of 18 performances were performed.

Appeared on the first day of "Nagaoka Rice Tawara Festival" held on October 2018th-10th, 6.This is the first time I've performed at a festival[41].

Support member

  • The members of the backing band Nothing are Keisuke Furuya (Keisuke) on bass, Takashi Tsuji (guitar), Yasuyuki Saiga (Sai-chan) on drums, and Shuji Kishida (Kissy) on keyboards.
  • From live tour ver5.0, the horn section will be added to the live composition as Krill Horns.Trumpet Eiji Maruki, trombone Suzuki "Dainagon" Kenichi, saxophone Issei Kitamori.
  • From the live tour ver5.1, the saxophone will be replaced by Issei Kitamori and Yuichi Uesugi will be in charge.Dancers are also appointed from this outdoor live.The dancerTakashi Okaguchi, U-SAKU (Dengeki Chomoramma Corps).
  • Dancers will start from the later live tour ver6.0Tatsuya Hasegawa(DAZZLE) Was appointed and participated as a dance unit, calamari. calamari is a two-person unit, but in reality there were three.
  • From live tour ver7.0, it changed to Nothing, guitar, Maruyama Tenshi (Yen-chan), keyboard,Kazuya Saka(Mr. Saka), drummer Harutake (Jib), bass player Takashi Adachi (Dutch) and others are participating as live support members.[Note 5].
  • Keisuke Furuya (Keisuke) on bass participated in the live tour ver10.0 for the first time, and Tomohiro Zhang (Harry) on drums participated for the first time.
  • Bass Takashi Adachi (Dutch) has returned to live tour ver11.0.
  • The members of the live tour ver11.1 are guitar / Tenshi Maruyama (Yen-chan), keyboard / Kazuya Saka (Mr. Saka), bass / Keisuke Furuya (Keisuke), and drum / Tomohiro Zhang (Harry).



  1. The end of the world ~ the end of the world ~(1999 7 年 月 日 7)
  2. Rainbow ~ waiting for the rainbow ~(1999 11 年 月 日 17)
  3. Perfect world(2000 7 年 月 日 19)
  4. Cosmic rider(2000 11 年 月 日 1)
  5. 2 HEARTS(2001 4 年 月 日 18)
  6. anon(2001 8 年 月 日 1)
  7. パ ズ ル(2001 11 年 月 日 21)
  8. Wonderful Days(2002 2 年 月 日 20)
  9. So Long ... / Tears of Color ~ Media Mix ~(2002 9 年 月 日 4)
  10. Tenshi no Niji (February 2003, 2)
  11. Flower (November 2003, 11)
    • Lotte "ACUO" CM song
  12. Shukmei(2004 12 年 月 日 1)
  13. HEY! FRIENDS(2006 5 年 月 日 17)
  14. Tuning Note(2007 10 年 月 日 10)
  15. CRIME OF LOVE / It's okay ~ If you are there ~(2009 5 年 月 日 13)
  16. Speed ​​★ Star (July 2017, 7)


Original album

  1. BUMP!(2000 12 年 月 日 6)
  2. WARP(2002 3 年 月 日 20)
    • First edition "Wonderful Days" with PV (MAKING VERSION) recording DVD
  3. 03 (July 2003, 3)
    • First edition "Tenshi no Niji" with PV recording DVD
  4. Summer Song Usha Ha Fuyu Crying (Mini Album) (July 2004, 7)
    • CD-EXTRASpecifications "Thankful ☆ Everynai" PV recording
  5. COLORMAN (December 2004, 12)
    • First edition "Shukumei" with PV recording DVD
  6. LIFE GOES ON!(2006 7 年 月 日 19)
    • First edition "HEY! FRIENDS" with PV recording DVD
    • "Spring" Nippon Television Network "Fashionable ism』Opening theme (April 2005-September 4)
    • "Thanks" Nippon Television's "Oshare izumu" BGM (April 2005-December 4)
  7. Reverse (October 2007, 10)
    • First edition "Tuning Note" with PV recording DVD
    • "Splash!" Nippon Television's "Oshare izumu" opening theme (April 2008-March 4)
  8. ∞ Octave(June 2009, 6) * CD debut 10th anniversary album
  9. -forty- (mini album) (July 2012, 7)
    • General release board "-forty-" with special video recording DVD
    • "Summer !!" Nippon Television's "Oshare izumu" opening theme (April 2012-June 4)
  10. 1989 (Ichikyu Hachikyu) (Mini Album) (July 2015, 7)
    • "Go for it!" TOKYO FM "TOYOTA Athlete Beat" ending theme (May 2015-June 5, 2017)
    • "Summer (TFS Remix)" NTV-based "Oshare izumu" opening theme (July 2015-September 7)
    • "Sky" Nippon Television Network "Oshare izumu" ending theme (January 2014-September 1)
  11. 20th -Grown Boy- (Released on June 2019, 6) * CD debut 19th anniversary album
  12. L -fifty- (Mini Album) * 50-year-old commemorative mini album (scheduled to be released on July 2022, 7)
    •  "Mirai" TOKYO FM "SPORTS BEAT supported by TOYOTA" ending theme (April 2022-)

Other Albums

  • HISTORY of NAOHITO FUJIKI 10TH ANNIVERSARY BOX (Best Album Limited Edition) (July 2009, 7)
  • HISTORY of NAOHITO FUJIKI Standard Edition (Best Album Normal Edition) (October 2009, 10)

VHS / DVD / Blu-ray

  1. nao-hit TV ver1.0 (VHS/ DVD) (January 2001, 1)
  2. Separate volume nao-hit TV ~ 2001 limited ~ (VHS / DVD) (November 2001, 11)
  3. NAO-HIT TV LIVE TOUR ver4.0 ~ Yoshi et al. Small child-like movement comedy Denkagewa Performance So ~ (VHS / DVD) (September 2002, 9)
  4. NAO-HIT TV Live Tour ver4.0 Complete Box (VHS / DVD) (December 2002, 12)
  5. NAO-HIT TV LIVE TOUR ver5.0 ~ This year !? Show at big catch !! ~ (VHS / DVD) (November 2003, 11)
  6. NAO-HIT TV MAKING OF LIVE TOUR ver5.0 This year !? Show at big catch !! (VHS / DVD) (December 2003, 12)
  7. Summer Song Winter Crying ~ NAO-HIT TV LIVE TOUR ver5.1 ~ (DVD) (December 2004, 12)
  8. Mashiroi Canvas ~ NAO-HIT TV LIVE TOUR ver6.0 ~ (DVD) (March 2005, 3)
  9. Mashiroi Canvas SE ~ NAO-HIT TV LIVE TOUR ver6.0 Special Edition ~ (DVD) (May 2005, 5)
  10. F △ 7 -VISUAL COLLECTION-(DVD) (March 2006, 3)
  11. NAO-HIT TV Live Tour ver7.0 ~ KNOCKIN'ON SEVENTH DOOR ~ FINAL IN Budokan(DVD) (March 2007, 1)
  12. NAO-HIT TV Live Tour ver8.0 ~ LIVE US! TOUR ~ 2007.12.6 Nippon Budokan (DVD) (March 2008, 3)
  13. NAO-HIT TV Live Tour ver9.0 to 10 Count Tour ~(DVD) (October 2009, 10) * July 21, 2009Tokyo International ForumRecorded in Hall A (Tokyo performance)
  14. NAO-HIT TV Live Tour ver10.0 ~ Junk IN ROCK'N'ROLL !! ~ (DVD /Blu-ray) (August 2013, 5)
  15. NAO-HIT TV Live Tour ver11.0 ~ 1989 17 Till I Die Tour ~ (DVD / Blu-ray) (March 2016, 3)
  16. NAO-HIT TV Live Tour ver11.1 ~ Origin Return kkwd tour ~ (DVD / Blu-ray) (March 2018, 3)
  17. NAO-HIT TV Live Tour ver12.0 ~ 20th-Grown Boy-Let's scream together! LOVE !! tour ~ (DVD / Blu-ray) (March 2020, 3)


  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver0.0 ~ Guitar kids night 2000 ~ (February 2000, 2-March 21, 3 places, 30 performances)
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver1.0 ~ The Rambler Holding a Guitar ~ (September 2000, 9-October 9, 10 places, 1 performances)
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver2.0 ~ Hop! Step! BUMP! Migratory Bird Overwintering Edition !! ~ (December 2000, 12-February 16, 2001, 2 locations, 17 performances)
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver3.0 ~ Summer in Japan! Summer of migratory birds! Summer of tension? !! ~ (July 2001, 7-August 4, 8 places, 2 performances) * First hall tour
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver4.0 ~ Yoshi et al. Small child-like action comedy Denkagewa Performance ~ (March 2002, 3-June 31, 6 places, 14 performances)
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver5.0 ~ This year !? SHOW at a big catch !! ~ (April 2003, 4-July 4, 7 places, 20 performances)
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver5.1 ~ Summer Song Usha Ha Fuyu Crying ~ (August 2004, 8-August 7, 8 places, 21 performances) * Outdoor live[Note 6]
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver6.0 ~ Mashiroi Canvas ~ (November 2004, 11-February 18, 2005, 2 locations, 2 performances)
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver7.0 ~ KNOCKIN'ON SEVENTH DOOR ~ (July 2006, 7-October 24, 10 places, 4 performances) * First Nippon Budokan Live (Final)
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver8.0 ~ LIVE US! TOUR ~ (October 2007, 10-December 26, 12 places, 6 performances)
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver9.0 ~ 10 COUNT TOUR ~ (June 2009, 6-July 12, October 7, 19, 10 places, 12 performances) * CD debut 13th anniversary live tour
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver10.0 ~ Junk IN ROCK'N'ROLL !! ~ (July 2012, 7-September 19, 9 places, 2 performances) * 7-year-old commemorative tour (July 8th, the first day of the tour) 40th birthday)
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver11.0 ~ 1989 17 Till I Die Tour ~ (August 2015, 8-August 6, 8 places, 29 performances)
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver11.1 ~ Return to Origin kkwd tour ~ (September 2017, 9-December 7, 12 performances in 16 locations in Japan / 12 performances in Asia) * Live house tour for the first time in about 15 years
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver12.0 ~ 20th-Grown Boy- Let's scream together! LOVE !! tour ~ (July 2019, 7-August 7, 8 places, 31 performances) * CD debut 10th anniversary live tour
  • Naohito Fujiki Live Tour ver13.0 ~ L -fifty- ~ (July 2021, 7 --July 18, 7 places, 30 performances) * 3-4 years old commemorative tour (Tour 49nd performance, July 50th is 2) Birthday)



  • Artist Book "NF" (May 2001, 5, Sony Magazines)
  • Artist book "Growth" (March 2002, 3, Sony Magazines)
  • Document book "RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE" (September 2003, 9, Sony Magazines)
  • Document book "JICON" (March 2005, 3, Sony Magazines)
  • Photobook "HOW WE DO" (December 2006, 12, Sony Magazines)
  • Photobook "F-LIBRO" (July 2012, 7,M-on Entertainment)
  • Artist book "NAOHITO FUJIKI 卄" (December 2015, 12, M-ON Entertainment)
  • Photobook "Naohito Fujiki in Shanghai 2017 April" (August 2017, Cube)


  • PATi PATi "nao0719 @ diary" (51 times in total) (April 2000, 4-September 9, 2004, Sony Magazines)
  • WHAT's IN? "Fujiki Najin" (10 times in total) (October 2001, 10-July 14, 2002, Sony Magazines)
  • WHAT's IN? "JONF 0719 FUJIKKIE.com" (7 times in total) (September 2002, 9-March 14, 2003, Sony Magazines)



注 釈

  1. ^ Born in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, he lives until he is 5 years old, but he is from Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture, where he spent 10 years old until he graduated from university.[1].
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  7. ^ The reason for the award was the role of Buchoo (Director Takano) who played in the 2007 drama "Hotaru no Hikari" (November 2007, 11, personal talk).


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